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Tuesday 20 December 2011

An interesting Year

It cannot be denied that it’s been an interesting year politically and economically. Indeed, it’s also been rather revelatory astronomically, given that the Kepler Space Telescope has discovered distant alien worlds of a similar size to Earth, with it only being a matter of time before somewhere is found of the right dimensions and composition orbiting its parent star at the correct distance for life to potentially thrive. Who knows, they may find somewhere even more pleasant than Peckham. I hope so.

Unfortunately, interesting times in politics and economics are rarely comfortable ones, and it could well prove to be the case that 2012 will be as interesting if not more so than 2011. As the year is drawing to a close, the time has come to take my annual festive break and enjoy good company, food and drink: the true meaning of Christmas. The time away from the keyboard will also hopefully remove the threat of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, at least for the time being. Thursday’s Solstice will soon be upon us, swiftly followed by Christmas and the New Year (all good excuses for celebration), so before leaving you with a contemporary (well, when I say “contemporary” I mean 1970s) pagan Christmas carol, perhaps you might appreciate some of the following amongst this year’s articles that you may have missed.

Mediaeval Mummers

What do you think may have been the topic that attracted the most interest from this blog’s readers in 2011? The August riots? The EDL leadership announcing its support of the British Freedom Party? The Emma West affair? Well, popular as these topics proved to be, it was actually a piece that dwelt upon what is the most perennial pressing concern about which the British obsess (no, it’s neither the economy nor sex). Can you guess what it is? Why, the weather of course! As of today the piece UK Winter Forecast 2011-2012: Blowing Hot and Cold had attracted an astonishing 4,147 page views. Now, regular readers will know that I wouldn’t simply write something about weather forecasting without looking at some of the wider political issues that it raises, so if you should be one of the few who has not cast your eye over it, you may wish to do so (unless you’re not British of course, in which case you may be baffled as to why this may be of any interest whatsoever).

On a more humorous note, some strange creatures have been spotted in northern England over the past year, one of which was captured on camera in Blackburn. The other, sighted in Shepley near Huddersfield, proved to be even more mysterious, and may represent a contemporary manifestation of something that has roots stretching back many hundreds of years.

The ethno-demographic changes in our society are well documented and proceeding at a startling speed, prompting some unexpected well-known voices to comment upon their sense of alienation from what contemporary England, particularly London, has become. Bradford witnessed a particularly unpleasant incident relating to this very phenomenon in September. Events further afield have had and will have consequences for our country, and yet despite the evidence of social and economic tensions caused by the mass immigration of culturally incompatible peoples, our Government and the EU are intent upon more of the same. In the long run therefore, the Arab Spring could well presage a European Winter, insofar as the continent’s peoples could be demographically overwhelmed by those from the predominantly Islamic Euromed countries. Islamisation of course, is not something unique to the member nations of the EU, but alas is also affecting other countries such as Russia, where in September this year parts of central Moscow were brought to a standstill by tens of thousands of Muslims praying in the streets.

Well, I do not wish to end on a negative note, and therefore wish all readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and for those who prefer their midwinter celebrations to possess some rather older pre-Christian roots, I include the following song by Jethro Tull: Ring out Solstice Bells. Blogging will resume in early January 2012.  

Saturday 17 December 2011

Andrew Brons to form ‘new’ political party?

So suggests a discussion on the British Democracy Forum posted yesterday; or, more accurately, it claims that he is to effectively ‘takeover’ a small existing one: the Democratic Nationalists. Could there be an element of truth in this? Before turning to this specific question, it is worth setting the scene with respect to the state of Andrew Brons’s current political home: the BNP.

Andrew Brons

The Rise and Demise of the BNP
A few years ago, the BNP looked as if it might hold out the promise of breaking into the mainstream of British politics and becoming a credible moderate nationalist party. Its membership peaked at circa 14,000, but has been on a downward trajectory ever since; now, the party is estimated as possessing between 2,000-3,000 members. Despite the protestations of its leader – Nick Griffin – and his apologists, the subsequent collapse in the BNP’s fortunes has not primarily been due to concerted media and political opposition, but to problems within the party itself. These include a lack of internal party democracy; bad strategic decisions; the adoption of some frankly outlandish policies, and the presence of some equally outlandish individuals with an inexplicable fetish for German National Socialism. This latter fact has of course given opponents of the BNP a very large stick with which to beat the party and its members again and again. Nick Griffin’s own failure to distance the BNP from Holocaust denial and his attempt to defend David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan on the BBC’s Question Time were both gratuitously unnecessary and disastrous for the party.

The failure of mainstream political parties in the UK to do anything other than vigorously advocate and facilitate globalisation, mass immigration and multiculturalism over the past couple of decades, meant that many people who joined and voted for the BNP did so not because they were ‘Nazis’ or ‘fascists’ as the party’s detractors liked to claim, but because they saw in it a potential vehicle for the articulation of their concerns. Unfortunately, this vehicle proved not to be roadworthy owing to its reckless owner and driver – Nick Griffin – a man whom time has revealed to be interested not in the salvation of his country, but in the salvation of his bank balance. He grew the party to a size at which he could make a decent living from its membership, and having done so, appeared to be content to tithe the party faithful and to purge the party of its more talented high profile members whilst promoting incompetents to senior positions. This, in essence, is why the BNP has been a manifest failure in terms of practical politics.

A Leadership Challenge and a ‘parallel party Structure’
Despite the aforementioned, some people of talent have remained within the BNP, and Andrew Brons, elected as MEP for Yorkshire and Humber at the party’s high watermark in June 2009, must surely rank as foremost amongst their number. He unsuccessfully challenged for the BNP leadership earlier this year, losing to Griffin by a mere eight votes. Some within the party blamed those who had left to set up the British Freedom Party or to join the English Democrats for Griffin managing to maintain his grip on power, and a degree of bitterness amongst some party members with respect to those who left – particularly towards Eddy Butler and his endorsement of the English Democrats – has been evident on this score.

Following Brons’s defeat, Griffin’s mismanagement of the BNP has continued with the consequence that the party has remained split down the middle, with the Brons faction last month making moves to establish a “parallel party structure” within the BNP in the hope that should Griffin finally bankrupt the party and be compelled to relinquish the leadership, an effective replacement would be waiting in the wings. Unfortunately for those advocating this approach, there is no sign that Griffin has any intention of going anywhere, which means that the parallel party strategy could prove to be futile. It is thus likely that Brons’s realisation of this reality has prompted his decision – should the rumours prove to be true – to join the Democratic Nationalists, a small nationalist party registered by breakaway members of the BNP in March 2008. The primary motivating factor for its formation was dissatisfaction amongst many members at the failure of the BNP leadership to address their legitimate concerns regarding the absence of effective democratic procedures within the party, as articulated on the ‘Enough is Enough’ blog.

The Democratic Nationalists: a suitable Vehicle?
Dr James Lewthwaite is currently the most publicly well-known member of the Democratic Nationalists. Unlike Nick Griffin, Dr Lewthwaite can be counted as amongst those who place their political principles ahead of personal interests, and for this he has paid a heavy personal price insofar as his academic career was cut short by the University of Sheffield because of his involvement with the BNP. He now works as a security guard.

Since its foundation however, the Democratic Nationalists have not fired the public imagination, and have polled consistently poorly where they have stood. One of the reasons is the party’s near invisibility and the modest scale of its resources. It is currently reckoned to possess somewhere in the region of 50-75 members, with its strongest base being in Bradford where it has previously fielded candidates at ward elections. Its website is in desperate need of a revamp, both in terms of its presentation and content. Its sketchy outline of policy needs to be fleshed out and content needs to be regularly augmented by topical articles, for it can appear at first glance to be essentially a ‘dead’ site dating from the early days of the internet. Alternatively, should Brons join the party, it could make more sense for the BNP Ideas site to be rebranded as that of the Democratic Nationalists, for BNP Ideas is far easier upon the eye and features a regular stream of articles that are of superior quality to those posted on the shoddy official BNP site.

The question is: why would Brons wish to join the Democratic Nationalists, and why would the Democratic Nationalists wish to have Brons? If he did join, what role would he assume? As a sitting MEP capable of bringing a significant number of members to the Democratic Nationalists and of removing the cloak of invisibility which currently masks the micro-party, one would assume that he would be given a senior if not the most senior role in the party. If so, one could perhaps draw a parallel with the recent experience of the British Freedom Party, which after its launch in November 2010 experienced a fractious first year witnessing an early split followed by many months in the doldrums, until last month its founding Executive Council members stood down in favour of the Chairmanship of ex-UKIP member Paul Weston who is now seeking to relaunch the BFP as a ‘new’ party. Might not Brons attempt something similar? It would after all, be a quicker option than launching an entirely new party from scratch, and represent a far more rational approach than the current wait and see ‘parallel party structure’ one.

If Brons moves across to the Democratic Nationalists no time should be wasted in setting out the party’s ideology and vision which must be tempered by electoral pragmatism: the aim of party politics first and foremost should be winning elections backed with a solid popular mandate. This necessitates focusing on a few key issues of concern to the public, first and foremost of which should be economic policy based upon sound nationalist principles: anti-globalist, protectionist and technologically innovative. Few people voted for Blair in 1997 or in subsequent elections because they wanted mass immigration, multiculturalism and the imposition of the attendant ideology of ‘diversity’ backed by stiff legal measures, but this is what they got; they voted for him because they were convinced that Labour could handle the economy more effectively than the Tories. It is primarily upon the question of the economy that elections are won and lost, and true nationalists have better solutions to the current structural crisis in which we find ourselves than the globalist free marketeers. The British Freedom Party had hitherto adopted an unambiguous anti-globalist economic policy, but since Paul Weston assumed the helm, I have a sinking feeling that it is rapidly shifting in the direction of advocating Atlanticist Thatcherite economic policies, as suggested by the following recent comment that he made in an interview published on the Vlad Tepes blog: “UKIP I think are good, and we are essentially UKIP but we will talk about Islam.”

Winning Elections
Today, the key to winning elections lies in effective communications and finely honing and disseminating messages that resonate with the public. Nationalists possess many messages that the public would wish to hear, but for too long the voices of cranks have drowned these out and caused the public to stop up their ears and refuse to listen. The cranks who have held back nationalism in this country for so many years must not be permitted to wreck nationalism’s prospects in the years ahead. A serious nationalist party must have nothing to do with them.

Another trap that should be avoided is that of becoming fixated upon a single issue with which the party becomes irrevocably associated in the public mind, as in the cases of UKIP and EU withdrawal; the English Democrats and an English Parliament; the British Freedom Party and anti-Islamism. A successful nationalist party will address all of these concerns, but should not make any one of them the central plank of its electoral campaign, for should it do so, it will undoubtedly fail. Yes, do air these issues, but keep pushing the nationalist position on the economy over and over again to demonstrate that nationalism offers our people the prospect of a better future than any of the alternatives. The conditions are right for nationalism to make a breakthrough, the only real things holding it back being poor strategy and fragmentation between different nationalist factions.

If Brons decides to switch parties, this will have a serious impact upon the BNP which could easily lose half of its existing membership as a consequence. However, it is likely that a small rump BNP would continue under Nick Griffin's leadership as a zombie party, offering a refuge for the hard of thinking and those predisposed towards the cult of (a deeply flawed) personality. This would continue to be a hindrance to nationalist politics in the UK insofar as it would siphon off the votes of that proportion of the nationalistically inclined electorate that is unaware of the reality of the party. 

One other question that naturally suggests itself should Brons join the Democratic Nationalists is: how will his employees Eddy Butler and Chris Beverley, both members of the English Democrats, react?

Thursday 15 December 2011

‘Rights for Rapists’, or, ‘Alphonse Semo, the Congolese ‘Kong’’

It has been rumoured for years that a relict population of dinosaurs could live deep within the Congolese jungle; yet whereas the prospect of coming face-to-face with a giant lizard might seem terrifying enough, this is as of nothing, particularly if you should be a woman, when compared to coming face-to-face with a real beast from the Congo: Alphonse Semo. Unfortunately for us, Semo is no longer a resident of the Congo, but of the United Kingdom.

Alphonse Semo is a repellent individual, and any state to which he did not belong that was rationally governed would send him back to his country of origin – the Congo - in an instant. Unfortunately, our country is not rationally governed, and thus Semo remains in England. The Daily Mail reports that the 54-year-old Semo has just been released from prison having been sentenced in 2002 to eight years for rape. His victim was dumped on a rubbish tip after he had finished with her.

This man came to this country claiming 'asylum', and look at the manner in which he repaid his host society! This brings to mind the recent Congolese attack on carol singers in Trafalgar Square, and the criminal damage that they inflicted upon property and cars; Congolese ‘asylum seekers’ trashing our country and behaving in the uncivilised manner to which they are accustomed in their land of origin. None of them should be here. What benefit do we gain by their presence? None. What disadvantages do we gain by their presence? Many.


Alphonse Semo was on the point of being deported from the UK, but was then permitted by a judge to marry his girlfriend who had just acquired German citizenship. This meant that he automatically gained the right to remain in the UK. Is this a rational decision? Is this a decision that will ‘enrich’ our country? The full story can be found at the Daily Mail here

Artist's Impression of Alphonse Semo (the Congolese 'Kong')

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Gunman with a Grudge: Nordine Amrani

The Daily Telegraph reports that lawyers have come up with an explanation for Nordine Amrani's gun and grenade attack on Belgian shoppers in Liège yesterday: he held a "grudge against society".  He feared, apparently, going back to prison and felt that he had been "set up". Quite why a gun-toting, grenade-loving misogynist sex offender felt "set up" I shall leave the reader to speculate. According to the Telegraph, his lawyer, a certain Miss Amrani (although she shares his surname she is not a relative)
Well, if this Moroccan resident of Liege held a grudge against the Belgian legal system, which seemed after all to be only doing its job in calling him to report to a police station yesterday, why did he then purposefully target ordinary Belgians at, of all places, a Christmas market, before killing himself? Why did he first rape and then shoot a 45-year-old cleaner? Does not this suicide attack, which resulted in the killing of the innocent at this particular location at this time, possess a certain symbolic significance? According to blogger Klein Verzet, the attack could be linked to violent threats made on 13 December to a Belgian court which handed down sentences for a Muslim honour killing: four members of a Pakistani Muslim family - a father and his sons - were gaoled for killing daughter Sadia Sheikh in 2007. However, one thing in this case does stand out as startlingly clear: it is a myth that growing and smoking cannabis makes you 'mellow' or 'laid back'; psychotic - yes; sociable - no. The rather graphic video below reveals the bloody aftermath of Amrani's rampage in Liège.

Indiscriminate Killer - Nordine Amrani (courtesy of Daily Telegraph)

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Liège Shooting and Grenade Attack: Motiveless?

What was the motive underpinning today’s shooting and grenade attack on shoppers in the Belgian city of Liège? Some reports state that it was the action of a lone gunman - as Nordine Amrani – who is said to have killed himself after throwing grenades into Saint-Lambert Square, where one eyewitness claimed that some four explosions wrought their bloody work amongst Christmas shoppers. He is also reported as having opened fired at the crowd from the rooftop on which he was situated. His firearms of choice: the FN FAL automatic rifle and a pistol.

According to the BBC, Amrani had previously been sentenced for firearms and drugs offences, and had recently been asked to report to the police in connection with fresh charges. The Daily Mail adds that the 33-year-old (some reports say 32) was also a convicted sex offender. As in the immediate aftermath of all such incidents, it is not yet clear how many casualties there have been, with the BBC claiming three dead and 75 injured, the Daily Mail four. At 6.45pm the Daily Telegraph announced that the number of fatalities had risen to five following the death of an 18-month-old girl. Within a couple of hours, the Guardian noted that the death toll stood at six. More than 120 people were injured and the day after the attack it was announced that Amrani had also murdered a 45-year-old woman who happened to be a cleaner for a neighbour. Her body was left in his shed which he had used to cultivate cannabis.

Was this act of carnage in which the killer blew himself up with a grenade simply the act of a man who had experienced a violent mental breakdown, or something else? The Belgian police claim that evidence indicates that this was not an act of terrorism. In some respects, the seeming meaninglessness of this random violence resembled last weekend's shooting spree in LA, where a lone gunman yelled "Allahu Akbar!" as he took aim at passing motorists until shot dead by the police.

In a bizarre and bloody incident in Florence today, Gianluca Casseri opened fire at a group of Senegalese street traders, killing two and wounding a number of others before driving away to shoot himself. From reports it is difficult to ascertain the timing of this crime. Might it have been 'inspired' by the atrocity in Liège? 

Somehow, the name ‘Nordine Amrani’ does not suggest someone of Belgian provenance. A Moroccan-Dutch Thai kickboxer (a peculiar cultural melange if there ever was one) by the name of Mosab Amrani suggests that Nordine Amrani could have been of North African origin. A search for this surname using Wikipedia reveals a range of Maghrebian individuals. Can an Islamist motivation therefore be ruled out? According to blogger Klein Verzet, the attack could be linked to violent threats made on 13 December to a Belgian court which handed down sentences linked to a Muslim honour killing. Four members of a Pakistani Muslim family - a father and his sons - were gaoled for killing daughter Sadia Sheikh in 2007. The videos below illustrate the state of confusion in the city this afternoon.UPDATE HERE.


Belgian Medics come to the Aid of Victims (courtesy of Daily Mail)

Monday 12 December 2011

A Congolese Carol (to the Tune of 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen')

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
For Congolese have gathered
For riot and affray
In Trafalgar Square they punched the air
Then sundry passers-by
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

In London, in England
‘Diversity’ was born
And with this word upon their lips
It was no lie they swore
But they would take advantage
Of us for evermore
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

For now we find no peace of mind
There’s nought that we can do
For a Congolese may be unkind
And throw a drink at you
And burn your skin and laugh and grin
Then turn and say “f*** you!”
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

You came to help your loved ones
Who with the cancer ail
And with your kindness and your songs
We hoped that you’d prevail
Hence this unhappy tale
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

The Congolese moved in a pack
With cruelty in their hearts
And their baying black sisters
Played their mocking part
Oh why they came to attack you
Was unclear from the start
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

They came to burn the Christmas tree
From our Norwegian friends
They came to vent and spew their hate
And claim it was ‘amends’
For a vote that was cast far away
That their conscience did offend
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

Emma West now sits in gaol
Her children taken away
With a judge who caused dismay
And who will grieve for the young man
The murdered Danny O’Shea?
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

Oh tell us why you’ve done this
We do not understand
To flood our native land
With people who’ve no business here
And bite our feeding hand
And this is our point in asking why, asking why
And this is our point in asking why.

We have The Daily Telegraph to thank for news of this disgraceful attack on carol singers seeking to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, whereas The Guardian and the BBC omitted this from their reporting of the arrest of 139 Congolese demonstrators for a variety of offences including inflicting damage on cars, property and shops. Fights are also said to have broken out amongst the demonstrators. At a guess, many of the people involved in this violent outburst will have arrived here claiming 'asylum'. As with the gang of young Somali women who attacked Rhea Page, I would suggest that those who indulged their violent impulses should have no place in this country, and ought to be deported back to Congo with no right of readmission to the UK. Another tale of woe involving a Congolese in England can be accessed here.  

'Victims' (courtesy of The Guardian)


Saturday 10 December 2011

California Dreamin’ (“Allahu Akbar!” Remix)

Perhaps, on this particular December day, we can be forgiven for not sharing the sentiments expressed in the following wistful opening lyrics to California Dreamin’:

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day

I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A
California Dreamin'
On such a winter's day

You’d not be so much ‘safe and warm’ in L.A. as ‘dead and cold’ had you encountered the gunman shown in the videos below, standing with a pistol at the Sunset and Vine intersection in L.A. shooting at anyone who drove by. Although the second of the videos is only a few seconds in length, it demonstrates the cool, calculated and deliberate nature of the violence. What motivated this man to seek to kill ordinary people completely unknown to him? This is something that appears to baffle the news reporters in the first video, but the clue is provided at 2 minutes 42 seconds in, where a witness states that the killer was yelling “Allahu Akbar!” as he went about his nefarious work. Might there not be a hint in these two increasingly tiresomely familiar words? What kind of god takes a delight in killing? Evidently the one that this man chose to follow.

Strangely, the hippies of the Mamas and Papas omitted to display the 'enrichment' and 'diversity' of contemporary L.A. in the promotional video to their 1965 hit California Dreamin' (although there was a nod to this by including an obese group member alongside the attractive one in the stripy top). It may have been somewhere worth visiting in the 1960s, but these days I'm quite happy for Los Angeles to be many thousands of miles away. Just a quick question: are the people of California still dreaming, or have they woken up to the reality of the bad acid trip that is L.A. today?


UK to leave EU and Talking Baboons discovered on Mars

So the Daily Express would have you believe in a gushing piece in praise of PR man turned politician David Cameron today (well, to be fair this observation extends only to the first part of the title, for the paper has nowhere intimated that a species of supersentient primates has been discovered living on the red planet). The explanation for its headline ‘Britain Close to EU Exit’ lies not in the actual course of events, but in its fawning devotion to promoting the political fortunes of the Conservative Party; a party led by globalising asset strippers who, whenever the occasion is deemed expedient, don patriotic drag in order to appeal to the rapidly diminishing native British percentage of the population. This cunning cabal of self-interested wretches know precisely what they are doing, as do the editorial staff of the Daily Express.

The ongoing crisis within the EU occasioned by debt-fuelled ‘growth’ has been used as a pretext to try and accelerate the project of ‘ever closer’ political and economic union. As such, the measures currently being agreed were bound to pose presentational problems for the pro-EU Condem Government, particularly for the parliamentary Conservative Party, cleft as it is between its pro-EU (larger) and anti-EU (smaller) factions, in an awkward relationship with the EU-philiac Liberal Democrats.  How could the Government sell its stance to a generally EU-sceptic British public? The answer of course lies in persuading Tory newspapers and the EU adoring BBC to hype Cameron’s position vis-à-vis what is being agreed by other EU member states in their handling of the eurozone crisis, and to portray his stance as being highly EU-sceptic (I prefer this term to Eurosceptic, as this latter term carries within it an implicit anti-Europeanism which is not actually characteristic of many of us who oppose the EU as a political project). As can be seen from the following hyperbolic extract taken from the Daily Express, this is what is being done:

BRITAIN took a massive step towards quitting the EU yesterday when David Cameron defeated a bid by Brussels for more power.

In a historic stand that plunges our membership into serious doubt, he became the first British PM to veto an EU treaty.

It is a significant victory for the Daily Express Crusade for the UK to exit the European bureaucracy.

The PM declared at the end of a bitter summit row in the Belgian capital yesterday: “I think I did the right thing for Britain. We were offered a treaty that didn’t have proper safeguards for Britain and I decided it was not right to sign that treaty.”

His defiant “no” in the face of a bullying Franco-German plot won widespread applause last night. And jubilant Tories insisted that the rift with the Brussels bureaucracy now makes a referendum on our EU membership unavoidable.

Tory MPs were last night understood to be preparing a “hero’s welcome” for the Prime Minister when he returns to the Commons on Monday.
Here we see once more that through his play-acting as a ‘defender of British interests’ (i.e. defender of the interests of a small oligarchical stratum of globalist asset strippers operating in the UK) he has managed to sidestep the issue of a public referendum on EU membership by securing an opt-out from a new treaty. As the article later states, Cameron has specifically ruled out the possibility of a referendum on EU membership, using the agreement reached in Brussels as justification for this stance. The Conservative Party has just as much political intent to remove the UK from the EU as it has in restricting mass immigration to the country: none. Under the Cameron administration we have seen additional sovereign powers surrendered to Brussels as well as an unprecedented level of immigration. Don’t be fooled by the headlines thrown out as chaff by the Tory press to deflect your attention from the reality of what is happening. These papers would have you believe that the Conservative Party is a patriotic party opposed to the EU and mass immigration as well as a promoter of the national interest, whereas it is in fact the antithesis of all three. It is a party, like the Labour and Liberal Democratic parties, of lies and deception on a grand scale. 

Lastly, have you noticed how the mainstream media like to present the UK as a haven in the global economic storm, and as being in more robust shape than the members of the Eurozone? If this is the case, then why does the pound continue to fare so dismally against the Euro? It is currently trading at round about €1.17 to the pound.

Pound - Euro Exchange Rate 
Nov - Dec 2011 (BBC)

Friday 9 December 2011

Paul Weston Interview

Paul Weston, Chairman of the British Freedom Party, is here interviewed by Canadian television host Michael Coren. A speech made by Paul Weston in Amsterdam on behalf of the International Free Press Society can be viewed here.

Thursday 8 December 2011

‘Stop Anglophobia in Leicester!’

A group that I had not hitherto heard of – The English Community Group (Leicester) – has announced that it will be holding a silent demonstration against Anglophobia in Leicester this Sunday. This, presumably, has been prompted by the headlines this week connected to the racist attack on Rhea Page, as has a demo demanding justice for Rhea planned by the English Defence League for Saturday 21 January 2012. Of the two, it would seem that the EDL protest will be the larger owing to its higher public profile and established activist base. It promises to be a dank and dismal Sunday afternoon, which in itself is unlikely to motivate many people to head to the city centre other than for Christmas shopping. However large or small the demonstration is, don't expect to see it covered in the mainstream media.

As of this evening, the BBC website is still remaining mute about the Rhea Page case, thus betraying its duty as a public service broadcaster. Perhaps there should also be a demonstration against BBC editorial policy and its systematic distortion of issues relating to race and religion in the UK?

Details of this Sunday’s protest are reproduced from the English Community Group’s website with typographical errors corrected. The video by Ramzpaul that follows this announcement provides an interesting take on the recent divergent treatments of the Emma West and Rhea Page cases.

'Stop Anglophobia in Leicester!' Demo

Sunday December 11, 2011 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Leicester Clock Tower  

The English Community Group (Leicester) are the organisers of this lawful spontaneous Silent demonstration which is to highlight the silence from local media, council, MP's and other anti racism groups concerning English victims of Anglophobic attacks and to highlight how the English community is silenced at such times.

We hope to see the English community making a lawful stand on the day against racism towards the English community in Leicester.

Bring tape to put over your mouths to highlight the fact of the silence from the local media, council, MP's and other anti racism groups.

We have placards for people to hold but bring any of your own that state 'Stop Anglophobia!' or anything suggesting the silence of the media etc when Anglophobic attacks occur.

Justice for Rhea Page: EDL National Demo

The Casuals United blog has announced that there will be an EDL protest against the scandalously lenient non-custodial sentence handed out to the four Somalian women who carried out a vicious unprovoked race attack against Rhea Page. On Saturday 21 January 2012, the EDL will be holding a national demo, but the location is yet to be announced; given the scene of the incident, it may well be in Leicester. Let’s hope that there is an excellent turnout for the protest, and that the judiciary is compelled to re-examine this case. The English public must make clear that it is no longer willing to put up with the institutional anti-white racism promoted by ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ legislation. This legislation must be repealed! 

Staggeringly, as of 07:45 on the morning of Thursday 8 December, the BBC News website still has not covered the Rhea Page story. Its editiorial staff cannot but fail to be aware of what has happened, and must therefore have made the deliberate decision not to cover this miscarriage of justice. Why will it not cover this story? The BBC is our main public service broadcaster, and it is in the public interest that this case should be brought to the attention of its viewers, listeners and readers. It should be the BBC's duty to highlight such a blatant miscarriage of justice and example of  anti-white institutional racism. Evidently, it has chosen not to do so as this does not fit into its warped narrative that insists that only white people, particularly English ones, can be guilty of 'racism'; that we are a particularly nasty subset of humanity, and that our country is 'institutionally racist' against blacks and Muslims [sic]. After all, the BBC doesn't want to deflect public attention from whom it thinks should be a scapegoat for the ills of our increasingly ethnically fragmented and tense country: Emma West.  

Tuesday 6 December 2011

We gave them a Home. They gave Rhea Page a Kicking

“White bitch!” “White slag!” “Kill the white slag!” A rain of punches and kicks followed, as young Englishwoman Rhea Page was set upon by four Somali Muslim females in a brutal racially motivated attack on a Leicester street some seventeen months ago. Her boyfriend Lewis leapt to her defence, but it was only once the police arrived that the support worker was rescued from this savage and unprovoked assault. Had they not have intervened, this ugly story could have had a worse ending still. Rhea, who worked with people suffering from autism and other learning difficulties, lost her job shortly afterwards, so traumatised was she by the attack.

Rhea Page with Boyfriend Lewis (picture from Daily Mail)

Yet today, a judge handed down sentences which were an insult to this young woman, so lenient were they considering the violence of the attack. None of the four Somalis received a custodial sentence, although the Daily Mail highlights that a five-year prison sentence could have been imposed for the actual bodily harm inflicted. Why then was the judge so lenient? Quite simply, because the victim was a white Englishwoman and the perpetrators were black Muslims, and the rights of the latter are viewed as more precious than those of the native English in this topsy-turvy judicial nightmare that we now find ourselves. Emma West after all, who neither committed nor threatened violence during her recent anti-immigrant rant on a tram, has been taken into custody and had her children removed from her by the state.

By showing leniency to the attackers in the Somali gang case because ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’, Judge Robert Brown decided to send out a clear message to those who wish to perpetrate anti-indigenous violence: you may do so with impunity. You may beat, assault and scream racial abuse, and you will be punished with a formal rap over the knuckles, and if you are Muslim and have had a whiff of alcohol, you can do more or less what you wish without fear of sanction. It is time to repeal all race and religious ‘hatred’ legislation to enable justice to be restored. These four women should all have been deported without right of readmission, for they are Somali Muslims who quite plainly hate our people. Hibo Maxamed requires dialysis three times a week. Does she deserve it? She should seek it in Somalia with the rest of her family. If the attackers had been white and the victim Somali, how do you think the judge would have reacted to such an assault accompanied by cries such as "Black Muslim bitch!" "Black Muslim slag!" "Kill the Black Muslim slag!"? Do you think that four white attackers would have been let off with community service?

The ethno-masochistic sickness shown in today's judgement is also displayed by the BBC website's treatment of this story: it hasn't covered it. Instead, it is obsessing about the 'evils' of Emma West. A Google search for 'Rhea' and 'BBC' revealed a story about the discovery of a tenuous atmosphere surrounding the Saturnine moon of the same name, but nothing indicating that the BBC had discovered this vicious anti-white race attack. The EDL will be protesting against the judiciary's handling of the Rhea Page case and anti-white racism in Leicester on 4 February 2012. A promotional video for the demonstration drawing attention to other notorious cases of anti-white attacks can be viewed here.

Monday 5 December 2011

“We are a big open economy. People have to be able to move in and out.” (David Willetts).

Does this statement square with the Conservative Party’s pledge at the last General Election to bring down net immigration to the “tens of thousands” annually? Does the recent announcement that George Osborne supports the Office for Budget Responsibility’s goal of allowing average net immigration of 140,000 each year between now and 2016 tally with this promise? Does the fact that in the past twelve months we have witnessed the highest ever level of net immigration, gaining some 252,000 people, illustrate any intent let alone move, to put a break on the mass settlement of our country by outsiders? Of course not! 

Does it surprise you? If so, why? Did you genuinely think that the Conservative Party seeks to represent the interests of the people of this country? Were you really gulled by the cod patriotism of this party of privilege? When it talks of “repatriating powers from Brussels” it has no real intention of bringing about a meaningful repatriation of sovereignty, or giving people a greater say in the governance of their country, for the only aspects of the EU that it truly dislikes are those pieces of legislation that afford protection to the wages and working conditions of the lowest paid and those in the least secure employment. It truly does believe in the concept of ‘UK PLC’, but unfortunately, it happens to be a party of asset strippers who care nothing for the ‘company’ that they run, thus its long-term viability and health are not their concern. It favours cheap, fragmented malleable labour, which is why it is intent upon facilitating mass immigration at a time of mass unemployment. The Conservative Party is just one of many self-interested entities promoting globalism to the detriment of the national interest.

Owing to immigration we have in the past year seen our population increase by the equivalent of more than a city the size of either Nottingham or Wolverhampton, and yet for each of the next five years, Osborne wishes to see it increase by the equivalent of another Bolton. Where are these people to live? We have a housing crisis, and England is according to Migration Watch the sixth most densely populated country on the planet. The Office for National Statistics reported that in the year to September 2011 the number of housing completions stood at 106,000. The rate at which we are building new homes is inadequate to meet the needs of the existing population, and the majority of these new houses and flats are of inferior dimensions compared to those that were built in the pre-Thatcher era.

Moreover, we cannot grow enough food or generate enough power to sustain ourselves at a time when a booming global population is placing increasing pressure on these resources and generating underlying structural inflation; our security is thereby jeopardised. Our transport infrastructure is groaning under sheer weight of numbers. We have permanent and rising mass unemployment, together with increasing social fragmentation and alienation. In many of our cities and an increasing number of towns, there is no sense of community, just a plurality of random ethnic groups from around the globe who happen to live next to each other. In such places there is no trust, and thus no glue to hold society together; there no longer is a society.

Why would anyone in full possession of their rational faculties therefore choose to exacerbate all of these problems still further for the sake of a nominal and highly marginal improvement in aggregate GDP? It is per capita GDP, not aggregate GDP that matters, for the former can increase at the same time as the latter falls, resulting in a decline in personal wealth and living standards. This is what we are witnessing. We are told that our economy is enjoying ‘growth’, but if this growth is said to have been 0.5% over the last quarter, up from 0.1% during the preceding period, is this actually growth when CPI and RPI are raging away at 5% and above? Does this not actually represent an aggregate contraction in our national wealth, rather than growth? 

Alas, we will not be hearing these questions raised by the BBC, for this mouthpiece of the dominant political interest in the UK is no more objective than Pravda during the Soviet era. The ideological ties that bind its editorial staff and leading journalists with those of the political elite (I prefer the term oligarchy) are strong, for they form a tightly knit social clique. For example, it is well known that many of them studied at the same elite institutions and took the same subjects; thus, this morning we witnessed David Willetts (Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Oxford) being interviewed by Evan Davis (Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Oxford) both concurring upon the desirability of mass immigration as exemplified by Willetts's quote which heads this article. To study this combination of subjects is no bad thing, but what is not so good is the fact that so many key figures within the public life of the UK took this subject at this venerable institution, which is to say, that it has produced the most powerful old boy (granted, there are also women within it) network in the country. For example, in the world of politics David Cameron and William Hague happen to have studied PPE at Oxford, as have the brothers Miliband, Ed Balls and James Purnell. In the BBC its alumni include David Dimbleby, Nick Robinson and Stephanie Flanders, and a frequent guest on Question Time – Islamist and New Statesman Senior Editor (Politics) Mehdi Hasan – is also included amongst their number.

Precisely what is on the PPE curriculum I do not know, for I have not studied any of these subjects at Oxford, and I am not personally acquainted with anyone who has done so; yet I suspect, given the consensus amongst PPE alumni with respect to the promotion of globalism, mass immigration and multiculturalism, that all of these are espoused by their tutors as being a ‘good thing’, and that the topics which they are asked to consider, and the authors and sources which they are recommended, tend towards the creation of a mental outlook supportive of all three. It is against this backdrop that Evan Davis’s seemingly naïve incomprehension at why a newly published Ipsos Mori poll revealed a “generally negative perception” of mass immigration must be understood. On last Friday's Today Programme he purported to find it odd that both Scotland and London had significantly “less cold” attitudes towards immigration than elsewhere in Britain, whereas the reasons suggest themselves readily enough to anyone not wearing PC blinkers: the Scots have not suffered mass immigration to anything like the extent witnessed in England, and a huge proportion of the poll’s sample from London will either have been made up of immigrants themselves or the recent descendants of immigrants. Evan Davis is it would seem, a bright chap, but not a very sharp one. Perhaps we ought to import some new journalists?

Sunday 4 December 2011

Danny O'Shea: Victim of Race Hate Crime

Stephen Lawrence’s murder was used as a pretext to put the whole of indigenous British society in the dock with a view to implementing a pre-existing far-left social engineering project designed to turn whites into second-class citizens in their own country and to privilege ethnic minorities. The Macpherson Report created the fictitious catch-all concept of ‘institutional racism’, and having insisted upon the facticity of this spurious invention, legislation was then pushed through ensuring that every organisation in the public and then the private sectors had to favour ethnic minorities over the indigenous population when it came to appointments and promotions. The murder of one young black man was used as an excuse to cow the entire white population and to create an atmosphere of fear in the workplace, where the word of anyone belonging to an ethnic minority trumped that of anyone who did not. White English males became the new pariahs in this world turned upside down.

‘Diversity and equality’ was the slogan under which this iniquitous inversion of natural rights was bulldozered through. Everywhere it has become mandatory for our indigenous people to internalise an artificial sense of ethnic, racial and post-colonial ‘guilt’. From whence springs this ‘guilt’? Who amongst you has ever owned slaves or advocated slavery? Who amongst you has been a colonialist or advocated colonialism? None of you! The fact is, we ended slavery earlier than virtually any other country, intercepting slave ships from 1808 onwards and putting an end to this dreadful phenomenon across the Empire in 1833. On the other hand, slavery is condoned by Islam and still practised today by some Arab states. Our consciences are, or should be, clear.

If the murder of one young black man occasioned such a seismic shift in our society and in our laws, why will we not see such a shift brought about by the brutal butchery of young Danny O’Shea, hunted down by a gang of black males to have his throat slashed upon the threshold of his parental home? We will not see such a shift because our state and our media adjudge that a white life is not as valuable as a black or a brown one. A young Englishman’s life counts for less than that of an African or a Pakistani it would seem, for there is a an all-pervasive institutional racism in our country today, and it is an anti-white anti-indigenous racism. This anti-white racism is not unique to our country, but seems to be globally pervasive, with the level of anti-white hate emanating from many immigrants being startling, as illustrated by the open call for anti-white genocide in an infamous video shot on a Parisian tram. Such murders alas, are not unique, for witness the stabbing of 16-year-old English boy Nicholas Pearton by a seven-strong black gang in Sydenham, for which the latter received a range of custodial sentences this September.

Will the BBC report Danny O’Shea’s death as a ‘hate crime’? Will the Guardian enter into a decade and a half of agonised breast-beating and soul searching because of his death, forever highlighting the innate racism of blacks and the need for collective black guilt and the promotion of a white history month? Does that last sentence sound shocking and outlandish? If you are a Guardian reader, it shouldn’t seem strange, for that is exactly how it has treated whites, specifically Englishmen, since the death of Stephen Lawrence.

Taking Liberties: No Future in England’s Dreaming

It has been a strange and disconcerting week. As the managed collapse in living standards and the implosion of our hollow debt-based economy continues, pensions are slashed and millions of us are told that we will have to work a year longer to receive our state pension, it is not this process of gradual and deliberate mass immiseration that has caused outrage in the media, but comments by two individuals: Emma West and Jeremy Clarkson. This is a revealing moment, for it demonstrates that the media and dominant political class have lost all sense of proportion, and are now completely out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people. It should also be a matter for deep concern, as this reaction has laid bare the limits of what it is deemed permissible to say in public in Britain today, and how far the state and media are willing to go to gag free speech.

Emma West may have caused offence to individuals during her rant on a tram, and her language was certainly inappropriate, particularly given that she was holding her own child at the time and other children were present, but behaving in such a way should not have been grounds for her being remanded in custody on a charge of ‘racial harassment’. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, and although I would not condone her verbally lashing out at her fellow passengers, the frustrated sentiments to which she was giving vent with respect to untrammelled mass immigration and the deliberate displacement and political marginalisation of English people, are matters of concern for a significant swathe of the British public. Her observations were, after all, in line with those of a number of celebrities who have already made statements on this issue. We are, in many parts of the country, already aliens in our own land, and this situation has been deliberately engineered.

Interestingly, another video of an individual ranting on a tram has recently come to light, but this time in France. Although perhaps a French citizen, the person concerned is of African extraction, and voices nothing but contempt for his fellow passengers; in fact, he displays something rather stronger than contempt, for he calls for their genocide. Emma West neither called for genocide nor for any form of violence; all she did was give voice, albeit in a not very eloquent fashion, to her sense of estrangement from life in her own country, owing to its rapid transformation into something altogether culturally and humanly alien. The footage from France evidently depicts someone who has chosen to make France his home, yet he expresses his wholehearted hatred not only of the French, but of white people in general. Whereas Emma West has been prosecuted and had her children taken away from her, this man, having called for the mass murder of whites simply because they are white, walked away from his journey without let or hindrance. The second video was also shot in France, and shows a group of Muslims on public transport calling for the death of non-Muslim men. Compare the content of these to the video of Emma West, then read on.

Emma West of course, is not the only individual to have found herself in hot water for saying the ‘wrong’ thing this week. Englishman Jeremy Clarkson was upbraided for having made a flippant remark about having public sector workers shot for striking on Wednesday. The humourless leadership of the giant union Unison then promptly called for the BBC to sack him, displaying an autistic literalism with respect to the words that he uttered on Wednesday evening’s One Show. Jeremy Clarkson is neither Heinrich Himmler nor Lavrenti Beria; he is rather, a well-paid television presenter who is well known for holding politically incorrect views and giving voice to them onscreen and in print. For anyone to have thought that he really meant that striking public sector workers should be summarily executed demonstrates an incredible failure of humour on the part of those who objected and called for his dismissal. It betrayed the totalitarian instincts of the self-appointed priggish moral guardians who head Unison. They revealed themselves to be, whatever their protestations to the contrary, enemies of liberty and free expression.

Public sector workers had the right to strike on Wednesday, and many of them did so. I support their right to strike. What I do not support however, is the call of some union leaders to silence freedom of speech. In their calling for Clarkson’s sacking we witnessed union leaders displaying the ugly mentality of a fatwa-issuing ayatollah, a commissar, or one of the ‘godly’ members of Cromwell’s Barebones Parliament: self-righteous prigs convinced of the moral superiority of their cause. This is also what we saw at play with the arrest of Emma West.

Such attitudes provide the fertile soil from which tyranny and a reign of terror may spring. Blaise Pascal’s observation that  "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" can be equally applied to those acting out of a political conviction which they believe to be rooted in morality and the concept of “the good”. Witness the outpouring of hatred which greeted West’s arrest, with many calling for her to have her child taken from her; for her to be gang raped, and for her to be knifed to death or shot. Those expressing these sentiments in their tweets were not, like Clarkson, being humorous, but giving vent to a dark violent intent, lent intensity through being sanctioned by the dominant multiculturalist ideology.

For all of the frivolous talk about our society being “free”, “open” and “tolerant”, this outpouring should serve to illustrate that we live in a country that is nothing of the sort. Whereas the standard media line is that the ‘transgressive’ and the ‘shocking’ are to be celebrated, the reality is that anyone or anything that genuinely challenges the hegemonic and false discursive reality of the multiculturalist status quo, risks not only being subjected to the full force of the repressive apparatus of the state, but to the baying bloodlust of the mob unleashed by a media-directed Two Minutes Hate. Our self-loathing society is perfectly willing and able to issue its own equivalent of fatwas, resulting in the ostracism and professional destruction of anyone who challenges this ideology, and this is what Emma West fell foul of this week.

The question is: how many of our compatriots will recognise this as the watershed moment that it should be? If she can be arrested for airing such sentiments in public, do not be surprised if in the near future voicing criticism of mass immigration and the displacement of the native population, or indeed subscribing to the concept of a native population, becomes criminalized or reclassified as a psychiatric disorder. We are, I am afraid, now perilously close to such a denouement. Is this not so much “England’s dreaming” as England’s nightmare? Whether there is to be a future for us or not, very much depends upon how many of our people wake up to what is happening and draw the requisite political conclusions. Let us hope, that we are not to be the last of England.

The Last of England by Ford Madox Brown

Saturday 3 December 2011

Shamed by 'Honour Crime'

To throw acid into a woman’s face; to beat, mutilate, abduct and murder is for some ‘communities’ apparently an ‘honourable’ thing to do. What sort of man is capable of such a thing? What sort of a culture not only allows people to turn a blind eye to this brutal sadism, but actually sees it as cause for celebration, and fêtes the perpetrators for their ‘upstanding’ morality? It is not the English, or more broadly, the native British who do such things, for we look upon these crimes aghast with horror; it is from amongst a section of those who have come amongst us, who have settled and transplanted their backward misogynistic cultures, that these horrific attacks originate. Strangely, when BBC Breakfast ran a brief report on this item this morning, it was accompanied by a picture of a white woman, which can only be construed as a deliberate attempt to systematically misrepresent the true nature of this crime, and to exonerate certain ethnic cultures of their intrinsic culpability. Diana Nammi of IKWRO (Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation) stated:
It is a chilling statement. About two thirds of such crimes in Britain are committed by Muslims, with the remainder taking place in non-Muslim immigrant populations of South Asian extraction. A freedom of information request by IKWRO  has led to the revelation that over the past year 2,823 ‘honour attacks’ have been recorded in the UK. How many more of these have gone unreported? Owing to the closed cultural milieu of these immigrant populations and their ‘honour code’, I suspect that the genuine figure is far higher.

The Muslim Prophet Mohammed was a misogynist specifically, and a misanthrope more generally. Is it any wonder therefore, that this warped sense of ‘honour’ thrives amongst the Muslim enclaves that have established themselves in England today, and result not only in the terrorisation and degradation of many women born into Muslim households, but the predatory targeting and brutal sexual exploitation of young English girls who are regarded as little more than ‘trash’ to be abused at will? This is the specific origin of the practice of systematic grooming by Muslim gangs in a number of our towns and cities.

Before our ‘enrichment’, England had for centuries been renowned as a country in which women were respected and possessed a higher status and degree of independence than in most other nations, as expressed in the proverb quoted by the clergyman Robert Burton (1577-1640): “England is a paradise for women and hell for horses; Italy is a paradise for horses, hell for women.” Much further back in history we have the figure of Boudicca of course, and the Romans noted that the ancient Britons were supported by their womenfolk upon the field of war. This serves as testimony to the high regard in which our women have long been held. Now, post-‘enrichment’, a level of violent misogyny hitherto unseen disgraces our shores. It, along with its causes and its perpetrators, needs to be removed.

‘Honour’ Crime Hotspots

London - 495
West Midlands – 378
West Yorkshire – 350
Lancashire – 227
Greater Manchester – 189
Cleveland – 153

Thursday 1 December 2011

“Do you agree with the EDL’s policies?”

In the video below, Daily Star journalist Richard Peppitt reveals to the Leveson Enquiry that earlier this year the paper’s brief flirtation with the EDL was driven by pure commercial interest. This in itself is interesting, for if the messages given out by the EDL lacked public resonance, then the decision to produce articles broadly supportive of the movement would not have been taken.

How did the Daily Star ascertain the level of support amongst its readers? Quite simply, it opened a telephone poll asking for a “yes” or “no” response to the question “Do you agree with the EDL’s policies?” Of course, the EDL was not and is not a political party and thus had no ‘policies’ in a formal sense, but they were looking at tapping into what their readership thought of the movement’s general stance. Whereas Daily Star polls often elicited less than ten calls from readers, this one attracted 2,000 callers, 99% of whom expressed support for the EDL. This would seem to illustrate a considerable base of support amongst Daily Star readers for the EDL, but the paper chose not to highlight this fact. What, if any, implications could this have for the appeal of the British Freedom Party and its electoral strategy?

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Taking the Piste: Davos on a Dinner Lady's Wages

“Irresponsible, left-wing and weak”. That is how David Cameron described Ed Miliband at today’s Prime Minister’s Question Time. I would prefer to characterise Miliband the Younger as an ignorant little rich boy, completely out of touch with the living standards of ordinary people. Why do I take this view? Well, how else could one possibly interpret his following retort to David Cameron:
“Unlike the Prime Minister, I’m not gonna demonise the dinner lady, the cleaner, the nurse. People who earn in a week what the Chancellor pays for his annual skiing holiday.”
Jesus! Unless George Osborne is booking last minute no-frills out-of-season deals in Bulgaria when there’s not a flake of snow to be seen, and is cashing in his loyalty card points on some supermarket special offer, cleaners, dinner ladies and nurses must be coining it. I’ve evidently gone into the wrong career and am now contemplating picking up duster, bucket and mop and getting down to work.

Cleaners typically earn the minimum wage of £6.08 per hour, as do dinner ladies. Nurses, naturally, earn rather more. So, assuming a standard 37-hour working week, a cleaner would earn £224.96 before deductions for tax and National Insurance. Dinner ladies tend to work part-time, so let’s be generous and say 25 hours on £6.08 which yields £152 gross. Are we then to assume that George Osborne spends in the region of £150 to £225 for his annual skiing holiday? Now, I’m thrifty, but even I’d be dubious about taking a skiing holiday (if I could ski) costing that amount. So, how much do such holidays actually cost?

Casting around the internet, I came across some good deals, the cheapest being 7 nights self-catering based on four sharing in Andorra. Including the flight from Manchester it came to £199. Another of the cheaper destinations – the Bulgarian resorts of Borovets and Bansko – offered skiing holidays from £342 per person. However, I am not convinced that Osborne would favour Andorra or Bulgaria, and might instead prefer somewhere with a little more snob appeal, such as Val d’Isere. Here, the cheapest deal on offer clocks in at £285, although there are some snags such as the following not being included: flights; food and bed linen. So, if the Chancellor should be tighter than old man Steptoe, be flexible enough to be able to go on holiday at the drop of a hat, and have eaten and imbibed enough to sustain himself for a week without recourse to meat or drink, then he might be able to survive for this period at an Andorran ski resort on a cleaner’s average wages. Even then, he’d have to walk to and from the airports both at home and in Andorra, so Miliband’s claim doesn’t really seem to add up.

Having looked at bargain basement ski deals, let’s take a look at what the Chancellor might actually spend on a week’s skiing holiday in Val d’Isere or Davos. I suggest that he would want at least four-star accommodation which would need to be exclusive enough to avoid the unwanted attentions of the ‘hoi polloi’. As you can see from the following link, he might just be able to get a good deal for £929 in Davos next month, or shell out somewhere in the region of £1,400 or £1,600 if he’s not quite so flexible with his dates.

So there we have it: Miliband claims that “the dinner lady, the cleaner, the nurse. . . . earn in a week what the Chancellor pays for his annual skiing holiday.” Nice work if you can get it: £1,400 a week for cleaning. Count me in! Evidence, if any were needed, that Miliband lives in La La Land, or, more accurately, a £1.6 million home in Dartmouth Park. 'Red Ed?' He ought to be red with embarrassment at today’s gaffe. Does he really have any idea of how much working-class people earn? Incidentally, the Milibands must have a cleaner or two. Does anyone know how much they earn? Watch Miliband make a fool of himself in the House of Commons today below the charming picture of the Davos piste.

Piste in Davos: is that a dinner lady or George Osborne?