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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Danny O'Shea: Victim of Race Hate Crime

Stephen Lawrence’s murder was used as a pretext to put the whole of indigenous British society in the dock with a view to implementing a pre-existing far-left social engineering project designed to turn whites into second-class citizens in their own country and to privilege ethnic minorities. The Macpherson Report created the fictitious catch-all concept of ‘institutional racism’, and having insisted upon the facticity of this spurious invention, legislation was then pushed through ensuring that every organisation in the public and then the private sectors had to favour ethnic minorities over the indigenous population when it came to appointments and promotions. The murder of one young black man was used as an excuse to cow the entire white population and to create an atmosphere of fear in the workplace, where the word of anyone belonging to an ethnic minority trumped that of anyone who did not. White English males became the new pariahs in this world turned upside down.

‘Diversity and equality’ was the slogan under which this iniquitous inversion of natural rights was bulldozered through. Everywhere it has become mandatory for our indigenous people to internalise an artificial sense of ethnic, racial and post-colonial ‘guilt’. From whence springs this ‘guilt’? Who amongst you has ever owned slaves or advocated slavery? Who amongst you has been a colonialist or advocated colonialism? None of you! The fact is, we ended slavery earlier than virtually any other country, intercepting slave ships from 1808 onwards and putting an end to this dreadful phenomenon across the Empire in 1833. On the other hand, slavery is condoned by Islam and still practised today by some Arab states. Our consciences are, or should be, clear.

If the murder of one young black man occasioned such a seismic shift in our society and in our laws, why will we not see such a shift brought about by the brutal butchery of young Danny O’Shea, hunted down by a gang of black males to have his throat slashed upon the threshold of his parental home? We will not see such a shift because our state and our media adjudge that a white life is not as valuable as a black or a brown one. A young Englishman’s life counts for less than that of an African or a Pakistani it would seem, for there is a an all-pervasive institutional racism in our country today, and it is an anti-white anti-indigenous racism. This anti-white racism is not unique to our country, but seems to be globally pervasive, with the level of anti-white hate emanating from many immigrants being startling, as illustrated by the open call for anti-white genocide in an infamous video shot on a Parisian tram. Such murders alas, are not unique, for witness the stabbing of 16-year-old English boy Nicholas Pearton by a seven-strong black gang in Sydenham, for which the latter received a range of custodial sentences this September.

Will the BBC report Danny O’Shea’s death as a ‘hate crime’? Will the Guardian enter into a decade and a half of agonised breast-beating and soul searching because of his death, forever highlighting the innate racism of blacks and the need for collective black guilt and the promotion of a white history month? Does that last sentence sound shocking and outlandish? If you are a Guardian reader, it shouldn’t seem strange, for that is exactly how it has treated whites, specifically Englishmen, since the death of Stephen Lawrence.


  1. I wish that the newspapers would report such matters objectively, then there would be no need for me to write this stuff.

    1. keep writing mate, the media will never be objective, never

  2. This insufferable niceness of the British is inherently dishonest and dangerous. Vicious, savage male-dominated cultures like the Blacks and the Arabs/Muslims think kindness is a weakness..a stupidity. We need more soldier talk, more swearing, more screeching, more aggression, more courage to face down these Bastards (Motherless, murdering. Gangsta-style welfare-dependant, retards) If you want to stand up to them, you have to have a large PACK of fire-eyed mates, deadly weapons drawn and a will of iron. Power over the weak/it's all they know. There are more of us. Danny was alone. Blair, Brown and the married couple Cameron and Clegg should be dragged into prison for treason.

  3. It doesn't help that his own mother denies it.

  4. What makes the situation still more depressing is the extent to which the judiciary doesn't recognise anti-indigenous racism, and when clear examples of it occur, such as in the Rhea Page case, a judge hands out a derisorily lenient sentence which simply serves to send out the message that our own legal system doesn't even wish to protect us. Insanity.

  5. "It doesn't help that his own mother denies it."

    It's grief-stricken thinking that imagines a victim's good character defines his death, even though the murderers cannot have had that same good character.

    The senior police must have loved it, though, and couldn't wait to publicise it; this can now be a 'routine' murder enquiry, which will take the political and financial pressure off the police.

    Danny's murderers will be somewhat relieved as they needn't fear the persistent investigation that the Stephen Lawrence murder received.

  6. There is more racism directed at indigenous white people than the other way around.


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