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Saturday 3 December 2011

Shamed by 'Honour Crime'

To throw acid into a woman’s face; to beat, mutilate, abduct and murder is for some ‘communities’ apparently an ‘honourable’ thing to do. What sort of man is capable of such a thing? What sort of a culture not only allows people to turn a blind eye to this brutal sadism, but actually sees it as cause for celebration, and fêtes the perpetrators for their ‘upstanding’ morality? It is not the English, or more broadly, the native British who do such things, for we look upon these crimes aghast with horror; it is from amongst a section of those who have come amongst us, who have settled and transplanted their backward misogynistic cultures, that these horrific attacks originate. Strangely, when BBC Breakfast ran a brief report on this item this morning, it was accompanied by a picture of a white woman, which can only be construed as a deliberate attempt to systematically misrepresent the true nature of this crime, and to exonerate certain ethnic cultures of their intrinsic culpability. Diana Nammi of IKWRO (Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation) stated:
It is a chilling statement. About two thirds of such crimes in Britain are committed by Muslims, with the remainder taking place in non-Muslim immigrant populations of South Asian extraction. A freedom of information request by IKWRO  has led to the revelation that over the past year 2,823 ‘honour attacks’ have been recorded in the UK. How many more of these have gone unreported? Owing to the closed cultural milieu of these immigrant populations and their ‘honour code’, I suspect that the genuine figure is far higher.

The Muslim Prophet Mohammed was a misogynist specifically, and a misanthrope more generally. Is it any wonder therefore, that this warped sense of ‘honour’ thrives amongst the Muslim enclaves that have established themselves in England today, and result not only in the terrorisation and degradation of many women born into Muslim households, but the predatory targeting and brutal sexual exploitation of young English girls who are regarded as little more than ‘trash’ to be abused at will? This is the specific origin of the practice of systematic grooming by Muslim gangs in a number of our towns and cities.

Before our ‘enrichment’, England had for centuries been renowned as a country in which women were respected and possessed a higher status and degree of independence than in most other nations, as expressed in the proverb quoted by the clergyman Robert Burton (1577-1640): “England is a paradise for women and hell for horses; Italy is a paradise for horses, hell for women.” Much further back in history we have the figure of Boudicca of course, and the Romans noted that the ancient Britons were supported by their womenfolk upon the field of war. This serves as testimony to the high regard in which our women have long been held. Now, post-‘enrichment’, a level of violent misogyny hitherto unseen disgraces our shores. It, along with its causes and its perpetrators, needs to be removed.

‘Honour’ Crime Hotspots

London - 495
West Midlands – 378
West Yorkshire – 350
Lancashire – 227
Greater Manchester – 189
Cleveland – 153


  1. Its not even close to the genuine figure if you factor in the crimes that are not reported, ones that take place abroad, but involve British citizens and are never discovered and the fact that the statistics only cover two thirds of the forces.

    'The charity said the statistics do not give the full picture of the levels of "honour" violence in the UK , but are the best national estimate so far. The data, taken from from 39 out of 52 UK forces, was released following a freedom of information request by Ikwro, the BBC reported. In total, eight police forces recorded more than 100 honour-based attacks in 2011.'

  2. That's true Cygnus. A lot of this appears to go on back in Pakistan and Bangladesh. To think what might happen to many of the girls and young women who vanish in those places is enough to send a chill down the spine.

    It would be interesting to know why 13 police forces did not divulge their statistics relating to this category of crime. I would like to think that this is because they had nothing to report on this score, but I fear that I would be mistaken to think so.

  3. Oh dear, dearie me, this cannot possibly be true.

    I remember well the campaign which told us that Islam is a religion of peace and the Inspired by Muhammad campaign which extolled the virtues of the Self-proclaimed, so-called 'Prophet and Messenger' of Allah and told us how he emancipated women.

    Of course it is also not true that Muhammad murdered all who spoke out gainst him. It must therefore be obvious that he did not, with the support of his booty and sex motivated followers, plot, lie, torture, kill, rob, ransom and rape his way to absolute political and religious power.

    Oh why do people spread all these untruths about the dear, kind, sweet 'Prophet' and his 'Religion'......and of course the mythical Allah knows best. STUART PARSONS

  4. Stuart, you forgot to use "pbuh" following the M-word! You'll upset some people by doing that you know (not that I'd for a moment make the mistake of thinking that followers of a certain religion possess hair-trigger sensibilities).


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