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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review: BBC3 ‘Make Me a Muslim’

A few years ago Channel 4 ran a short series of exactly the same title, but this one-off on BBC3 chose a different tack which proved to be even more trying than its predecessor. Still, although it was painful to watch, it was probably no more annoying than what followed it: the perennially unfunny Russell Howard.

‘Make Me a Muslim’ failed to be engaging. Like the young converts that it featured, it seemed to be covering up and keeping hidden far more than it was revealing. Although looking at the recent phenomenon of conversion to Islam in Britain, particularly amongst indigenous British women, the show (to call it a documentary would be a little too grandiose for what we were offered) was centred upon a 26-year-old model from a Pakistani background – Shanna – who described herself as “British”, “Westernised” and “a modern Muslim”. She freely admitted that she does not practise Islam much, and posed the question as to why young British women should choose to adopt a religion which imposes so many restrictions upon their hitherto free lives.

Throughout the programme, a narrator provided commentary in addition to the questions posed and opinions voiced by Shanna and her interviewees, setting out, presumably, to attempt to explain why an estimated 5,000 converted to Islam in the UK last year, with over half being white and three quarters of these women. Alas, as the programme progressed, it appeared that the personable Shanna was increasingly beginning to question her westernised approach, and by the end she was stating: “I kind of feel really weird” and “I feel a bit lost”, meaning that it had made her realise that she had been neglecting her faith. This was rather sad really, given that this young woman had already borne the brunt of an extremely nasty hate campaign from a number of Muslims for attempting to enter Miss Universe. The abusers routinely described her as a “whore”, and she received death threats, including threats of decapitation. To see her inclining towards a greater embrace of the backward misogynist belief system that nurtures such views was thus depressing.

Returning to the equally dispiriting matter of the indigenous converts, four were featured in the programme, as well as an Edinburgh resident of African background. One of the converts, rather like Yvonne Ridley, had affected a pseudo-Pakistani accent, and all of the indigenous four had donned the drab apparel of the ‘devout’ and ‘modest’ female Muslim. Seeing them coo about headscarves and other shapeless defeminising garments made me momentarily wish that the BBC3 crew would parachute in Gok Wan to give them a wardrobe makeover, but no, we had to stick with “the halalised” wardrobe as one of them put it.

The first young woman visited, 24-year-old Claire, lived in Bridgend with her parents, and said that she had been attracted to Islam because she is “quite conservative”, doesn’t like getting drunk and likes to dress “modestly” (did you hear that Gok?). As a consequence, the locals understandably look upon her as something of an oddity, a number of them, she says, thinking of her as being “a traitor”, which in a sense is rather a fair description given the fact that she has chosen to figuratively spit in the face of her own freedom-loving culture.

She formally converted to Islam last year, but her mode of dress had changed beforehand and she had affectedly decided to change her name, as would appear to be de rigueur in such cases, to Sophia. For her “All this stuff about women being oppressed [by Islam] is complete codswallop.” By this time, I was finding her mannered approach to this adopted belief system a little vexatious, as was her poor father who’s told her that Islam is a different culture: “but I did tell her, she is Welsh. At the end of the day, she’s got pretty hair, curly, like her old man. She’s got no reason to hide it, has she?”

Sound advice from dad, but this late-onset equivalent of teen rebellion won’t allow her to open her ears to him of course. Her poor mother, Gill, looked awkward when asked how the family felt about her daughter’s conversion, for she acknowledged that other family members weren’t happy. She said that she had read the Qur’an and didn’t see it as being that different from the Bible, and viewed its system of belief as being akin to “the old-fashioned Christian way”. It’s understandable that a mother should not wish to lose her daughter, so let’s just hope that she’s hanging on in there waiting for Claire to resurface once the Sophia identity is a spent force.

Shanna next travelled to Scotland to meet Alana, “a traveller, not a gypsy” by background, who converted two years ago. The media student really misses Parma ham, but following an encounter in Lanzarote all pork products are now haram, for it was there that she met Abdul, her fiancé, who introduced her to Islam. She has decided that they will have two weddings: one Muslim and one British, although nobody will be allowed to drink at the latter (so, come to think of it, the ‘British’ wedding will be Muslim too, and all the worse for it). Abdul will be pleased though, as he’ll acquire the right to a shiny new UK passport.

Alana was one of those people who possesses a ‘god-shaped hole’, but unfortunately in this instance, that wily old fox Allah appears to have crept into it and bedded down, at least for the time being. For ‘fun’, she likes to attend a weekly Islamic studies class, which scandalously takes place upon the premises of an alleged centre of learning – a university. There, she quaffs heady drafts of Quranic history and Shariah law. She would also like to study Arabic. Abdul will be delighted, particularly when this scintillating stuff of conversation is added to her ultra-drab halal wardrobe. With an existence like that, no wonder so many Muslims don’t appear to be that keen on life.  

Convert number three was named Lisa. She lives somewhere in the South (did somebody mention Slough? I can’t remember. If so, it’s probably best not to quote Betjeman’s most famous verse though: “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough”). Married to a Pakistani seven years back, she got around to converting to Islam one year ago. Although she has three daughters and lives at home with them, she has never sat in the same room as her in-laws and the local Pakistani residents shun her owing to their intensely clannish racism and their preference for first-cousin marriage. Indeed, her ‘husband’ was already married to someone genetically near and dear when they ‘married’, so she is wife number two. Bigamy is of course illegal in this country, but anyone who works for the DSS in certain parts of Britain will of course be aware of a surprising number of Pakistani and Bangladeshi ‘single’ mothers claiming an impressive array of benefits for an ever-increasing number of children. Given that Lisa stays at home to look after the children, she may well be classed as one of these ‘single’ mothers and thus be claiming benefits upon the most dubious of grounds.

Lisa however, does not like being a “co-wife”, and she and wife number one really don’t get on. They loathe the sight of each other in fact, and unsurprisingly, do not live under the same roof. Why did she convert to Islam? Who knows? Does it sound like she’d have a rational reason? Not really. Does her husband care? Does anyone? By this stage of the programme I was seriously flagging. It was very, very dull viewing, but it was about to get duller: cue a trip to a small northern town in Greater Manchester to meet Inaya (I can’t remember what her real name was).

Inaya is not happy because she cannot find a Muslim husband and works in a call centre in Accrington (although to be fair, she did not cite the call centre job as a source of her unhappiness). She converted four years ago at the age of 22 “after going through a difficult time . . . [a] rough patch at home”. Why? She decided to convert as she thought that she would not be happy otherwise. That’s not really an answer, is it? Still, never mind. So, is she happy now? As stated at the beginning of this paragraph, she is not happy, as she cannot find a spouse. Of course she cannot find a spouse, for she has converted to Islam. For most males of the species that’s a pretty massive turnoff.

Inaya has been to Muslim speeddating events where prospective matches have been accompanied by their scowling parents who have been happy to notify her that she is variously too old, too tall and also likely to give up Islam (too white and thus fit only for a bit of casual ‘fun’?). As for online dating, she has found that Muslim ‘guys’ just want to have ‘fun’. Well, well, well. Indeed, so exciting has her new life as a Muslim proven to be, that her best friend has also converted, but we didn’t get to hear much about what she’s now not doing in her existence which was formerly a life.

Shanna next went to Edinburgh to speak to an African model named Aisha, but at that point it seems that I lapsed into a momentary coma, my senses dulled by nigh on fifty minutes of banal tedium. Why did BBC3 screen this? What was the point? As a piece of television, it did not work, and as a piece of social commentary, it was distinctly unsatisfying. Might it not have something to do with the fact that the BBC’s Head of Religion and Ethics is a certain Aaqil Ahmed? Now, which religion do you think he favours promoting? Does it give you a warm glow knowing that you have to pay for this propagandist nonsense to be made and broadcast? Bring back ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’! As for the bunch in the programme this evening, my recommendation would be as follows: avoid! Evidence of more pro-Islamic BBC bias can be found here in connection with its promotion of 'World Hijab Day'.

For a response to the many comments below, see Meet the Islamoantipatheists.

Aaqil Ahmed: BBC Head of Religion and Ethics


  1. I've noticed that the only whites who convert are disturbed individuals, a useful quality in potential suicide bombers.

    1. Ian, also isn't it strange that when a muslim marries a non-muslim, its ALWAYS the non-mulsim who converts because they always fall for the lines; "My religion is important to me and if you love me, you will join me in it"...or "my family say they will be ok with me marrying you as long as you show the respect by converting".

      Unfortunately, with democracy, everyone gets a vote no matter how stupid they are and with the ever growing muslim population & sleazy politicians begging for any numerous vote, it won't be long until islam dictates much more in everyone's life.

    2. Their mantra:

      "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

      The weak-willed converts are no doubt reciting this as I type. Islam has brought nothing but misery and death to the world and these idiots sign up for it!

  2. Apologies to SRB and Roadhog: I've accidentally deleted your comments (one of the hazards of using a smartphone). Any chance of reposting?

    1. I can't remember what I said now, it was short, but to the point from memory.

      Why don't you white list people who regularly comment and keep their comments sensible?

  3. I was scrolling through the Sky TV guide and saw the programme listed and beside it was, surprise surprise, BBC3!

    Typical BBC with their pro-islam, left-wing, politically correct agenda. I do wonder why on earth I continue paying for a TV license. Seriously, is there anything worth watching created by this useless organisation?

  4. Guys if these girls decided to be nuns it wouldnt be such an issue. Yes there are bad minorities in every community, but most muslims who adhere to their faith are good lowkey family orientated people. If indian/pakistani their indo-pak culture may get in the way yes, but their religion is good. There is nothing in islam that teaches badness. These girls want to be muslim so that is entirely their business. People should be allowed to do as they wish as long as they are not hurting or offending anyone.If a man wishes to honour a second wife with marriage it is far better than treating her as a mistress or prostitute! We know how many men visit mistresses and hookers! Lets not make assumptions regarding the no. of first cousin marriages and benefit cheating, it does happen but is not that common.

    1. "There is nothing in islam that teaches badness." - Are you serious? Islam is all about violence! Even their 'religious' texts (and I use the word religious very loosely)contain numerous references to violence. Here are just a few examples to refresh your memory:

      Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

      Quran (61:4) - "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way"

      Bukhari (52:177) - Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

      ^ These guys seriously think stones talk now? Jeez, how comical!

      Bukhari (52:220) - Allah's Apostle said... 'I have been made victorious with terror'

      Tabari 9:69 "Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us"

      Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 327: - “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

      Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992: - "Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah."

      OK, that's just a few. Do you want me to continue, or can you now see that the islamic ideology (it's definitely NOT a religion), is nothing more than a dictatorship in many respects. A simple case of 'do as we say or die'.


    2. I agree with what you have said but as I live in Birmingham and work for the dhss I can tell you your last paragraph is wrong '

    3. Ok Anonymous. Well. You having a bunch of quotes from a book, quite clearly having not studied them in any particular depth with anyone who knew what they were talking about (you didn't actually explain any of it - when you examine a text and make judgements, that isn't how you do it) isn't how to gain in an argument.

      As for 'do as we say or die', if you look at the Muslims in the generation after the Prophet Muhammad (one could without argument refer to as those who practiced a much purer form of Islam) who conquered the now 'Muslim' lands in the Middle east and South east Asia, acutally didn't 'covert' the rest of the population. It wasn't live within our 'ideology' (not even going to go there) or die. That isn't how they became Muslim lands. The people of the land weren't forced to do anything except that they continued as they were. The laws of their land weren't changed, and if you look at the statistics, they actually didn't force anyone to becoming Muslim. They became Muslim because they loved the life that the people were living. It wasn't until hundreds of years later that these populations were 70-80% Muslim. Ok, you don't agree with it, fine, I'm not asking you to. But make honest effort to understand it. Don't make judgements as you did, largely based on the actions of some maniacs spread about the news and quotes from a book you don't understand (May I say translations at that) but read and study and then speak.

    4. Yeah, the old "you've taken them out of context" schtick. Very good.

      Islamic doctrine is clear, and simple to understand. That's why ten year old goat herders in Afghanistan get it, as do illiterate farmhands in upper Egypt. Islam is perfectly simple. The doctrine itself says it is a univeral message for all people for all time, so why would it be complex? History is against you with respect to what you say about countries becoming Islamic. The options were 1) become muslim 2) become a dhimmi 3) leave 4) be killed. Many people chose 2 or 3. So they weren't forced to become Muslims, were they? But they were third rate citizens in a system where muslim males are at the top, and everyone else is underneath.

      "quotes from a book you don't understand (May I say translations at that) but read and study and then speak."

      What book? The Koran? or are you referring to Sahih Bukhari/Muslim or Ishaq? Make it clear. The Koran is very easy to understand. My English translation is published and certified as authentic by the Al Azhar University in Cairo. Are you telling me that Al Azhar Uninversity, the foremost doctrinal authority in Sunnni Islam, the Nearest Islamic equivalent to The Vatican City, is wrong? And that YOU know better than they do? You'll be telling me I don't understand Islam because I can't speak Arabic next...

      I understand Islam perfectly well. It is a political ideology and legal system, with religious components. The religious components are the smallest part, but operate as a cover, allowing the political ideology to operate unhindered. Islam is 60% politics, 40% religion. I couldn't care less about the religious parts, because as a non-muslim, they have nothing to do with me. Islamic doctrine says so. You're welcome to those parts. Good luck with them. But the remainder is my business, because it's about ME, and every other non-muslim in the world.

    5. forced conversions have occurred during Islamic history...cases include the conversion of Samaritans to Islam at the hands of the rebel Ibn Firāsa,onversions in the 12th century under the Almohad dynasty of North Africa and Andalusia, as well as in Persia under the Safavid dynasty and Jews were converted to Islam. A form of forced conversion became institutionalized during the Ottoman Empire in the practice of devşirme, a human levy in which Christian boys were seized and collected from their families (usually in the Balkans), enslaved, converted to Islam, and then trained for high ranking service to the sultan.

      More recently, in 2001 the Indonesian army evacuated hundreds of Christian refugees after they stated that they had been forced to convert to Islam.

      In 2004, the BBC reported that allegations of forced conversions of Copts to Islam surface every year in Egypt. Cases of Iraq's Mandaeans,[60] Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Christians, Christians of Pakistan[61] and Assyrian Christians of Iraq[62][63][64] who have faced coercion to convert to Islam.

      There have been numerous reports of Islamic attempts to forcibly convert religious minorities in Iraq. In Baghdad, Christians have been told to convert to Islam, pay the jizya or die.In March 2007 the BBC reported that people in the Mandaean religious minority in Iraq alleged that they were being targeted by Islamist insurgents, who offered them the choice of conversion or death.

      In India, there is a deliberate and organised design to convert Kargil's Buddhists to Islam. In Pakistan where there are a few Christians and Hindu's, girls are abducted every month and converted to Islam forcibly in Pakistan, as reported by Pakistani media.

      And in August 2009, ICC reported that four Christians working to help orphans in Somalia were beheaded by Islamist extremists when they refused to convert to Islam.

      Also, thats not even mentioning the forced conversions in UK prisons, where the sizable muslim population is putting pressure on other faith inmates to convert....see,d.d2k

      SO YES, forced conversion has been around for millenia and is still around TODAY.

    6. As Anonymous has stated (Friday, 1 February 2013 16:29:00 GMT), forced conversions are a fact of life when it comes to Islam. The following recently published video shows one such example in Egypt where the Copts are increasingly being targeted. Shocking to see, but I suggest you all read and view the report to see just how perverted Islam really is:


    7. To Anonymous - Thursday, 31 January 2013 22:09:00 GMT

      Whenever direct quotations are taken from your Koran you will always find Muslims trying to reinterpret them, particularly if the quotes are controversial like those above.

      I've just watched the following video and it shows exactly what I mean. Take a look and you may learn a few things along the way -

  5. did u watch the same documentary i did? it was really eye opening! just because it wasn't what you wanted to hear!

  6. I can't believe how horrible this article is?!!! I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised how these women found peace within themselves and found a faith that speaks to them. I just wish they had another episode about male converts and what their views are.

    1. Perhaps those same female converts should try living in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan for a year or two where women have absolutely no rights, no freedoms and often live in abusive relationships thanks to the religion they so openly embrace. Even the young girls aren't allowed a proper education under Islam.

      Oh yes, in the West they have it easy but its not the same for all Muslim women is it? Rather hypocritical of them to spout how wonderful and peaceful it is when you see the reports from the countries listed above along with Libya, Yemen, Sudan etc. etc.

      I suggest viewing the following website and open your eyes to the truth behind their so-called religion:

    2. I find it funny how you're blaming a religion for shit that the free and perfect West actually caused. The current situation in Afghanistan, for example, reflects deep scars left behind by the Cold War (fought primarily between two Western powers), /not/ centuries of Afghan culture and Islam. I strongly suggest you look up the histories of the countries you're referring to (particularly the past two hundred years or so) before you start spurting out shit that you /clearly/ know nothing about and thinking that you have the right to speak over actual /Muslims/ about their /own religion/.

      Did Islam create the Taliban? Did the Qur'an pick itself up off the stand and begin handing out guns and bombs to uneducated Afghans and Pakistanis? No, it was the /United fucking States/ that armed the Taliban. And don't you dare try to fling any de-contextualised verses/ahadith at me that you found on Google or your bullshit websites - you realise that cherry picking Qur'anic verses/ahadith out of context and twisting the meaning of them to justify your Islamophobic views puts you on the exact same level as the terrorists who do the /exact same/ to justify their violent and misogynist views, yes?

      Now kindly go and find yourself a new hobby rather than bashing a people who face enough discrimination in their everyday lives in the "free West" as it is. Reading's always good. Here's a good article to get you started:

    3. Just out of interest, if Muslims feel so discriminated against in the west on a daily basis why don't they leave?

    4. I'm not the original poster but I wanted to point out the word 'islamophobic' isn't actually recognised in the English language so please don't use the moronic phrase in future, I'm sick of seeing it everywhere as are many others I'm sure! It was created by the media and the pro-Islam lobby to further their cause.

      Do you ever hear a similar word for anti-Christian or anti-Sikh sentiment for example? Have you ever heard a news anchor refer to Hinduophobia? No, thought not, so stop using imaginary words. Its no different than the idiots who claim racism when muslims are upset so let me spell it out - A RELIGION IS NOT A RACE! There, I feel better now.

      I would also like to add that you seem to be a very angry Muslim judging by the language and tone of your post especially aimed at my country - "United fucking States". Please...

      Carry on enjoying your typical lefty Liberal website. After a quick read through it's just what I expected to see.

      Casey Reynolds (from Seattle but living/working in GB for now)

  7. it is nobody place to judge what religion you want to be or are. The programs was not about what country you are from it was about Muslim converts look at your own lives and stop judging other peoples nobody is perfect. violence comes from the person there selves and not from religion a true Muslim would not be violent.

    1. Your comment (bad grammar included) - "violence comes from the person there selves and not from religion a true Muslim would not be violent." - I suggest you take a look at one of the replies further up the page from 'Anonymous Thursday, 31 January 2013 18:07:00 GMT'.

      You can clearly see from those few extracts that the Islamic religion is anything but peaceful.

      If Muslims ARE so loving and peaceful how come you never hear of them publicly condemning honour killing, acid attacks on girls, Muslim grooming gangs preying on young vulnerable girls, the 'Muslim Patrols' that recently happened in London, mass violent protests over cartoons, films and comedies etc etc. The list goes on and on and on...

      Muslims not violent? Pull the other one, it's got bells on!


    2. Reminds me of that classic saying 'Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.'

      Sadly its very accurate too.


    3. Couldn't agree more with you Mick & Rob. I don't see other books like the Bible, GITA, Tipitaka, I-Ching etc spouting talk of death, killing, revenge for those that don't follow those religions. I've met some lovely muslim people & the reason they are so nice is because they treat the koran with a touch of salt & think for themselves.

  8. Given some of these comments I am reminded of General Franco's observation that although he had four columns besieging Madrid, it would be his "fifth column" of supporters inside the city that would cause it to fall.

  9. To be fair 5000 converts, not all of whom could be described as Britons, is not a whole hill of beans when set against the larger picture. I am sure more people became Jedi than converted Islam, if the census is to be believed. I am tired of reading the term 'Islamaphobia' because it implies a 'fear of'. Sticking with the Greek etymological connection I believe that we should be talking about Islamoantipatheia, a dislike of Islam. Islam has no historical precedence in Britain, it is not part of the cultural milieu of this nation. We already have a grand monotheistic religion that had already served us for centuries before Islam arrived in Arabia and it still informs the civilised amongst us today. Islam has nothing beneficial to offer us that we don't already have and when accompanied with the inevitable cultural cues of the foreigners that preach the religion, it becomes doubly difficult to understand why anyone would voluntarily adopt it. Catuvellaunian.

  10. As a convert myself I did not like the programme which seemed to center only about women's dress code and not enough about why these ladies converted and the basic beliefs of our faith. Islam starts in the heart and a belief that there is only one God. As for 'Anonymous' who quoted verses of the Quran, these are verses revealed in the time of wars the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to fight, you have to put them into the context of the time and understand that Islam allows self-defence. Injustices or violence perpetrated against women in the 'Muslim' world or terrorism have nothing to do with what Islam teaches. The Qur'an teaches Muslims to be kind to "the People of the Book", i.e. Christians and Jews: "Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians -- whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there will be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve" (2:62, 5:69, and many other verses).

    "...and nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who say, 'We are Christians,' because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant" (5:82).

  11. I look forward to the BBC filming those women who have converted to Christianity in a Muslim state!! Now there is a challenge for Aaqil Ahmed....................

  12. anonymous states that some passages the quran have to be placed with the context of the time. they say islam talks about self defence. but what about when the islamic armies that went and conquered other lands. that wasnt defence but attack. im talking about the muslim mughals who invaded india, afghanistan.

    also muhammed the prophet killed the jewish tribes, he led raids. and consummated his marriage with a nine year old girl, even today in iran they want to emulate this practice.

  13. I feel sorry for those of you who have made your opinion regarding Islam based on the false facts presented by the media and individuals who are not anywhere near qualified to debate using religious views.
    I would just like to add that many of the laws now used in the western world such as human rights, criminal law as well as the basics for democracy were practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) centuries ago.
    I would like to request those who are anti-islam just go to their local mosque without any bias views and I can guarantee you that you will be shocked that muslims are not how you have imagined.
    May Allah guide you all to the best of knowledge and the best of faith. Aameen

    1. What about those of us who have based it on first hand experience of Islam and Muslims? What would you say to people like me, who started off with being 'blank slates' , oblivious to the media painted picture- but then found that perhaps, perhaps there was a point after all?

      Just to elaborate, I am a Hindu woman, born and brought up in the Middle East, where I was TAUGHT in school the difference between 'kaffirs' and believers. The government of that great nation graciously 'allowed' us to have token house of worship in their state.On a holiday to India, I experienced the wrath of a muslim 'protest' - I was terrified, and an aquaintance died in the violence.

      To be honest, I considered myself free from bias in the past, but increasingly- due to personal NOT media influences, I unhappily concede that the 'Islamophobes' may be on to something after all!

  14. You can't honestly say you're not anti-Islam and that there isn't any 'Islamaphobia' while simultaneously denouncing their religion, criticizing those individuals in the program and asking Muslims to leave the UK because there's no historical precedence for them to be here. I'm sorry, but Muslims have been here for many years. British citizens have lived and armed forces have entrenched themselves in Muslim countries for hundreds of years. There is precedence. In any case, the World changes every day with the movement of people so 24 hours is enough to create a 'historical precedence'.

    And the whole quoting lines from 'something' to prove a point is a tactic lifted straight out of the EDL and BNP forums.

    Pretty pathetic really, as was this 'critique'.

  15. This article obviously comes from an Islamophobic view point, and the main point of this seems to be to discourage people from watching what was quite an informative and educational TV programme. You've proven your dislike of Muslims further by voicing your contempt towards the BBC's promotion of 'World Hijab Day'. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time than to write vitriolic, biased and quite frankly, ridiculous rubbish.

    You might have thought your article was clever, but please do not pretend you tuned in to the programme for any other reason than to feed your cynicism and scoff at everything. You obviously planned to write this article even before watching the programme, as your deep dislike of Muslims and the Islamic faith is painfully apparent.

    What's worse, you make ugly and disgusting assumptions about the programme and the people in it (and even those who aren't) which only further reinforces how deeply ingrained your hatred is. For example: 'Abdul will be pleased though, as he’ll acquire the right to a shiny new UK passport.' Abdul was not even shown to us on TV, and for all you know he was as much on holiday in Lanzarote as was Alana and may in fact already be a British citizen. Aside from that, making such ridiculous assumptions based on somebody's name, race and religion is gross and makes your 'review' even less credible and unfortunately for you, stupid.

    And then this: 'Might it not have something to do with the fact that the BBC’s Head of Religion and Ethics is a certain Aaqil Ahmed? Now, which religion do you think he favours promoting?'

    I won't even go into the fact that you referred to Allah as a 'wily old fox'.

    Your 'review' is presumptuous, idiotic, rude, offensive, full of ignorance, biased and quite frankly, it's sad that you don't have anything better to do with your time.

    In future, educate yourself instead of spouting rubbish that you've conjured up from thin air.

    1. To quote you, "In future, educate yourself instead of spouting rubbish that you've conjured up from thin air."

      Can I just point out that after reading your post it is nothing but hot air. And can you PLEASE do us all a favour and stop using the fake media-created word 'islamophobic' as it doesn't actually exist in our language. I notice another contributor has already pointed that out too.

      Yes people are anti-Islamic. Yes people are sick and tired of the Islamic ideology being forced down their throats by government, the media and particularly the BBC that according to it's own charter is supposed to provide unbiased reporting. The BBC unbiased? There's a huge lie if ever I saw one!

      If Muslims are so tolerant as we are forced to believe where's the evidence? Why do they not protest in London, Washington, Brussels or Paris against the terrorist FSA groups in Syria or the al-Qaeda groups in Mali, Sudan, Egypt, Libya and Yemen?

      Why don't they publicly condemn the Muslim grooming gangs that are now in the news instead of trying to use the 'it's a cultural issue' cop-out?

      It simply comes down to lack of willingness to integrate with the greater society that is the main problem.

      Another example, why do a small minority now command such dominance in the food industry that practically all meat products are Halal? I don't want to buy meat from an animal that was ritually sacrificed in a brutal and barbaric way while a prayer to Allah is said over it but that is the reality we face. I've managed to find one butcher in my area who confirms his meat isn't Halal. ONE! All the others including the supermarkets now sell Halal. This is plain wrong.

      Now we are getting programmes from our own media inviting us to wear Islamic clothing! There is nothing in the Koran insisting a woman is covered up so why does this lie persist? If it's a personal choice then fine, but keep it for home and not on the streets. I do hope we soon follow France, Belgium and Italy and many other countries in banning all Islamic clothing.


  16. "You've proven your dislike of Muslims further by voicing your contempt towards the BBC's promotion of 'World Hijab Day'." --- No its called Freedom of Speech, something that is sorely lacking in the Muslim world.

    In Britain we should be able to say what we like about an invasive and divisive ideology such as Islam. We are opposed to Sharia law in every shape and form yet the BBC with their left-wing politics believe this is the right future for Britain and insist on filling our TV schedules with such tripe as this show, why?

    For a publicly funded organisation I hate seeing my TV licence wasted on programmes that only appeal to the simple minded.

    The last time I checked this country was traditionally a Christian nation, yet we have to bend over backwards to accommodate a minority group who refuse to reciprocate. Is that fair?

    During the course of several years I worked in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. There the rules are very strict and we as non-Muslim outsiders had to adhere to them regardless of personal opinion and that included wearing nothing related to Christianity or even talking about it publicly. Why can't Muslims do the same in this country instead of insisting we change our culture, heritage and ideals to suit them?

    And you wonder why people are sick and tired of Islam.

    1. Yep, there's actual proof too. I would like to see similar stats for other Euro countries -

      Islam: 74% of French say it's an 'intolerant' religion-

      Fewer than one in four people think Islam is compatible with British life-

      Of course, you will notice from the second article that the muslim Baroness is accusing us of being 'un-British' for not supporting them. As usual the muslims play the victim card to hide the truth about public opinion.


  17. Then why is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world?

    I'm sorry, but I pity your lack of faith and you obviously hate that there are people out there who have a strong enough belief in God to follow their religions.

    And since you're all making assumptions, I'll throw one out there. You're probably all bitter middle aged idiots with nothing going on in your lives. You are obviously anti-Islam, yet you spend a ridiculous amount of time trawling through the internet to find stuff to feed your hatred. Then you complain about paying a TV licence and programmes like this one. If you don't like it, don't tune in.

  18. All the female converts are what you might call mentally challenged and simply attention seeking, also the one who claimed that her and her family would'nt be celebrating christmas because "we don't want to celebrate another religions god" was she revealing the truth about allah being not the same god as the jews and christians even though muslims insist all 3 worship the same god?

  19. Furthermore, Islamophobic is a word, and it describes you all perfectly. Pretty sad that you all feel the need to tear down a religion you obviously know nothing about, with your narrow minds trying to put us all in a box.

    To the person who said to dress in an Islamic way only at home. You're a hypocrite. It's a free country. We will dress how we like, where we like. I would love to see you attempt to stop anyone.

    Just because a lot of aspects of Islam don't 'correlate' with your Westernised ideals, it becomes an easy target for you to attempt to ridicule and pull apart. Mostly, I just feel sorry for you all that you're all so bitter and full of hatred. Britain is becoming increasinly multicultural, and thank God for that. Maybe it'll teach you all to be tolerant of people from different faiths and cultures.

    As for this blog, it's full of malicious poison and I will leave all you sad people to fuel each other's mutual hatred of our religion. See if it makes you any happier in your pathetic lives.

    1. That's right, wear a niqab so you can throw acid in someone's face without fear of being identified. If you don't like our 'westernised ideals', go back to your ancestral familial homeland where your faith is the norm. Why does everywhere have to adopt Islam? let's face it, you're an aggressive imperialist. Go home and leave us in peace. As for 'Islamophobic', don't go employing that word without understanding what it means. We are Islamoantipatheists, not Islamophobes, got that? Read this:

    2. Yes, you really are a patient, tolerant and peace loving lot aren't you! I suggest you watch the following video link. A light-hearted look at your true beliefs:

    3. since when you all moslems respect people who disagreed with moslems?
      since when you all moslems respect the freedom of other people?
      since when you all moslems really respect anyone?
      the fact is moslems never respect anyone.
      The fact is moslems have more in common with primitive African.

  20. Can all those ppl posting comments against islam stop being so rude and racist i mean how can you just so blindly critisize the religion? Okay i get the fact you hate islam but at least try and be a bit repectful

    1. Heavens! Rude? Racist? Please read and then think about what you have written:

  21. I don't want to read any more of your crappy blog entries.
    You don't know anything about me. You don't know whether or not I wear the niqab. You're actually full of crap.

    I pity you.

    I won't go back anywhere, because this is my home and I'm sorry that you don't like that. We're here to stay.
    Got that?

    Go back to your knitting or something.

    1. I didn't say that the person who wore the niqab was a Muslim, it was the fact that people are permitted to wear such face-concealing garments under the guise of religious 'tolerance' that allowed this foul crime to take place. You won't read? Why not? That is the attitude of a bigot in its literal sense. Take this quiz and answer truthfully, and I will show you respect. Not one of your co-religionists has done anything thus far other than spout vitriol in response:

    2. To add to Durotrigan's reply, why must you wear face covering clothes in public at all?

      I'm not allowed to wear my motorcycle helmet in a bank for example, but recently I was queuing in a branch of HSBC and lo and behold there in front of me were three women (I assume), wearing the full niqab with just their eyes showing. No one asked them to remove it, yet a person with a scarf around their face, a balaclava, or helmet is immediately stopped. Double standards?

      No doubt the bank staff were worried about being branded anti-islamic or 'racist' for objecting to it.

      There have been numerous stories in the media about islamic clothing used as a disguise making the whole anti-crime CCTV system useless if we can't see an attackers face. The recent story of the young woman having acid thrown in her face is a prime example of this. One of the killers of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky even fled the country back to Somalia wearing (they believe) his sister's muslim veil as a disguise. How did he get away with that?


      Surely you can understand why the veil should be banned? France recently banned it and rightly so, at least they had the courage to do so regardless of all the Muslim death threats and hate messages that came pouring in (yes, such a peaceful religion). Why is our government so scared to stand up to you lot on this issue?

  22. Furthermore, how do you know the niqabi who threw acid in that person's face was even Muslim? For all you know, it was a disguise.

    This is another example of how you hate filled idiots use media to reinforce your feelings about Islam.
    Non-Muslims do hateful and disgusting things all the time. Never have they been identified as 'Christian' or 'Jewish'.

    You're only looking for ammunition, it's sad.

    1. You are making baseless assumptions. If you read the article I pointed you too, you would not be able to do so. You are attacking a straw man, rather than the author.

  23. It's hilarious that you're even referring to yourself as a man.

    I don't know what your quiz is, but I refuse to follow the link.

    I don't need to prove anything to you.

    I'll leave you to sit in your bitterness and enjoy your Sunday finding even more ways to feed your hatred. You lead such an exciting life.

    1. And we would enjoy our Sundays a lot more if it wasn't for the muslims taking over the place.

      As for not having to prove anything we can clearly see you are an angry muzzie with a huge chip on her shoulder because someone somewhere happens to disagree with your rose-tinted view of the medieval islamic ideology.

      Obviously you have nothing better to do than post ridiculous comments yourself yet you have the audacity to personally attack the blog owner over what is, quite simply, a fair comment. The fact you are even attacking him is evidence enough that you have lost the argument. Typical behaviour, and just what we expect to see.

      C Graves

  24. Baseless assumptions? Hmm, now who else throws around random assumptions?

    Wrong use of 'too' there, by the way. How embarrassing.

    1. Ah, so not only do you practice a neo-Nazi style of religion you are also grammar Nazi's to boot. Interesting...

  25. I think you'll find you're the only angry one around here.

    I haven't lost any argument. It's obvious that you're all full of hatred, and it can't be healthy for you. You need to channel all that hate and anger so you're not so bitter and intolerant all the time.

    Use your time and energy wisely. Maybe there's a club or something you can join to occupy yourself? Have a look at what's going on around you locally, you might find peace playing bingo or something.

    1. I believe ad hominen attacks are not supposed to be allowed as they do not add to the debate. The owner of this blog has kindly accommodated your ranting. If you have nothing positive to contribute, please go somewhere else.

    2. "Have a look at what's going on around you locally...", That's the problem. Looking around every town and city in the UK and all we see are Muslims demanding more rights, demanding Sharia and demanding that we, the indigenous Brits, give up our culture and way of life to your ideological indoctrination.

      Whenever I turn on the TV news all I see are horror stories from the religion of peace; Muslim grooming gangs, Muslim patrols, terrorist attacks, murderous protests, honour killings, acid attacks and always more demands, demands, demands.

      We are sick of it, yet when we speak openly on websites such as this you fail to understand why we are unhappy with your ideology.

      You fail to integrate with society preferring instead to create ghettoised areas for yourselves away from the rest of us. You only have to look at Bradford if you need a clear example.

      We are disgusted with Halal slaughter. Unlike you I'm a Christian and we are not supposed to touch Halal meat just like the Sikhs and other religious groups, yet when I ask in supermarkets whether the meat is Halal I get fobbed off or asked 'does it matter?'. Not just from a religious standpoint but I don't want to buy meat from an animal that suffered terribly whilst it's throat is cut and left to bleed out. Hardly the quick method we used to use.

      A local butcher once told me that he can't advertise for non-Halal meat in his shop - which the majority of people want to buy - because the law prevents him from doing so as its discriminatory towards Muslims. The fact that over 90% of the population is sold meat that was killed in the most brutal and savage fashion is surely discrimination, but we can't go upsetting the Muslims can we? Utterly disgraceful.

      We have anti-British groups operating here with impunity and lunatics like Anjem Choudhary and that other piece of scum Abu Qatada all being looked after by us, the taxpayer.

      So yes, following your suggestion of "look at what's going on" I can only hope that for the sake of future generations we as a nation put a stop to the spread of Islam and Sharia before its too late.


    3. Wow Liz! You seem annoyed about an awful lot of things that aren't even the fault of Muslims. I've a few Muslim friends and most of them didn't even realise that you could get halal meat in supermarkets! The fact of the matter is that there are independent Muslim butchers in most towns and cities that they go to rather than supermarkets. And anyway, how's it the fault of Muslims if a supermarket sources it's meat supplies from a halal vendor? Well it's not. Any more than it would be your or my fault if they sourced all their food from a non-halal vendor. Supermarkets just go where's most economical I assume. Muslim's don't really get a say in their sourcing policy. I suppose they could request halal food to be available but you could just as ealiy request that non-halal food be available.

      Also how's it the fault of Muslim's if government policy has become so politically correct that they won't allow butcher's to advertise they have non-halal meat? That's a crazy law! I doubt any Muslim would care, they have their own independent suppliers like I said earlier. None of my friends care at all! "Advertise away butcher!" they cry. "Or at least don't blame us for government policies that have gone way too far."

      And yet again I think it's unfair to blame Muslims for keeping Abu Qatada in the country. The government can't get rid of him because of pesky human right laws, not because Muslims want him here. They don't like him. They pay taxes too you know!

      As for the Muslim grooming gangs, Muslim protests, etc - that's just an example of the more subtle form of racism that pervades most of our society (the tabloid junkies in particular). Do you or I feel personally accountable for what Jimmy Saville did? Or Harold Shipman? No? Then how come a white murderer is just a "murderer" but a non-white murderer is an "Asian/Arab/Black/Muslim/Martian murderer"? Why do we feel that the whole of an ethnic minority group need to be held accountable for the actions of a few similarly coloured sickos? Why is it only with ethnic minorities that their race is substantial? I've never felt personally guilty about the Hillsborough disaster but for some reason I get the feeling you hold the nearest Muslim accountable for the tragedies of 9/11.

    4. continued...
      As for these demands, what are they? I've never once noticed a Muslim demand anything. Sharia? What does that have to do with us even if they get it? It's not like they're going to apply Sharia law to non-Muslim people. Meh. And all my brown friends hate the idea! They don't want it. Maybe you mean the right to have a place of worship? Or to wear suitable garments for their religion? What other demands do muslims make? Really, I want to know.

      Integration itself is a tough issue. Is it really so hard to understand why an imigrant would want to retain their culture? Imagine if we moved to China for some reason in the future. When you get there you want to learn their culture but would you really want to leave everything that made you British behind? Surely not. And wouldn't you feel more comfortable living in an area with other people who had immigrated in an area with a lot of things that remind you of home? Surely! It doesn't mean you hate China or that you don't like Chinese culture. It's just your own culture is constantly under threat because for some reason lots of Chinese people hate the fact that you haven't ditched it altogether and started to act precisely like they act. The problem is that people, as a mindless gang or mass, hate anything that's not in their norm. And that's what happens here. "Act like we act!" we demand. "Stop it with your differences and alternative views on life!"

      Oh but wait! At the same time Liz, you're annoyed that Muslims are making us (the "indiginous" British. LOL!) "give up our culture and way of life to your ideological indoctrination." Some would say that you're reflecting your own thoughts on to others. Like the chronic kleptomaniac who always thinks their fiends are stealing their things. Surely if anything that statement is a reason to empathise with immigrants wanting to retain their own culture. And I have never ever ever met a Muslim or seen a Muslim try and force his or her way on me or anyone I know. Never! Maybe you could explain your point here with an example?

      Anyway, I have a strong suspicion you might be pretty racist Liz. But you know one of the denying racists who start bigoted comments with the phrase "I'm not racist but...."

      - Dave

      p.s. "The fact that over 90% of the population is sold meat that was killed in the most brutal and savage fashion" - Really? The MOST brutal and savage?

    5. To Dave, take a look at the following:

      It lists many incidents of daily life changed in favour of Muslims. The majority were brought about after complaints from Muslims in the local communities or through pressure groups like the Muslim council of GB (why on earth they exist I will never know!).

      I would also like to add that yes, Halal slaughter IS one of the most brutal and savage means of slaughtering an animal for meat currently used. The same of course as Shechita (Jewish).

      One critic Professor Bill Reilly, former president of the British Veterinary Association, said after viewing ritual slaughter, ""The distress, fear and pain were there for all to see in the abattoir."

      The previously used method with stunning and captive bolt was a lot quicker and more humane instead of a Muslim reciting an Islamic prayer over a fully conscious animal before cutting it's throat and leaving it to bleed to death in agony - a process which can take a considerable amount of time particularly for larger animals. Hardly compassionate.

      Many organisations are against it including the British Veterinary Association. Links:

      And as for the widespread sale of Halal sold unwittingly to the public I recommend reading this for starters:

  26. Over the Christmas holiday I glanced up to the BBC on the TV in my local bar to see a couple of white children on a 'cultural exchange' type program. The appeared to be in Indonesia, though the sound was turned down and I was reading the subtitles.

    Here they were in school (Asian girls in hi-jab, hence my guess at Indonesia), there in a factory, seeing how young people work. But the UK girl and boy were separated and next thing here's the girl trying on a headscarf. Why?

    Will the BBC be taking Muslim children from Bradford to Tel Aviv so they can get more of an understanding of Judaism? No, course they won't.

    1. I'm not sure I get your point... Are you cross because white kids were made to see child labour? Are you cross that they were made to go to a country where girls wear head scarves? Are you cross cos the UK girl had to wear one also? Surely that's just dressing appropriately for the culture you're in at the time... like not walking the streets of Bristol with no pants on.

      If the show was about child labour then surely the head scarf is just incidental? In fact even the fact that it's a Muslim country is incidental.

      And how would sending British Muslims to Tel Aviv be an appropriate alternative? What would be the point in sending children to a relatively affluent part of Israel? If culture-shock programming is what you're interested in, surely a Kibbutz would be better? Then they could witness a real culture difference and it would make for interesting programming.

      - Dave

    2. To Dave, (AnonymousWednesday, 6 February 2013 17:30:00 GMT) -

      I quote, "Surely that's just dressing appropriately for the culture you're in at the time..."

      So when in the UK why can't Muslims dress appropriately for our British culture? The Quran does not insist on women being covered in public, it merely states women should dress modestly for their husbands. There is absolutely no mention of wearing a piece of clothing that covers every part of the body except the eyes when out on the streets, in shops, driving etc. However, some are even covering their eyes with another veil. This is NOT dressing appropriately for British culture.

      When travelling to Islamic countries my wife has to cover her head as is the custom there, but as we have no such requirements in the UK why can't Muslims leave the veils off considering that 1) clothing is not part of their religion, and 2) it doesn't fit with our culture?

      Problem is, as with all things Islamic, we have to bend over backwards for them by changing our laws, culture and traditions and what do they do in return? Nothing, except make more demands of us without giving anything in return.

      This is why I'm glad countries like France have banned face coverings. There are only a few countries that have followed suit but its a start. Hopefully other nations will see how divisive Islam really is.

    3. Hmmm... I can't say I agree with Anonymous but I definitely see where your coming from. The thing is I don't think we'll agree cos this depends on our definitions of "appropriate cultural dress". I get the feeling that what you mean by Muslims dressing more appropriately for British culture is that they dress more like we do. At the very least with no veil. Am I right?

      Well the way I see "appropriate cultural dress" is as a list of minimum requirements to prevent offence. In the UK for example, so long as your breasts, bum and privates are covered up, really all else is fair game. Dress like a nun, a goth, a hipster, whatever you want, you're not really going to offend anyone so long as you've done the minimum. All I see is that some Muslim women choose to go way beyond the minimum and wear more than the average person. I'm indifferent to that. It doesn't offend me. They can enjoy the fact that they live in a country that values that degree of freedom.

      The problem is your comparison of your wife in a muslim country and a Muslim girl here isn't very fair. The veil or head scarf isn't in itself offensive. It's just different. If however, that same person decided to walk down the street with her breasts out, that would be offensive! And I think that serves as a fairer comparison. The minimum requirements is that a woman MUST wear a headscarf. I don't like it. I think it's an infringement of freedom. But in that society, not wearing a head scarf is like showing your breasts here. It's offensive.

      To further the comarison, if your wife popped on a head scarf in this Muslim country and then went on to wear a jaunty hat, I doubt any of the population would be offended. They might find it weird but all she's done is gone beyond minimum requirements in her own way. I defnintely doubt they'd want to take away her right to wear a jaunty hat. I think that's also a fair comparison to Muslim women here.

      Now it could be argued that the veil offers a risk to society, as a way to mask identity for criminals. Undoubtadly that's happened. But even then, does that risk outweigh the benefits - the benefits being freedom? To be honest I've not solidified an opinion on that. But I lean towards keeping freedom. Talk to any Muslim from a country that doesn't allow these freedoms and I'm sure they'll tell you how valuable they are. Also, they banned them in France. Do we really want to be like the French? Traditionally they're our enemies! (Joking! please do not get francophobic too!)

      I don't see allowing a minoirty practice (cos very few Muslim women actually wear veils) in a minority group as us "bending over backwards for them". I really don't. It's just a case of "whatever suits you missus." And I don't know what these demands you're referring to are. Or what you want them to give in return for the right to dress like they want. Maybe you can explain?


    4. EDIT

      Missed some words above:

      "The problem is your comparison of your wife in a muslim country and a Muslim girl here isn't very fair. The veil or head scarf isn't in itself offensive. It's just different. If however, that same person decided to walk down the street with her breasts out, that would be offensive! And I think that serves as a fairer comparison. IN THE COUNTRY YOUR WIFE TRAVELED TO the minimum requirements is that a woman MUST wear a headscarf. I don't like it. I think it's an infringement of freedom. But in that society, not wearing a head scarf is like showing your breasts here. It's offensive.

    5. To 'Dave'

      Until the other contributor replies I suggest taking a look at this video. It's only a few minutes long and is already a couple of years old, but I'm sure this is what they were getting at -

      It clearly shows intimidation, and you wonder why people here - particularly those in the cities where this is most prevalent - are worried about the creeping sharia we are concerned about. The views at the end are extremely worrying if they feel that their God's law is higher than UK law...

    6. Hi anonymous2,

      That is a pretty disgusting video. I'm not even gonna try and explain that! What they said to that poor presenter made me feel sick. I agree, it's not justifiable at all.

      The thing is I need to put things into context and googling info on that video left me thinking 3 specific things:

      1 - The group protesting there is Al-Mohajiroun, a pro-terrorist group that has been banned by the governement. I think it's safe to assume that if a group is so extreme that it gets banned by the government that it's unlikely to be represantative of the populatin, in this case Muslims. Basically it's like watching this video and assuming all white people are like tis:

      2 - The Muslim population of Luton is around 40,000. There were like maybe 50 people in that video. Yet again, I think it's safe to assume that they're not representing the vast, vast, vast, vast majority.

      3 - At no point did even this extremist group mention forcing Sharia law on to the whole of Britain. They've got some pretty whacky ideas though, like not obeying British law (all my Muslim friends tell me that the HAVE to obey the laws of the country their in, so this group has some pretty strange interpretations) but even if they wanted Sharia for Muslims, they couldn't suggest it for non-Muslims cos that would be stupid.

      Basically, I'm not denying that some mentalists live out there. They do. But luckily there aren't many of them. Maybe we should not generalize from the actions of a few extemists. That's all I'm suggesting.

      However, I have just read all the comments on this page and I'm filled with sadness. There's so much racism going on here. I wouldn't want the views of those people to be considered as a fair representation of the non-Muslim population. So please, Muslims, know we don't think you're trying to take over this country!

      Now to find a happier blog....


    7. Dave, please don't make the mistake of viewing anti-Islamic views as racist, you can't be racist towards an ideology.

      I strongly suggest taking a look at Durotrigan's excellent article 'Meet the Islamoantipatheists' if you haven't already:

      Too often the media accuses anyone voicing anti-Islamic views as racists and bigots, but the fact is people ARE concerned where this is heading, and not just in this country.

      Across Europe and in the USA there are many organisations already established and new ones being formed to raise awareness of Islam so its not just here in the UK with a 'Little Englander' approach.

      Look at the recent attempt on Lars Hedegaard's life and of course the assassinations of Chokri Belaid and Pim Fortuyn among a long list of others. Their crime? Being critical of Islam.

      No matter how you flower it up the clear message is, if you stand up against Islam your life could be in danger. It may seem over-dramatic but that is what we see across the globe day in, day out.

  27. I saw the programme and found it really weird that people like Shanna think they are muslim. She was born into a family who 'claims' they are muslim yet she doe'snt know anything about it, no idea about the prayers, the clothes, about halal/haram, bo diddly.

    Its like saying all white Brits are christian.

  28. islam is just another nasty non-white ideology that moslems used to further their disgusting non-whites political and economic agenda.

  29. Islam is religion of piece and brotherhood


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