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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Breaking News: Multiple Terror Attack Plot Intercepted

Sky News has been the first to break the news of an alarming and sensational plot designed to simultaneously wreak bloodshed in cities across Europe, including several unnamed British cities of which one was intended to be London. Thankfully, the intelligence services have kept one step ahead of the plotters and prevented its implementation. The question is: how many other such plots are brewing? If you are a commuter on the rail and underground networks of Britain, France or Germany, remain ever vigilant. Your life and the lives of those around you may depend upon your heightened state of alertness.

Although not describing any of the details of the plot, CNN claims that a significant spike in the number of drone attacks against targets in Pakistan – some 20 in the past month – has been directly connected to the attempt to disrupt its implementation. This is more than double the monthly average of such strikes. The Herald Sun also reports that eight Algerians linked to the plot have also been arrested.

Sky’s full report is reproduced below:

Intelligence agencies have intercepted a terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on London and other European cities, according to Sky News sources.Sky's foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said militants based in Pakistan were planning simultaneous attacks on London and other major British cities.

The group - thought to be linked to Al Qaeda - were then planning similar attacks in France and Germany.

He said the plot was in the "advanced but not imminent stage" and the plotters had been tracked by spy agencies for some time.

Intelligence sources said the planned attacks would have been similar to the commando-style raids carried out in Mumbai.

South Park offers Muslim Sensitivity Training

You just have to watch the following clip. Brilliant! Hat tip to the English Defence League Extra blog.

Monday, 27 September 2010

UFOs sighted in the Headlines

Everyone enjoys a good UFO tale, and today has produced a pretty top-notch one in the form of a news conference given by a number of US airmen including Charles Halt, a former USAF Chief Colonel who was once in charge of RAF Bentwaters and was a witness of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Many have since claimed that the airmen were spooked by beams from a local lighthouse, others however, Halt included, think that what they saw was something rather less earthly. Halt claims that the unidentified craft landed in the base’s nuclear storage area.

The Daily Telegraph quotes another participant in today’s Washington press conference, Captain Robert Salas, as saying that
The US Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.
He claims that on 16 March 1967 a UFO deactivated nuclear missiles at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana:
I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site.
The missiles shut down - 10 Minuteman missiles. And the same thing happened at another site a week later. There's a strong interest in our missiles by these objects, wherever they come from. I personally think they're not from planet Earth.
Was there some significance to holding the press conference today? Are they plugging a book? Is there some other agenda at play here, or are they telling the truth? I am open-minded (but as Dawkins would say, not so open-minded that my brains fall out), but err on the side of scepticism.

Now, let us for the sake of argument assume that their testimonies are suddenly taken seriously by national governments and media irrespective of their facticity: what implications would such a revelation have? Would it be used as another argument to promote globalism and a transnational architecture of governance? I suspect that the answer would be yes. Would it be a useful means of generating fear globally and thus ushering in an era of greater social and economic control by the nascent global oligarchy? It would seem so.

Leaving aside the usefulness of the acceptance of such a fact, or indeed a fiction, to those who favour the construction of a global government, I suggest that it would also tap into eschatological fantasies of both religious and secular varieties (see this link to a piece entitled 'The Coming Strong Delusion' for an example of such beliefs). The three monotheisms originating in the Middle East all subscribe to the notion of a Day of Judgement and the deliverance of humanity by some supernatural saviour. The global promotion of the acceptance of the reality of advanced extraterrestrial intelligences at work in our world could prompt an outpouring of eschatological hysteria as Jews, Christians and Muslims each await or prepare for the coming of their respective Messiahs and the Mahdi. Perhaps Ahmadinejad would look forward to prostrating himself before the Twelfth Imam in the form of a ‘grey’ from the neighbourhood of Aldebaran before enlisting his help in the battle against Dajjal? Beware their efforts in ‘cleansing’ the world of impure ‘elements’ (i.e. you and me) were any of these to get it into their heads that Judgement Day was at hand. It would have the potential to get rather bloody.

Greens would love to embrace the alien myth as this would underscore their belief in the necessity of creating a harmonious united globe, which would once again play into the hands of the emergent globalist oligarchy. So, much as I do enjoy a good UFO story, I hope that today’s report continues to be regarded as such rather than a reality, for if it is accepted as the latter, prepare yourself for the final onslaught of the real enemies of humanity: the globalists, whether they undertake it alone or with extraterrestrial assistance. Welcome to a world of everlasting helotage!

Below is a Fox News report on the story featuring an interview with one of the witnesses:

Tell Subway what you think of its Halal Menu: ditch it or we’ll ditch you!

This evening I take a brief look at the manner in which the Subway chain sanitises its sale of halal meat to its customers by using language that skirts around precisely what halal means. So, first things first, below I have cut and pasted the text from its website that seeks to drum up custom through proudly announcing its decision to introduce halal meats:

SUBWAY® stores always encourage customer feedback. So following a strong demand from our Muslim customers, SUBWAY® stores in the UK and ROI introduced certified Halal meats in specific stores. When you see the symbol you can be reassured that only Halal meats are served in that SUBWAY® store.

At this time, only a limited number of stores serve Halal meats.

What is Halal?

In Arabic, the word Halal means "permitted" or "lawful" and defines anything that is allowed or lawful according to the Qur'an. It is often used in the context of food - especially meat - to indicate that the food has been prepared in accordance with Muslim principles and techniques.

Do all SUBWAY® stores serve Halal meats?

No. At this time only a limited number of SUBWAY® stores serve Certified Halal meats. For a list of participating stores please contact:

How do I know if a SUBWAY® store serves Halal meats?

Look for the SUBWAY® Halal symbol. It will be displayed on the stores front window, the menu panels and the front counter.

Is it the same great taste?

The meats served at Halal SUBWAY® stores have been produced to meet SUBWAY® stores high standards in taste, look and quality. The objective was to ensure the taste of the Halal products matched the taste of the SUBWAY® stores "Gold Standard" meats.

If you have any further questions with regards to the products or procedures used at Halal SUBWAY® stores or if you wish to send us your comments / feedback please email:
Well, there you have it: ‘In Arabic, the word Halal means “permitted” or “lawful” and defines anything that is allowed or lawful according to the Qur’an.’ No mention of slitting a conscious animal’s throat and watching it slowly bleed to death whilst uttering some Mohammedan incantation. Why don’t they post a video of halal slaughter on this webpage so that customers can see precisely what halal meats imply?

Given that our politicians will do nothing to outlaw halal slaughter in our country or prevent the importation of meat and poultry produced in this way, then we must speak to business in the only language that it understands: the language of profit and loss. If Subway and others (KFC, Asda, Harvester, etc) think that they can force this food upon us, let us make it quite clear that we’ll not be purchasing their products any longer. Go elsewhere for your fast-food: to Burger King, McDonalds or your local chippy, for none of these use halal meat. Let Subway know what you think of their pandering to those who insist upon unnecessary cruelty in animal slaughter by telling them precisely what you think of their policy. Fire off a few emails to

Let’s spell it out to Subway: ditch halal meat or we’ll ditch you! Help Subway see sense. Boycott Subway until it ends the sale of halal meat in the UK. Our politicians won’t do it for us, so we must do it for ourselves. Each week we should choose a halal-compliant business to bombard with emails and letters of complaint. Let's take them out one by one and make Britain a halal-free zone!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Are there Four Million Muslims in the UK? According to the Retail Sector, Yes.

Successful retailers are canny about customer preferences and purchasing power, and no specialist trade publication in the retail sector would last for long if it published information which did not assist its readership in increasing turnover and profits. The information contained in a lengthy feature entitled ‘Halal here we come’ which was published last month by the Online Meat Trades Journal is therefore of interest to more than the meat sector, insofar as its analysis of the Muslim market in the UK reveals some surprising statistics.

As the Mail on Sunday revealed last Sunday, millions of non-Muslim Britons are being sold halal-slaughtered meat and poultry without this fact being advertised, and Muslim consumer habits reveal why this is the case. According to the Online Meat Trades Journal the halal meat market in the UK is worth up to £2 billion per annum, but it laments that most [of this] meat is imported and sold via ethnic retailers.’ It therefore sees considerable scope for the domestic industry to up its share of the halal sector and thereby increase its turnover and profits as outlined in the following revealing paragraph:
The huge halal meat sector may be on the verge of further development. Up to four million Muslims, representing 3% of the UK population consume an estimated 27% of lamb and 40% of poultry produced (according to supplier Janan Meat). Given this and the fact that the European halal food market is worth approximately 15bn (£12.5bn) serving over 50m Muslims a population estimated to have grown by more than 140% in the last decade (according to Halal Industries Group) it is little wonder that mainstream retailers and wholesalers want to tap into halal.
Note the reference to “up to four million Muslims” in the UK. The 2001 census suggested that there were 1.6 million Muslims in the UK, whilst in January 2009 the Times published figures which illustrated that the resident Muslim population was growing ten times faster than any other sector of society, and had by the end of 2008 risen to circa 2.4 million. Clearly, we are witnessing a terrifyingly fast growth of this population, and the more of them that are here the stronger will be their lobbying for the free ingress of their co-religionists from overseas.

The article is also candid about the spectacularly rapid growth of the Muslim population across Europe. Demographic Islamisation is happening and it is translating directly into enforced cultural and political Islamisation as well as modified business practices. Given the figures relating to the percentages of poultry and lamb purchased by Muslims in the UK, why would large producers and abattoirs opt to have a non-halal supply chain when maintaining separate feeds adds to costs and halal slaughter remains (for some illogical reason) legal, particularly when it is the halal sector that is growing the fastest? This not only has to be stopped, but to be reversed: halal slaughter in the UK must be banned, as must be the importation of all animal products derived from this practice.

The non-Muslim apologists for halal slaughter often avoid confronting the matter by claiming that slaughtering animals is painful anyway. However, this assertion is a non-starter, for as a degree of suffering is unavoidable in animal slaughter, why make this suffering worse by slitting the creature’s throat and bleeding it to death rather than stunning? This leads on to the second of the rationalisations used by the apologists: in the UK halal slaughter involves pre-stunning. Although this proviso does exist, many Muslims do not accept that pre-stunned animals truly are halal and thus insist that stunning is not employed. Bizarrely, our law allows for halal slaughter without pre-stunning. The confusion surrounding this issue is illustrated by the comments of Rizvan Khalid (an executive director of a halal processor) on the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) guidelines on halal slaughter in his interview with the Online Meat Trades Journal:
"I don't see how the FSA can enforce the guidelines, because although good, they are only guidelines."

The issue of whether to stun or not makes it difficult to implement one set of guidelines, he says. "Having studied the stunning issue from a scientific and a religious point of view, I can see the benefits of both." The 'default' practice at Euro Quality Lambs, where an average 15,000 animals a week are processed, is to stun. But for some customers animals are not stunned. "Some consumers only accept non-stun, but some will accept stunning as long as it does not kill the animal," he says. "But the determining factor is not the stunning itself, but how you handle and restrain the animal for stunning or for immediate slaughter." With such diverse and different requirements from customers and consumers, it is difficult to come up with one set of guidelines, he believes.
This illustrates why you should not purchase any meat or poultry labelled as halal. Sadly, some of our major supermarkets are greedily adapting their practices to the growing halal market and thus both Tesco and Asda have been making special efforts to introduce halal ranges.

The fact is that the option of choosing whether or not you eat halal meat is quickly disappearing as Islam’s demographic ascendancy forces its doctrinaire demands upon the rest of us whilst our politicians refuse to recognise let alone tackle the issue. If when you are eating out and no guarantee can be given that your meal does not contain halal-slaughtered produce I would recommend that you either opt for whichever pork-based option is available, stick to game or the vegetarian option. When buying fresh meat, purchase from a reputable local butcher and not a supermarket.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Politicised Leicestershire Police Force wants to ban EDL Leicester Demo

According to a report appearing in this morning’s Leicester Mercury, Leicestershire Chief Constable Simon Cole has claimed that members of the English Defence League (EDL) are planning to attack a mosque in Leicester as part of their protest in the city on 9 October. Anyone who is aware of what the EDL really stands for knows that it would never do such a thing, and it is crystal clear that this baseless assertion by Leicestershire Constabulary is nothing more than a clumsy attempt to ban the march. Nonetheless, it would seem that this allegation has helped to marshall the votes of the city's councillors, for the BBC reports  that they have voted unanimously for a ban on the march. The Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to take a decision on this request in the coming week, and it seems predictable what the outcome will be.

This assertion that the EDL march poses a “major threat” to public order is based upon a putative intelligence report from 8 September. EDL demonstrations have never involved attacks upon mosques. By releasing such alleged ‘intelligence’ the police are stoking tensions amongst highly volatile elements within the Muslim population and generating fear where none should be. This is tantamount to inciting hatred against members of the EDL. The Leicester Mercury quotes the police report as follows:
Intelligence dated September 8, 2010, indicated that the EDL intend to come to Leicester and attack a mosque before marching into the Highfields area, which represents the highest resident population of the Muslim community.

This reflects previous intentions of EDL processions, such as that within Leicester, where actions were targeted to cause disruption to the Muslim community by provoking serious public disorder.
The police plan is to use these assertions as the basis to apply to the Home Office for a ban on the EDL protest, although as in Bradford last month they would be powerless to prevent a static demonstration from taking place so police overtime payments shouldn’t be too detrimentally affected. Nice money if you can get it on the back of stoking tensions in Leicester. Whilst on the subject of stoking tensions, UAF are planning a ‘counter-demonstration’ which will feature the usual lies about the EDL designed to try and recruit deluded doctrinaire Muslims into their Islamo-Marxist axis with the ultimate aim not of combating what they term ‘racism’, but of overthrowing the state through non-democratic means.

According to the UAF website, their meeting in Leicester on Thursday evening was attended by about 200 supporters who listened to a number of speakers trotting out the usual tired cliches of so-called ‘anti-racism’ in support of multiculturalism and Islam. The words of Leicester councillor Patrick Kitterick illustrate the type of combative leftist posturing so beloved of those whose comprehension of the complex reality of the social and political worlds around us is limited to slogans and formulaic Marxisant literature:
We’ve got to defend the city. We can’t let the EDL turn it upside down. October 9 will make us all stronger, not weaker – on Saturday we’ll defend the city from the EDL.
Unusually, Hope not Hate (another Communist controlled professional ‘anti-racist’ (sic) outfit headed by Gerry Gable) will be holding what it terms a ‘peace vigil’ on the evening preceding the protest! The leaderships of Hope not Hate and UAF fell out a number of years ago, so it is a surprise to see them both planning to campaign in Leicester in October.

The alarmist police report has already generated quotes from prominent talking heads within Leicester’s Muslim ‘community’, such as from Suleman Nagdie (Chairman of the Federation of Muslim Organisations) and Ibrahim Mogra (associate Imam at Evington Muslim Centre) denouncing the “planned attack”. Are these men really so misguided as to believe that the EDL would plan an attack on a mosque, or are they cynically using this phantom threat as a means to get the EDL protest banned so that they can continue unimpeded in their business of proselytising for Islam in Leicester?

Quite rightly, Guramit Singh the EDL organiser of the intended Leicester protest has rebutted the police claims re a planned mosque attack and has stated:
We are coming to Leicester to peacefully demonstrate and we denounce attacks on any mosques. We are here to fight militant Islam, not moderate Islam. The intelligence provided by the police is incorrect.
In a week during which six men have been arrested on a baseless charge of inciting 'racial hatred' for burning copies of the Qur'an in Gateshead, I wish good luck to Guramit and to all members and supporters of the EDL in making the Leicester demonstration one which is peaceful and successful despite police and leftist attempts to stifle free expression. May you continue to alert the public to the real threat to our way of life posed by an active and growing Islamism.

Suspected Bomber aboard Toronto to Karachi Flight

The Associated Press has reported that a Boeing 777 flight has made an unscheduled landing in Stockholm owing to a tip off that one of the passengers was in possession of explosives. It has been announced that the suspect is an ethnic Pakistani Canadian citizen. Bomb technicians and police are heading to the plane, but as yet there is no intention of closing the airport. Kansas City News reports that the 273 passengers are now being evacuated. Astonishingly, the BBC coverage of this story does not even mention the fact that the suspect is a Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin (this was the case as of 09:22 UK time; the BBC may relent and add this detail later). This is typical of the BBC’s unwillingness to link acts of terrorism or suspected terrorism to Islam, Muslims or even Islamism.

If the suspect turns out to be an Islamist suicide bomber, the question has to be asked: why hasn’t he detonated himself? Did he have a change of heart or a failure of nerve? Did his device fail? Is this man another ‘underpants’ bomber? Is this just a false alarm?

Details at present are scant, but the manner in which the tip off was delivered was unusual: according to CNN it was given by a woman who called Canadian police from a payphone in Canada who then relayed the information to the crew of the plane whilst it was in Swedish airspace. The report quotes Stockholm Police spokesman Kjell Lindgren as saying: "They landed here because they said that someone onboard was carrying something that wasn't allowed, some explosive or something. We don't know exactly what it is yet."

The video report below is taken from Sky News:

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thoughtcrime in Gateshead: Qur’an Burning reveals Police enforcing Shariah Law in the UK

An astonishing series of arrests has taken place in Gateshead, with two arrests taking place on 15 September and four more on 22 September. The BBC reports that six men have been arrested and released on bail for videoing themselves burning copies of the Qur’an on 11 September, with the subsequent video being placed on the internet. To the best of my knowledge, the books that they burned were their property, and like all books did not possess a central nervous system and therefore felt no pain. The burning Qur’ans were not used to set light to anything else, so what crime, in heaven’s name, are these men supposed to have committed?

The police arrested them “on suspicion of inciting racial hatred”. How many more times do the fools who initiated these arrests need to be told that Islam is not a race? Would they have been arrested if they had burned copies of the ‘Communist Manifesto’, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ or ‘Mein Kampf’? I think not, for like any clod even ‘plod’ can recognise that Communism, free-market economics and Nazism are not races.

What this case illustrates is the corrosive impact of the embedding of ‘diversity training’ (sic) in police forces and councils across the country, part of New Labour’s poisonous legacy which has been taken up with verve by the successor ConDem Government. The statement in the following excerpt from the BBC report possesses all the hallmarks of the ‘diversity’ groupthink and anti-democratic inclinations and practices of Common Purpose:
In a joint statement, Northumbria Police and Gateshead Council said: "The kind of behaviour displayed in this video is not representative of our community as a whole.
"Our community is one of mutual respect and we continue to work together with community leaders, residents and people of all faiths and beliefs to maintain good community relations."
While the police are busying themselves prosecuting citizens for exercising their right of free expression, cases of burglary and violent crime go unsolved and people’s lives are made hell by anti-social elements. The police in the UK have been corrupted by political interference and can no longer be considered an agency that seeks to protect the public. It has been transformed into an agent of political repression, monitoring and prosecuting instances of ‘wrong’ thinking. We no longer live in a free society. We can but hope that if this case is taken to court it is thrown out by the jury. Here is the video:

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ramadan in Moscow: is Islamisation catching up with Russia?

When the Soviet Union was still in existence, many senior policymakers were concerned about the implications of differential fertility rates in its constituent ‘republics’, for it was clear that at some point in the near future these would lead to a situation in which the USSR would become more than 50% Muslim. Such a pattern was already startlingly evident by 1970 when the census revealed that the RSFSR’s birth rate was already at sub-replacement level with an average of only 1.97 children per family. In Ukraine, the situation was only slightly better with the equivalent figure being 2.04, but in the Muslim republics of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan the corresponding figures were respectively 4.63, 5.95 and 5.64. These sorts of contrasts of course are witnessed today across Western Europe, where indigenous Europeans are outbred by an assortment of Muslim immigrant populations: Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in England; Algerians in France and Turks in Germany to give but a few examples. The English, the French and the Germans are breeding at sub-replacement levels, whereas the resident Muslim populations are exploding.

Being reliant upon a conscript army the Soviets were concerned about the potential impact of demographic Islamisation upon the reliability of its armed forces. This was also an issue in which the Americans were interested, but from their perspective, the resultant tensions that demographic Islamisation would generate within the Soviet Union should be welcomed as it would help to undermine its stability.

When the USSR fragmented in 1991 the Russian Federation emerged as a fully-fledged independent state shorn of its former ‘Muslim’ republics of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. However, although the proportion of Muslim citizens in this new state was lower, its Muslim population was still significant. The territorial entities that had been the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republics of the RSFSR remained constituent parts of the new Russian Federation, and a number of these contained peoples which had traditionally been Muslim: Bashkortostan, Chechnya, Dagestan and Tatarstan being some of the main examples. Of course, to describe the majority populations of these territorial entities as ‘Muslim’ in any meaningful sense at the time of Russia’s independence is to ignore the deep impact of decades of Soviet socialisation and atheistic campaigning which had led to a decrease in religious practice. Nonetheless, a component of the ethnic and national reawakening which swept the Soviet Union and its successor states was a turning towards traditional forms of religious identity.

In English, we fail to distinguish between ethnic Russians – russkie – and Russian citizens – rossiiane. Whereas russkie were traditionally Orthodox Christians, many rossiiane – Bashkirs, Tatars, Chechens, Dagestanis – were traditionally Muslim. The example of Chechnya and the growth of Islamism in that republic has been well documented. Islamism has fused with ethnic identity, and has even been embraced its current President (Ramzan Kadyrov) who has made the wearing of the headscarf mandatory for women in Grozny whether they’re Muslims or not, advocates Shariah and supports polygamy. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is well disposed towards Kadyrov, and it was his backing when he was President that secured Kadyrov his political position. This highlights the bogus nature of Putin’s alleged Russian patriotism.

As well as possessing large officially recognised Muslim populations, there are also many illegal immigrants in Russia drawn from the USSR’s former Muslim republics. Being the centre of Russian economic life Moscow acts as a particular magnet for such people, so much so that an estimated 2 million people living in Moscow are now Muslims. Although the Bolsheviks committed many dreadful acts of wanton destruction and removed many of the city’s Orthodox churches, a number of these beautiful buildings remain, but for how much longer? Muslims now wish to use them for worship and are demanding that more mosques be built to accommodate their growing numbers. Many readers of this blog will be familiar with the video footage of Muslims in Paris blocking the streets with their Friday prayers, but the video below taken in Moscow on Eid ul-Fitr depicts a scene that dwarfs anything yet seen in France. An estimated 55,000 Muslims blocked one of Moscow’s major thoroughfares – Prospekt Mira – to pray in a demonstration of Islamic strength and assertiveness, which must surely have produced a sense of unease amongst the group of russkie videoing this event from the rooftops.

Ethnic Russians are not reproducing at replacement level, and as elsewhere in Europe it is the swelling Muslim population that is displacing them. My sympathies are with the plight of ordinary Russians: we are in this together.

Prospekt Mira swamped by Muslims

Monday, 20 September 2010

BBC Bias paints Sweden Democrats as Devils Incarnate

We, the television licence payers of the United Kingdom, have the right to demand that the BBC executes its duty to the public as defined below:
The Agreement accompanying the BBC's Charter requires us to produce comprehensive, authoritative and impartial coverage of news and current affairs in the UK and throughout the world to support fair and informed debate. It specifies that we should do all we can to treat controversial subjects with due accuracy and impartiality in our news services and other programmes dealing with matters of public policy or of political or industrial controversy. It also states that the BBC is forbidden from expressing an opinion on current affairs or matters of public policy other than broadcasting.
Can anyone read the above passage and honestly say that BBC news coverage fulfils these stated objectives? I would contend that it does not. By way of example, I draw your attention to its systematic abuse of language; an abuse used to tap into the British public’s conditioned reflexes of loathing that come to the fore when the terms ‘far-right’ or ‘racist’ are deployed. The BBC uses these terms in an attempt to destroy the credibility of its chosen targets, and to elicit a sense of contempt for people and organisations thus labelled in the minds of its readers, listeners and viewers.

I first became aware of this BBC tactic some eight years ago when it was illustrated with crystal clarity by its reporting of the then popular Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. Given that Fortuyn was a professor of sociology, an outspoken advocate of Dutch liberal values, a hitherto member of the Dutch Labour Party and openly homosexual, how might you choose to define his politics? Liberal? Certainly. Left of centre? On some issues, undeniably. Far-right? ‘Far-right’? Since when have liberal centrist politicians who choose not to describe themselves as ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ been classified as ‘far-right’? Well, according to the BBC, the Guardian and the majority of other mainstream media outlets, this was the appropriate label for Fortuyn. Thus labelled and demonised, Fortuyn was to die at the hands of a leftist assassin.

What ‘sin’ had this man committed to be afforded the pariah label of ‘far-right’? What egregious act had he undertaken? What sacred value had he violated? The answer is simple: he had transgressed a taboo that none in the contemporary Western world may violate without becoming an object of officially sanctioned universal hate: he had spoken the truth. This is the truth that has subsequently been spoken by Geert Wilders; by Thilo Sarrazin and by the Sweden Democrats, and whenever this truth has been spoken, the BBC has been there ready to stigmatise, distort and dehumanise. Its aim: to destroy both messenger and message; hence its ready recourse to the terms 'far-right', 'populist', 'intolerant' and 'irrational'.

The truth is this: multiculturalism is a failure; mass immigration has a negative impact on receiving societies; Islam and Western values are fundamentally incompatible. Doctrinaire Muslims are permanently ill at ease in Western societies and are spurred by their ideology to undermine their host’s social structures and norms with a view to replacing them with an Islamic alternative using whichever means, peaceful or otherwise, that they find expedient at a given time. Anyone acknowledging these facts will be described by the BBC, the Guardian and the entire political and media establishments of the Western world as ‘far-right’. It would seem that to apply rational objective standards is to be ‘far-right’. I stand ‘guilty’ as charged.

Fortuyn’s melancholy ghost stall haunts the BBC (or is it just that BBC journalists are too lazy to avoid recycling tried and tested stock phrases?). Following Fortuyn’s assassination in 2002 the BBC website stated:
Fortuyn's anti-Muslim views, calls for an end to all immigration and pledges to come down hard on crime struck a chord with voters despite the country's celebrated reputation for liberalism and religious tolerance.
Compare the above to today’s reporting of the Sweden Democrats electoral success:
The party appears to have tapped into voter dissatisfaction over immigration, says our correspondent, with the result undermining the image of Sweden as a tolerant and open-minded country.
Note how the BBC implies that any attempt by the Dutch or Swedish electorates to defend their national integrity or identity is thereby defined as innately illiberal, intolerant and narrow-minded. In what way is seeking to defend your own country against Islamisation any of these things? The attitudes, values and practise of doctrinaire Muslims on the other hand are all of these: illiberal, intolerant and narrow-minded. As this clearly illustrates, you don’t need to be Spock to realise that the BBC is essentially illogical.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sweden Democrats win Seats in the Riksdag

The Associated Press states that exit polls indicate that the Sweden Democrats have taken 4.6% of the vote in today’s national election. If this figure were correct, it would give the anti-Islamisation party circa 20 seats in Sweden’s 349-seat Riksdag. However, it is believed that the party could fair better still, possibly securing 6%, for its spokesmen claim that their voters are always less willing to publicly admit whom they voted for owing to fear of stigmatisation. Indeed, the Tundra Tabloids blog reports that the cumulative vote in the 3433 of Sweden’s 5668 electoral districts counted thus far does give the Sweden Democrats 6%.

This is an excellent night for the Sweden Democrats, for despite having had to face a united opposition from all of the establishment parties and mainstream media, they have broken through into the Riksdag. This means that it is unlikely that any one party will be able to form a government. However, as in the Netherlands where Geert Wilders’s PVV could have held the balance of power, it is highly improbable that any of the other parties would wish to include the Sweden Democrats in a coalition. Still, they have now given indigenous Swedes a voice despite media blackouts, leftist intimidation and assault and a ban on party meetings. Congratulations are in order for Jimmie Åkesson and his party, for they have provided another ray of hope for the peoples of Europe. I wish them well in turning back the tides of Islamisation and mass immigration in Sweden.

Halal Britain: Islam’s Subversion of Animal Welfare in the UK

The Mail on Sunday has revealed the shocking extent to which catering in the UK has become Islamised. It transpires that not only do Muslims get the halal meat and poultry that they desire, but that it is also being sold to unsuspecting non-Muslim consumers who would rightly object to the manner in which these animals were slaughtered. Strangely, one of the biggest culprits in selling halal meat to unsuspecting customers is the brewer Whitbread! Apparently, more than three-quarters of its poultry sold via its Beefeater and Brewers Fayre outlets turns out to be halal. The Mail quotes a Whitbread spokesman as saying:
We don’t specify halal as a requirement in our procurement. We base our decision on quality and price. It just turns out that we source that amount of chicken from suppliers that happen to be halal. It is not mentioned on any of our menus because we don’t think there is customer demand for that information. But if people started asking, then we would definitely provide it. 
Well, that’s yet another company that joins my list to boycott along with KFC and Asda because of their halal compliant policies. Will you join me? It is scandalous that our advanced norms of animal welfare are being undermined by the practise of barbarous dark-age religious codes for which the Government (whichever mainstream party it is drawn from) makes special exemption for them. It is galling and utterly irrational that special exemption to animal welfare standards should be granted to religious slaughter that incurs needless additional suffering to animals. Halal slaughter should be banned in the UK, as should the importation of halal meat and poultry. If Muslims see the consumption of halal produce as integral to their way of life they can quite easily up sticks and make their home in another country where these backward practices are an accepted societal norm.

Other organisations that owned up to serving halal meat and poultry to unsuspecting non-Muslims included:

· All Bar One
· Ascot Racecourse
· Cheltenham College
· Guy’s Hospital
· Harvester
· Marlborough College
· Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
· St Thomas’ Hospital
· Toby Carvery
· Wembley Stadium

We need to ban halal slaughter in the UK, but until this ban becomes a reality, I urge you to write to all organisations that force halal food upon their customers and clients demanding that they stop doing so. Wherever possible, boycott any business that sells halal food and find an alternative supplier. Islamisation has gone too far and it must be rolled back. Say no to the Islamisation of Britain. Say no to the Islamisation of Europe. Say no to halal produce. Say goodbye to unnecessary cruelty.

There are a number of campaigns to ban halal slaughter in the UK. If you would like to get involved, the following links are useful:

· Facebook British Anti Halal Campaign
· For vegetarians there is the Viva Campaign against Ritual Slaughter
· British Humanist Association’s Campaign against Ritual Slaughter

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sweden Democrats to make Poll Breakthrough?

The media is abuzz with anticipation that the Sweden Democrats Party may make history in this Sunday’s national elections by breaking through the 4% threshold required to gain representation in Parliament (the Riksdag). This is significant insofar as the party’s strong anti-immigration and anti-Islamisation stance has led it to being classified as ‘far right’ by its detractors which has resulted in predictable attacks from the media and leftist groups. Some of these attacks have not been limited to the written and spoken word, but have taken the form of physical assault and violent protest by leftist demonstrators.

As one would expect, the UK’s Guardian newspaper is alarmed not by the Islamisation of Sweden, which it is intent upon portraying in glowing terms (echoing Orwell’s characterisation of England in its description of Malmö’s suburb of Rosengård with its 'well-signposted cycle paths on which stately middle-aged women in headscarves pedal their groceries home'), but by the rise of the Sweden Democrats. The tone of the Guardian’s Andrew Brown belies the newspaper’s actual lack of tolerance and respect for individual freedoms and personal safety in its casual and offhand description of a violent leftist attack upon a Sweden Democrats member:
Last Friday two masked men attacked David von Arnold, a party candidate in Malmö, outside his flat and carved a swastika into his forehead. The respectable media largely ignored this as it ignores the party as a whole.
In this passage Brown thus implies that it is ‘respectable’ to ignore acts of extreme political violence if such acts enforce the multicultural dogma that the biens-pensants of the Guardian see as being the only one to which people should subscribe. To deviate from this ideology of decadent ‘liberal’ self-hatred is deemed beyond the bounds of decency by the Guardian. It is a million miles away from the self-assured, self-respecting, pro-Western liberalism espoused by Geert Wilders whom the Guardian deliberately misrepresents as some sort of neo-Nazi.

Other articles in the New York Times, the Economist and the EU Observer ponder the rise of the Sweden Democrats and see it as a sign of growing dissatisfaction with some of the less savoury aspects of the country’s long-established model of social democracy amongst a section of the Swedish electorate. As in other European countries, Sweden has witnessed a large influx of Muslim immigrants in recent decades, many entering as refugees and asylum seekers, and as elsewhere they have adhered to their Muslim identity which they see as being superior to the culture of their host society. Muslim rape of indigenous Swedish women has become an issue, and certain areas of Malmö have become Muslim enclaves where non-Muslims would rather not set foot. Even Swedish ambulances won’t enter such areas without police escort. These problems are illustrated in the two videos below, the first of which is a Fox News report on Islamisation in Sweden (it starts in Swedish but switches to English after 15 seconds) whereas the second contains footage of the Muslim riots that hit Malmö in December 2008 (this starts off as a series of stills, but moves onto video footage just after a minute in).

The Sweden Democrats under the leadership of the youthful Jimmie Åkesson (he is only 31) wish to tackle such problems by cutting immigration by 90% and rejecting multiculturalism in favour of strong assimilationist policies. Opinion polls are currently showing that the party enjoys the support of more than 4% of the Swedish electorate, but Åkesson is bullish and thinks that the party could win as much as 8% of the vote tomorrow.

Speaking to the New York Times, Finance Minister Anders Borg of the Moderate Party echoes the contemptuous attitude of mainstream politicians for the views of ordinary indigenous peoples across Europe by failing to address the issues of Islamisation and the negative impact of multiculturalism by instead attacking the Sweden Democrats: “These kinds of parties, they thrive on uncertainty and political crises. They need to create turmoil and chaos, so we will push hard to their voters: is this really a responsible choice?”

Are the Sweden Democrats responsible for the Muslim rapewave perpetrated against indigenous Swedish women? No. Are the Sweden Democrats responsible for Muslim riots and no-go areas in Swedish cities? No. Have the Sweden Democrats been behind the soft asylum laws, pro-mass immigration and multiculturalist policies that have facilitated Islamisation and the marginalisation of Swedish indigenous interests? No. Have the Moderate Party and other Swedish parties that have formed governments in recent years supported and facilitated all of the above? Yes. So, who has created real “turmoil and chaos”: the Sweden Democrats or the country’s mainstream political parties including the Moderate Party? The responsibility clearly lies with the latter. The Sweden Democrats wish to deal with the problems created by Islamisation and multiculturalism, whereas their opponents pretend that such problems are a fiction created by unprincipled ‘far-right’ populists for their own putative nefarious political objectives.

The Sweden Democrats have managed to further offend the multiculturalist sensibilities of the Swedish Establishment by producing an imaginative election broadcast depicting burqa-clad mothers racing for benefits ahead of an indigenous Swedish pensioner. Despite it being a fair representation of an unpleasant reality in contemporary Sweden, the broadcast was banned. View it below and see what you think. Let’s hope that tomorrow the multiculturalist consensus in Sweden lies in tatters as the Sweden Democrats return members to the Riksdag.

Readers may also be interested in an enlightening article entitled 'Sweden: Banana Monarchy or Kretinostan?' written by a Swedish pensioner and posted at the Gates of Vienna blog.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Plot to kill Pope Benedict intercepted

The UK is currently on a heightened state of alert (classed as 'severe') for (Islamist) terrorist attack, and this morning a little before 6am five men were detained by counter-terrorism officers. Initially, the BBC was typically coy about the identities of the men, providing their ages but neither their nationalities nor their confessional allegiance. From the outset however it was clear that the men were Islamists, but as readers will be aware, not only has the BBC become reticent about referring to ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslim’ terrorism, but it has in recent years even shied away from mentioning the most overtly politicised and anti-Western form of this religion that goes under the name of ‘Islamism’. The Daily Telegraph on the other hand, was not so squeamish about citing the national backgrounds of the detainees: several are Algerians, and I’ll wager that all of those arrested were Muslims. This evening it transpires that a sixth man was arrested at lunchtime. All of those concerned worked for the cleaning company Veolia Environment Services.

The presence of these men bears testimony to Cardinal Kasper’s observation that arriving in Britain was now like landing in a “Third World country.” Indeed, these men were from the Third World and had (if they possess passports) the most tenuous association with Britain and the real British people. Thus it is with untold millions who hold UK passports, but possess neither a sense of belonging nor allegiance to the country in which they reside, nor to its native people. Indeed, many hate us. This hate is at its most systematised within the doctrinaire Muslim fifth column.

The unhappy fact of Britain’s colonisation by Third World malcontents is further attested by the depressing news that many prisoners convicted of Islamist-terror related offences will shortly be released. Unsurprisingly, they have not dropped the jihadi views that generated the actions that landed them in prison. They hold UK passports, but they are ‘British’ in name only. They are aggressive aliens; interlopers who ought to be deported along with their families with no right of appeal and no right of readmission. Their numbers however are sure to be supplemented by newcomers trained in Somalia, Pakistan and wherever else Islamists are able to operate training camps.

Although I do not generally find that my opinions coincide with those of the Pope, I must say that I thought (and still do think) that he spoke honestly and with perfect sense when in his September 2006 Regensburg Address he quoted the fourteenth-century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus:
Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.
My sentiments are at one with those of Paleologus and the Pope on this issue. Evidently, this stirred up rancour amongst Muslims globally and will doubtless have served to mark him out as more of a target than he already was for Muslim militants.

Thankfully neither Pope Benedict nor the crowds who flocked to see him have come to any harm. We shall have to wait and see whether or not the six detainees had something concrete planned for the papal visit. The Telegraph claims that the police believe that the men were plotting to assassinate the Pope, but what means they intended to employ have as yet to be revealed. Below is a Sky News video report relating to the arrest of the plotters:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eiffel Tower Terror Attack Thwarted?

Today the French Senate ratified the ban on face veils passed by the National Assembly in July. A few hours later at 9pm local time the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area were evacuated following a bomb alert. Some 2,000 people left the Tower itself and a further 25,000 vacated its immediate vicinity. The BBC notes that France has been on a heightened state of alert since 2 August following threats from a Maghrebian branch of al-Qaeda, but for some reason its report makes no reference to the ratification of the veil ban. This is the second time this year that the Eiffel Tower has been associated with an Islamist terror plot, for back in June it was reported that plans for an attack using a helicopter and poison gas had been uncovered. The ban itself, notes the Daily Mail, was passed by a huge majority of 246 votes to one in the Senate. There were however, a small number of abstentions.

Hopefully, should a bomb be present the French police will manage to defuse it and no harm will come to anyone or to this iconic Parisian symbol. Once again the threat of Islamist terror has made itself felt in the non-Muslim world, just a little over a week after a coalition of French secularist groups staged a series of anti-Islamisation protests under the banner of the Grand Apéritif Républicain to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the French Third Republic. These demonstrations led to the issuing of a Facebook Fatwa against their organiser Christine Tasin, which soon demonstrated its ugly reality through a number of death threats including one from the utterly inappropriately named black Islamo-French rapper ‘Cortex’.

In France, Germany, Holland, the UK, Denmark, and many other European countries, the presence of the Muslim minority is having a disproportionately influential and negative impact upon the lives and liberties of their respective citizenries. We are however beginning to see the crystallisation of popular resistance to Islamisation and a groping towards its political articulation. This process of native European reassertion is most advanced in Holland, but recent headlines connected to the Thilo Sarrazin affair and the creation of Die Freiheit indicate that a similar dynamic is now at play in Germany. In France, this reassertion possesses a secular guise, but is not as yet as powerfully developed as in the two aforementioned countries. In the UK, none of the mainstream parties will acknowledge the issue let alone class it as a problem, and none of the smaller parties are currently in a fit state to provide a viable platform for popular mobilisation, hence the growth of the EDL.

We must watch closely and observe if France manages to successfully assert its sovereign right to determine how it deals with undesirable immigrants following its censure today by the EU Commission for its recent deportation of parasitic Roma elements. France and the other nations within the EU must reassert their sovereignty and cast off the anti-European stranglehold of Brussels. I am pro-European, but anti-EU. That distinction is important. The Islamisation of France and the rest of Europe can only be defeated if we dismantle the anti-European and anti-democratic superstate called the EU. Only once this is achieved, will our peoples truly be free again.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Mark Steyn on Islam in Europe

In the following interview from Danish television (hat tip Vlad Tepes), Mark Steyn presents his analysis of the political impact of the demographic Islamisation of Europe. Will Europe be the same when it has an entirely different population? Jews, he points out, are leaving Malmö because of hostility from the resident Muslim population. In Steyn’s opinion, the city has “gone past tolerant multicultural Sweden and become something else”.

He highlights how a couple of generations ago, indigenous Britons would have been astonished if you had predicted that in 2010 75% of Bradford’s Pakistanis would be married to their first cousins. In cities such as Brussels and Rotterdam we are already witnessing a situation in which they are taking on a “semi-Muslim political character”. Many cities, he claims, are “past the point of no return” in terms of their demographic Islamisation. His analysis is very much in line with that of Christopher Caldwell whose 'Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West' was published last year.  If you have not read it and have any interest in this subject, I would recommend that you get hold of a copy.

When Steyn's interviewer deploys the hackneyed assertion that Muslim immigrants are required to help bolster the economies and welfare states of western social democracies, Steyn provides a rapid rebuttal noting that collectively Muslims do not pay their way and are in fact an economic drain upon their host societies. Importantly, he notes that the rot underpinning the failure of Muslim minorities to adapt and assimilate to the host societies originates in the politically correct multiculturalist attitudes of European elites. These, he observes, were adopted after they lost confidence in themselves and their peoples in the wake of World War II. They drew the wrong conclusions which led them to a wholesale rejection of nationalism, ethnic identity and their cultural inheritance. Immigrant children in the UK for example are taught to despise the history of the country in which they now live, for they are told that it was a fount of imperialist inequity. It is unsurprising therefore that Muslim immigrants do not believe that there is anything worthwhile to assimilate to.

Most of the following video is in English, but the short portions in Danish are not subtitled. The interview with Steyn begins at 34 seconds in, breaks off for a few seconds, and resumes at 1 minute 35.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

‘Die Freiheit’: Freedom from Islam for Germany?

A new political party has been founded in Germany: Die Freiheit (Freedom). Its founder, René Stadtkewitz had previously been in the CDU but was expelled last Tuesday following his invitation to Geert Wilders to speak in Berlin. Given the recent controversy in Germany connected to the publication of Thilo Sarrazin’s book ‘Germany Abolishes Itself’ and its heavy criticism of Islam and Germany’s Muslim minorities, the indicators are that such a party could exert some appeal amongst sections of the German electorate. Following Sarrazin’s ostracism by the German political class which has resulted in his expulsion from the SPD and his announcement that he will be stepping down from his membership of the Bundesbank board before the end of September, might he not be tempted to join Die Freiheit?

The Islam in Europe blog quotes Stadtkewitz as saying: “Islam is not just a religion, it’s also a political system. Islam is intolerant towards those who think differently.” He states that although the name of his new party is similar to Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party (PVV) that the two are not (at least yet) linked, although the new party is said to be a “civic, liberal party” which would seem to ideologically align it with the PVV.

The 45-year-old Stadtkewitz has announced that the first elections to be contested by Die Freiheit will be those to the Berlin House of Representatives in the autumn of 2011. At the party’s core is the aim of reconnecting with voters who feel alienated from the established parties through a commitment to direct democracy modelled on the Swiss pattern, a prioritisation of personal freedom, reducing immigration and encouraging integration of Germany’s immigrant and immigrant-descended population: “To those who share our liberal values and are integrated with us, you are very welcome” but those “who would like to introduce the Sharia and treat women as second-class should not be tolerated.”

The other members of Die Freiheit’s founding trio are: Marc Doll (33), a former CDU security policymaker who resigned from the party yesterday, and Aaron Koenig (46), a journalist and former spokesman for the Pirate Party, the aim of which was to guarantee freedom of information on the internet. Pictured beneath they are from left to right: Marc Doll, René Stadtkewitz and Aaron Koenig (picture courtesy of PI News).

American Embassy 9/11 Protest: Anjem Choudary’s back!

Whilst the global media understandably focused its attention upon the commemoration of 9/11 in New York and rival protests against and for the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, a smaller protest was underway outside of the US Embassy in London. Unsurprisingly, the face and voice of Anjem Choudary were to be seen and heard as he addressed protesters from a group naming itself ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ (MAC). Highly vocal and bad-tempered, members of the mob shouted themselves hoarse as they chanted qur’anic slogans, cursed America and set fire to American flags and a picture of Tony Blair. One protester held aloft a rather comically worded placard reading ‘Jesus will destroy the cross and follow the Quran’.

As at previous outings, members of MAC denounced ‘man-made law’ and called for the introduction of Shariah. Two or three men from the EDL turned up to voice their disapproval of MAC’s actions, whilst the doctrinaire Muslim mob received the sort of photographic attention that is normally reserved for the international catwalk, with photographers from the press and police surveillance snapping away with merry abandon. They must have felt flattered, for after all, these men cannot exactly be described as photogenic. If politics is rock and roll for ugly people, Islamist militancy is the X-Factor for ugly Muslims: “Look at me dad, I’m famous! Inshallah I’ll win me virgins! Good, innit?”

This protest rounded off a week during which Christine Tasin received a Facebook Fatwa in France, the Thilo Serrazin controversy raged in Germany and an Islamist suicide bomber brought death and mutilation to Vladikavkaz. As if this wasn’t bad enough, a Facebook campaign entitled ‘Wear a Hijab Day’ was launched by a Californian dhimmi.

Hat tip to Eeyore of the Vlad Tepes blog for posting the following footage. Photographs of the protest can be accessed at Demotix News.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Wear a Hijab Day: an Instance of Stockholm Syndrome

The Logan’s Warning blog has revealed that a Californian woman has launched a Facebook campaign called ‘Wear a Hijab Day’ as a mark of solidarity with Muslims on 9/11. The organiser claims to have been moved to launch the campaign by the planned Qur’an burning and already 6,000 people have signed up to wear the hijab on 9/11. She makes the false equation of a dislike of Islam with Nazism. Will she convert? How many of the 6,000 will convert? How much longer will so many amongst the public fall for the pro-Islamic propaganda pumped out by our governments and media? Surely this mass Stockholm Syndrome will have to break down soon?

We are under attack from Islam and yet our governments and media urge that we side with the bullies. Such acts will earn nothing more than the sneering contempt of doctrinaire Muslims and embolden them to make further assaults upon our way of life and make more demands for the suppression of freedom of expression. For the full story visit Logan’s Warning and the Facebook page itself.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Vladikavkaz Suicide Bombing

An Islamist suicide bomber attacked the Russian city of Vladikavkaz this morning, detonating a car bomb in the city's central marketplace at 11:00 Moscow Standard Time. The market was packed and was thus transformed into a scene of carnage. Reports of casualties vary, with Izvestiia reporting 15 dead and 90 injured, whereas Nezavisimaia gazeta cites the same number of dead, but 114 wounded. Two children were amongst the fatalities. As in all such cases, the final tally of the dead is likely to rise.

Izvestiia reports that North Ossetian police have provisionally identified the bomber as a man named Archiev. Registration documents found after the explosion indicate that the car belonged to someone with the surname of Dobriev. It is not clear whether the car had been stolen.

The authorities have warned that more attacks may follow and have sealed the border between Northern Ossetia and Ingushetia. Most Ossetians are Christians, whereas the Ingush are Muslims. This is but the latest instalment in the bloody history of the region which has witnessed a growth in local Salafist activism in recent years which has amongst its aims the creation of a breakaway ‘emirate’ in the northern Caucasus region.

One of the main figures behind recent Islamist suicide attacks is Dokku Umarov, the self-styled Chechen ‘Emir of the Caucasus Emirate.’ His aim is to establish an Islamic emirate uniting the Northern Caucasus, the Krasnodar, Astrakhan and Volga regions. It is not as yet clear whether or not he or his group specifically was linked to this attack, but amongst the many incidents this year they have already staged suicide bombings in Nazran (Ingushetia), Kizlyar (Dagestan) and of course Moscow. Last November also witnessed the bombing of the Nevskii Express which links Moscow and St Petersburg.

Pictures courtesy of Reuters:

BBC: Qur’an Burning Bad, Fatwa – No Comment

Generally speaking, burning books is not an overly good idea, and the reaction to the Dove World Outreach Centre’s Qur'an burning this Saturday will be a predictable outpouring of outraged hatred by Muslims across the globe. Life, limb and property will be threatened and lost. It will be a demonstration of the hair-trigger sensibilities and irrationality of doctrinaire Muslims who are more concerned with the well-being of a few pieces of paper than of a woman buried up to her neck being pelted with stones, a little girl having her clitoris mutilated, or of an apostate whom they believe deserves death. Their sense of proportion I find to be slightly askew.

I’m not a Christian, so unlike Pastor Terry Jones I do not believe that Islam is the work of the Devil because I believe in neither Devil nor God, but I do understand the point that he makes when he contrasts the widely differing personal examples of Christ and Mohammed. Whereas the reported acts of Christ present us with an overwhelmingly positive figure, those of Mohammed depict a sadistic butchering paedophile. The US Constitution protects the freedom of expression, so Pastor Jones has every right to burn Qur’ans if he so wishes. No problem.

The BBC, typically, has picked up this story and sought to portray Jones as if his planned act constituted the declaration of World War III. Is Jones’s quranic barbeque an insensitive act? How does it look in comparison to the Muslim world’s reaction to the following: Mohammed cartoons – kill the infidels responsible! Sudanese Mohammed Bear – death to the infidel! International Draw Mohammed Day – death to the infidel! Robert Redeker’s criticism of Islam – death to Redeker! Geert Wilders’s criticism of the violent aspects of Islam – death to Wilders! Theo van Gogh – killed the filthy kufr!

It all gets a bit repetitious doesn’t it? Death, death, death, death! And these people wonder why we don’t believe them when they claim that Islam is a religion of peace (sic). It’s a mass death-cult, end of story. For the BBC though, it will always be the cosy ‘religion of peace’ which deserves respect and reverence from all, with Muslims requiring constant and vigilant protection from nasty ‘Islamophobes’ who threaten Muslims with . . . debate.

So, whilst the BBC gets all exercised about the injury that will be suffered by a few pieces of paper this Saturday what I would like to know is the following: why are the morally bankrupt journalists at the BBC not reporting the Facebook fatwa placed on the head of French secularist and anti-Islamist Christine Tasin? This woman is threatened with murder. Does she feel less pain than a book? Christine Tasin is unique: there is only one of her. Copies of the Qur’an however are ten a penny. Why will the BBC not see that the violence linked to the Qur’an burning and the death threats to Tasin all arise from the same source: belief in Islam. Islam is the most violent barbarous ideology on the face of this planet. Is a woman’s life less important to the BBC than protecting Muslim sensitivities? It would appear so. Come on BBC, get a grip and report the Tasin case!

As for vast hypocrisy about book burning, take a look at the following Al-Jazeera report which shows the US military burning copies of the Bible in Afghanistan last year. Was there global Christian outrage, rioting and bloodshed? No, of course not, because Christian psychologies are characterised by the central notion of guilt and personal responsibility, whereas Muslim ones are characterised by notions of 'honour', blame and shame. So, this Saturday when Qur’ans burn in Florida, remember that any violence that arises will be entirely the responsibility of the perpetrators of that violence.

Muslim Prison Populations in Europe

Much has been written in the UK over the past year highlighting the disproportionate representation of Muslims in the prison population; moreover, the deeply worrying phenomenon of Muslim gangs targeting inmates for conversion has been brought to light. According to the Labour Market Survey the UK had a Muslim population of a little over 2.4 million in 2008 out of a total population of 61.4 million, some 3.9% of the total. However, in that same year some 12% of the prison population of England and Wales was recorded as being Muslim.

Although these figures demonstrate the statistically higher frequency of criminality amongst the Muslim population in England and Wales, data from elsewhere is even more startling. A report in the Washington Post from 2008 stated:

Research by the Open Society Institute, an advocacy organization, shows that in the Netherlands 20 percent of adult prisoners and 26 percent of all juvenile offenders are Muslim; the country is about 5.5 percent Muslim. In Belgium, Muslims from Morocco and Turkey make up at least 16 percent of the prison population, compared with 2 percent of the general populace, the research found.
These figures are bad, but they pale in comparison with those encountered within the French penal system:

As a matter of policy, the French government does not collect data on race, religion or ethnicity on its citizens in any capacity, making it difficult to obtain precise figures on the makeup of prison populations. But demographers, sociologists and Muslim leaders have compiled generally accepted estimates showing Muslim inmate populations nationwide averaging between 60 and 70 percent.
Bivouac-ID notes that more conservative estimates of the French Muslim prison population still place it at in excess of 50% of the total. As in the UK, French prisoners are targeted for conversion to Islam, with an estimated 400 Islamists proselytising within the French prison system in 2008. The current French population is estimated at 65.4 million with some 5 million French citizens being Muslim (7.6%). Neighbouring Switzerland too has a significant overrepresentation of Muslims within the prison system. For example, the overcrowded Champ Dollon Prison in Geneva reported that in 2009, 56.6% of its inmates were Muslim.

Clearly, there is a problem of Muslim criminality which manifests itself across the societies of Western Europe which have admitted a significant influx of Muslim immigrants. A small part of this disproportionate representation will arise from the fact that the Muslim populations are younger than those of the host societies’ average owing to the higher Muslim fertility rate. In the UK for example, there were an estimated 301,000 Muslims under the age of 4 in September 2008. We should therefore expect the bulge in the Muslim criminal population to grow even further in the years ahead.

Having provided a brief sketch of the size of Muslim prison populations in a number of European states, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to what these statistics demonstrate. Do they illustrate the innate ‘racism’ of the host societies and the alleged relative economic deprivation of Muslim populations as the official explanations would have you believe; or, is it the case that they demonstrate the innate incompatibility of Islam with our societies and the contempt of doctrinaire Muslims for the kuffar?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Christine Tasin receives Facebook Fatwa

The Bivouac-ID blog notes that on 6 September Christine Tasin, organiser of last Saturday’s anti-Islamisation protest Grand Apéritif Républicain, discovered that a ‘fatwa’ had been issued against her on Facebook. The threatening message was entitled 'Blasphemy is an offence in Islam!' The text read:

A Fatwa has been pronounced against you. All Muslims of France and Navarre, wherever they find themselves, have the duty to execute the said fatwa. The law of the Qur’an states that whosoever blasphemes against Islam must be hunted down and punished.
This is alarming but hardly unexpected. Tasin notes that such threats should not be dismissed lightly, pointing to the examples of Theo van Gogh and Robert Redeker. Thankfully, unlike van Gogh, Redeker remains alive, but alas leads a far from normal existence having been forced into hiding in 2006 following his publication of an article in Le Figaro in which he wrote 'Islam is a religion that, in its own sacred text, as well as in its everyday rites, exalts violence and hatred.'

Tasin however is not cowed by the Facebook fatwa. She writes:

We will never give in to this threat; we are more than ever determined to oppose with all our might the establishment of an Islamic society in France. It is our duty to our children and our grandchildren who have not deserved this.
Unsurprisingly, the fatwa has confirmed her view that Islam and Shariah are incompatible with French law and the French way of life. Following the fatwa, she has already received two death threats within 24 hours and the French police are said to be taking the threats seriously. She will be giving a press conference on the subject of freedom of expression at the Convention Nationale de Rif this Saturday. How will the French Left react to this threat to Tasin’s safety? Will we see MRAP denouncing the ‘fatwa’? Will a French mainstream political equivalent of Thilo Sarrazin step forward to speak out about the dangers of Islamisation? I very much doubt it.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Qur’an 5:32 "Whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all humankind.”

Have you ever heard an apologist for Islam quote this before claiming that it demonstrates that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? In the following video (hat tip to Tundra Tabloids) it will not surprise you to see Anjem Choudary defining this stipulation as applying exclusively to Muslims. What may jolt you, if you have fallen for this quote previously, is the automatic agreement of his presumably ‘moderate’ Muslim interviewer working for CNN. Did you honestly think that they’d define kuffar such as ourselves as innocent?

The qur’anic verse which follows this alleged demonstration of Islam’s tolerance reads:

5:33 The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter.
How does a doctrinaire Muslim define waging war against their god and prophet? How does a doctrinaire Muslim define ‘mischief through the land’? Given the Muslim propensity to keep redefining jihad (i.e. holy war) as personal struggle whenever it suits them to do so, I suspect that they would not hesitate to show a great deal of flexibility in their interpretation of this verse and apply it to anyone who actively obstructs Islam’s advance or who denigrates its repellent content. Acts of terror and intimidation coupled with the ready ‘offence’ taken by Muslims across the globe whenever anyone questions their religion or prophet would appear to provide ample demonstration of such an interpretation.

The relevant section of the interview is circa 30-35 seconds in.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Thilo Sarrazin versus Angela Merkel: Who’s Right?

Following the furore ignited by Thilo Sarrazin’s publication of his book Germany Abolishes Itself (Deutschland schafft sich ab), German Chancellor Angela Merkel has acknowledged in an interview with Bild am Sonntag that statistics show that young Muslims in Germany tend to be more violent than the rest of the population. However, this recognition was mealy-mouthed and thus fell back upon the fallacious politically correct assertion that this violence was fuelled by a lack of opportunity and poor education within Germany’s Muslim population. According to Deutsche Welle, Merkel stated:

This is a big problem and we can talk about it openly, without arousing suspicions of xenophobia.
Violence among young people is often a sign that they see no perspective for themselves. All that helps is education, education, education.
Our state is making many offers, but the main responsibility lies with the parents, and cannot be taken on by schools or the state.
Merkel is attempting to bury the problem. Unfortunately, it will refuse to remain buried and rise like the undead to continue to suck the lifeblood from German society.

Thilo Sarrazin has done nothing more in his book than be honest about the Muslim problem in Germany and to baldly state the facts with respect to the genetic distinctiveness of Basques and Jews. From the way that the global media has reacted you would have thought that Sarrazin had claimed that Basques and Jews were Untermenschen, which, thankfully, he most certainly has not. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a hysterical report on Sarrazin entitled ‘A creepy banker fleshes out the modern fascist’ in which he was compared to Dr Strangelove. A man calmly points out that his country is being dragged down and taken over by violent Muslim colonists and yet he is the one accused of being a Nazi. Incredible!

The German Establishment is turning on Sarrazin, although the Chairman of the SPD Sigmar Gabriel has conceded that ‘I think we are experiencing much of what he is describing in (the book). There is no question.’ Reuters reports that the Bundesbank board has stated that Sarrazin’s comments had ‘hurt the image of the Bundesbank.’ It claimed that ‘Discrimination had no place at the bank.’ Furthermore, Merkel had ‘urged the central bank to act.’ The implication is that Merkel would like to see Sarrazin removed from the executive board of the Bundesbank. Such a move would however be subject to a legal challenge, as Sarrazin has pointed out that it could ‘only remove him for serious misconduct.’

By pointing out that Muslim citizens are a net economic drain on Germany, that they resist integration and are more prone to commit acts of violence Sarrazin has done nothing more than his public duty. He is justified in stating "I don't want us to end up as strangers in our own land, not even on a regional basis." Who could object to that? Alas, the numbers who do are legion: those brainwashed by the politically correct ideology of multiculturalism.

As the Tundra Tabloids points out, Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who for a number of years worked to try and rehabilitate Muslim youth offenders came to the conclusion that they were simply unreformable because they possessed a radically different mentality to native Danes. He became disillusioned with his work and wrote a book on his experience and thus incurred the condescending wrath of the politically correct. It is worth quoting Sennels at length, for his characterisation of the Islamic problem in Europe is, I think, factually correct:

We are in the historical embarrassing situation that we have invited millions of people to our continent that do not want to integrate and are also not able to. Since the integration of Muslims will never happen – a fact I think that has already been proven years ago – we will end up with a significant part of our population that are actively working to Islamize our societies. There exist both Muslims and non-Muslims that see this Islamization as Islamic jihad – but it is more than that: it is human nature. People who do not feel at home where they live will naturally strive to change their surroundings. Muslims attempts to Islamize our societies have just begun — as they are feeling stronger and stronger in power and numbers. This process is pushed forward by Muslim leaders inside and outside Europe and helped on its way by a kind of collective cowardice called Political Correctness.
The concerns articulated by Sennels and Sarrazin are widely shared by ordinary members of the public across Europe who have had direct experience of the negative impact of Islamisation. Currently, Geert Wilders is the most obvious and successful political manifestation of this concern, but the question is: will more political figures make the personally perilous transition from political to factual correctness in speaking about the Islamic issue in our societies? We are still a long way from a political tipping point where this could become possible, but it seems that the ugly reality of the Islamic colonisation of European societies may finally be dawning upon some of the members of our political elites who can afford to insulate themselves from the negative impact of this process. Nonetheless, although Germany's political elite may be embarrassed by Sarrazin's views, his opinions certainly possess some traction with the German electorate, with an opinion poll conducted last Saturday indicating that 18% of respondents would vote for a party led by Sarrazin.

Unfortunately I fear that those who are ideologically committed to multiculturalism may never awaken to Islam’s dangers, no matter what horrors the future may hold for us. According to a recent report in Deutsche Welle, a 36 year-old German-born Islamist named Ahmed S from Hamburg was captured in Afghanistan in early July and ‘has warned of possible terrorist attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.’ He had joined the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and was linked to Hamburg’s recently closed Taiba mosque which served as the meeting place for the 9/11 terrorists. This information was extracted following interrogation by the Americans. Hopefully, any such plans (if they prove to be real) will be disrupted, but even if the tactics of violent jihad should fail, Germany’s current policies run a strong risk of allowing demographic jihad to succeed. This is why Sarrazin’s book should be welcomed rather than reviled.