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Saturday 26 June 2010

KFC Halal Menu Experiment Continues

I shall start today’s blogging with some tentative good news but with a major caveat attached: according to the Daily Mail KFC has been forced to backtrack at a number of its halal trial outlets and reintroduce non-halal items including bacon. This change of tack is attributed to a lack of demand for halal-only menus, but this news will come as a positive surprise for those who joined the No Halal at Colne KFC Facebook group and others who called for a boycott of KFC following its introduction of its halal trial stores. There is no reason why in the current century we should allow a lower standard of animal welfare in slaughter practices simply because the followers of a cruel seventh-century fanatic state that their religion dictates that this is a necessity. We should ban the production and importation of all halal animal products.

A handful of KFC stores participating in the halal trial will revert to their full menus on 19 July. These include: Accrington, Lancashire, Old Kent Road, London, Hyde Road (Manchester), Burton and Colne. However, this means that the overwhelming majority of the outlets involved in the halal trial (there were originally 74, although some reports say 95) will continue with an exclusively halal menu. I therefore call upon all non-Muslim KFC clients to continue the boycott until all halal products are removed from every KFC in the UK. It seems to me that KFC decided to revert to normal menus in a handful of its halal outlets simply to generate headlines in papers such as the Daily Mail implying that they have abandoned their halal experiment when in truth they have not. KFC has been forced to change policy in a few stores, now ramp up the pressure to ensure that halal is removed once and for all.

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  1. Duro whatever your name is, you really are a pr*ck. Halal or kosher meat tastes no different than any other. Been to a "normal" slaughterhouse have we? Think you'll find it just as cruel and gruesome as its halal or kosher counterpart. I'm presuming the tens of thousands of Brit tourists who visit Dubai or Sharm El Sheikh refrain from eating meeting whilst there, its all halal you know!Hypocrisy,just a little. Both kosher and halal slaughter has been carried out in the UK for centuries, get over it you sandal wearing, flower power touting hippy. Peace and love dude.
    Richard, Le Couer de Lion, City Of Leeds


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