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Saturday 12 June 2010

'Inspired by Muhammad' Campaign. Who? Killers and Paedophiles?

The blogger Dowlish today wrote a piece about the ‘Inspired by Muhammad’ campaign and its associated website which appears to have been put together by Yougov following a poll which revealed that the majority of people in the UK understandably possessed a negative (i.e. the correct) opinion about Islam. Like me, you may already have seen posters put up by this campaign at stations or on buses. The messages they disseminate are lies designed to try and counteract our true impression of the inherently violent nature of Islamic doctrine.

Who funds the campaign? Ostensibly an organisation called the Exploring Islam Foundation which is said to be reliant upon private donations (how much Saudi money is being channelled through this I wonder?). It states:
The Exploring Islam Foundation (EIF) specialises in authoring, publishing and marketing high quality resources which creatively explore the numerous aspects of Islam. EIF was established fulfil the following aims:  
· Challenge misconceptions surrounding Islam and Muslims 
· Raise awareness about the belief, practice, history, and cultures of Islam 
· Collaborate with organisations on humanitarian issues 
· Highlight the contribution of Muslims to society

Our vision is of establishing a Foundation that challenges the damaging stereotypes about Islam through the medium of creative resources. These information packages will provide a comprehensive insight to the faith. We envisage working across the spectrum of media outlets, from traditional print media to innovative e-media. EIF’s initial focus is on promoting understanding in the spiritual, cultural and historical aspects of Islam, and EIF has pioneered a number of groundbreaking publications and multimedia products achieve that vision. 
The ‘Inspired by Muhammad’ site truly is a very nasty piece of work. The homepage of the campaign features photographs of one man and two women with alleged quotes (obviously written by marketing people) which read respectively:
  • “I believe in social justice. So did Muhammad.”
  • “I believe in women’s rights. So did Muhammad.” 
  • “I believe in protecting the environment. So did Muhammad.”  
Strangely, despite the words employed in these ‘quotes’, it is the facial expressions and body language of the three case studies which betray the real message of Islam.

Social justice-loving bloke number one displays an exemplary facial expression in this respect: filled with typical Muslim hauteur and contempt for the dhimmi onlooker. The second, a woman largely covered in cloth, black and white like her unyielding view of the world that demands death, maiming and flagellation for any poor soul who falls foul of the Islamic conception of ‘justice’, also gazes at the onlooker in a self-assured contemptuous fashion. Her arms are folded: “Back off kafir!” You can guarantee that the only legal cases she’ll be interested in relate to immigration, human rights (never has a concept been so debased, corrupted and perverted as this one) and ‘racism’ (sic) directed at Muslims.

Finally, case study number three is a wretched creature, for she should know better: this pretty, gullible woman provides the smiling face of the Western European convert; her photograph displays a woman with a vacant expression (as well as vacant head) with her arms limply hanging by her sides in a defenceless position of submission. She may as well be saying, “I have submitted to Islam. So should you.”

There is also a section entitled ‘Who are Muslims?’ that features an image of three innocent blue-eyed blonde schoolgirls wearing Muslim caps which is deeply chilling. What were their parents thinking, or were they forced to wear this headgear as part of a compulsory school ‘interfaith’ visit?

Hopefully we shall witness the daubing of some witty and accurate graffiti on these wretched campaign posters. Before signing off, I’d just like to say “I believe that Islam is an intolerant, totalitarian, misogynistic innately violent faith. So did Muhammad.”

Alternative 'Inspired by Muhammad' Posters (from Proud Kaffir at Vlad Tepes blog)


  1. These adverts are truly foul aren't they? But its only the latest development in 'their' quest to brainwash the whole of the nation. If i may i'd like to give you a couple of examples. Firstly, my two youngest children have (like most of the rest the kids in the country it seems) made visits to local mosques. I choked this down as i didn't want to make a scene and tar my children with any kind of nationalist brush (the school they go to is 99% white british, which in the city i live in is a miracle in itself). But when, the day after her 2nd mosque visit my 10 year old came home and asked who saint george was i decided i'd had enough. I made an appointment to see the deputy head teacher to ask why my children were being taught more about a foreign ideology than their own. Her answer was, and i'm paraphrasing here 'blah blah social cohesion blah blah government initiative blah blah you're a daft racist blah blah its a shame you're not very bright'. She had absolutely no answer to anything i asked and her smug smile showed that she almost pitied poor racist me. Then my eldest daughter, who is 14, spent 2 days (just as her sats were coming up) at her school not doing her normal lessons but learning about the negative effects of racism. When i questioned her about this it became perfectly clear it was more or less just a 16 hour propaganda seminar for islam. If this is country-wide surely it has to stop? I cannot put into words how angry i was at the time. Luckily i spend more time with my children than the drones at their school. But still, i always thought the teachers job was to educate, not to indoctrinate. Cygnus.

  2. YouGov's co-founder and last, recently-resigned CEO is a slave of Allah by the name of Nadhim Zahawi. He resigned to take up the role of Islamic subverter of the British political system in the guise of a newly-elected Tory MP for Stratford-on-Avon. Given this background, now you understand why YouGov is actively pushing this trite propaganda to mould public perception and to delay the time of reckoning as long as possible.

  3. Hello Cygnus. The fact that your children have been compelled to visit mosques and swallow lies about Islam is truly repellent. Although I currently have no children of my own, I am concerned about the pro-Islamic and multicultural brainwashing that my niece and nephew will shortly be subjected to. I have therefore resolved that my avuncular role shall include educating them as best I can about the dangers of these phenomena because their parents are naively ignorant of them.

    It is startling that your daughters have had to endure two visits to a mosque, and that your eldest daughter has been compelled to spend two entire days effectively internalising racial self-hatred and dhimmitude. Such changes in the role of schools that have taken place in recent decades bring to mind what happened in the Soviet Union and how children were taught to inform on their parents for having the ‘wrong’ sort of thoughts and attitudes.

    The attitude of the Deputy Head to whom you spoke is revolting but not surprising. Most teachers these days possess a very doctrinaire outlook that does not brook dissent from the hegemonic worldview which they seek to inculcate. A number of my friends teach, and with some I have given up discussing certain issues altogether as they are literally unable to think. Some who do retain a modicum of objectivity are frustrated by at least some elements of the subservience shown towards Islam and Muslim pupils, but they of course hold their peace as they would be disciplined if they voiced these concerns.

    How do we counteract this brainwashing exercise? It is good that you spend a lot of time with your kids and have a good relationship with them, as you can at least help to ensure that they possess a sceptical attitude towards a number of things that they are taught to believe at school. Have you read The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia by Orlando Figes? Interestingly, he notes that one of the ways in which ordinary Russians living under Stalin’s rule sought to retain traditional conceptions of decency and morality was via reading the classics of nineteenth-century Russian literature and encouraging their children to do so to. Thus far, the true classics of English literature remain readily available and have not been bowldlerised to suit the PC agenda (although many are prefaced by introductory essays noting the ‘racist’, ‘colonialist’ and ‘sexist’ attitudes that may be encountered within). So, one question that we must set ourselves is: which works of classic English fiction provide an accurate depiction of Islam?

  4. Abu, thanks for the background on Nadhim Zahawi. Until you drew this man to my attention, I was blissfully unaware of the fact that he has recently been elected to represent Stratford-on-Avon. To think that Cameron chose him to represent this quintessentially English town deeply sickens me.

    Perhaps the fact that this Zahawi creature was a co-founder of Yougov explains why they ignored my question asking why they never polled people on their concerns over Islamisation?

  5. Thanks for the book recommendation durotrigan, i'll definitely track it down. As far as my own childrens reading is concerned i try to steer them as much as possible. Too many modern childrens books (without naming authors) and childrens tv, especially that on the bbc, seems deliberately engineered to prepare them for multiculturalism. At risk of sounding like an old git (i'm not yet 40) the books i read to them when they were young were the ones i grew up on. Enid blyton, wurzel gummidge etc. I dont protect my children from the real world or preach to them, but i do try to give them the facts and credit them with enough intelligence to make up their own minds. It really does feel like i'm swimming against the tide sometimes though, not with my own children but in relation to the rest of the population. Cygnus.

  6. Question... What religion, other than Islam, has to repeatedly run campaigns to try to improve its public image ?

    The answer equals the number of triangular planets in the Solar System.

    Stuart Parsons

  7. What you say about contemporary children's books and television rings very true Cygnus. Well done on getting your children to read books from a more innocent time when they were written to entertain and educate, rather than indoctrinate and soften up. All tides turn, and hopefully, that of multiculturalism and Islamisation will ultimately ebb.

  8. Thanks for dropping by Stuart. I completely agree with your sentiments.

  9. I have just learned that Muhammad knew of one the angels who carried Allah's throne. He was so big the distance from his ear lobe to his shoulder was equal to a 700 year journey. It is also reported that Allah appointed the angels Munka and Nakir to descend into our graves and question us about our religious beliefs. Those replying correctly (Muslims) will enjoy a pleasant time in their grave until the final day of judgement, but those who are non-Muslim will suffer continual torment until judgement day. Consequently, I am off to the mosque to join up. I rather like the idea of spending my time in the grave with,fillet steak and French fries, strawberries and cream, plenty of books, a computer to keep in touch with the WWW,the full sky tv package and the occassional bit of mufa'khathat. I believe in Munka and Nakir..... so did Muhammad. (Pbuh)

  10. "The truth will set you free" - no wonder our political masters oppose that!

    Loved the effort from Vlad, very apt, especially the Hitler one. So true!

    On a personal note, along the bus stop near the pie'n'mash shop in Peckham High Street, the council erected giant portraits of famous darkies in an effort to give some self-esteem to the yewts that run around aimlessly. Although I doubt any of the target audience will be an actor or pop star ;p

    Apologies for my crass overview of my beloved Peckham but everyday I care less and less.

  11. Ah, Peckham! I remember not so fondly the one evening when I walked its streets a number of years ago and soaked up its enriched ambience. Who were the aforesaid famous negroes depicted upon billboards? I can probably hazard a guess at one or two, as the pool of such worthies is a rather limited one.

  12. god you are all so stupid ... but then ur british hey? probably inbreds.


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