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Saturday 26 June 2010

Blackburn blighted by new Islamic Indoctrination Centre

Whilst in recent months the residents of Pendle managed to prevent a Muslim mega school from being opened in their town and the EDL helped to force the cancellation of a planned mega mosque in Dudley, the inhabitants of Blackburn have had no such luck, for yesterday they bore witness to the opening of the largest mosque in Lancashire. It is not as if the county has a shortage of mosques, for they have sprouted like so many poisonous fungi in this part of the world. Nonetheless, the Qatari royal family stumped up a contribution of £1.5 million towards the construction of the Masjid e Tauheedul mosque in Bicknell Street, with the remaining £2 million of funding having been raised locally.

In terms of capacity, the new mosque will be able to accommodate 1500 worshippers, and stands alongside the government-funded Tauheedul Islam Girls High School. The Lancashire Telegraph quotes  Lord Adam Patel (who led the project) as saying
This opening will be long remembered across the land. . . . We should accept this Masjid as a centre of lifelong learning, a place of social welfare for generations and generations to come.
The mosque will devote considerable efforts to the Islamic indoctrination of children thus entrenching and continuing the cultural segregation that is symbolically embodied in the physical presence of the mosque and adjacent school. The children who are processed through its system of instruction will come to view themselves as superior to non-Muslims, and to see seventh-century norms and codes of behaviour as exemplars to be emulated. I have nothing positive to say about the construction of this mosque or its function. That its influence will be negative was reinforced by the announcement that the mosque would be holding a reception for the Saudi Arabian Prince Turki this Sunday. Saudi ideological influence is poisonous, and the warm celebration planned to honour his visit illustrates the ideological affinity between the mosque's patrons and Wahhabism. Yesterday was a sad day for Blackburn.


  1. And so it continues....

    I saw the article in the on-line paper earlier on and started to read the comments... I have not been back since and going off the comments thus far when I saw it, I don't think I could bear it. All the usual smarmy liberal white claptrap about "where are the racists, they are quiet today" and "good for the Muslim community, people should stop complaining about their places of worship"...

    I get a feeling you might know the Pendle area Durotrigan - so you will probably know the percentages for Blackburn. I think it was 33% in around 2006, the vast majority of which are youth.

    I do not live that far from Blackburn and to be honest with you I cannot bring myself to go there any more. I cannot stand to see it. It is difficult for me to go there and witness it.

    I used to love Blackburn. Being an old "raver" I remember the second summer of love, a lot of dance acts came from there, often recorded at Reidy's on Penny Street. It has changed so much even in that time from the very early 90's.

    Last time I went, I had to park the car in the Asian area because there wasn't anywhere else left. Street after street, shop after shop, totally alien. In the town centre, near Reidy's, I was treated to taxi's blasting out their Asian music at top notch and women up and down in burkha's.

    Just like where I live, it is extremes - it was summer and people were either walking around bare chested (males obviously) or in very skimpy gear - or they were dressed up like a tent.

    I passed a very large mosque on the way into Blackburn, as far as I can tell it was not this one in the picture. But, what are we supposed to do? The demographics command it, and will sadly lead to many more in the future.

    The Muslims know this, hence the comments about "future generations".

    They are finishing off the one at Burnley soon. The dome was put on earlier in the year, or last year, and you can see it from the Asda car park.

    They are going up all over the place around here, with one only relatively recently being finished in Brierfield. You can see the minaret from the M65. Another is planned for about a mile away in the ironically named "Whitefield" area.

    The Muslims are determined to establish themselves deep into this country - and looking at what they can muster as a cohesive unit, they are being successful. They are just doing what comes naturally to their society.

    I do not want to hear about "impoverished" Asian communities in Blackburn ever again. If they can muster 2 Million pounds for this, then I will be damned if I am going to let anybody tell me they are collectively poor and hard done to. They just have different priorities when it comes to life, and this shows what they are.

    I have an article somewhere about how much money these people send abroad too. I might dig it out later just for a reminder.

    "The Last White Kids" syndrome will eventually kick in for Blackburn, just like it will where I live. It may be decades away yet, but it will come.

    1. I'm shocked on such comments from someone who seems rather intelligent.

      I personally have witnessed the complete opposite from indiginous brits abroad who emigrate over muslim majority coutries and expect to be provided with equal freedom.

      In these so called muslim countries, they are allowed to enjoy alcohol, swine consumption, raving/clubbing and for those who are devout, even allowed to have churches.

      So where's the double standards coming from?....if the community as a whole is of a specific faith, then why shouldnt they be allowed to have mosque(s).

      These are places of worship, open up for all.

      I urge you, if you have not already, please read what exactly are the teachings of Islam. You'll be pleasantly surprised that some of these people in Blackburn and greater area around this town are somewhat not exactly practicing the teachings of Islam (yes I know hypocrits).

      I hope you understand that it's not an attack on your comments in complete, coz I too sometimes feel emphathy on what you have expressed (what you rememeber of b'burn to what it's turning into), however I also know the truth that Islam itself it a well defined faith with such openess and love towards ALL.

      Wish you all the best and do hope you read further into the faith.

  2. cont..

    At the moment, most of these places do not get planning permission for the call to prayer (mezzuin) from the minarets. The largest one where I live has been denied loud speakers but you can sometimes hear it anyway with just the power of the human voice. They are acoustically designed for voice travel.

    What will drive me to distraction is when they finally cave in and give them permission for loudspeakers (after all, when most of the council will be Asian I doubt they would deny it forever).

    Just think, I can think of at least 5 Mosques around here with minarets, and then there are places like Blackburn too with all theirs. When they get sufficient "clout" to go ahead with the mezzuin - can you contemplate the feeling and the noise it will give out?.

    I used to think once it started here, people would kick off. What has happened here though is that people hear it, look at each other and roll their eyes (if that!) and just get on with it.

    As for their self segregation - let them get on with it. It suits me fine. I do not want to mix and socialise and have any future children of mine 'blended' into some quasi English-Asian culture.

    Ted Cantle can go stuff himself.

    The colonisation of Britain is increasing in pace, I will be damned if I am going to flex or bend for it.

    It seems the whites, the Christians, etc love this news. They like Mosques and the religious and treat them as their own, more than they do indigenous people who are not religious from what it seems.

    So, another reason for me to continue avoiding Blackburnistan........soon it will creep outwards to dominate Ahkrrrington, Burnleyabad, Brierstan, Nelsonabad.....

    The people going to the mosque are probably perfectly fine people, doing some "innocent" faith stuff and building strong forges in their communities. In some ways, it is all very "wholesome".

    I doubt many will be mouth frothing extremists - but, they will end up assured of their power in the future, and it is the overall process taking place it what really stabs me in the heart. Replacement, colonisation, dominance......albeit "peacefully".

    People (such as those in the comments section earlier) will not understand that opinion or how I can feel this way. But I do. That's just the way it is.

    British Activism.

  3. Well BA, you are right to guess that I have at least a passing acquaintance with that area of Lancashire, although I’m not a local. The new mosque in Brierfield certainly has a commanding presence over the valley, and I couldn’t miss it when I last drove along the M65. As ever when I see such a new structure in England, I experienced a slight sense of nausea and anger. Thankfully where I live now is comparatively free of Islamic blight, but the neighbouring towns and cities are undergoing rapid Islamisation. It’s only a matter of time before it takes root here too. If I can scrape together sufficient money, I shall be retreating to the country within the next few years, but this will necessitate denying myself the normal pleasures that most folk take for granted such as holidays.

    I understand what you say with respect to segregation, for if I had kids I would want them to have nothing whatsoever to do with Muslims. When I talk about integration, I mean them completely abandoning their religious belief system and alien cultural practices. It is not for us to accommodate them in any way whatsoever. If they want to live their way, let them do so in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and elsewhere.

    You too have noticed how some Christians have been trying to claim that the reason that Islam is advancing is because we English and Europeans more generally have abandoned Christianity. This is nonsense. It is very much the Christian attitude of “turning the other cheek” and offering charity to your foe that is at the root of our problems when dealing with Islam. Most indigenous people in the UK still possess these residual Christian values, and it is these that underpin multiculturalism and deference to Muslims and other minorities. Christianity is built upon a sense of guilt, whereas Islam is built upon a sense of shame. When a Christian feels sinful, this sense is internalised as guilt, whereas Muslims externalise sin and turn it into blame, projecting their hatred outwards onto the kuffar, women and rationalists. This externalised hate is one of the key features of Islam, and one that most Christians simply cannot comprehend. Christians offer charity to all in need, whereas Muslims restrict charity to members of the ummah.

    Remember BA: nothing is inevitable. It is possible to stem and defeat this process of Islamisation, but it will be a far from easy task.

  4. "Remember BA: nothing is inevitable. It is possible to stem and defeat this process of Islamisation, but it will be a far from easy task. "

    I hope you are correct... From Canada we can see England and France are going to have war soon. And it won't be native Euros starting it...

    Good luck.

  5. Van Grungy, I hope that we can resolve matters peacefully. However, I fear you may be right in noting that we may have violence forced upon us. Quite when this will happen, I don’t know. It could be just around the corner or in ten or fifteen years’ time.


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