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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mega School to complement Mega Mosque?

According to reports in the Daily Express and Pendle Today, Pendle could shortly be home to a girls’ school with a difference: a 5000-place Muslim boarding school. The plan to build this bloated symbol of Islamic imperialism in this Lancashire town is being spearheaded by Birmingham-based ‘charity’ Islamic Help. The organisation intends to house the school in Brierfield Mills, and if given the go-ahead, its designs would lead to the creation of the largest school in the country, or, more accurately, Islamist indoctrination centre.

How do the good people of Pendle feel about such a prospect? At a guess, they’d probably be less bothered by the resurrection of its infamous witches, who met their doom some four centuries ago. Evidently, despite his commitment to “celebrating the diversity” and the “enrichment” that such an institution would undoubtedly bring to his constituency, Labour MP Gordon Prentice is feeling a little discomfited. Given that indigenous voters have yet to be fully ethnically cleansed from his domain, even he is aware of the fact that this proposed development is (how can I put it delicately?) controversial amongst his non-Muslim constituents.

Why is such an institution necessary? If these people wished to integrate in any meaningful sense (i.e. assimilate to the host culture) they would send their daughters to local schools. This proposed project is ample demonstration that they are not here to integrate, but to remain separate, and eventually dominate. These girls will have their minds moulded and poisoned by the ideological mentors behind the scheme who subscribe to a system of savage seventh-century bigotry. The primary message rammed home every day will be that Islam is superior to kuffar culture, and that the justifiably (in their minds) despised kuffar should submit, for that is what lies at the dark heart of the Qur’an.

A junior minister by the name of Diana Johnson claims that the Government will look carefully at the scheme. Given that such institutions are nothing more than multiculturally sanctioned factories of hate, why don’t we simply ban them and the alleged charities from which they derive their financial wherewithal? This school would be as welcome in Pendle as a phalanx of minarets in Zurich.


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