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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Brierfield Mills: Locals Petition against Islamic Girls’ School

It may not be time to crack open the champagne just yet, but organisers of a petition to block the conversion of Brierfield Mills into a 5000-place Islamic girls’ school must be pleased that they have managed to gather 1,000 signatories. As Gandalf of the Up Pompeii blog has noted, this is no mean achievement for a small town such as Brierfield.

The question is: how will local MP Gordon Prentice respond to this petition? According to the Burnley Express, Mr Prentice has stated:

There are concerns that Islamic Help may have been acting outside its charitable objectives in raising money for a boarding school in the UK. I shall be raising the issue with the chair and chief executive of the Charity Commission when I meet them on Thursday.
Evidently, even a Labour droid such as Prentice realises that many of his constituents have been pushed beyond endurance by this latest move towards the Islamisation of the town. As can be seen from the following link - - Brierfield is already blighted by the new Sultania Mosque; its turquoise domes and minaret make a bold symbolic claim to Muslim ownership of Brierfield’s public space, so it seems appropriate that the mosque’s website should feature a menacing soundtrack featuring the sounds of a heartbeat of someone seemingly on the verge of death.

This citizens’ initiative may not be on the same scale as the recent minaret ban in Switzerland, but it just goes to demonstrate that the efforts of publicly minded citizens such as the members of the Clitheroe Road Residents’ Association can still make a stand against Islamisation in the UK. I just hope that they are successful in blocking the school plans. However, there is still some way to go in preventing the Islamising agenda of the ‘charity’ behind the project, for the latter has stated that it is also examining purchasing Brierfield Mills with a view to converting it for a variety of Islamic uses. So, I wish good luck to the Clitheroe Road Residents’ Association, for you will need it.



  1. As a resident of the association area I would like to add some comments after stumbling over your page from Google.

    You are correct that this is an outstanding achievement in a town such as Brierfield. The CRRA in fact had to cease collecting names after reaching just over 1,000 signatures, as they could not meet the demand to sign. The online petition that you have linked to was not promoted as it was decided the local hand signed one would convey our message more appropriately.
    You can imagine the amount of time such a petition takes, when feelings are running so high. People are keen to vent steam about Islamic Help and their ever changing proposals, aswell as voice their disgust with the local Liberal Democrat prospective MP Afzal Anwar, who is supporting the scheme.
    Although he claims to have negotiated a reduction of numbers, he still wants to move the school (which he is on the board of governors for) into the Mill. This seems to be a gross abuse of power, and will be well publicised come election time.

    People are well aware that the reduced numbers is simply a way of trying to calm opposition. It is common knowledge that schools such as the proposed one look to increase numbers, and a project of this size would see numbers return to 5,000 in the blink of a school year or so!

    Keep supporting us and keep your eye on the local media for updates.

    Merry Christmas.
    A local resident.

  2. has anyone thought how an influx of 5000 people will benefit the local economy of a small pendle town called brierfield??? However made this website has completely lost the plot and does not know anything about politics, economics, public relations, education or financial matters, all he knows is how to hate. Miserable old man i guess??


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