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Saturday 6 March 2010

The Shame of Shahid Malik: an Appeal to the Voters of Dewsbury

I call upon all voters in the Dewsbury constituency to wake up to the unpalatable fact that in 2005 they returned a traitor to Westminster. If you are not a Muslim, do not vote for Shahid Malik at this year's General Election. Why not? Shahid damns himself readily enough with this explicit statement of his Islamist stance. This is at least the second time that he has done so, but unlike in his earlier speech posted on Youtube, in this latest clip you will find no trace of his former false coyness about his wish to see Parliament dominated by Islam.

If you are not a Muslim, he looks upon you as possessing lesser worth. He is more concerned about the well-being of his co-religionists in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Palestine than of his non-Muslim constituents. Don't believe me? Listen to the man himself in the following video. The Labour Party is finished. If you have been a member or supporter of the Labour Party, I call upon you to sever your links with this organisation and disown it completely, for it is now rotten to the core and possesses a deeply ingrained hatred of the English people and all that they hold dear.

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