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Sunday 21 March 2010

BBC offers Weyman Bennett Publicity

Today, the BBC once again demonstrated its innate bias against the anti-Islamisation movement in the UK through providing a platform for Weyman Bennett. Despite the fact that the Trotskyist UAF organiser was arrested yesterday and “charged with conspiracy to organise violent disorder” the BBC still saw fit to afford him an interview, whilst not doing the same for representatives of the English Defence League (EDL). Why did they do this? The reason, I would suggest, lies in its editorial stance which constantly denigrates indigenous Britons whilst placing incomers, ethnic minorities and Islam beyond criticism.

Thus, the BBC website was content to publish Bennett’s words as follows:

“I have been to more than 200 demos and never been arrested. There is no evidence against me. This is not a good sign for democracy. Officers came up to me as soon as I arrived and said they would arrest me. They are hostile to anti-racists and there needs to be an investigation. Police neutrality needs to be questioned.”
No evidence against him? The UAF have made a conscious decision to slander EDL members and supporters as “racists”, “fascists” and “Nazis” when in fact the EDL makes it quite clear that it is against “racism”, “fascism” and “Nazism”. These buzzwords have been chosen with the explicit intent of whipping up an emotional irrational frenzy amongst UAF members, turning the EDL and its members and supporters into dehumanised objects of hate. Bennett’s street army has been mobilised with the stated aim of cowing and silencing the legitimate concerns of a large swathe of the British population who desperately wish our elected representatives to make a stand against the Islamisation of our country. As members of our mainstream parties either ignore this issue or, even worse, actively promote it, it is no surprise that the neglected and stigmatised English working class has given birth to a popular manifestation of discontent in the form of the EDL.

Weyman Bennett and his ilk constantly portray themselves as victims. They are not. They are intent upon violence, and the fact that the vast majority of the more than 74 people arrested in Bolton yesterday were with the UAF crowd amply attests to this fact. The arrest of Bennett and others amongst his violent following who attacked the police was not a sign of “racism” but of the police doing their job well in restraining the UAF from bloodletting on our streets. The police should be commended for their handling of this operation, not bludgeoned with a politically-correct truncheon wielded by a Trotskyist who by definition has no respect for the concept of law.

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  1. 'Smash the BNP' & 'Smash the EDL' looks like incitement to riot to me.

    Open and shut case me thinks.


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