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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Bristol Evening Post runs unbiased Story on the BNP

Astonishingly, the Bristol Evening Post has run a story entitled Would you vote for these three BNP candidates for Bristol?” which does not resort to the usual NUJ approved smear tactics and misrepresentation. Instead, it names the BNP candidates who will be contesting the seats of Bristol South, Filton and Bradley and Bristol East. These are respectively: Colin Chidsey, David Scott and Brian Jenkins.

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen such straight and unbiased reporting of the party. The article even outlines the main policy pledges of the candidates under consideration which include: withdrawal from Afghanistan, the safeguarding of local jobs, withdrawal from the EU and a “better deal for pensioners”. The piece finishes with a lengthy verbatim quote from the BNP website dealing with the immigration crisis and the need to abolish “positive discrimination”. If the paper should continue in this vein and offer unbiased reporting of these candidates and their positions, it’ll be very interesting to see how they fair at the General Election.


  1. The commentators let it down though, most resorting to name-calling instead of fighting the arguments.

    Still the message was strong and due to the repetition of the comments, sure those reading that will walk away with a good impression of the BNP.

  2. Alas, the "name-calling" will never go away as the party's detractors are unable to address its key arguments re mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation. Did you catch Ed Balls on Any Questions plugging away on behalf of Unite and its thuggish UAF subsidiary? Labour politicians and their allies in the trade union movement are rattled, because they know that once their 'cordon sanitaire' (as they see it) around the BNP is removed, and people get to know what the BNP really stands for, then huge swathes of the Labour vote will sheer off and move direct to the BNP. The question is: how do we achieve the critical mass necessary for this tipping point to occur?

    Evidently, the BNP has been fighting for its very existence since last summer as its opponents attempt to destroy it via any means possible. To date, it has survived, but there is still a hard struggle ahead, for our opponents will stop at nothing to destroy the BNP and the reputations and livelihoods of its members and supporters.

  3. Sorry for the lateness in replying D.

    Last QT I watched live was Nick's performance against the odds.

    That Ed Balls reminds me of Pierce from The New Statesman. Looks like him, sounds like him, probably just as useless as him too.

    We will not only prevail but win. We have no other choice.

    We just need to offer hope and be truthful that no matter who gets in, Internationalists or Nationalists, it'll be hard work to rebuild.

    But better to rebuild for the nation than the faceless corporations.

    Around 60% turnout last GE. We need that other 40% to turn out. We also need to keep a closer eye on the counting than usual.

    I'm sure it's fixed. But without proof, what can we do?


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