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Friday, 27 March 2009

White, Blue-eyed Devils: the World according to President Lula

Well, the good old BBC, indefatigable campaigner against ‘racism’, today reported Brazilian President ‘Lula’ as stating that “This is a crisis [i.e. the global economic crisis] that was caused by people, white with blue eyes”. Can you imagine what would happen if a European head of state were to say of the dangers of Islamist terror that “This is a crisis that was caused by people, brown with brown eyes”, and then follow it up with the phrase “the part of humanity that is responsible should pay for the crisis”? Would not the BBC be thrown into paroxysms of apoplexy? I think that they might just be inclined to use the r-word. Then again, would they even report such a statement?

How strange therefore that the BBC somehow didn’t notice this blatant attempt to incite anti-white race hatred. How strange too that Lula seems to think that the global banking system is run by some clique of Aryan clichés who aren’t boys from Brazil. When we substitute an alleged victim group (i.e. brown Muslims) for “white [people] with blue eyes”, we perceive the true viciousness and venom of Lula’s statement. What is even more odd, is that Lula looks pretty damned white to me (although I must concede that his eyes don’t look too blue). The Guardian too, which expends vast energies in seeking to inculcate a sense of anti-British, anti-white self-loathing through endless editorials and stories of dubious merit, failed on this occasion to spot an example of its pet topic: racism.

So, Lula states that his answer to the economic crisis is to ensure (according to The Telegraph) that "The part of humanity that is responsible should pay for the crisis." I agree. Corrupt bankers and the transnational economic oligarchy should be made to pay, but this of course, is not the target that Lula has in mind. No. Instead, he wants to lay the blame not just upon white, blue-eyed bankers, but upon the whole white, blue-eyed population. I happen to be white and blue-eyed, and I can assure Lula that I’ve had nothing whatsoever to do with the corrupt practices of a transnational oligarchy of which leading politicians like himself are an integral component.

Not only does he want to extort money from us by attempting to create some sort of collective guilt trip (which Brown and his confederates will be all too willing to admit to and pay for on our behalf), but he also wishes to ensure that western states do not place limits upon immigration during the recession, as this would further compound the suffering of the poor. This comment hints at the truly terrifying prospect of global economic dislocation causing an even greater surge of immigration to the UK, with many immigrants hailing from the Islamic world. With our open borders policy, what kind of future does this betoken?

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