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Friday 27 March 2009

Sign of Panic on the Left: No2EU

An article penned by René Lavanchy in yesterday's Tribune claimed that any members elected on the No2EU “left-wing anti-EU platform” will not take up their seats in Brussels. Labour MEP Glyn Ford was not impressed, and asserted that this RMT-sponsored initiative could endanger his and other Labour members’ seats, and thereby let in their political opponents, including the BNP. Ford’s mendacious self-serving pleading does nothing to undermine the key reason for the creation of No2EU: another attempt by the Left to undermine potential support for a confident BNP.

The No2EU website itself makes it quite clear that one of its primary objectives is to divert anti-EU support that would otherwise gravitate towards the BNP: “Vote No2EU - Yes to Democracy to oppose the BNP and resist the threat to exploit the current economic crisis to promote racist political ends.”

My guess is that alarmed by the collapse of UKIP, sections of the Left have taken it upon themselves to stand anti-EU candidates in a straightforward exercise to siphon off a percentage of the BNP vote, which given the system of proportional representation, could have a real negative impact upon the BNP’s prospects of gaining MEPs. It will also be interesting to see how much media coverage Libertas receives should it decide to field many candidates in the forthcoming European elections. Despite UKIP’s recent effective collapse, it will continue to receive more coverage from the BBC than the BNP, as most likely will this new No2EU diversionary operation.


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