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Friday, 27 March 2009

Say “No” to Islamisation in the European Elections of 2009

Why the ‘Big Three’ are Finished: E Pluribus “Dhimmitude”
As we know, the Labour Party is in thrall to the idea that the ‘Muslim vote’ must be courted and appeased to the detriment of the interests of wider society. To this end it promotes faith schools, ‘dialogue’ with soi-disant Muslim community leaders, and restricts our freedom of speech and expression in the name of ‘tolerance’. This ‘tolerance’ is of course of a very one-sided variety, in which the indigenous non-Muslim population is expected to accept each and every demand made by these aggressive colonisers, lest we ‘radicalise’ them and ‘provoke’ yet more terrorist attacks. Any rationally minded person can see that if Islam were a real ‘religion of peace’ (sic) then we would have nothing to fear from criticising its tenets, history and fanatical founder. But as it is, it shows its true colours through its followers vociferously demanding the silencing of all criticism and opposition. To say that active Muslims are tetchy is putting it mildly.

As we know, the Labour Party is the most proactive of our three main political parties in promoting the Islamic interest in the UK. It lavishes money upon these cuddly-sounding ‘communities’ in order to buy their vote, often delivered to them through the post with the man of the household having cast his wives’ and any adult children’s votes on their behalf. The widespread postal voting fraud in Birmingham and Bradford bears witness to this unsavoury fact.

The Liberal Democrats are not far behind in their grovelling to the burgeoning Muslim demographic, and the Tories too are now actively courting ‘the Muslim vote’, and to this end have set up the Conservative Muslim Forum. Here, should you care to peruse it, you will find uncritical articles dealing with halal butchery and sharia banking. The Tory leadership has thus set off down the road of selling the English, Welsh, Scots, Irish and Cornish into dhimmitude. There’ll be no need for Barbary corsairs to raid the West Country to abduct and enslave Englishwomen and men in their vision of the future, for the intellectual inheritors of the Barbary slavers will have set up shop amongst us.

So, none of the big three will do anything to reverse the tide of Islamisation that we are experiencing. Labour and the Lib Dems will actively promote it, whereas the Tories, albeit slightly reluctantly at first, will join the Islamoservile fray in a bid to secure the ever-expanding and thus increasingly powerful Muslim bloc vote. For me therefore, to vote for any one of these three parties is not an option. Although each may contain individuals of merit who disagree with the mainstream agenda of their parties, they are inconsequential and will remain so.

The Islamoservile Minnow Parties
Turning to the small fry, obviously the misnamed ‘Respect’/Left Alternative is even worse than the (ex)-Labour Party when it comes to the active promotion of the Islamic interest in the UK. Many of these Leftist loons would probably be quite happy to see us suffer from a dirty bomb attack and worse. Obviously, these far-Leftists deserve to be accorded pariah status.

The Green Party is pathologically naïve when it comes to the Islamist threat, and advocates unrestricted immigration from Islamic countries, so that rules them out. It is also prone to routinely labelling critics of Islam as ‘racist’. Its choice of party colour may therefore possess an additional significance to the one originally intended. UKIP? What are they? They’ve largely fallen apart, and besides, are advocates of the same free-market fundamentalist economics that have precipitated the current global economic crisis. UKIP are now an irrelevance.

One Party against Islamisation
What then are we left with? Which party is unequivocally against the Islamisation of the UK? To borrow a phrase from Rolf Harris: “have you guessed what it is yet?” Well, the British National Party is the only party to have placed tackling the problem of Islamisation at the centre of its agenda, and irrespective of the defamatory tide of vitriol deployed by a united front of the three main political parties and their far-left pygmy hangers-on (including bizarre monomaniac organisations such as Searchlight, UAF and Antifa), this is the party that I’ll be voting for.

So strong is the negative propaganda deployed against, and so relentless is the opprobrium heaped upon, the BNP and its membership, that the majority of people in the UK still look upon it as an object of loathing. They labour under the understandable misapprehension, given the aforementioned ideological onslaught co-ordinated through all mainstream press, television and radio, that it consists of a bunch of thuggish, sieg-heiling, Nazi-obsessed misfits, rather than the ethno-nationalist, populist political party that it truly is.

Although I realise that the BNP is not the ‘odious’ entity that it is portrayed as, my friends certainly do not, and it’s hard enough to get them to understand that Islam is a threat in this country (or indeed anywhere!) such is the intellectually stultifying effect of the drip, drip, drip of pro-Islamic propaganda emanating from the BBC and papers such as the Guardian, let alone persuade them that the BNP is not a reincarnation of German National Socialism circa 1933. I’m working on them, but it’s going to be a damned long haul. I have to though, for the sake of their kids. In the interim, I cannot tell them which party I’ll be voting for, for they would disown me. What a crazy situation!

If you take a look behind the headlines, and carefully read the routine smear stories about the BNP disseminated by the press, you will note that the headlines are written in such a way as to always associate the BNP with violence. Yet all of the violence about which I have ever read in this connection has emanated from the so-called “anti-fascist protestors” from the three organisations mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the SWP or sundry other unclassifiable leftists. Witness the recent claw-hammer attack upon BNP activist Tony Ward by an anti-fascist demonstrator.

The BNP want the UK to leave the EU and possess a vision, which I share, of a Europe of independent sovereign nation-states. Let us enjoy good relations with our European neighbours, and let’s hope that they are able to retain, nurture and defend the true rich cultural diversity that has grown up on the native soil of the countries of this continent.

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