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Sunday, 12 September 2010

American Embassy 9/11 Protest: Anjem Choudary’s back!

Whilst the global media understandably focused its attention upon the commemoration of 9/11 in New York and rival protests against and for the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, a smaller protest was underway outside of the US Embassy in London. Unsurprisingly, the face and voice of Anjem Choudary were to be seen and heard as he addressed protesters from a group naming itself ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ (MAC). Highly vocal and bad-tempered, members of the mob shouted themselves hoarse as they chanted qur’anic slogans, cursed America and set fire to American flags and a picture of Tony Blair. One protester held aloft a rather comically worded placard reading ‘Jesus will destroy the cross and follow the Quran’.

As at previous outings, members of MAC denounced ‘man-made law’ and called for the introduction of Shariah. Two or three men from the EDL turned up to voice their disapproval of MAC’s actions, whilst the doctrinaire Muslim mob received the sort of photographic attention that is normally reserved for the international catwalk, with photographers from the press and police surveillance snapping away with merry abandon. They must have felt flattered, for after all, these men cannot exactly be described as photogenic. If politics is rock and roll for ugly people, Islamist militancy is the X-Factor for ugly Muslims: “Look at me dad, I’m famous! Inshallah I’ll win me virgins! Good, innit?”

This protest rounded off a week during which Christine Tasin received a Facebook Fatwa in France, the Thilo Serrazin controversy raged in Germany and an Islamist suicide bomber brought death and mutilation to Vladikavkaz. As if this wasn’t bad enough, a Facebook campaign entitled ‘Wear a Hijab Day’ was launched by a Californian dhimmi.

Hat tip to Eeyore of the Vlad Tepes blog for posting the following footage. Photographs of the protest can be accessed at Demotix News.


  1. Just found you, bookmarked.
    It has also occured to me that Stockholme Syndrome is affecting whole nations.
    Is there a cure?

  2. ‘Jesus will destroy the cross and follow the Quran’.

    Nothing quaint about it. A clear sectarian attack on Christianity worldwide. They are of the opinion that Jesus, as presented by Christians, is a 'lie' and that Jesus (as they see him) will return to give Christians a very hard time.

    These guys are nut jobs but represent the noisy end of what Mohammedans believe in 'private' amongst themselves.

  3. Thanks for the link Trencherbone. Harbitude is an excellent concept. Readers, if you've not come across this term before, click on Trencherbone's link as his article is well worth reading.

  4. These loud-mouthed cretins blabber on about 'getting respect' whilst uttering all sorts of contrived inanities about being attacked left, right and centre (with 'nuclear bombs' did I hear???). I think they're getting just about as much respect as they'll ever deserve.

  5. Although Choudary's previous group were banned (Islam4uk)he's behind this new group I'm sure.Stockholm syndrome might be what's behind the PC attitude in Europe, that or insanity.

  6. Hello Defender. I think that only a dose of sanity will manage to release nations from the thrall of Stockholm Syndrome. Its primary roots lie in multiculturalism and politically correct thought, so it is these phenomena that must be removed first. Their main propagators are the educational system as well as the mainstream media and political parties. Trade unions are also completely infected with this mode of thought. We therefore need to make a political breakthrough in order to bring about this change. Recent developments in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany would appear to offer some hope and direction in this respect.

  7. Anonymous, I agree that there's nothing quaint about the intent of the brutes in the video and that all of their co-religionists subscribe to the belief that Christianity must be wiped away to be replaced by their 'true' faith. Still, let us laugh at these idiots whilst we still can, just as we laughed at Hitler.

  8. Jan, I think you're right about Choudary being behind Muslims Against Crusades. Each time the Government bans one of his groups it is simply reincarnated under a different name. As for the collective Stockholm Syndrome to which so many of our people seem to be prone, as I've outlined in my last reply, I think that it is a consequence of multiculturalism and politically correct 'thought' patterns rather than vice versa.

  9. Twit is demanding that we show Islam respect and they spread hatred towards us unimpeded by the law. FO you dirt bags.

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