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Monday, 27 February 2012

Review: ‘Proud and Prejudiced’, Channel 4 Dispatches

The publicity in advance of this documentary revealed that the makers of this programme had set out with the intent of portraying Sayful Islam’s Islamists and Tommy Robinson’s EDL as morally equivalent “extremists”, who both should be condemned for their “intolerance”. In this narrative expectation, we were not to be disappointed, although of course it was disingenuous of the Dispatches editorial team to portray the EDL as a “far-right threat” to be feared as much as England’s burgeoning Islamist movement. In the opinion of the author, the EDL represent a genuine grassroots working-class movement that has arisen to fill the vacuum created by mainstream politics’ unwillingness to address the real concerns that they articulate, albeit in a working-class idiom not as polished as that of the professional political class. In its treatment of the EDL, the Dispatches team on this occasion thus fell into the typical inverted snobbery characteristic of the mainstream media, treating EDL supporters contemptuously simply because of the manner of their speech. That said, this programme was in an altogether different class to Stacey Dooley’s ‘My Hometown Fanatics’ which covered much of the same ground in a more superficial manner last week.

Robinson (real name Stephen Lennon) may have commented at the latest EDL demo in Hyde on Saturday that the title of the programme could be interpreted as representing his “pride” and Sayful Islam’s “prejudice”, but Channel 4 would not concur, for “a plague on both your houses!” was its effective message, echoing the standard line now peddled by the anti-democratic leftist pressure group ‘Hope Not Hate’.

The documentary opened with Robinson driving through Luton town centre, noting how he used to walk through the area as a child, but could no longer do so for fear of being beaten up. Soon enough, Sayful Islam was spotted, and within a few moments he had strolled over to Robinson’s car for an ill-tempered verbal exchange which ended with Islam hitting Robinson in the face. Islam called Robinson “racist”, to which the latter retorted, “What race is Islam?”

Luton, intoned the narrator, has a population of circa 200,000, 15% of which is Muslim – five times the national average. Having set the demographic context the documentary moved on to the formation of the EDL in 2009 in response to a Muslim protest against a homecoming parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment in the March of that year. Throughout, the documentary tended to intercut interviews with Sayful Islam, formerly of ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ (now banned), and Tommy Robinson, giving their contrasting perspectives. However, Robinson tended to enjoy more of the limelight throughout.

Islam has five children and studied accountancy at local university, and worked for a time as a tax inspector: 
“We wanna shake the people and wake them up from their slumber. . . . The real heroes are people who have no homes, who have been raped, who have been violated.” 
And when we awake from our slumbers, what would he like to offer us? An Islamic state. In that case, please do not disturb my sleep.

He grew up in Bury Park and became a disciple of Omar Bakri, founder of the banned group Al-Muhajiroun. Sayful’s followers are banned from most local mosques. One of the fertiliser bomb plotters and the Stockholm suicide bomber came from Luton. He, like others of his ilk, claims that Shariah Law will deal with the problems of contemporary society, preventing drug problems, prostitution and promotion of homosexuality. He sees a society “full of sexual deviancy and every sin.”

Lennon too is married and has three children. The narrator stated that he had served time for assaulting an off-duty policeman during a domestic dispute, but provided no explanation as to what had happened. Why is he alarmed about Islamisation? “If this is happening now when 3% of the country’s population is Muslim, God help us if it gets to 20%!” In twenty years time, he fears that such an eventuality could unfold. As for Muslims being offended, he retorted “I’m offended when I see a woman in a burqa. . . . We’re offended on a daily basis.”

Returning to the genesis of the EDL, it was Muslim barracking of the Royal Anglian Regiment together with Muslims spitting in a soldier’s mother’s face that generated the anger that precipitated its formation. Robinson managed to gather together 200 people, mostly Luton football fans, to mount a protest calling for a ban on Islam’s group, with Robinson spending £400 getting a cameraman to film the protest. This resulted in him receiving a banning order from the town centre and an ensuing “summer of tension”. Two hooded men attacked a local mosque with firebombs. An imam – billed as a “moderate” -  opposed Sayful Islam, and claims that had Robinson stuck to attacking “Muslim extremism” he would not have a problem with that, but in his opinion he had now gone well beyond this and started attacking Islam as a religion. 

The EDL claims 100,000 supporters, and dozens of demos have been held since its inception. However, although the narrator claimed that many had turned violent, he did not explain the nature of the violence or indeed point out that on the majority of occasions when violence had flared, it had been instigated by UAF and most of those who turned out to be arrested were so-called ‘antifascists’. The shadowy world of the SWP-dominated self-styled ‘antifascist’ movement was not examined, which constituted a serious flaw in the documentary’s approach.

The documentary, as covered in the preview article and attendant clip a couple of days ago, then moved on to the ‘Luton in Harmony’ initiative, which has attempted to paper over the wide and deep cracks between the town’s Muslim population and the rest. Lennon stated: that living in harmony wasn’t a problem for “The Hindus, the Jews, the Sikhs, the gay community”, but only one “with the Muslims.”

Sayful Islam concurred that there was an absence of harmony in the town: 
“If you want to say Luton is in harmony, then why was the EDL born here?”
On the second anniversary of the EDL’s birth in 2011 Luton witnessed its largest EDL protest to date, and another one is planned for this year. As often on such occasions, UAF staged a counterdemonstration, which necessitated a massive police operation, with in excess of 1500 police being drafted in: “Luton was bracing itself for violence” intoned the narrator. Thankfully, the demonstration was remarkably peaceful. Only eight arrests were made throughout the £800,000 police operation.

That the EDL were having a political impact on the national stage appeared to be made clear by the fact that David Cameron chose to make a speech in Munich on the eve of the demonstration, stating that multiculturalism had failed (meaning nothing of the sort however, for his administration has continued to be a vigorous advocate of this policy). Lennon chose to disagree with Cameron, stating to the crowd:
“David Cameron is wrong, multiculturalism has worked. We live side by side as brothers and sisters.”
 However, he stated:
“Stop building mosques in our community, we’ve had enough of it!”
“Every single one of you is in the forefront of the struggle against militant Islam.”
It seems to me however that it is precisely multiculturalism that has failed, for it is this ideology that has allowed Islamisation to take root and flourish. Lennon, it would appear, is confusing multiculturalism with multiracialism. He has always strongly objected to allegations that the EDL are racist, and was at pains to rebut this on a number of occasions, contrary to UAF claims which cited comments made on the EDL’s Facebook page as evidence. As he pointed out, he and his organisation could not be responsible for every comment posted. He himself had joined the BNP for a year in 2004, but claimed that he failed to renew his membership because he objected to the way that they barred blacks not only from the party, but also from social activities. 

The rest of the documentary covered a number of other protests in 2011, including the EDL Tower Hamlets demo and a MAC demo at the American Embassy. Lennon was also shown being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in the wake of the Breivik atrocity, during which he acquitted himself well (click here for full video of the interview). Interestingly, the programme did not touch upon the EDL’s proposed collaboration with the British Freedom Party announced last November. Why was this not mentioned? Will Robinson eventually declare that he will join the BFP and perhaps stand as a parliamentary candidate? If so, the documentary gave no hint of this possibility. Is however, a credible new party about to emerge which will fully address the concerns of the EDL without being as narrowly focused as the BFP? This is a distinct possibility, as is discussed here.

Overall therefore, this was an interesting documentary that gave us a view into both the EDL and to a lesser extent the world of Sayful Islam’s Islamists (see ‘My Brother the Islamist’ for a better treatment of Islamism in England today). However, the documentary would have been greatly enhanced if it had set its subject matter against the backdrop of the real trends towards Islamisation in England today, and examined the concept of Islamisation. In all likelihood though, this would have necessitated a two-part documentary. Dispatches has produced a number of excellent documentaries on Islamist extremism in the past, but this one did not quite live up to those high standards. As such, it was something of a curate’s egg.

On Thursday evening Channel 4 will be screening a documentary entitled ‘Make Bradford British’. It used to be, but it is no longer. Rather like buses, it would seem that documentaries dealing with the problems posed by Islamisation (although not explicitly framed that way) come in threes, for in the past ten days we will have had two documentaries on Luton and one on Bradford. Does this tell us something significant about the public mood and the preoccupations of the mass media, or is it just coincidence?


  1. Media is trying to manipulate the mind of the masses and create emotions towards a group of individuals. This is a stepping stone ,just as how Hitler had the everyday german citizens support his ideas.

    1. Against whom? The English? I have certainly experienced my own personal share of overweening arrogance from certain Muslims who think that they belong to some sort of untouchable superior stratum of humanity, and could well imagine a significant element within their number eagerly murdering atheists such as myself with a zealous glint in their eyes. Whoever you are 'Anonymous', Islamist doctrine and its advocates are a real and growing problem in this country, and it is from amongst them that springs the most likely source of any Nazi-style politicide/genocide. I just want to live in peace, which can be guaranteed by their departure. If you are one of them, please depart to an Islamic state.

  2. just watched the prog,at the end of part three,the narrator entones "and will take it to the heart of muslim britain" muslim britain?
    what did he mean by that remark?...........

    1. Hello Anonymous Number 2 (can you anonymous people please choose some kind of name so that I can attempt to reply to your properly?), it's interesting that you picked up on that comment. "Muslim Britain" does have a very sinister ring, doesn't it? Tower Hamlets however, like a number of urban enclaves in England nowadays, is one of the Muslim colonies that constitute an inland archipelago of such Islamic territories.

  3. The Muslims are scum and have made my life hell!
    No wonder things like the EDL are getting more popular!
    British pride!
    what has happened to it?
    they are are massive drain on our government and are costing the british millions!
    my girlfriend works for NHS funding and 1/5th of the whole of Bury Lancashires budget is wased on these 2 muslim children that are very ill due to in breeding off to cusins!!! its a joke.
    they need to be sent back to where they orininaly ran from!!!

    thanks Mr Angry

    1. That's sad to hear. All of it. The strange thing is, I expect that you like me may have heard jokes made by Muslims about inbreeding amongst the English? Oh, the irony!

  4. multiculturalsm hasn't failed.
    notice how tommy robincon points out that hindus, sihks, jews etc. live in peace here and even successefuly integrate.
    it is only muslims that have failed or even actively opposed integration.

    1. I suspect that we must be defining "multiculturalism" in different ways. Without multiculturalism, there would be no threat from Islam in this country as we would simply eject anyone from a Muslim background who was causing trouble or threatening to do so. Islam in Britain, were the shackles of multiculturalist legislation and thought to be removed, would be nothing more than a paper tiger which we could deal with readily enough.

  5. "Is however, a credible new party about to emerge which will fully address the concerns of the EDL without being as narrowly focused as the BFP?"

    I'm on tenterhooks!

    George Whale
    British Freedom Party.

    1. Thank you George. Then again, the BFP itself may care to take on the recommendations and succeed. Mind you, I'd be equally sceptical of such a statement if I were in your position (and I'm sceptical enough in mine). Who knows?

  6. Well the view from the EDL forum is that although the programme was biased in the sense of trying to equate the EDL with violent Islam, the numbers joining since the programme was aired makes it a very successful show from the point of view of the EDL

    1. That's very interesting and heartening news QM. Did anyone within the EDL suggest that Dispatches ought to investigate UAF and its links with the SWP? It would be excellent to see such an exposé, as it's long overdue.

    2. The EDL e-campaign group have written to various media outlets about the UAF and it's band of outcasts, including todays announcement that thaey have taken on an Islamic extremist as their second in command...
      But so far without any degree of success.

    3. My God! The Islamo-Marxist axis has now become formalised and institutionalised. The Trots are insane.

  7. The one thing that programmes like this never explore is the deep and ingrained hostility of the Muslim 'community' towards its host country. Put quite simply, most of 'them' hate 'us' with a passion.

    "Multiculturalism hasn't failed". Nope, been roaring success if your birthplace could have been Islamabad, Mumbai, or Kingston,Jamaica. Less of an unalloyed boon to the rest of us, though.

    1. Yes, it has been rather popular with the colonisers; of that there can be no doubt.

  8. Sayful Islam concurred that there was an absence of harmony in the town:
    “If you want to say Luton is in harmony, then why was the EDL born here?”


  9. My name is Phil, sorry I picked anonymous, but at least you know my name. I would like to say thank you for a well written review of the documentary. I am a Athiest, and I have never met a muslim who has made me think "You are a nice person" NEVER! I really don't know what is going on in their mind, but they have had a hand reached out by their host country for so long, they just can't seem to shake off the qurans teachings of the infidel, which is the most disgusting REAL plague on society. I know for a fact (Like their religion) these disgusting teachings have been taught to them by their parents.

    Here is a little story: I was a friend with a muslim when I was a teen, he invited me into his home, as soon as I walked through the doors, he stopped me in the living room and said "Wait here" So I waited, not long after his mother walked into the living room, took one look at me and said "GET OUT, GET OUT NOW! THIS IS PAKISTANI HOME NOT ENGLISH HOME!" And then slammed the door behind me. My muslim friend came back out, and said "What did my mom say?" so I told him, and then he said "Sorry about that" I thought he was nice for saying that. A few months went by and I wanted to score some weed, I knew that the muslim friend could sell me some, so I phoned him, and he told me to meet him in this bed sit just down the road from where he lives. I met him there and my other friend came along with me. It was not too long until we thought something was odd about the room we were in, it looked like a tramps sleeping den and this kid about 17 years old was sitting on a mattress on the floor, with my muslim friend and his cousin sitting either side of him. I got my weed and started to sking up, when the 17 year old kid, said something like "Can anyone save me a bit on the spliff?" at which point both muslims started hitting him in the face, when they stopped hitting him (Me trying to hide my amazment to what had just happend) My muslim "friend" winked at me, as if it was all normal, as if what had just happened was just a daily thing...I made my excuses and got out of there. About 6 months later I met him again, and I was with my sister and my girlfriend, as I did not want them anywhere near this monster when he asked me "Come over here" (Where about 7 other members of his family were and about 5 gigging white girls in a dark allyway) I said "No" and carried on, he then said "Fuck you, I will fucking murder you and your brother" I just walked on and ignored him. It was a few days later that I learned that his other muslim cousin, had stabbed a kid in our town center by slicing his stomach open which the kid who was stabbed, brother was left to watch him die as his tried his best to keep his bowels inside his body.

    That is my story about my meetings with such disgusting people, I have never felt so sick, so helpless, so uneasy, so upset, than I have being around these people. I am sorry it is a long read...but this is what we are dealing with, people who are nice to your face to then one day stab you in the back, and they mistake lies for intelligence and respect for submission.

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Phil, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. I am so sorry to hear about your dreadful experiences, and the awful stabbing that you mention. I hope that the person who did this was caught and sentenced, and that at least you, your family and friends, are safe from this sort of thing these days. I am sure that in time, such acts will no longer either be tolerated or swept under the carpet, because people are not willing to put up with it any more.

      Although like you, I am an atheist, it seems clear to me that Islam teaches a radically different 'ethical' code to humanist atheism, Christianity or Buddhism, and that those who declare themselves to be Muslims, cannot be trusted.

    2. PHIL
      Yes that is true, out of all other religions, no matter how much I find them outragously false and silly, no one can beat the absolute subjection of islam. This is why you find pockets of once beautiful places in the UK full of muslims, because no one wants to live near them, they are best left to fight amongst themselves, which they do with just as equal passion. I think the media, say, 7 to 10 years ago, have given people a false view of real islam. I remember the documentaries all those years ago, trying to make out that the muslims were the oppressed people with a very "Poor me, why do people hate us" tone. I do not fool for these ploys anymore, they get taught by their parents to hate, which they in turn got from the prachings of the quran from their parents. The muslim parents, no doubt, told their children "White girls are whores" when they were growing up, in a attempt to bring them up to not intergrate with "White women" but instead (As you have seen in recent news) it was a failed attempt, not only will then gang rape "White women" but they are filled with the hate which their parents instilled into them, and treat these women nothing more than a bit of meat.

      Thank you for reading my story.

      I am fine, I am starting a business so life is good for me thanks.


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