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Saturday 18 February 2012

Liverpool’s IRA Jamboree called off

Northwest Infidels, Casuals and Combined Ex Forces
Although part of Liverpool’s population possesses strong links with Ireland, the idea of allowing the city to host an IRA march jars excessively, to put it mildly. Having got wind of the planned parade, a coalition of various nationalists, army veterans and casuals came together to bring about its cancellation in a vociferous protest (see video below). Even the Liverpool branch of UKIP issued an official statement condemning the planned Sinn Fein/IRA Parade, stating:
“The UK Independence Party, Liverpool branch, is dismayed by the decision by the Labour council to allow a parade through the streets of Liverpool, on 18th February, by militant Irish Republicans.

The prospect of seeing seven Irish Republican Flute Bands, and their supporters, walking the streets of this city is an affront to all decency, and all who love our country.

We do not accept that this parade is an acceptable expression of “Irish Culture”, and we call upon all peace-loving Irish people in Liverpool to disassociate from this outrage.”
One of the many atrocities perpetrated by the IRA in Britain occurred in Warrington in 1993, when two separate bombings left two people dead and a further 56 injured. It is this incident in particular that opponents of the IRA celebration were asked to remember today. It is indeed an affront for the Liverpool Labour Party to have given the seal of approval to this IRA event, in which it was planned to allow 7 or 8 Irish Republican bands to march through the city, followed by political speeches. Typically, the misnamed Liverpool ‘antifascists’ turned up to object to the protest against Irish Republican terror, but thankfully they were heavily outnumbered. The Casuals United blog reports that approximately 250 demonstrators took to the streets and successfully managed to prevent the IRA celebration from taking place. The report states:
Over 250 Patriots are there now, many British Legion and ex Army are there also. Some Warrington people who haven’t forgotten the bomb that killed their children. Police have been told they will not allow the IRA to march and if they attempt to there is going to be trouble. Hopefully they will prevent the march happening as nobody wants a riot to occur. In two separate incidents Commies and Anarchists carrying flags of support for the IRA have been badly attacked by unknown persons and some arrests have been made.
A later update reported rumours that a number of coaches carrying the marching bands had been trashed. Corroboration has yet to be forthcoming. 

Northwest Infidels
Coming as it does hot on the heels of Florence Anderson’s call for the IRA to bomb the annual Conservative Party Conference, shouldn’t the police be considering what to do about the potential ‘extremist’ threat emanating from within the Labour Party and the SWP, rather than taking a swipe at patriots within the EDL and various nationalist groups and parties? The Labour Party has long been a home to IRA sympathisers, and the SWP has shown unwavering support for Irish Republican terror. At least for those who got to hear about these events in Liverpool today, it should now be clear that the so-called ‘antifascists’ are nothing of the sort: they are in reality dangerous anti-British and anti-English militants. 


  1. The tyranny grows apace.

  2. Looks like the anti-IRA feelings are still strong. I think I was staying at a Liverpool airport hotel in '93. Can't remember how scared I was, then, but I'm quite sure that was the feeling I was experiencing.

  3. This is sick not just Raw, who even thought this would be acceptable on English Soil, I'm glad that people power stopped this, the people responsible for giving this a green light should be tried for Treason!


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