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Tuesday 7 February 2012

RUSI Report on Somalia

One quarter of foreign fighters in Somalia - some 50 - are according to the BBC said to be 'British' (i.e. they hold UK passports; in reality they will be ethnic Somalis or Muslims of other non-indigenous ethnic stock). The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) warns that this number is set to increase as those convicted for Islamist terror-related offences in recent years are released in the near future. This fact serves to underscore the predominantly negative impact of the settlement of Somalis in Britain in cities such as Sheffield and Bristol. How many of these violent Islamists will return to Britain and participate in plots to undermine our peace and security? These potential 'lone wolves' constitute a real extremist threat to our country, not the phantom 'far right' as the BBC would have you believe

Nonetheless, the RUSI report dutifully contained, to the delight of the BBC, an obligatory politically correct counterfactual statement complaining that the Government's anti-radicalisation strategy "only pays lip service to the threat from extreme far-right terrorism". Moreover, the BBC notes that "The committee cited the growth of far-right groups with links to similar organisations in Europe" as evidence of this 'threat'. As I wrote yesterday, such statements are unadulterated malicious fiction: there is no 'far-right terrorism'. The reality is that the forces of the so-called 'far right' currently embody the only emergent ideology which clearly opposes globalisation and the powerful economic elites that favour and further this anti-democratic process. Why are we who oppose transnational debt slavery 'extremists'? We wish harm to no-one. It is not nationalists who have pushed for wars against Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, but globalists and our so-called 'moderate' Westminster politicians who figure amongst their number. Nationalists desire peace and national security, not war. 

Given that our Government and Civil Service are such fervent advocates of globalisation, it is no wonder that they and their think tanks seek to deploy every technique of black propaganda at their disposal to undermine the reputations of nationalists and patriots, invoking the canard of 'far-right violence' and 'terrorism'. The statement of a Home Office spokesman that "National security is the first duty of any government" thus has a very hollow ring, for there are no greater threats to our national wellbeing and survival than our very own globalist politicians and policy mandarins within the senior Civil Service. RUSI constitutes part of this official propagandist apparatus, but there are certain to be people within the Institute who are acutely aware of the reality that they are obliged to blot out with their pro-globalist spin.

Abu Qatada will surely look upon this situation, as well as the absurdities of the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights, with some satisfaction.


  1. BBC's blatent agitprop

    The Home Affairs Committee have just published a report on tackling violent extremism. "Roots of Radicalism" is published on the Parliamentary website, and presumably news organisations were given advance access to the embargoed version to allow them to craft suitably considered articles. The majority of the MSM, even the Guardian, correctly introduce the report as being primarily concerned with Islamic extremism. A rough reading suggests that some 98% of the report is about Islamic extremism. So how do you imagine the BBC reports the publication on its website? Correct. "MPs fear far right terror threat". As a distortion of the truth, it's up there with "WWII bomber found on Moon" and "Freddie Starr ate my hamster".


    UK threat from left wing terrorists

    Europol predict an increasing threat to the UK from left wing and anarchist terrorism. In their most recent analysis of terrorist threats throughout Europe, analysing attacks and terrorist activity in 2010, red terrorists were responsible for some 45 attacks resulting in six fatalities, including a Greek police officer. The same report shows zero activity for right wing terrorists in Europe during the same period.

  2. DP111, thanks for the links. I will take a look at them. The BBC never fails to astonish us, does it? That's just remarkable! Well, I await their story that Elvis married a sprout and is alive and well on a moon of the planet Kepler 22b, which just happens to be in the constellation of Cygnus.

    Of course, you do rightly note the threat of violence from extreme Leftists, which strangely the BBC never likes to mention.


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