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Friday 23 July 2010

Review Article: ‘A New Inquisition: religious persecution in Britain today’, Jon Gower Davies, Civitas, London, 2010.

The writing of this slim volume was prompted by the trial of Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, two Liverpool hoteliers who although exonerated of the charge brought against them by a malign Muslim convert, had their business ruined and their lives turned upside down. The zeal with which the case was taken up and prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is illustrative not only of the British state’s desire to generate and prosecute thought criminals, but also of its abandonment of any pretext of treating its citizens as equal before the law. Some citizens - Muslim ones in particular - have become more equal than others.

Davies, a retired senior academic from the University of Newcastle, uses the misfortunes of the Vogelenzangs to highlight how the official writ of multiculturalism has come to pervert our justice system and to undermine the traditional free and easy public discussion of religion and irreligion. Where once lively debate and scurrilous humour were the rule, now a cold deadening silence and sense of unease has descended thanks to the combined impact of a new category of religious ‘hate’ crimes created by the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act; the ‘Religious Hatred’ section of the 2001 Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act, and a vociferous and threatening Muslim lobby. People have become apprehensive about debating or poking fun at one particular religion – Islam – both because of the special legal status that it and its followers have been accorded, and because of the willingness of a significant minority of Muslims to either threaten critics with violence or bring the force of ‘hate’ legislation to bear upon freethinkers and the followers of other religions.

Who would have thought only 30 or 40 years ago that it would have been possible for the Vogelenzangs to have suffered as they did (and still do) simply because they ventured to hold a conversation with a Muslim guest in which the latter claimed to have been ‘offended’ by what they said? Much of the Vogelenzangs’ business was provided by offering accommodation to a local hospital, and once the case had been brought the latter promptly cancelled its block bookings at the Bounty House Hotel. The merest hint of the hoteliers being associated with a ‘hate’ crime was sufficient for them to be punished, and for a primary source of their livelihood to vanish. To compound their hurt, the Vogelenzangs received hate mail and were pilloried by some commentators in the national press as Christian ‘nutters’. This was of course, completely unfair and unwarrented.

Davies himself draws attention to the testimony of another Muslim guest – a doctor – who unlike the zealous and brittle convert Mrs Tazi was able to see the Vogelenzangs for what they are: fundamentally decent people. Davies quotes the nameless doctor (his request for anonymity is in itself a sad indictment of our absence of freedom owing to fear of attack from Islamists and the politically correct establishment) as saying:
I am a Muslim and I know they are devout Christians but . . . I have never found them to be at all judgemental. They were as friendly with me as with any other guest. (Quoted in Davies, 2010: p. 17).
So, why were they brought to trial?

The answer to this last question lies in the corrosive influence of the Macpherson Report which has destroyed the notion of impartial justice, freedom of thought and expression and thereby liberty itself. The Vogelenzangs, concludes Davies, are victims of the UK’s equivalent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, a politically correct revolution in which transgressors of the diversity code must be prosecuted and made public examples of. Its differential application means that white Britons such are prosecuted for ‘hate’ crimes upon the flimsiest of grounds, whereas a Muslim is able to say the most inflammatory things in public before an audience whilst the police stand idly by, as in the case of one individual addressing a Muslim mob when Geert Wilders visited Parliament for a screening of Fitna:
The punishment in Islam for insulting the prophet is capital punishment. . . He [Wilders] should take a lesson from Theo van Gogh who took the punishment. . . We are here to teach this dog a lesson. (Quoted in Davies, 2010: p. 20).
To me, this sounds like an incitement to murder.

Another reason underpinning the differential application of the law and the manufacture of ‘hate’ crimes is the fact that the CPS sets itself a target of increasing the number of such crimes that it brings to court. Furthermore, the legal establishment is compromised by the existence of specific ethnic and confessional lobby groups which undermine its neutrality. Thus we have the National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA) and the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) which pursue sectarian agendas specifically aimed at undermining the commonweal and at furthering the ‘interests’ of legally privileged minorities (i.e. those designated as collective ethnic and religious victims).

Davies’s short book is refreshing in its objective and analytical approach to the problems generated by the manufacture of a new category of ‘hate’ crime – religious ‘hate’ crime – which is a symptom of the irrational thought that lies at the heart of policy making and the political and media establishments in the UK today. Sadly, owing to the ascendancy of the Cameroons and their coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats, we are unlikely to see either the repeal of such laws or the removal of the deeply flawed thinking which has underpinned their development and introduction. ‘A New Inquisition: religious persecution in Britain today’ can be purchased from Civitas at

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Muslim Defence League confront EDL

What follows is video footage of the uneven encounter last Saturday between an isolated small group of EDL supporters and the MDL accompanied by members of the local Muslim population of Dudley. As you can see, the police attempted to keep the two apart. If the MDL had broken through the police line the EDL would have been in serious trouble. For some context see previous articles and a recent post at Atlas Shrugs for in-depth eyewitness accounts.

Monday 19 July 2010

Underhand Police Tactics at Dudley EDL Protest?

New eyewitness reports from last Saturday’s posted at the Atlas Shrugs blog provide more insight into what occurred and reveal a situation in which it appears that the police deliberately sought to break up the mass of EDL demonstrators by preventing a number of coaches from reaching the rendezvous point. Furthermore, at least one of these coaches and its passengers was sent to an area where circa 200 Muslims lay in wait. Subsequently, a small group of EDL men were set upon. This is alarming enough, but the fact that they are reported to have had wives, girlfriends and children with them makes this police redirection of the coach reckless at best.

Another eyewitness account published at Atlas Shrugs discusses an unprovoked police baton attack upon a protestor which left him with a head wound. Also, rather sinisterly, the riot police penning in the main body of EDL demonstrators were said not to have been wearing identification numbers. Similar tactics are said to have been employed in the Miners’ Strike back in the 80s.

This provides some context for the later anger of the protestors and their breakout from the compound. Atlas has suggested that these reports are indicative of a deliberate police effort to manufacture a situation in which the EDL could be readily and brutally dealt with whilst simultaneously portraying it as an aggressive force. Our new masters in Whitehall have already made their thoughts on Islam and the EDL abundantly clear: Islam good; EDL bad, therefore they will be looking for ways of stigmatising and banning the EDL. We need to ensure that an alternative narrative to that provided by the authorities and the official media is preserved. If any EDL members who were present in Dudley on Saturday wish to leave their accounts of the day in the comments section, please do so as they’d be welcome.

Sunday 18 July 2010

Grenoble Riots: Street Jihad?

Friday night bore witness to rioting in the French city of Grenoble, where Muslim ‘youths’ torched cars and shot at the police. It is also reported that the following night also witnessed unrest. The death of the armed robber Karim Boudoudha in a gun battle with the police 24 hours earlier served as the catalyst for the violence. His unknown accomplice in the robbery of the Uriage-les-Bains casino escaped with more than 20,000 euros. Boudoudha was no innocent, having received three previous convictions for armed robbery, and yet certain elements within Grenoble’s young Muslim population appear to have regarded him as some sort of hero and thus decided to go on the rampage in a petulant display of anger with the French authorities.

Grenoble residents therefore had to suffer as dozens of cars were torched and the sound of unrest filled the night air as an armed mob roamed the city, shooting at the police and threatening members of the public. It is reported that a tram was held up in the city’s Villeneuve district and its passengers forced to disembark by a mob of 30 carrying baseball bats and iron bars. Two men have been arrested.

Video Footage of Grenoble Riots

In general, mainstream reporting of the event has not focused upon the obvious Islamic aspect of this unrest, but has instead deployed the standard narrative of this being a product of socio-economic deprivation and referring to its perpetrators simply as ‘youths’. Although one expects this sort of approach from the BBC which strenuously seeks to avoid mention of Islam if at all possible when reporting such matters, even the Daily Telegraph employs this approach in this instance:
These high-rise neighbourhoods, built in the 1950s and 1960s to house a growing population of industrial workers and immigrants, have become near-ghettos where unemployment is high, public services are poor, and resentment boils.
During the 2005 riots, some 300 buildings and 10,000 cars were burned, while 130 police and rioters were hurt. Since then, unrest has flared often after residents have run ins with the police.
Police and government officials have a lingering fear that the poor suburbs could explode again because the underlying causes – high unemployment, few opportunities, drug trafficking and a sense of exclusion from society – have changed little.
Police unions have raised concerns about a rise in violent crime spurred by the recession and a resurgence of drug trafficking in some areas.
The Telegraph avoids mentioning the faith background of the perpetrators and their ethnicity, but the people conducting this violence, as everyone knows, are not French ‘youths’: they are Muslim immigrants or those descended from the Muslim immigrant population. It is probable that this outburst of violence in Grenoble was also a sign of discontent connected to the National Assembly’s decision this week to ban various types of Islamic veil such as the burqa and niqab, but we won’t see mainstream media outlets joining the dots to reveal an all-too apparent and obvious picture of seething Islamist resentment in France.

Prior to Nicolas Sarkozy’s election as President, many amongst the French electorate had been given the impression that he would deal with such rioters in a suitably condign fashion, having referred to those who participated in the 2005 riots as “canailles” and “racailles”, but he has not. Moreover, he has shown considerable accommodation towards Islam, which is not something that ordinary French voters would desire, particularly those who have the misfortune to live cheek by jowl with Muslim populations.

As in the UK, the French mass media is predisposed towards citing “socio-economic” causative factors for such violence, mistakenly attributing it to relative economic deprivation and ‘racism’. However, only a certain type of youthful malcontent is prone towards such wanton acts of hatred and destruction: the doctrinaire Muslim male. The roots of this violence are ideological, and the only effective way in which it can be prevented is through removing an ideology which commands its adherents to look upon all non-adherents as innately inferior.

When resident in a non-Muslim majority society, the doctrinaire Muslim male looks around himself and thinks not only that he is superior, but also that it is his divinely ordained duty to lord it over the kuffar. It is felt to be his ‘duty’ to use any means necessary to either change that society so that it conforms to his ideology, or to physically attack it and its symbols should its people refuse to submit. This latter course of action is only undertaken once a critical demographic mass has been reached so that there is a secure and supportive Islamic refuge out of which such people can operate. That threshold has now been reached in France.

There is no positive connection between the host society and the doctrinaire Muslim population, for the latter exists within the former as a parasite, drawing economic sustenance from the wider society and weakening its vitality and ability to resist. Although I will not be popular with mainstream opinion for choosing to characterise the problem of Islamisation in a metaphorical manner that in a bygone age would have been non-contentious, it is appropriate to treat it as an infection of the body politic of the host society. The bearers and replicators of the lethal virus (those who embody and propagate its meme-complex – doctrinaire Muslims) need to be either rendered harmless through apostasy/conversion or removed to return the societal body to a state of normalcy and health. At best, our mainstream politicians seek to administer palliative care to the patient, and thus seek to provide society with anodynes such as banning veils and minarets, which although dealing with some of the external symptoms of Islamisation, allow the virus to rage unchecked and grow stronger.

Geert Wilders is the only ‘doctor’ to have diagnosed the cure for the ailing patients of Europe: a purging of the body politic from doctrinaire Islam and establishing a cordon sanitaire to prevent further infection. I hope that France is not beset by further violence, and that her politicians finally face up to the task of confronting Islamisation head-on, for anything less is a betrayal of the French people. Vive la France!

Saturday 17 July 2010

EDL Arrests in Dudley Protest

According to Sky News, twenty people have been arrest at today’s EDL demo in Dudley. It stated:

Members of the 500-strong demo reportedly threw cans and bricks at officers. 
Part of the town had already been sealed off ahead of the demonstration, that was due to take place on the same day as a Unite Against Fascism rally.
Sky correspondent Darren Little said trouble erupted after when EDL members tore down metal barriers.
However, ITN has reported that the number of EDL members arrested stands at twelve. It is possible that members of UAF or the newly formed Muslim Defence League were also arrested, as they were present to confront the EDL and many UAF supporters have been arrested for violent offences at other demonstrations. We shall have to await further details before drawing any firm conclusions.

Any violence is regrettable, and anyone deliberately committing violent offences should suffer the consequences. The EDL in turn has criticised the police for not allowing the demonstrators to march through Dudley as they did in Newcastle recently, which is reported to have passed off peacefully. However, an EDL eyewitness account recently posted at the Gates of Vienna blog states that the incident in which six demonstrators were knocked over by a car appears to have arisen as a consequence of a number of EDL members throwing bricks at cars, and drivers understandably panicking. This is a tragic incident which highlights the need for all involved in these demonstrations not to engage in mindless behaviour such as this.

Naturally I feel sympathy for the shopkeepers in the area who felt that they were unable to trade today as well as for Dudley residents who now have another costly policing bill to foot. However, it is the negligence of our political leaders and their unwillingness to recognise let alone tackle the problem of Islamisation that has led to this situation. I hope to see the day when it is no longer necessary for people in the UK to demonstrate against Islamism because the authorities will finally have realised that their job is to look after their citizens instead of pandering to the wishes of those who wish to destroy our liberties and way of life by using our indulgence and tolerance against us. Our country has never been part of the Muslim world, and never will be. Any attempt to force Islam upon us is an act of aggression and should be treated as such.

Injured EDL Demonstrator 

Videos from Today's EDL Dudley Demonstration

Video footage from today's EDL demo in Dudley has now been posted. As can be seen from the first instalment below, it would seem that demonstrators were initially penned in by metal fencing.

The subsequent two videos indicate that the main body of the EDL demonstration continued to be confined in this penned area. Numbers are lower than at previous demonstrations, but there were EDL Facebook reports claiming that some coaches full of supporters were being prevented from reaching their destination. As can be seen, there is no sign of violence in any of the videos posted here. However, that is not the case in a series of excellent photographs taken by Jonathan Walker. These feature both EDL supporters and local Muslim counter-demonstrators. As can be seen, there is one individual with the EDL crowd who deserves a stiff sentence for throwing a section of drainpipe at the police. Resident young Muslims can also be seen squaring up to the police. Such 'youths' are not a problem for Dudley alone however, for they went on the rampage in Grenoble on Friday and Saturday night.

EDL under attack in Dudley?

According to a recent Tweet from the EDL Facebook page and other reports republished at the Gates of Vienna blog, things appear to have turned very nasty in Dudley today. The picture is fragmentary but the EDL claim to have come under attack from the police as well as Muslim gangs:
EDL Media EDL being subjected to assualts by the police, Injuries have been caused and there is rioting in Dudley...gangs of Muslims attacking people...MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING ANY OF THESE EVENTS...
A flavour of the reports at the Gates of Vienna can be gleaned from the following:
Source 1 again: Eight coaches didn’t get through — riots taking off. Demonstrators are throwing iron fences at the police. [Source is] safe on the coach watching events — riot police. People are walking past covered in blood. I wouldn’t be surprised if our first casualty comes from today. Police split the EDL into groups all over the town, and Muslims hunting in packs.
The most recent reports hint that the violence is even worse than initially anticipated. EDL media report:
We have eye witness accounts coming in of Muslims using cars to drive down English protesters in Dudley. One report of incident where 4 people that were driven into left them seriously injured and one woman dead. We are waiting for confirmation of this incident and an air ambulance has landed to assist the injured.
EDL coach driver has been attacked with a machette.. will keep updating .. also can everyone post as much infomation as you get it
As expected, today's demo in Dudley saw the first outing for the Muslim Defence League (MDL) and perhaps something of the nature of the police operation can be gleaned from this comment by an MDL member left on their Facebook page:

Shakira Isit Everyone thank west midlands police for way they handled the dudley protest.
The MDL is also claiming that a Hindu temple has come under attack. Hopefully, this is just a rumour. Unsurprisingly perhaps, I have not been able to locate any report of today's events in Dudley on the BBC website. Further news and hopefully footage will be posted as it becomes available.

What is clear is that if the process of Islamisation is not halted and thrown into reverse in the years ahead we will see an escalation of what is currently emerging as a low-level civil conflict. Our politicians need to wake up and act now, rather than continue to stumble towards disaster steadfastly refusing to remove their multiculturalist politically correct blinkers. If they do not, then something akin to the scenario depicted in the video below could be our unwished for fate within the next twenty years or so:

Friday 16 July 2010

The Muslim Defence League: the Birth of Leftist/Islamist Squadrismo

A neglected garden soon yields itself to vigorous weeds, and that good fruit which we might have hoped to harvest and savour is strangled by creepers and couch. Thus it is with our society today, for our Government has neglected to devote itself to the cultivation and preservation of our sweet and fragile liberties, and through inattention has allowed them to be overshadowed by a more vigorous, robust and demanding growth, which has caused them to shrink for want of light. Islam is the ideological equivalent of Japanese knotweed: invasive, fast growing, difficult to control and prone to crowd out the natives. Alas, unlike Japanese knotweed, the Government does not recognise that Islam too needs to be strictly controlled and eradicated from our islands.

In recent months we have seen the proliferation of Islamist groupings in the UK: Shariah4UK; Muslims against the Crusades and Ummah Rise. Now we witness the birth of something new and potentially much larger named the Muslim Defence League (MDL), presumably in anti-homage to the English Defence League. The MDL has provided a formal opportunity for leftist Islamist collaborators to link with the Islamists in an anti-English axis. That such a crystallisation of these disparate forces united by their hatred of Western liberties should occur comes as no surprise, for the two have long been working together, their alliance having been cemented by the creation of the EDL in 2009. The most striking demonstration of this convergence and the morphing of the UAF into an Islamist vehicle was provided by the joining of a UAF contingent chanting “Allahu akbar” with Muslims against the Crusades demonstrating against the One Law for All protest in Whitehall last month.

Presumably, we are likely to see the MDL take to the streets in an attempt to attack the EDL. At the time of writing, its Facebook group was listed as having 1,392 members. An EDL member had earlier managed to successfully hack into the site and delete links with many supporters, so this number is likely to rise significantly in the near future. The EDL will be protesting in Dudley again tomorrow – Saturday 17 July 2010 – so I anticipate that this will give us our first initial sight of the MDL.

The lines have been drawn and the opposing parties are forming up. Our politicians still refuse to recognise the problem of Islamisation and are actually contributing to its furtherance. It is therefore very much in the hands of ordinary people to express their opposition to this process, and at the moment we have the EDL, SIOE and the One Law for All campaign all giving voice to a variety of concerns connected to Islamisation. Hopefully these positive forces should soon be supplemented by whatever national sub-division emerges from Geert Wilders’s multinational anti-Islamist coalition. As can be seen from examples of the MDL’s imagery below, together with the name of “Chechnyan Wolf” (a British Beslan anyone?), we can quite safely conclude that it is not intended to be a peaceable organisation. We should therefore expect it to behave in the manner of a band of squadristi. I fear that tomorrow we will witness the MDL venting its rage upon the police. All being well, its members will not manage to break through and clash with the EDL.

Geert Wilders announces International Freedom Alliance

Geert Wilders has announced that he will be launching a new international organisation to fight Islamisation named the International Freedom Alliance in the UK, Canada, France, Germany and the USA. Sky News reports Wilders as announcing to the Dutch parliament that "The message: 'Stop Islam, defend freedom', is a message that's not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world."

Wilders has once again demonstrated his integrity and willingness to stand up to Islamisation whilst most politicians are too spineless to even name the process let alone stand up against it. He has my full support in this endeavour which I hope will be a great success across the five nations in which it initially launches. Wilders is correct in his analysis and millions of us know it to be true and support him. Geert, you are the Free World’s hope, and we know that you will be true to the cause.

Reporting of Wilders’s bold and necessary initiative has typically been couched in the deliberately misleading and stigmatising language that one has come to expect as routine from the mass media: Sky described him as “far-right”, whereas the Daily Mail this time settled for a mere “controversial”. The comments beneath the article in the Mail demonstrate that he has hit a chord with readers of the paper. Prepare to stand with Geert when the International Freedom Alliance is launched. In the interview below he expands on his thinking underlying his decision to create the IFA. Count me in!

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Veil Ban passes first Stage in French National Assembly

Today the French National Assembly took a step towards outlawing the burqa, niqab and other Islamic face coverings. A total or 335 deputies cast their votes in favour of the bill with only one voting against. However, there is a further hurdle to leap before it becomes ratified and enters into French law, for it must also be approved by the French Senate where it will be discussed in September.

This is a positive move towards making illegal one of the most overt manifestations of militant Islam in France. As we all know, many women wear such coverings owing to their fanatical commitment to Islamism, whereas those who are compelled to wear such garb by their brutish menfolk will now find that the law comes to their aid by imposing a suitable punishment upon the latter. It seems fitting to me that the French are seeking to impose the rather modest penalties of a 150 euro fine for any woman caught breaking the proposed law, whereas any Muslim husband compelling his wife to wear a burqa can look forward to a 30,000 euro fine and one-year gaol term. Personally, I’d make such crimes punishable by state sequestration and liquidation of all familial assets followed by the deportation of all members of the family concerned.

Naturally, in its radio reporting of this positive move the BBC has exhibited a somewhat muted and crestfallen mood, and I fully expect that in the BBC’s future references to the ersatz conception of British nationality that it espouses it will feature the championing of the ‘right’ to wear Islamo-fascist uniform as a defining trait of contemporary ‘Britishness’ (I’m already feeling sick just contemplating that hoity-toity patronising English hater Sarah Montague enunciating this on the Today Programme).

Getting rid of these most overt displays of Islamist allegiance is a symbolic first step, but only once the French have outlawed the proselytisation of Islam and the immigration of Muslims will the liberty of French citizens and their way of life be guaranteed. Tomorrow is Bastille Day, so we shall see how opponents of this measure respond.

Not a French Woman, but a hostile Colonist

A real French Woman (Ooh la la!)

Monday 12 July 2010

Muslim Child Abuse: English Boy Converts on Camera for Islam Channel

Hat tip to Holger Danske for posting the following video which will turn your stomach. The man in the glasses should be thrown out of our country for good. Getting this English boy to recite the Shahada is a deliberately malicious act tantamount to child abuse. Does the boy know that he will now face the death penalty if he ever tries to renounce Islam?

SIOA: Cab Campaign against Islamic ‘Honour’ Violence

Stop the Islamization of America have just started a campaign to raise people’s awareness of Islamic honour killings by running ads on Chicago taxis. Each ad features a picture of a young woman who was murdered by her family for ‘offending’ the Muslim concept of honour. As well as raising people’s awareness of the tragic deaths of these young women and of the fundamental Muslim misogyny which leads to such murders, the ads also publicise a website named which seeks to offer support to people seeking to escape from the religion. A separate campaign will start shortly in another American city, this time using buses, which will focus on promoting this website.

Unlike the recent risible Inspired by Muhammad Campaign which sought to gull the British public with lies about Islam, SIOA are doing excellent work in promoting a true understanding of Islam and helping people to escape from it. The hatred of women that lies at the heart of Islam is truly bloodcurdling. Pamela Geller notes on her Atlas Shrugs blog that 91% of honour killings across the globe are committed by Muslims, and that 84% of such crimes recorded in the US were also carried out by Muslims. As in the recent Apero geant protest in Paris, these two campaigns in the US represent innovative and, in my opinion, effective ways of helping to spread the anti-Islamisation message. It would be excellent if we could see similar campaigns run here in the UK, but given the religious persuasion of many of our taxi drivers and our so-called religious ‘hatred’ legislation, it would run the risk of starting a riot if those who sought to run such a campaign managed to escape prosecution for ‘incitement to religious hatred.’ Still, I shall follow the results of SIOA’s campaigns with interest. Good luck! For more pictures visit Atlas Shrugs and SIOA.

Sunday 11 July 2010

Ummah Rise Video Footage: Cardiff Demonstration 10 July 2010

The team from the Green Arrow must be congratulated for producing the following excellent video report on yesterday’s Ummah Rise demonstration in Cardiff. To date, this is the only footage that appears to have emerged, and I urge you to view the report in full.

As expected, the numbers turning up for the demonstration were not large, with the group numbering circa 30 demonstrators, most of whom were men. If we assume that the burqa-clad figures were female, then five women appear to have been present. A small police presence was in evidence and a dishevelled trio from the Socialist Workers’ Party also turned up to show their ‘solidarity’ with Ummah Rise (although I’m sure that the latter would gladly have these SWP members stoned if they were ever in a position to implement Shariah). There were no counter-demonstrators from the WDL or any other organisation.

The messages displayed and broadcast by the demonstrators were the standard fare of Islamists across Europe. They came well provisioned with posters and banners upon which the following slogans were emblazoned:
· Belgium go to Hell

· France go to Hell

· The hour will not be established until a group of Muslims conquer Rome

· Niqab today, Quran tomorrow

· Hands off Muslims

· Islam is the answer. Democracy is the cancer

· Democracy = Hypocrisy

· Shariah 4 Europe

· European Union Satanic Union

· Man-made law go to Hell
These splenetic slogans were accompanied by ill-tempered energetic ranting and chanting of Allahu akbar and the Shahada. One chant was “UK watch your backs!” which one assumes means that we are being threatened with violence. Another, which was enthusiastically belted out, was “Shariah for UK!” The ranter in chief yelled out “We’ve had enough of the crusades in Muslim lands!” and sundry other bits and pieces claiming that our troops are committing massacres and raping their way through the populations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Such statements will doubtless be grist to the mill of the Islamists’ leftist apologists who will claim that all of this ‘radicalism’ is merely a by-product of our “aggressive foreign policy”. Of course, it is nothing of the sort, and the demonstrators made this amply clear in their slogans, their speeches and their mode of dress. Quite simply, they believe that Islam is superior to all other systems of belief and should be advanced via any means necessary, including violence. The small band of protesters which comprised Ummah Rise were not there to campaign for their rights in the UK and the EU more widely, but to declare their belief that the UK, the EU and the world should submit to Shariah and a global caliphate. As one of their own banners clearly stated “Democracy = Hypocrisy”, and in exercising their right to demonstrate yesterday, they revealed their hypocrisy in using democracy to call for the latter’s destruction.

Five Years on from 7/7 Beeston’s Islamist Threat Remains

Last week bore witness to the fifth anniversary of the Islamist suicide attacks upon the London transport network in which 52 people were killed and hundreds maimed and wounded. Strangely, just as with 9/11, you will come across some Muslims who claim that this attack was not carried out by the bombers, even though Shehzad Tanweer recorded a ‘martyrdom’ (sic) video and he along his co-conspirators – Hasib Hussain, Mohammad Sidique Khan and Jermaine Lindsay - blew himself to pieces in London that day. For some Muslims, 7/7 has been deemed a “false-flag” operation. This view is of course the product of a paranoid conspiratorial mindset in which doctrinaire Muslims’ favourite bogey – the Jews – had a hand. Peculiarly, this perspective is most frequently encountered amongst Muslims who possess the most fervent desire to see indiscriminate bloody violence wreaked upon the kuffar.

Until this morning, I had not noticed a piece that appeared in the London Evening Standard last week entitled ‘Anger still felt among our young Muslim men’. This report dealt with current attitudes in the Beeston area of Leeds, which possessed an intimate link with the 7/7 attacks and still possesses a (growing) Muslim population. Kiran Randhawa (interestingly, her surname means “battle leader”) afforded a certain Muslim community leader (hey, don’t these people have local councils like everyone else in the UK, or is it just that they prefer to possess a parallel tribalist apparatus of social governance and control?) named Akhlaq Mir an opportunity to voice ‘community’ grievances. He stated:
There are still feelings there that triggered the bombings. As far as the Muslim youth are concerned, our soldiers are out in Afghanistan killing people every day and they are angry and they are frustrated.
Unsurprisingly, he and two other men – the Imam Kasim Nasir and Muslim youth worker Fahad Khan – sought to use this assertion as a basis for seeking to leverage money and resources from the Government. We all know that the sole reason underpinning the actions of the 7/7 bombers was an adherence to doctrinaire Islam. That’s it. There’s nothing more to it. The men who carried out these bombings were ideologically motivated. They alone were responsible for their own actions. However Mir, who is chairman of an education centre in north Leeds, isn’t having any of this:
We try to educate them, we tell them what Islam says. But the fear is always there that some of them will follow a path that they shouldn't. The Government needs to do more, to provide projects like ours with funding and also give some of these young people a voice, so they can vent their anger and feel like they are being listened to without resorting to violence.
Give them a voice? What does he mean? We have elections in this country. People have the right to demonstrate and to debate using the spoken and written word. Constituents can write to their MP or local councillor if they wish to raise certain issues. They can write to the press or blog. If they don’t like this way of life then fine: nobody is compelling them to stay here. There are plenty of countries which have Shariah. Should they not consider setting up home in one of those, such as the one from which their family originated for example?

What Randhawa’s article shows is the fact that significant numbers of Muslims in Leeds (and elsewhere) are temperamentally predisposed towards attacking non-Muslim British citizens. This identification of we non-Muslims as “the enemy” arises directly from their reading of the Qur’an, for that book tells them to dominate all non-Muslims using whatever means necessary. Furthermore, it also demonstrates that influential so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims are willing to use this fact as a cynical ploy to bid for funds for their own pet projects at a time when core public services are being cut and taxes increased for all of us. Two words spring to mind which seem to aptly summarise their approach in this game: blackmail and intimidation. The way to prevent future suicide bombings is to remove their cause: Islam. How about funding projects aimed at mass apostasy amongst the Muslim population? Now, that’s what I’d call a worthwhile and productive approach.

Saturday 10 July 2010

The BBC's Perspective on ‘Ummah Rise’

The BBC has decided to provide some advance coverage of the Ummah Rise demonstration in Cardiff this afternoon. Unsurprisingly, its take on this demonstration is markedly different in tone from that which it adopts whenever it is writing or broadcasting on any aspect of the counterjihad movement or its supporters. Whereas when covering demonstrations by the English Defence League (EDL) or Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) it gives extensive interviews to opponents of these organisations/movements which then frame its reporting of these events, and makes sinister utterances about the rise of the “far right” and “racism”, in this instance it has afforded an interview to Muhammad Abu Yaffir, the organiser of Ummah Rise.

Yaffir claims that the motivation for the demonstration arises from moves in the past year to criminalise some of the more overt manifestations of Islamisation (although of course he does not use this term to name this process) across Europe such as the Swiss minaret ban and moves to outlaw veils and burqas of various types in Belgium, France and Barcelona. He states: "Muslims feel very strongly about these laws being introduced across Europe." Well, some might, but if they don’t like our laws, customs and way of life, why don’t people such as Yaffir absent themselves and set up home in a social milieu which they would find more agreeable such as Somalia, Afghanistan or Pakistan? The reason that they don’t is that they are Islamic colonists; hostile imperialists intent upon taking our cities, our towns, our land and our states and making them their own. This is what Muslim respondents mean when they respond to questionnaires asking if they feel Britain to be their country. Of course they do! They think that it is their land and not our land. Their land to control, dominate and ultimately rule. This doesn’t fit the BBC narrative though, to which I now return.

The BBC uncritically regurgitates everything that Yaffir states without questioning a single utterance: "Wherever Muslims feel pain anywhere in the world it is our responsibility to respond to their needs.” Really? By protesting against us in our own country? Why?

This isn't just about Muslim women being asked to cover their faces, this is an ideological attack on Islam and Muslims” states Yaffir. "The laws being proposed are a form of oppression and we will respond to this oppression.” So, he baldly states that he and his fellow demonstrators reject our laws and will break them. This is quite simply because he and other doctrinaire Muslims believe that their legal system – Shariah – is superior to our own and should replace it. He is not therefore objecting to “an ideological attack on Islam and Muslims” as he says, but to any opposition, or voicing thereof, to their goal of imposing the Islamic system upon non-Muslim peoples in their own homelands. Yaffir and his co-demonstrators are totalitarians who seek to impose an alien inhumane system of life, law and governance upon non-Muslims everywhere.

It is shocking to be compelled to fund an organisation – the BBC – which actively works to the detriment of the interests of the people – the British – after whom it is named. The BBC has lost all authority and is no more balanced in its reporting than Pravda was under the Soviet system. The BBC constantly and unerringly parrots a multiculturalist discourse that panders to Islam and seeks to portray Muslims as ‘victims’ and Islam as a non-threatening ideology. This discourse is of course false, but we see it being reproduced here yet again in the BBC’s reporting of this afternoon’s Ummah Rise demonstration.

Friday 9 July 2010

Airline Plotters sentenced and UK Courts emasculated by European Court of Human Rights

Yesterday’s conviction of three Muslim men - Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Khan and Waheed Zaman - for conspiracy to murder at Woolwich Crown Court demonstrates the reality of the Islamist terror threat in the UK. They had been part of the team that was being prepared for a simultaneous mass suicide bombing of transatlantic airliners which could have killed more than the 9/11 attacks, but thankfully it was disrupted before it could become a bloody reality.

'Martyrdom' (sic) Videos of two of the Plotters

There are many people who would have you believe that this threat is exaggerated and can somehow be attributed to ‘mistakes’ in the UK’s foreign policy, ‘institutional racism’ and other forms of ‘racism’ and Islamophobia. “If only”, such people think, “we could withdraw our troops from Muslim countries, punish the wicked Israelis for their vicious oppression of the Palestinians and create a Palestinian state, and stop being vile racists, then these innocent confused young men would return to being loving Muslims.” Such a perspective is of course warped and completely wrong.

Muslim zealots in the UK first felt bold enough to make their fundamental antipathy to our way of life manifest in their action of burning Rushdie’s Satanic Verses in Bradford on 14 January 1989. Thereafter, Muslims began to mobilise and organise politically in our country, forming the Muslim Parliament in 1992 and the Muslim Council of Britain in 1997. Many smaller Islamist groups have come and gone over the years, but since that moment of crystallisation of hostile intent to our way of life, they have been a permanent fixture of the political scene. Thereafter, our politicians have quailed and miserably failed to stand up to Islamist forces and social processes. In recent years a marked pusillanimous deference to Islam has found its way into the public utterances of all but a handful of our MPs.

If all of our troops were to leave Muslim states, Israel were to be destroyed and replaced by a Muslim Palestinian state, and Muslims to be shown preference over non-Muslims in all walks of life in the UK, we would not see an end to Islamist violence. Until the ideology of Islamism is completely rooted out and eliminated we will live under permanent mortal threat from its exponents. Its advocates are only encouraged in their violence and aggression by concessions, which they rightly interpret as evidence of weakness and political cowardice.

Still, returning to yesterday’s conviction of three aspirant suicide bombers, this also illustrates that to date our security agencies have been doing a good job of intercepting Islamist plots and preventing their bloody implementation. Whilst there is thus cause to celebrate due to the fact that lives have been saved through this good work, there is also cause for concern owing to the fact that on the same day the European Court of Human Rights put a block on the extradition of Abu Hamza to the United States to be charged with terrorism-related offences. It is quite clear that our approach to ‘human rights’ needs to be reformed so that it elevates the ‘human rights’ of those who have not committed and do not intend to commit crimes over those of those who have. As matters stand, this legislation is used as an enabler of Islamisation and mass colonisation of Western societies by hostile cultural elements.

Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is a matter that transcends race, and that the words of the woman interviewed in the following video (hat tip to Derby Patriot) amply testify to the fact that there are those amongst us of indigenous birth whom one can unreservedly identify as traitors. Whoever she is, she deserves to be stripped of her citizenship and expelled from the UK to make a new life for herself in a Muslim country. Such people are morally far worse than doctrinaire Muslims who were born into Muslim families, for whereas Muslims by birth have often known no other way of thinking, she has actively chosen to embrace and promote evil, and has turned upon her own people.

Deranged Englishwoman calls for Shariah

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Campaign Islam Update: Daw'ah in the Park

Logan’s Warning is doing us all a good service in keeping a keen eye on Campaign Islam, so a hat tip to him for posting the next two videos that I link to below. Both feature sinister burqa-clad agents of evil, the first entitled Dawah in the Park, where a female misanthrope baldly states that it is necessary to establish an Islamic state in the UK and elsewhere as “that is the only way that the attacks [on Muslims] will stop.” The threat to impose Shariah in the UK is to me a declaration of war. We need to deal with the people who make this declaration in an appropriate manner. Currently, we can afford to be humane and deport them, but if their numbers continue to grow and our politicians and media continue to defer to them, then mass bloodletting will become a near inevitability, and it will not be the non-Muslims who initiate this.

Witness what happened recently when a Muslim UAF contingent joined up with Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) in Whitehall. For a time it looked as if the number of police might be insufficient to contain their exuberant presence. In future, this may well be the case. As the Bolsheviks and Nazis have shown, totalitarian governments can be imposed on a large population by a small number of violent ideological fanatics should the incumbent civil power respond to their challenge in an ineffective manner. The people of Campaign Islam and MAC may look like ineffectual idiots, but such idiots can impose their will if they choose to use unrestricted violence and we underestimate their threat.

We non-Muslims would only with great reluctance turn to violence, but once that line had been crossed, such a conflict would assume a total character in which an exterminist logic would reign supreme: kill or be killed. You might think that you would have a choice, but if you are not a Muslim your two primary options would be to fight against Islam or submit to slavery or conversion. I now understand how the Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo felt (and indeed feel). Our Government and NATO did a great wrong to the Serbian people.

The second video features another burqa-clad agent of evil criticising UK Muslims who have either joined the armed forces or commemorated the deaths of service personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq. Personally, I think that our armed services are being abused by our Government (as they were by its predecessor) for they have been set open-ended missions with no discernible goal. Why should they die and be maimed or suffer from psychological trauma for the sake of saving face? In Afghanistan they prop up a corrupt regime that possesses the death penalty for apostasy from Islam, and there is much talk of negotiating a settlement with the "moderate Taliban". To what end have our men and women had their lives destroyed and blighted? How many orphans and widows have been created for such a pointless objective? We need our servicemen and women back here in the UK. Here, ready to deal with the real emergent threat: the Islamist fifth column.

Campaign Islam and MAC are only two small groups which speak with an Islamist voice in the UK, but there is a significant constituency amongst the Muslim population here (several hundred thousand people at a minimum) that welcomes their message. As I have written many times before, I do not tar all nominal Muslims with the same brush, for as you know, those who are unfortunate enough to be born into a Muslim family are not permitted to openly leave the faith. If they do so, they risk at a minimum social ostracism, but more usually physical violence and threats of death. It is therefore the case that there will be many tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of Muslims in the UK who are really no more Muslim than you or I, but are Muslim in name only. They remain trapped and enslaved by a combination of religious convention and strict social control. I feel truly sorry for such people. Their lives must be miserable.

Still, anyone who actively subscribes to Islamic doctrine; anyone who believes in the content of the Qur’an; anyone who knows Mohammed’s life and thinks that he was a positive human being; anyone who calls for Shariah and anyone who proselytises for Islam, wilfully advances the cause of evil. Islam is a doctrine of implacable hatred. Those who advocate its spread must be stopped. They must be removed, and removed soon for everyone’s sake. What happened on 7 July 2005 was a tragedy that we will never forget, but let us make sure that it is never repeated, and that there is not worse to come.

Monday 5 July 2010

Welsh Defence League to demonstrate against Ummah Rise?

Will the Welsh Defence League (WDL) be mounting a counterdemonstration to the Ummah Rise demonstration taking place in Cardiff on Saturday 10 July? Having taken a look at the WDL’s homepage, I’m afraid to say that it’s been hacked and covered in pro-Palestinian anti-Israeli messages as can be seen here. So, there’s no way of telling whether or not the WDL have anything planned, or if they have, how they hope to co-ordinate their effort.

This lack of information prompted me to take look at the EDL site to see if anything is in the offing or whether there might be a bit of cross-border solidarity, but I cannot locate anything indicating that the EDL will be making an excursion to Cardiff. This is a shame, as the WDL have only managed to attract small numbers of supporters to their demonstrations to date.

What is Ummah Rise? Well, it’s a rally “to defend the symbols of Islam”; yet another manifestation of the growing strength of our increasingly bold Islamist fifth column. The reality of the problem we have with Islamism in the UK has been underscored only today by a report produced by the Centre for Social Cohesion revealing that 69% of the 124 convicted for Islamic terrorist offences over the past decade have been UK passport holders. It described them as “holding British nationality”, but there is nothing British about such people, as Britons are by definition not Muslims. Of course, most of the convicted are descended from the Muslim immigrant population and its progeny, but not all Islamists are such: some are converts.

Those who convert betray not only their people, but also wider Western culture and civilisation, as well as global norms of decency. For someone to actively embrace Islam when they have the choice to reject it indicates that the individual in question is either mentally ill or evil. Such people should be given the opportunity to recant, and if this is rejected, they should be stripped of their citizenship and ejected from the country. Henceforth they should be permanently barred from setting foot within our jurisdiction. Islam is a totalitarian ideology and culture, not a race.

Still, the largest group of those convicted were Pakistani by descent (some 28%) followed by Somalis clocking in with 6%. The full figures quoted by the Telegraph are worth a look. So far as I could discern, no indigenous converts to Islam figured amongst those convicted, but it is unclear as to whether there were none or the paper chose not to disclose details relating to such cases. Remember, there was one incident involving 22-year old Nicky Reilly from Plymouth who converted to Islam and accidentally blew himself up in 2008 when his backpack detonated in the toilet of the Exeter restaurant to which he was trying to bring carnage. Thankfully, he harmed nobody other than himself and he is now serving time in Broadmoor following the 18-year sentence he received in January 2009. He is variously reported as suffering from schizophrenia, Asperger’s Syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s a pity that the courts didn’t recognise the most serious mental illness from which he was suffering: belief in Islamic dogma.

So, who will turn up to the Ummah Rise demonstration? Will we see another outing for Muslims Against the Crusades, joined perhaps once again by the ‘newly formed’ and highly vocal Islamist wing of Unite Against Fascism (sic)? Respect perhaps?

Come on WDL and EDL, don’t let us down! Peacefully tell these people that their totalitarian fascistic ideology is not welcome in Cardiff or anywhere else in Wales. Give a warm “croeso” to the English who choose to stand alongside their Welsh cousins in saying “no to Islamisation!”

Thursday 1 July 2010

Private Members’ Bill to Ban Burka

Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering, yesterday tabled his private members’ bill entitled the Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill in an attempt to ban the burka and kindred facial coverings such as the niqab. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), it does not command the support of his party or any other in the House of Commons, and is widely expected not even to be debated as he came 17th in drawing lots for the right to sponsor a bill.

Mr Hollobone is quoted by the Independent as saying:
I think it is inappropriate to cover your face in public, whether it's a burka, a balaclava or anything else. . . We are never going to get along with having a fully integrated society if a substantial minority insist on concealing their identity from everyone else.
His bill is bound to elicit the usual squeals of hysteria from Muslim lobby groups and those individuals and organisations of a politically correct disposition. In fact, such totalitarian voices have already attempted to silence Mr Hollobone, for the Northamptonshire Race Equality Council complained to the police about his remark about burkas earlier this year in which he stated that wearing them was "the religious equivalent of going round with a paper bag over your head with two holes for eyes". This is factually unquestionable, and yet this unaccountable Stalinist quango attempted to criminalise him. Such organisations should be disbanded, and the legislation which provides them with their mandate repealed.

Another much more powerful and equally unaccountable quango is currently attempting to destroy the BNP through a politically motivated court case. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is using its legal mandate to prosecute thoughtcrime to claim that the party’s constitution remains in breach of the 1976 Race Relations Act. Apparently, even seeking to represent the interests of the indigenous British is deemed ‘racist’ and unacceptable by this thoroughtly anti-British anti-national organisation. Naturally, the Guardian is delighted that the BNP finds itself in this predicament, which could see its financial ruin and subsequent destruction.

Returning to the question of the proposed burka ban, I am glad that Hollobone has tabled his bill despite the unlikelihood of its acceptance. It is deeply worrying however that sinister undemocratic forces operating with a legal mandate in Britain have attempted to criminalise him and his views. Freedom of thought and expression has long been criminalised in the UK, and I see little prospect of this changing under the current administration of politically correct Tories and Liberal Democrats.