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Saturday, 10 July 2010

The BBC's Perspective on ‘Ummah Rise’

The BBC has decided to provide some advance coverage of the Ummah Rise demonstration in Cardiff this afternoon. Unsurprisingly, its take on this demonstration is markedly different in tone from that which it adopts whenever it is writing or broadcasting on any aspect of the counterjihad movement or its supporters. Whereas when covering demonstrations by the English Defence League (EDL) or Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) it gives extensive interviews to opponents of these organisations/movements which then frame its reporting of these events, and makes sinister utterances about the rise of the “far right” and “racism”, in this instance it has afforded an interview to Muhammad Abu Yaffir, the organiser of Ummah Rise.

Yaffir claims that the motivation for the demonstration arises from moves in the past year to criminalise some of the more overt manifestations of Islamisation (although of course he does not use this term to name this process) across Europe such as the Swiss minaret ban and moves to outlaw veils and burqas of various types in Belgium, France and Barcelona. He states: "Muslims feel very strongly about these laws being introduced across Europe." Well, some might, but if they don’t like our laws, customs and way of life, why don’t people such as Yaffir absent themselves and set up home in a social milieu which they would find more agreeable such as Somalia, Afghanistan or Pakistan? The reason that they don’t is that they are Islamic colonists; hostile imperialists intent upon taking our cities, our towns, our land and our states and making them their own. This is what Muslim respondents mean when they respond to questionnaires asking if they feel Britain to be their country. Of course they do! They think that it is their land and not our land. Their land to control, dominate and ultimately rule. This doesn’t fit the BBC narrative though, to which I now return.

The BBC uncritically regurgitates everything that Yaffir states without questioning a single utterance: "Wherever Muslims feel pain anywhere in the world it is our responsibility to respond to their needs.” Really? By protesting against us in our own country? Why?

This isn't just about Muslim women being asked to cover their faces, this is an ideological attack on Islam and Muslims” states Yaffir. "The laws being proposed are a form of oppression and we will respond to this oppression.” So, he baldly states that he and his fellow demonstrators reject our laws and will break them. This is quite simply because he and other doctrinaire Muslims believe that their legal system – Shariah – is superior to our own and should replace it. He is not therefore objecting to “an ideological attack on Islam and Muslims” as he says, but to any opposition, or voicing thereof, to their goal of imposing the Islamic system upon non-Muslim peoples in their own homelands. Yaffir and his co-demonstrators are totalitarians who seek to impose an alien inhumane system of life, law and governance upon non-Muslims everywhere.

It is shocking to be compelled to fund an organisation – the BBC – which actively works to the detriment of the interests of the people – the British – after whom it is named. The BBC has lost all authority and is no more balanced in its reporting than Pravda was under the Soviet system. The BBC constantly and unerringly parrots a multiculturalist discourse that panders to Islam and seeks to portray Muslims as ‘victims’ and Islam as a non-threatening ideology. This discourse is of course false, but we see it being reproduced here yet again in the BBC’s reporting of this afternoon’s Ummah Rise demonstration.



    Read This about that...

  2. Dealing with outraged muslim demonstrators effectively
    Every body seems to have trouble with the outraged muslims getting together to demonstrate. I think that there is a couple simple technically easy ways to cause them to find other things to do in an islamically indecent hurry.
    Just imagine your local Religion-of-Peace having an outrage rally, and suddenly paintball rounds with pungent Bacon Grease oil on them were to start peppering the “peaceful” participants.
    There could be a couple of modes of delivery, a paint ball gun with its bore liberally greased with bacon grease/cooking oil mixture prior to firing, or a Wham-O slingshot with the same paint ball greased by hand.. As long as the balls burst and have been liberally coated with a bacon grease/ cooking oil mixture that positively REEKS of bacon, they are going to flee the scene, as contact with pork products is Haram (Forbidden) for them.
    Another method would be to take a balloon, fill it with enough water to get some weight and heft, then place it in a cheap sock saturated in Bacon grease/cooking oil. Grasp the sock by the open end, swing it around vigorously and launch it to its intended target like a Sling… A bit of practice may be required to do this properly, adjusting the water in the balloon till you get the right combination. I strongly doubt that they will throw them back, but if they do, pick another target.
    If the police are separating the factions, let the slingers of socks be a couple rows back, and they should be taller people. The front row keeps the police occupied while the socks and paint balls are launched.
    But, think of the effect when Hajji discovers he has been contaminated by bacon oil! I would cook the bacon down to a black frazzle to get the maximum aroma, and add enough cooking oil to keep the mixture liquid. It can be carried in a ziplock bag.If you put a bunch of socks in that ziplock, they will saturate with the oil, making it easier to deal with and use. If the mozzies get close put a sock on each hand like a glove and try to touch mozzies with them, particularly on the mouth. Getting any of that in one of their mouths is going to provoke panic in them to get away.
    Better use an old jacket, and in fact saturating your jacket with this bacon oil mixture should have him running away from you as soon as he smells it. He will not want contact with this pork product. If he finds the infidels are all coated with bacon grease he will want out of that area in a hurry. This used as a known tactic might stop their eagerness to demonstrate against our western values.
    On your way to the area, do not forget to grease all the public facilities, buses, subways and railings etc.

  3. Interesting approach, but using paintball guns would not have a positive impact as people (i.e. the pork gunners) could end up really getting shot. The sock tactics are certainly worth consideration though. Any thoughts readers?

  4. 'Well, some might, but if they don’t like our laws, customs and way of life, why don’t people such as Yaffir absent themselves and set up home in a social milieu which they would find more agreeable such as Somalia, Afghanistan or Pakistan? The reason that they don’t is that they are Islamic colonists; hostile imperialists intent upon taking our cities, our towns, our land and our states and making them their own.'

    Yes. What's so worrying is that many indigenous people cannot see this.

    "As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding..."

  5. UBN, I think that only people in the UK who have lived near Islamised areas have a real appreciation of the problems arising from Muslim colonisation and the true nature of the process. A good number of them however exercise stringent doublethink owing to their leftist indoctrination and will be incapable of consciously acknowledging what is going on until it's too late to do anything about it. Many professionals in the public sector working in education and health recognise the danger well enough, but are prevented from articulating concerns by their workplace diversity commissars who are perfectly capable of destroying careers at the merest whiff of "Islamophobia", "racism", etc.

    Enoch was prescient and unjustly vilified. Many who execrated his name shall come to curse themselves for having done so in the years ahead.

  6. Indeed Durotrigan! The man is my hero. I have a collection of his books, biographies and even a signed photo and letter.

    This is an interesting speech:

    Whilst I am here, the following is a link to an interesting documentary:

  7. I look at my six year old grandson and get a heavy heart. This sweet innocent child will get the full force of Islam in 35 or 40 years unless the bastards are stopped. What can we do to get a government that will protect the country??

  8. Anonymous, I share your apprehensions for your grandson's generation. Our mainstream politicians have proven to be keen enablers of Islamisation, but a credible political party opposed to Islam in the UK has unfortunately yet to emerge. I had thought that the BNP might be able to reform itself and ditch the unsavoury elements of its past, but this seems increasingly unlikely. We'll have to see if something positive emerges from its reformist wing. We need a politician of the calibre of Geert Wilders here in the UK, but he or she has not yet stepped into the light.

    Don't give up hope. The very fact that you can see with your own eyes what's going on in our country and don't believe the media lies demonstrates that the Government has not succeeded in fooling you. Make sure that your grandson doesn’t fall for the lies that are peddled in school. Naturally, he’ll have to be made aware that he’ll need to mouth officially-endorsed platitudes about Islam and multiculturalism to avoid getting into trouble, but under no circumstances should he believe in these false and dangerous ideas.

    Decent people under the Soviet regime managed to keep Russian culture alive by ensuring that children were acquainted with their literary classics which had not been doctored by the Communists. Likewise, we must keep alive the real history and culture of our people and not accept the false official version that seeks to justify our disinheritance in our own land. We can still turn this Islamic tide, bleak as our situation may currently seem.


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