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Saturday, 9 October 2010

What really happened at the EDL Leicester Demo? Video Footage and Reflections on Press Reports

UPDATE: If you are looking for information on the EDL Demo  in Leicester protesting on behalf of Rhea Page and other English victims of racism on 4 February 2012 please visit the video and article here: 

This is something upon which I can only speculate, for I was not there. That said, I shall endeavour to provide a more objective perspective than you will find given by any NUJ hack (who in all likelihood also was not present) from the information that is at hand.

The Home Secretary Theresa May had banned the proposed EDL march which meant that protesters were confined to the Humberside Gate East area of the city where they were kettled in by a large number of police officers kitted out in riot gear, with mounted police and dogs also at hand. As is now expected at all EDL demonstrations, UAF mounted a counter-demonstration in the city. The Daily Telegraph estimates the number of supporting demonstrators at circa 1,000 and 700 apiece respectively, which is pretty much in line with the scale of previous protests. However, a later estimate on the BBC website claimed that there were 2,000 EDL protesters present, which is a very large turnout, but its later report on associated violence and arrests lacked clarity. Altogether, some 1,400 police participated in the exercise with many being drafted in from neighbouring forces, netting them some handsome overtime payments.

The BBC report on the demonstration was rather temperate in the language that it employed compared to its previous treatments of the EDL, starting off with a couple of interviews with Leicester residents, including a black middle-aged property developer named Mark James who reflected:
The EDL invited me in to hear what they had to say and I was ready to go in, but the police said I couldn’t, it was too dangerous, it could provoke trouble.

You hear and see terrible things about Islamic extremism, so you can see why people would not want that.

And the neighbourhood I live in here in Leicester is mostly Muslim and every community has its own racism - you don't always here about that.
It seems to me that Mr James is a reasonable man who has a mind of his own and who is keen to find out the facts of the matter for himself rather than relying upon media reports. After moving on to an interview with a young woman from Stoke who expressed sympathy with the EDL, the BBC then relapsed into autopilot and sought to associate the EDL with Nazism. I must confess to being flabbergasted that the BBC always manages to find someone who fled from the Nazis and who is willing to tar ordinary English men and women with this vile and baseless association, but once again they did, this time in the person of Maria Ronner who “grew up in Germany in the 1930s”. What Ronner herself says is not actually that damning, but what is of great interest is the manner in which the BBC hack prefaced her observation. First I shall provide her words, and then the prefatory sentence provided by the BBC:
"I heard about this demonstration last night and did not like what I heard, but I was very curious to see what it was really about," she said.

"I have a great interest in the multicultural society. A great interest. It is important to see how people can understand each other, can learn."
What had she heard and what was she told? I should imagine that she would have been fed the lie that the objectives of the EDL are racist, fascist and far-right, etc, so one can naturally understand that this old woman would “not like” what she “heard”. She had been primed to feed the BBC with the lines that they so desired: the EDL are the new Nazis. However, she didn’t go that far, which is why the BBC journalist saw it necessary to write “But a set of experienced eyes viewed the banners with suspicion” ahead of the quotations. “Banners” and “experienced eyes”? What banners? The EDL carry flags, do they not? Flags of St George. English flags. Not “banners” emblazoned with eagles and swastikas. In what way were Maria Ronner’s eyes “experienced” in this respect? Did she see Nazi stormtroopers marching with crosses of St George against Sharia law in 1930s Germany? I don’t think so. Once again, the BBC displays its typically tendentious reporting, designed to elicit hatred of the EDL and by extension of the English as an ethnic group in line with NUJ guidelines. Still, this report was a model of balance compared to the shockingly poor and partisan quality of the following interview with the ersatz Labour ‘Lord’ and MP ‘Sir Peter Soulsby’ shown below:

The AFP claims that there were eight arrests of protestors today, but as on previous occasions, it did not spell out whether all or any of these were from the EDL or UAF. One set of protesters which the mainstream media ignored were the so-called Muslim Defence League (MDL) who intended to attack the EDL. If you would like to view footage of their activity yesterday including a clash with a small group of EDL protesters take a look at EDL and MDL on the Streets of Leicester.  The videos below give a flavour of the main EDL demonstration, but for some reason the ITN report appears to lack sound.


  1. As always, nicely written and intelligent presentation. If not for you and a few others we wouldn't have much hope of knowing what goes on. Thanks for the effort.

  2. Another EDL video:

  3. Thanks Dag. Glad to be of service. I do what I can, little as it is.

    And thanks for the video link Juniper. I'll take a look.

  4. Travelled up from Birmingham by train ready to face Muslims who had threatened violence against EDL supporters. Leicester rail station was heaving with police who forced us on to coaches to take us close to the Humberstone Gate rally site. Jihadis were out in large numbers seeking to make attacks. I was with a group of forty EDLers who gave as good as they got in one short confrontation. At least two Jihadis ended up on the tarmac. The numbers at the peaceful rally, which was more enjoyable due to an improved PA system, was in the region of 4000. Police were out in large numbers throughout the city so its inevitable there were clashes with EDL protesters who were being obstructed from attending the rally. This is a personal account based on my experience on the day and not an overall view of the days events.

  5. Thanks for your report 'man from Brum'. Eyewitness accounts are always welcome. It's a pity that there was a violent incident, but I'm glad that you seem to have come out of it OK and that it didn't turn into anything larger scale. Keep up the good work!

  6. How come no news reporters have mentioned about the fact that EDL campaigners were allowed to breach police cordons near the Mercury building!?

    The EDL are NOT WELCOME in Leicester and do NOT have a place in todays society.

  7. Hello 'Anonymous'. I have just posted a short piece for you where you can enjoy watching some of your kindred spirits shouting about Nazis. They may as well be ranting about the need to repeal the Corn Laws such is the 'relevance' of their worldview with respect to our contemporary historical and social situation.

  8. Hi
    I'm not Muslim but I am coloured I wanted to here the facts from the edl side and so did others with me. I am sorry to say there is no way we could have got anywhere near them without ending up in hospital.
    It wasn't the police that stopped us but the threatening behaviour of the edl supporters
    I see there point but they were full of what seemed to me bnp supporters beered up. The broke the police lines and ran into highfields an were chased back by Asians blacks and whites.
    I got to say the police did an excellent job of containing what seemed to be a powder keg waiting to explode.

  9. Hi Anonymous. I'm sorry to hear that you found the situation hostile, but I am very relieved to learn that neither you nor your friends came to any harm. If you are interested in the anti-Islamisation movement, I think you'll find that perhaps the 'One Law for All' campaign against Sharia in the UK would be less intimidating.

    The EDL have their style, and I have mine. Their existence is testimony to the failure of our politicians to recognise let alone address the issue of Islamisation. They are a grassroots movement born out of sheer exasperation with our failed political class. I am hoping that in the near future a political force along the lines of the PVV in the Netherlands will emerge here. This would be something with which you could become involved if you found that it articulated concerns which chimed with your own.

    Thanks for contributing your observations and perspective. Stay safe.

  10. Amazing you seek to justify/support the actions of the edl whos only objective is to attack muslims and people they perceive to be as such.A large edl group broke police lines and surged towards residential areas where they encountered groups of local kids who they attacked and forced to flee.As they took chase of these kids a much larger group of older youths confronted the edl and this time it was the edl who were how do they say?" on their toes". The police regained control and escorted the edl back to their coaches while the locals returned to their nearby areas,where their main body had remained throughout the edl demo.They had heeded the words of their elders and the police and stayed away,protecting their immediate community and not raising to the bait. It has been widely reported the edl attacked the police with bottles,coins and fireworks,as they did in Bradford and at several other demos.They also attacked an art studio as well as attacking any black or asian person who had the misfortune of being in their vicinity,quite sad and cowardly and typical of the edl unfortunately. As a whole the police did a good job,certainly better than their counterparts did in west yorkshire,and recieved the full support and co-operation of the local community.Of course there were a few hot heads amongst the locals but even though the provocation and itimidation by the edl was very intense most kept their dignity and restraint in a most admirable way.Some will argue this is the way to deal with the edl,although i tend to disagree,it has worked, but this was better for the edl than their demo in Bradford which for them was a total disaster. You could argue the 200 to 300 edl that broke lines looking for confrontation with muslims were the hard-core hooligan element,and not a representation of the edl as Mark James seems to testify,although i would be wary of people wishing to be interviewed by the BBC especially with all the skullduggery involved in this issue. If you look at the edl you see far- right nationalism and you see xenophobia aimed at the easiest target and scapegoat,the minority muslim community.With huge recession and the uncertainty it brings, a right-wing dominated media milking it furiously,you see disaffected white youth falling prey to this rag tag band of far-right extremists,nationalists and middle-aged football hooligans,drawn together in an anti-islamic crusade,spreading fear violence and mis-trust wherever they go,under the banner of patriotism. Its a double edged sword far from fighting islamic extremism they could in fact be increasing it by pushing people towards it by their incessant demonization of all muslims,their hatred and their campaigns of intimidation and confrontation towards all muslims not just their so-called enemies the extremists who hide behind islam.They seek to divide minorities and legitimise themselves as being non-racist,using their token black and asian members as examples of their black and white unite facade,when their agenda is driven mostly by a desire to return to pre-WW2 england,before mass imigration changed the very fabic of this nation,which is irreversible unless ethnic cleansing and genocide comes to the fore as it did in europe notably in the 30s,40s and shockingly the 90s.

  11. Anonymous, nice try. You have your own agenda, thats obvious. You say you are coloured, well so am I.
    What you are saying about the EDL is simply lacking in facts.
    What is in no doubt is what the muslim goal is, sharia law.
    A question, would you be willing to live under sharia law or would you offer some resistance?
    Let us hear your answer.

  12. Anonymous, in large parts of major cities Muslims are anything but the minority. Whites in those areas suffer racism daily. The politicians do nothing about the sufferings of the English native community in the face of so-called minority ethnic aggression. Nobody can be suprised when after 40 plus years of this happening the native English react. Indeed, what suprises me is how long it's taken!

  13. Anonymous have you EVER checked out the MDL, I have screen shots of how racist they are against my black brothers.
    The MDL attacked the coaches thats why the EDL retaliated. Get your facts right.
    Anonymous 2

  14. It's a shame that a certain commentator has to throw in an unfounded accusation about the BNP.
    If anyone who knows anything about the BNP then they would know the BNP have never had street marches, violent or otherwise. Maybe they would be better looking at the old NF, the BNP ARE NOT THE NF, and certainly NOT VIOLENT.

    Do you think the BNP would be allowed to exist as a political party if it was a bunch of violent street thugs?


  15. Hi. Not sure if you have come across this yet its a report from Sky News about 200 EDL and the news team running scared for their lives. All of which they have no footage of.

    Luckily someone in another building happened to record the indecent.

    I will leave it to everyone that watches it to make their own conclusions

  16. My wife and I was in Leicester for the day to enjoy a social day out, and was caught up in the demonstrations, and then became spectators.

    Most of the demonstration was very noisy and intimidating, but not violent. There was sporadic violence, but I believe this was down to the way the Police managed the demonstrations.

    From what we could see the police stopped many EDL demonstrators from joining the demonstration, which resulted in pockets of EDL groups amongst the local population as they walked around the city, and resulted in the police driving around the city at high speed with with blue lights to try and deal with these groups as they came into contact with the UAF and locals.

    I lost count of the amount of times I saw the UAF attack EDL supporters that were forced to mix with locals, because of how the police had managed the demo, and firmly believe that if the police had ensured all EDL demonstrators got to the main demo area, trouble would not have happened.

    the typical scenario would be a group of 40 EDL chanting EDL EDL EDL, which quickly resulted in large crowds of UAF running through the streets to challenge the EDL, and this is where the UAF turned violent as one or two of them seemed intent of trying to start a riot.

    We need to understand who the UAF are, to understand why they kept attacking the EDL. I am a shop steward within a national industry so in a position to advise on this organisation.
    When communism collapsed globally, Communism became a dirty word, and so the Socialist Workers Party was formed, and the UAF are the street soldiers of this organisation. You will find that members of the UAF are members of the Socialist Workers Party (Communists), but most people at UAF demonstrations are not UAF members, but rather members of the public who demonstrate alongside the UAF, and this is where it gets interesting. The UAF members disperse within the larger crowd, and try to encourage civil disobedience, with the ultimate aim of chaos. It is a very well thought out organisation, and the use of Unite Against Fascism as a name is particularly clever, because when they demonstrate against any group, they are making a statement that the opposing group are fascists, and that is a very powerful tool, because to be known as extreme right wing in this country can ruin your life for years to come, and that will shy most people away from what they believe in.

    I can't comment on the EDL because I know very little about them, but I can tell you what I saw, when I saw the main demo of EDL. The EDL demo was very very noisy, and yes it was intimidating, but that is often the case during demonstrations. My perception was of a small hardcore of EDL who wanted to fight the UAF, but most people at the EDL demo
    were well behaved. I saw men, woman and children in the EDL demo, as well as people of other colour.

    There was a group of off duty soldiers leaving the train station that was attacked by a UAF demo group, who really did give the UAF a beating, remind me never to get in a fight with a British squaddie, they are hard men.

    The city centre was very quite, and the atmosphere was electric and dangerous. I felt the atmosphere was so tense, that Leicester was a tinderbox ready to explode, and I can now understand why the government brought so many police into Leicester.
    The city centre was full of young men in large groups (probably for security) many had been drinking, and of course the UAF demo that was generally made up of younger people, and then the spectators like myself.
    The police presence was huge, with large convoys of police vehicles rushing around the city with blue lights, adding to the atmosphere.
    Standing in the city you could here the chanting of the demonstrations, continuous police sirens, overhead helicopters and screams when violence broke out. I can not emphasise how tense the atmosphere was.

  17. Carl, thank you very much for your informative eyewitness account of yesterday’s events and perceptive analysis of the situation. I am glad to see that you remain a decent shop steward and understand Unite Against Fascism for what it really is: a Trotskyite front group intent on instigating violence. I think that many ordinary trade unionists and young people often get mixed up in UAF demonstrations because they naively think that they are protesting against fascism. Their goodwill is then cynically manipulated for the SWP’s ends. Similarly, the SWP treats with Islamists and targets ordinary Muslims with alarmist propaganda in order to generate a volatile atmosphere of fear and hate that they can then (so they think) harness for their own violent revolutionary objectives.

  18. Another comment and video posted which shows nothing except indigenous Englshmen climbing over fences.
    Considering that Sky News has video/film cameras why didn't they film the attack on them ?
    Typical sensationalist non-existant untruth from the media.
    How can you try and manipulate people with absolutely NO PROOF ?

  19. Silly Kuffar, you are absolutely right! There is zero evidence of any violence in either of these videos. The second video shows the EDL protesters hopping over a fence and then leisurely walking down the road. As for the Sky reporter’s assertion that their vans and equipment were trashed, the second video clearly shows EDL supporters walking past the vans. They don’t so much as touch them let alone damage them!

    It seems to me that the Sky report is a total NUJ fabrication. Why? There is no corroborating evidence for what the reporter said. If the EDL had broken through the police line and the camera crew were there, why was no footage of the lead-up to this provided in the report? If the Sky vans or equipment had been damaged, why was no footage of this alleged damage shown? Going on the evidence that we have before us, it would seem that this reporter is making baseless and malicious allegations. Note the manner in which he attempts to racialise the EDL protest by referring to the ‘Asian’ nature of the area towards which the road is heading. At no point does he mention Islamism or Islamisation or the EDL’s goal of combating these phenomena. This report is an out-and-out piece of deliberate misrepresentation designed to portray the EDL as violent ‘racist’ thugs.

  20. Lying journalists? Surely not. Cygnus.

  21. Indeed Cygnus. That's why I'd never make a 'good' journalist.

  22. I was eye witness to two incidents by rampaging Islamofacists. My first post describes one of them. The second was when a large number of EDL supporters (along with other passengers) were peacefully waiting on the rail station for their journey home. Suddenly and without warning the platform came under attack from bricks thrown down from the top of the stairs along with shouted threats from Jihadi thugs. EDL acted in self-defence to this provocation and were struck by batons wielded by hyped-up police officers. These Muslim Jihadis were not ‘hot heads’ but organised groups of thugs intent on attacking EDL supporters throughout the day. Overall the EDL event was a success. The rally was peaceful and I meet several local people who had the same concerns as me about fundamentalist Islam: violent Jihad, sharia law, mega mosques, madrassass, ritual slaughter for example. This monolithic medieval Islamic religion is incompatible with English society values of tolerance, respect and multiculturalism. It has to reform itself into the 21st century or face increased criticism and campaigns. It has no hiding place anymore.

  23. Silly Kuffar is that you bother;-). Feeling a bit better now. Hope yesterday went well.
    Anonymous 2

  24. i can confirm 'a mans from brums' second tale of the muslims at the train station, baton happy coppers seemed more interested in us than stopping the missles and racial abuse coming from the muslims, disgrace!

  25. Thanks for accepting my comment,i mentioned hot heads,and you man from brum are so biased and full of heat and i know it is people like you who have the definate agenda.My agenda is for people to be able to walk anywhere in this great country,without fear of violence or intimidation,no matter what creed/religion/sex they are or are not.I stress this is a democracy and as long as you abide by the laws of this land you should be able to do what you want without interference,isnt that what freedom of choice is about?.Thats what most of us want for our families and friends to live in peace and equality,whats so bad about that brum man.You generalise about muslims and sharia law when you dont even know the meaning.As a muslim iam already living under sharia law because sharia law specifies the law of my home nation(england)must take president over any other law,a fact seldom mentioned by people like yourselves.I see someone mentioned large numbers of muslims in major cities,makes sense thats where the work is,its not their fault white flight occured in these areas. Muslims and immigrants came to live and work here,it was the whites who moved out rather than live with the newcomers,and maybe if they would have stayed we wouldnt have the suspicion and ignorance(on both sides)we have today.They used to say this about blacks in their areas,about how they bullied the minority whites,now its the muslims who are "taking over".Where are your facts and statistics from reputable sources,not neo-facist thinktanks but solid recognised independent sources.Dont forget there are large swathes of this land that are 99.9999% white and have been for generations,and that ethnic minorities number less than 10% of the whole population.Of course not eveything/everyone is perfect, the only way to make things better is dialogue and understanding,compassion and respect for each other but i guess thats wishing a little too much.Regards

  26. In that case anonymous I look forward to you patrolling the streets of Bradford late at night chastising the local muslim populace for their violence against whites. Cygnus.

  27. Funny cygnus you should mention bradford,interesting seeing it was the big one for the edl.The edl expected major rioting and violence by the local asians(not all of bradfords ethnic minority are muslim),but instead were ignored by the vast majority,and made to look very silly,fighting amongst themselves attacking police with bricks and bottles usual stuff for the edl,a typical saturday afternoons work.Do you live in bradford?its usually deserted late at night not much going on.I know it quite well and havent seen or heard of much violence towards whites,yet again i ask you to show proof,how come there has been nothing in the media about this?Before you say its biased towards muslims,the media is mostly anti-muslim as numerous headlines and articles prove in the mail,express,sun and daily star.If this was happening it would be splashed all over the place,on sky news,and what about the telegraph and argus newspaper,the local bradford rag?Of course there is occasional violence,but that happens all over the country,in white areas,black areas,mixed areas,etc.I prefer to let the police chastise any idiots who perpetrate racist attacks,whether they be white,black or brown.Also the mdl are idiots and anybody sprouting racist abuse should be banned and reported,but dont forget there are trolls stirring it up constantly hoping to discredit muslims and pro-muslim websites,although im not disputing these comments i believe they were immediately removed by admin.Carl i see neither you or your wife were attacked by "jihadis"thank god,although i find it strange you would be at such a place in such circumstances for a social visit.Didnt the boarded up shops tell you anything?and the massive police presence?deserted streets?one place i wouldnt want to be with my family/wife is when an edl demo was in town.Its all been hyped up and you make quite a long report for someone who was on a social visit,edl member methinks.Finally the BNP do not march,instead they do it under the guise of the edl,theres so much evidence of bnp/edl links and connections google it and see for yourselves.Regards

  28. Vincent are you saying muslims have been attacking whites for 40 years?Amazing statement,when in fact muslims and ethnic minorities have been the victims of racism and violence since they first arrived in this country.Numerous examples West indians in london in the 50s,paki-bashing in the 70s and 80s,in fact racism was so bad it forced several communties in London,Liverpool and other cities to riot in the face of racist persecution by the police,as govermental reports have shown.INSTITUTIONAL racism,and you claim whites are the victims.You see the thing that happens to bullies?they usually get slapped down when they bite off more than they can chew.This is what a lot of you dont like,is that the offspring of these immigrants will fight back and not accept this kind of abuse like their forefathers did.So when these ethnics fight back and sometimes get the better of it,the racist will say the ethnic racially abused him when in reality it is the white racist who started it.Of course there are ethnics racist against whites,but dont forget racism breeds racism,and nobody is the winner in the end.I wont be posting again as will be at work all week,but the ignorance displayed by some of you here is breathtaking,and although some muslims are bad the vast majority are peaceful,law abiding,hardworking familty orientated people just like everyone else,whats wrong with that?Regards

  29. The fact is the UAF provoke, the EDL planned this protest within the law, it was all legal. And its a striking coincidence that as soon as the UAF find out that the EDL are holding a protest, they feel obliged to hold one on exactly the same day in the same city ? All it is is provocation, i am not against them holding a counter demonstration its their right. However if they truly were anti-fascist they would not use such fascist tactics.

  30. @ Anonymous, the fact that ethnic minorities were on the recieving end signifies that your not welcome and that you should give Britain back to its rigghtful owners and leave.

  31. Strange that Anonymous @ 00:01 a quick check of the police reports show that in Bradford out of 14 arrests, 9 appear to have been locals and it's entirely possible that those from out of the area weren't from the EDL either, though 1 is definitely known to have been. So I'm going out on a bit of a limb here and saying that the violence at the EDL demo was almost entirely that of the counter-protesters. Same in just about all the other demo's, the EDL turn up and the UAF and Islamics attempt to riot. God knows the EDL aren't saints, but compared to the UAF and the extremist Islamic's behaviour they are very well behaved. Nor should they frighten you if you are coloured, they have coloured members, Hindu's and Sikh's even a Jewish division. In fact the only people who have anything to fear from the EDL are extreme Islamists and the fascist UAF.

  32. The funniest thing of the day was having a group of 10 or so asians shout "you racist white b******s" (yeah, I know) from the safety of the other side of a busy road to 3 EDL members (2 of them had Stoke division on their hoodies), only to run off in terror when the traffic lights turned red and these 3 members charged at them. I've never seen anyone move so fast in a pair of sandles!

    The MDL say that the EDL arn't welcome in Leicester due to their racism, where as they were being racist all day long. They also refer to the EDL as Nazi's. Funny, considering I spotted MDL members spouting disgusting chants towards some Jewish EDL members sporting skullcaps.

  33. Here's some video footage it is very hard to misinterpret:

  34. Anonymous 1, yes i'm a Bradford resident and your comment about how the city is mostly deserted at night made me laugh heartily. Your subsequent remark about the media, local and national, being anti muslim rendered anything else in your post completely invalid. Either open your eyes or get a life. Cygnus.


    they attacked big johns and assaulted a woman who was wearing a headscarf. Police have it on CCTV. Youtube shows action before the attack.

  36. Hi there
    I've been reading all this with interest. I am a Muslim, born and raised up in London. I'd just like to say that the majority of Muslims in the UK do not seek to create an Islamic State here. Why does the EDL keep saying this about all Muslims?
    The Islamic Group that are a bunch of nutcases, and whom I also speak against are 'Islam4UK' and 'Al Muhajiroun'.
    I am a practising Muslim, and I love England - the country that I was born in. I know no other way of life, but the British way. I spend all of my holidays in the UK, visiting places of interest all over. I contribute in a positive way to this country and society at large.
    My question is, does the EDL still condemn people like us? I don't approve of big mosques being erected on every street corner. I don't approve of these radicalised groups here in Britain. If these groups want to create an Islamic State then they should go back to their own countries and try it out - surely, they'll be put in jail and tortured!!
    So, who are EDL against? I'm just a 'normal' person, living my life in the best way possible. Why should I be made to pay for what others do?

  37. For the anonymous commentators who left links to the disgusting attack on Big John's restaurant by a number of EDL members, thank you. Such violence is repellent and I hope that the men responsible are caught and charged. I've posted the video with a short commentary appealing for these men to be turned in.

    Anonymous who posted at 14:59 on 12 October: I can't speak on behalf of the EDL as I'm not a member, but I am led to believe that they are supposed to object to Islamism, not to ordinary Muslim such as yourself.

  38. I see that there's some nonsense about "institutional racism" left by one of the many anonymous individuals on here, and all I'll say with respect to this matter is, yes, it does exist. Anti-indigenous racism is now enshrined in law, directed specifically against white indigenous males who are to be put at the back of the queue when considered for jobs thanks to the Equality Act. To be placed last in one's own homeland, to be legally designated a second-class citizen, is sickening.

    Someone else also railed against Cygnus, claiming that he lacked 'facts' to back up his views on anti-English attitudes and actions in Bradford. Oh, how I wish I could concur 'Anonymous', but I am sad to say that my open eyes and ears lead me to an altogether different conclusion. I have been stunned by the amount of ordinary English people I have met who used to live in Bradford but who have literally had to flee owing to being on the receiving end of intense hostility from Muslim incomers: physical assault; gang attacks; arson; bricks through windows; death threats; dog excrement through letterboxes and daily verbal abuse. I have also been on the receiving end of some of this behaviour elsewhere. Before encountering these people and experiencing it directly for myself, I wasn't aware of how widespread this sort of thing was. Now alas, I am all too well acquainted with this unpleasant reality.

  39. Having been trapped in our apartment all Saturday, we viewed the while sad and sorry affair from the window. Between 800 and 1,000 'burberryed' hooligans running amock in our streets, smashing windows and chanting whilst enjoying the finest Special Brew to aid their clarity of thought and rational thinking.
    Quite which terrorists they were aiming this attack at, no one seemed to know. They certainly didnt seem to care either as a jolly good punch up, without the distraction of a football match, seemed too big an attraction. In fact being allowed to do this to a peaceful harmonious city must have felt like Christmas to them!
    On the bright side, the clean up operation was swift and the city looked great again for the vastly greater attended peace rally the next day.
    All very confusing really, but an interesting hark back to what it must have been like to live in 1810 I suppose.....
    Jon. Leicester

  40. Durotrigan, dont let the actions of a few stupid individuals out of a couple of thousand put you off the EDL and their cause. It was regrettable and repellent. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if the actions were carried out by UAF infiltrators, and if anyone doubts they would go that far then they should do some research. Perhaps someone closer to the organisation could clarify? And yes, you're correct about the treatment of whites in muslim majority areas. I've plenty of first hand and anecdotal experience to back this up. The fact is though that I really cant be bothered arguing or 'proving' my point with people who probably wont be prepared to listen anyway. Cygnus.

  41. The EDL are a joke, the footage from Big John's Take away is just so pathetic, CHAVS smashing windows, kicking women in front of their babies, starting on innocent bystanders, forcing everyone into the back of the shop - U fools are lucky the MDL weren't held back, u would of got destroyed

    Oh yer, I'm white too, so stop reading the Sun and read something called a history book, U might something enlightening - WERE ALL MIGRANTS!

    Also go address your government, their the ones who have been playing u like the pawns you are

  42. What strange reasoning. I'm EDL because I was in Leicester on the day???? does that mean the thousands of other spectators are EDL or UAF?

    My wife and I live just outside Leicester, so it is perfectly natural to go to the city for the day. We went to see the film "The Hole" at High Cross cinema, and then tried to get to Halford St to eat at Bar Roma, and that is how we got caught up in the demonstrations, and decided to watch alongside the many thousands of others who felt safe enough to stay and observe.

    This is a typical slur by the extreme left to shut me up, but as stated, I am a Shop steward, so have plenty of experience of the UAF, so your childish accusations will not deter me from telling the world what I saw, and that was the UAF was causing most all the trouble.

    The UAF wants to cause chaos for the population to entice the workers into revolution, and so form a socialist government based on USSR ideals. This is why they infiltrate demonstrations and then agitate the crowds, because little by little, week by week they chip away at our social cohesion.

  43. Carl

    I was at the UAF stand, nothing happened, all I saw is a few losers sheepishly coming out of the closet whilst the police were conveniently surrounding them.

    I've seen about twenty video's on you tube of EDL violence, which I can put links to, where's the violence at the UAF clips then that you claim you saw, any video evidence??

    I'm not interested in the UAF's policies at all & I doubt many people are. All I know is why go with the EDL inciting hatred & attacking Muslims because continuous UK governments have failed to integrate society properly???

    If I've got a beef it's with politicians


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