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Sunday, 10 October 2010

UAF in Leicester: Noisy, Repetitious and Tedious

In my previous post you will have seen video footage of the EDL demonstrating in Leicester yesterday, so I thought that I’d also ‘treat’ you to the sight of the Socialist Workers’ Party guided UAF counter-demonstrators who turned up in Leicester. The chanting makes it evident that these people have been so wound up and indoctrinated that they mechanically reproduce the same old slogans coupled with emotions of self-righteous hatred wherever they go. Up goes the old and misplaced shrill refrain “Nazi scum, off our streets!” Well, if they were truly interested in ridding our streets of the nearest contemporary equivalents of what they describe as “Nazi scum”, then they really ought to be joining with the EDL and protesting against Islamism, but these folk just don’t get it. They really don’t get it. Why is the world filled with vapid, empty-headed, dangerous anti-rational fools?


  1. The UAF are a bunch of bedwetting clueless fools. Don't they understand the word hypocrisy?

  2. Agree with Realist; they are not thinkers. They are used to being told what to do by someone else, in the strict hierarchy that is marxist communism. Same in the unions; you are told who to vote for.

    They are terrified of having to think for themselves, that is why they have jumped, like rats, onto the islamonazi fire-ship.

  3. UAF are finished in my opinion, but we'll have to wait until their demo in November to see if they are.

  4. The organisers of UAF believe in whatever is expedient to further their goal of precipitating the collapse of our state and society to usher in the Trotskyite millennium with Islamist assistance. It’s still being bankrolled by the trade unions, so I don’t anticipate that it’s going to collapse anytime soon. Their ostensible raison d’être is the massive lie that the EDL and ordinary patriotic English people are the contemporary equivalent of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. However, without patriotic English people there would have been no resistance to Nazi Germany, and the Communist Party of Great Britain at the time toed the Stalinist line and thus was quite happy to see Poland jointly dismembered by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The CPGB held an anti-war stance until Operation Barbarossa, after which it obediently followed Stalin’s orders to become pro-war. To attempt to taint English patriots with the Nazi slur is thus not only repellent but also baseless.

    What demo do they have planned for November Neptune?

  5. This is taking place all over! Here in America, Spain, Germany, France.....Got to Speak Up People!, lets hope its not to late! Stop letting them enter into our countries!


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