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Saturday, 9 June 2012

EDL Rochdale Demo Coverage: 9 June 2012

As news comes in about this event, updates will be posted here throughout the day. Until information becomes available, it will perhaps be useful to provide a little context for why the EDL has chosen to stage a demonstration in Rochdale today.

The demo has been prompted by the recent conviction of a gang of Rochdale Muslims at Liverpool Crown Court for the grooming of English girls, with these nine convictions being followed up by further arrests and a police hunt for an additional 40 suspects. At least 47 girls are believed to have been victims of the gang sentenced in Liverpool. What has angered members of the EDL, and many members of the public who have read reports of the case, has been the fact that the police and social services had been reluctant to act upon information relating to this case for fear of being branded ‘racist’. Clearly, when such a fear overrides the duty of social workers to protect the vulnerable and police to investigate crimes and arrest criminals, something is seriously amiss both with our legal system and the mode of politically correct thought that it imposes. Moreover, much of the media reporting relating to this case, particularly the BBC’s coverage, has been deliberately inaccurate, seeking to hide the faith background of the criminals by dubbing them ‘Asians’, which in itself constitutes a racial slur against Sikhs, Hindus, Chinese, Japanese and anyone else originating in the vast continent of Asia.

Underpinning the grossly distorted and biased reporting of this phenomenon is the NUJ Code of Conduct, Article 9 of which reads:
Produces no material likely to lead to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, gender, race, colour, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.
This singles out ‘creed’, hence presumably the BBC’s coyness about identifying the Islamic identity of the child rapists, and preference for opting for the blanket term ‘Asians’ which encompasses more than one racial group and thus enables its journalists to state that they were not writing anything that could be construed as discriminating upon a racial basis.

Additional NUJ guidelines have been explicit in stating that any party or group that it deems to be ‘far right’, in which it includes the EDL, should not be reported in an objective fashion and should instead be stigmatised. The reporting of any card-carrying member of the NUJ cannot therefore be trusted to provide an accurate representation of an EDL protest or what the EDL stands for.

It is not the first time that supporters of the EDL have taken to the streets of the town, for in March 2011 a protest took place that was met by violent counterdemonstrators (a report of this demonstration can be read here and videos viewed here). Rochdale has witnessed other protests relating to the Islamic issue this year, with an anti-halal protest at a local ASDA in January, a Northwest Infidels (EDL splinter group) demo in February and a local demo in Heywood later that month connected to apprehensions about the Muslim grooming issue which, owing to the actions of a few troublemakers, later resulted in a small number of violent incidents. Rochdale therefore is not a town at ease with itself, and it would behove social services, local politicians and the police to acknowledge and address the real problems that Rochdale faces rather than pretending that they did not exist. It is because of this official reluctance and absence of objectivity that the EDL has seen it necessary to hold the protest, so when local traders complain about the EDL ruining their business on a Saturday, they should instead be directing their complaints to their negligent councillors and telling them to tackle the problems that the EDL highlights, for then such protests would not be necessary and their business would not be disrupted.

Rochdale voters should take note of the attitude of MP Simon Danczuk who has clearly indicated in Mancunian Matters that he wishes to continue to ignore the root cause of this issue, and thereby potentially facilitate further grooming:
“Tomorrow’s ‘protest’ is nothing more than an attempt to stir up racial tensions and incite violence.
“The police are fully prepared to deal with this and the protest will be outside of the town centre, which will be open for business as usual.
“I would urge everyone to continue to support local shops and businesses.”
Danczuk’s statement is a nastily cynical appeal for Muslim votes. It is the ignorance of people like him that has allowed real violence to be perpetrated against English girls by those of a radically different ethno-religious background. If he continues to be blinded by the ‘diversity’ dogma, the voters of Rochdale should ensure that he is ejected at the next General Election, and that someone who does acknowledge their concerns is put in his place.

The Casuals United blog outlines arrangements for the demo as follows:
Coaches please make your way to Sandbrook Park OL11 1RY where you will be met by the police and escorted to designated EDL muster point for drop off.
People arriving at Rochdale train station will be transferred by bus to the muster points.
The muster points are Yate’s and the Flying horse. Postcode OL16 1ND and OL 16 1NJ.
A short march will begin at the Flying Horse at 13.30 to the demo point where speeches will be made.
Hope Not Hate reports that a 'local group' named Rochdale Unity will be gathering today at the same time as the EDL to mount a 'counter protest'. However, it must be borne in mind that this is no ordinary 'local group', but as is spelt out quite explicitly on the Socialist Workers Party website, a 'local' Trotskyist front group which seeks to capitalise upon the EDL demo to draw in misguided Muslims and locals alike to further the SWP's subversive strategy of undermining our democracy and our right to exist as a people. Local MP Gerald Kaufman, a number of trade unionists (including members of the National Union of Teachers) and anti-democratic organisation UAF have all given their backing to the Rochdale Unity demo. On the Muslim social networking site named Mohammed Shafiq stated that he had made a speech at the counterdemonstration. Shafiq claimed that there were about 100 present at the Rochdale Unity protest. The declared purpose of 'reviving the spirit of Islam.'

The Halifax Courier reports that 150 EDL supporters gathered in Sowerby Bridge this morning to catch the train to Rochdale. It employed the mandatory NUJ stigmatising label of 'far-right' to describe the EDL, whereas it referred to the convicted Muslim paedophile gang as simply being 'Rochdale men' as in line with Article 9 of the NUJ Code of Conduct as quoted above. However, it did concede that they had been peaceful.

As of 13:06, the Hope Not Hate blog was claiming that 500 EDL had arrived in Rochdale. This contrasts with an estimate of 600 posted on the EDL Forum at 12:26. According to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), no arrests had been made as of 14:03. However, a GMP Tweet of 14:10 stated:
'Four local youths have approached demonstratrors, which caused a standoff. Reports of 'attacks' are exaggerated.'
Quite what was meant by 'local' in this context was not clarified.

According to a Tweet by BBC journalist Catrin Nye, Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon had taken to the 'stage with a koran and a fag lighter.' However, the GMP later Tweeted that this statement had been incorrect, and that only EDL posters had been burnt. According to a GMP Tweet issued at circa 14:30 a total of eight arrests had been made, although it was not stated who had been arrested. The demo finished at circa 15:30.

Surprisingly, when the BBC did get around to posting a report on its website at 19:35 it refrained from labelling the EDL as 'far-right' which makes a refreshing change, and even went so far as to make reference to the Pakistani and Afghan origin of the convicted groomers who had been resident in the town. In continuance of what appears to have been a rare piece of straight matter-of-fact reporting from the BBC, it went on to cite the GMP's Chief Superintendent John O'Hare as saying that the scale of arrests - 11 in all - was "not uncommon for an event of that size" and that "I do think it is testament to the organisers themselves who worked with us to ensure the event passed off as peacefully as possible." Although the piece was short, the absence of the usual venom churned out in line with NUJ diktat was welcome, but is this merely a momentary aberration in its reporting of the EDL, or does this mark a new departure? Whatever the case, the EDL organisers are clearly to be congratulated in doing a good job of keeping the protest in good order.

As with the Halifax Courier, the Manchester Evening News chose to describe the EDL as 'far-right' and provided a lower estimate of the number of demonstrators than other sources, claiming that there were 400 in all. It also reported that there had been a total of eleven arrests, ten being made at the protest and one at the counterdemonstration. However, Greater Manchester Police noted that the protest had "passed off peacefully." 

A video of Tommy Robinson's demo speech can be viewed by clicking here. 

The official EDL promo video for the demo can be viewed below.


  1. People such as Danczuk are not ignorant. They are aware of the facts and simply do not care.

    The Halifax Courier has always been incredibly biased in its reporting of the EDL. It often employs hysterical rhetoric that even HNH would be proud of.

    The Bradford T&A looks almost neutral by comparison.

    1. That could well be the case Cygnus. So, I take it that the Halifax Courier wouldn't welcome contributions from Danny Lockwood?

  2. As a muslim I, along with other muslim citizens, am disgusted at the actions and behaviour of the Pakistani men arrested and sentenced, They are not muslims, they are worse than animals. They should have been given the worst possible punishment possible, as it happens they will probably be out in a few years after serving a minimum time in prison.
    But I feel that the rest of the law abiding muslim citizens of rochdale are now the subject of hatred and ridicule.

    1. Do you also say Mohammed "was not a Muslim" when he took Safiyah as his "wife" after killing her Banu Qurayza husband? And had sex with 9 year old Aisha?

      Sorry, but this "they're not Muslim" response is just not acceptable. You substitute the issue of "defending Islam" for the real moral issue and its ideological context.

      Every time you do it, you lock away the problem from proper scrutiny and condemnation.

      If you want to be trusted and respected - stop this nonsense and be honest.

  3. Then why is the Muslim community not arranging its own demo's to show its disgust at the misogyny of the perpetrators, the inactivity of the CPS and the police, and the political correctness of the social services?

    Why are you not, en masse, declaring 'Not in our name!'?

    The Muslim community could build huge bridges by doing this yet chooses to do nothing.

    1. "The Muslim community could build huge bridges by doing this yet chooses to do nothing"

      Indeed. Its ALWAYS the same story. Criticism of Muslims is not the problem and I'm sick and tired of hearing Muslims respond to it as if it is.

      The problem is - Muslims themselves.

      Brits are, generally, mild, fair, and very tolerant people. All we want is fair play and honesty and all kinds of people come to live here and fit in with us. But all we get from Muslims in dialogue such as this is denial, nonsense, and blaming everyone else for everything - never other Muslims.

      Muslims have a great deal to learn from the modern world, where we criticise and condemn amongst ourselves all the time. Criticism for Muslims is like a declaration of war, which is immature nonsense.

    2. That's a very good point Cygnus. If we did see such a genuine show of mass public Muslim condemnation of these crimes and of misogyny generally, this would be incredibly positive.

    3. Indeed it would. But I suspect it would tear apart Muslim communities.

      All the families, friends and colleagues of those who behave like this, indeed the scum themselves who do these things, are embedded in those communities. You know what they're like - they get violently hysterical in their "offence" like cartoon protestors so there's never a clear and robust, public objection to firstly pimp and rape gangs and secondly terrorism. And then there's an overwhelming sentiment where its us and them, Muslims and the Infidel.

      What we need to see is what happened with the church - eventually, finally, they were forced to admit it, and apologise for all the sexual abuse. It still wasn't good enough - too little too late more revealing of church arrogance than acceptable values - but it was STILL hugely better than what always happens with Muslims in regard to evil in their community.

      I've given up, actually. These complaints about Muslims do not constitute a constructive argument. What they do is identify the character of Muslims and Islam, and its not going to change; not for another few hundred years if at all. Just recently there was that other case of Muslim honour killing - it doesn't get any worse than that sick, demonic savagery, and its still alive and rife in Pakistan, and also Britain when these sick savages come to live here.

  4. they are not only from pakistan they are from kashmir too. funny that does not get mentioned. nowt to do with religion at all. they dont respect religion , money is what these guys worship .

    1. Rubbish. These men are taught to regard white women and young girls as trash. It comes from attitudes in Islam where if Muslims see females walking around freely in society it means they must be whores; Muslim females are controlled and often can't be seen - for example - associating freely with men.

      These men come from ISLAMIC countries with ISLAMIC ideas and they do not fit into the modern world because of that.

      This is only stating the obvious. And if you condemn these men as you say, you would admit these obvious facts.

    2. Absolutely agree with you Anonymous Number 2 with respect to the innately misogynist nature of Islam. As for not mentioning Kashmir, I thought that lots of Pakistanis laid claim to that part of the province that remains in India anyway? Afghanistan is in neither country, but its inhabitants are Muslim, with one of the 'Rochdale' groomers being an Afghan Muslim by origin.

  5. Islam and Judaism are closely related. They are both racist narrow cults which hate outsiders, treat women like shit, have deliberate maltreatment of animals, have their own 'sacred books' etc.

    Jews have been behind forcing immigration onto Europe and the USA, because they think non-whites are too stupid to see through them. I hope they are proved wrong. It's *possible* there may be an alliance between whites and the more intelligent Muslims to get rid of Jews once and for all.

    1. Excuse me?

      You seem more interested in castigating Jews - which have nothing to do with the topic in question - than condemning Muslim pimp, rape and paedo gangs and how that links with the history, ideology, and central figure of Islam.

      It reminds me of when a politician visited Muslims to discuss the issue of the terrorism breeding in their mosques and streets.

      What did they do? - start moaning about faith schools and how they wanted more of them. Dialogue about Muslim terrorism was simply not on their agenda.

      "It's *possible* there may be an alliance between whites and the more intelligent Muslims to get rid of Jews once and for all."

      - and I think its possible, nay very likely, you are both mentally ill and Muslim and that in such cases as yours they are linked. Your remark is irrelevant, unfounded, and utterly stupid: it's nothing more than mud throwing demonisation because you can't cope with criticism of Islam. And like others have done in history - you lash out at Jews.

      Do you live in Luton, Bradford, or Tower Hamlets by any chance?

    2. Good God! I've just read Anonymous Number 1's comment in full for the first time, as Blogger no longer allows me to preview comments in full before publishing. What utter nonsense! It looks as if someone from the crooked cross brigade has slipped through a wormhole from the 1930s. I'd like to make it clear that I agree with Anonymous Number 2's response here (incidentally, all of you anonymous commentators, please choose a nickname of some sort so that I can reply to you properly as individuals, for it gets exceptionally confusing otherwise).


    1. Even if that were true - so? What on earth prompts you to such a stupid post?

      I rather suspect you are a Muslim, up to the usual Muslim tricks.

      And what the world needs to see is MUSLIMS loving others - instead of killing Christians, for example, purely for their religion.

  7. Anomymous Sunday 00.47.00 BST (sorry I do not know what 'number' anomymous this one is - as suggested by Duro get a nickname !) said 'Muslims have a great deal to learn from the modern world, where we criticise and condemn amongst ourselves all the time. '

    Sorry, anomymous, your request is impossible and shows you do not understand Islam. Islam is fixed in time to the date the 'Koran' was allegedly dictated to Mohammed. No amendment, retranslation, review or adjustment of the tenets of Islam to fit into the modern world is permitted. To a practising Muslim the Koran is totally accurate and the teachings ascribed to Mohammed must be carried out. To a practising Muslim any scholar attempting to 'amend, retranslate, review or adjust the tenets of Islam to fit into the modern world' is a heretic. It is as simple as that.

    Ivan Winters
    Democratic Nationalists

    1. Ah, what beatific feelings this immutable perfect text brings to the fore Ivan! Such wonder! Such joy! Such wisdom! But, and this is a big but: can doctrinaire Muslims be sure that the text intended for them was the Qur'an, rather than Noddy Goes to Toyland?

    2. I'm perfectly aware of that Mr Ivan.

      My post did two things:

      1) State the truth
      2) Change the usual Muslim bleat that everyone needs to learn about Islam.

      Its simply not true.

      No one usually says Muslims need to learn from the modern world, but in fact this is correct.

      Take a look at the barbaric crap holes of Pakistan, Saudi, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt etc - in fact lets go further and say take a look at Mecca and its surrounding area - and note how backward, misogynist, intolerant, monoculural, and predisposed towards 'insult hysteria' if not violence, those places are.

      The Europe and worldwide problem is, Muslims from those places have exported all over the world. When we see yet another UK honour killing it is, technically, nothing to do with the UK. It comes from Pakistan (usually) but if the scum live here we have to deal with it.

      I don't think we should have to. Such people should not be here in the first place. This is just common bleedin' sense - its not "extreme" at all; rather, it recognises the "extreme" barbarism of such people and says no thanks, not here.


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