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Thursday 7 June 2012

Greece’s not so Golden Dawn

The behaviour displayed in this video from Greece today is disgusting. A member of Greece’s Golden Dawn party is depicted assaulting a rival politician in a television debate. This is not the sort of action befitting someone who claims to love their country and their people, and from what I have seen of the Golden Dawn so far, it looks to be a very unpleasant outfit indeed. It would seem that violent sentiments are bubbling to the surface from a variety of political sources in Greece, which can only serve to make the country’s miserable situation still worse.


  1. I've not studied the Golden Dawn in any depth. Its possible they may be an NWO created false flag outfit to embody their ideological dictak that nationalists are "fascist thugs, nazis" et al. This lot do seem to fit the idendikit bill of cardboard cut-out fascists thugs with their swasikaesque logo, black shirts, violence etc. Are they "controlled opposition"?

    1. I suspect that they've created themselves Lantern, for such people do exist. I doubt however that most genuinely Greek nationalists would favour such a form of political expression, and would prefer something rather more rational and civil.


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