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Saturday 16 June 2012

German Defence League and Pro-NRW Duisburg Demo

The German website Politically Incorrect reports that a demonstration was held in the German city of Duisburg yesterday by the Pro-North Rhine Westphalia Movement and the German Defence League. About 40 protesters turned out to demonstrate against the construction of the largest mosque in the city – which also turns out to be the largest mosque in Europe - in the Marxloh District. As is the case with anti-Islamisation demonstrations in Britain, this was met by a counterdemonstration comprised of a combination of Muslim residents and self-styled ‘anti-fascists’, which on this occasion happened to be about 100 strong. The police however did a good job and managed to contain the potentially violent Islamo-Marxists.

The placards waved by the joint antifa/Turkish Muslim counterdemonstration depicted Tony Fiedler – Head of the Pro-North Rhine Westphalia Youth Wing – with blood running from his nose, the consequence of a recent attack upon Fiedler perpetrated by ‘anti-fascists’ which left him with a broken nose. The slogan on the posters read “Marxloh hates Pro NRW”. That the counterdemonstrators truly are filled with hate, can be little doubted. Contrast the pictures of the demonstrators below and ask yourself which group of people would be more likely to indulge in acts of violence.

An article praising the mosque can be found on the sinisterly named website Cities of Migration, a site that promotes the cultural and demographic dissolution of cities in the Western World through mass immigration. It says of the mosque:
‘The plans for the mosque included a meeting center and venue for the local people. The community center has a separate entrance from the prayer areas, designed to make non-Muslims feel more comfortable coming in. The mosque also has extra large windows (as suggested by a Catholic priest on the consultative panel) as a detail intended to promote transparency. The entrance hall includes an open arena for dialogue between the Muslim community and followers of different faiths as well as an information centre, an internet cafe along with a conference and reading halls for both Muslims and non-Muslims.’
Of course, a mosque such as this will seek to attract non-Muslims as it is simply a technique to attempt to convert Germans to Islam. It would be naïve to think otherwise. Indeed, Deutsche Welle reports that over the past week police raids have been carried out on over 70 premises across Germany to tackle the threat posed by the recently banned Solingen-based Salafist group Millatu Ibrahim and ideological affiliates. Solingen itself is situated in North-Rhine Westphalia, and the decision to ban Millatu Ibrahim was taken upon the grounds of its opposition to ‘Germany’s constitutional order and endangering the public peace.’

Another Salafist group has been distributing free Qur’ans in many German cities, with Gulf News noting that this has been part of ‘their drive to convert non-Muslims, a campaign that has involved handing out 25 million copies of the Quran in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.’ The same article cites an estimate of approximately 2,500 Salafists in Germany who support ‘violence against state institutions’.

That North-Rhine Westphalia is a centre of German opposition to Islamisation should therefore not come as a surprise. The Islamic population is flexing its political and cultural muscle, with some doctrinaire Muslims being willing to resort to violence as a means of advancing their ends, as demonstrated by recent violent clashes between police and Salafists in Solingen in May. Yet, despite this real threat, the so-called ‘anti-fascists’ label those Germans who oppose Islamisation as ‘far-right’, ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘neo-Nazi’. Despite there generally being no grounds for such stigmatising labels, the anti-democrats of the Left are quite happy to employ them in their general quest to destroy nation-states. As such, the operation of the ‘anti-fascist’ movement in Germany bears striking parallels with that of UAF in Britain and MRAP in France.

Pro-NRW wishes to draw attention not only to Islamisation, but also to the anti-white racism and violence that takes place in Germany. The contrast between the conduct and attitude of the two groups of demonstrators yesterday, clearly illustrates the essentially peaceful nature of Pro-NRW, whereas the same cannot be said of their ‘anti-fascist’/Muslim opponents.

'Anti-Fascists' - Marxloh hates Pro NRW!!!

Pro-North Rhine Westphalia anti-Islamisation Demonstrators


  1. ...German city of Duisburg.

    And then there is the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury, from where the 7/7 Islamic Jihadis set out to bomb and murder the people of England - the country that gave these immigrant beggars refuge, opportunities and standard of life, that they would never have in their Islamic hell holes.

    So is there something in the name of "Duis" or "Dews", that attracts these parasites?

  2. Unfortunately not DP111, it could just as well have been Rotherham or Roterdam, both highly enriched or infected take you pick. By the way don't worry they will soon attain the Standard of life of an Islamic hell hole when they get Shari law implemented. Unfortunately it will be at the cost of the standard of living of the Aboriginals, who pay the bills, but don't worry I am certain that they will have reservations for us and treat us kindly.


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