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Friday 22 June 2012

Peter Sutherland: a real-life Vogon?

Ah, those Bilderbergers! Nothing to fear from their behind-the-scenes secret discussions and decisions, eh? Before commencing with a rather more considered response to Peter Sutherland's genocidal recommendation that 'The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states,' has anyone else noted the startling resemblance between the UN's Special Representative for Migration and Goldman Sachs International Non-Executive Chairman and the Vogons? Maybe David Icke's nutty lizard conspiracy theory is wide of the mark, but perhaps he should switch to considering a Vogon conspiracy instead? The pictures and attitudes speak for themselves.

Advocate of anti-European Genocide - Peter Sutherland



  1. vogon?nahhh!he looks more like roy hudd.....

  2. Yes a definite resemblance to Sutherland and his treacherous reptilian mind.

    Apart from the nefarious plans of the Bilderbuggers and the corrupt UN asylum system, we also have the problem of the EU with their own policies that encourage and assist immigration from third world countries into Europe.

    Here’s a snippet from the Committee on EU Approach to Global Migration and Mobility….

    ‘Areas highlighted by the Government as of particular concern include labour migration and access to social security for migrants who have never worked in the UK….’

    Someone should tell the Committee they are wasting their time. It hardly matters that Britain has not signed up to some of these EU migration schemes either, as the immigrants, once accepted as a citizen into any other European country have the same right to come here and live comfortably off the British taxpayer without ever having worked or paid into the system.

    OK, they may have to work a little, perhaps by selling the Big Issue for a few months but I don’t see that as any deterrent to those wishing to live a carefree life supported by the British taxpayer.

    Britain will never be in control of its own borders as long as it remains in the EU

    1. Yes Dinan, you are absolutely right in noting that controlling our borders will be impossible without leaving the EU, which is something that we must do. The Big Issue scam that you mention - specifically involving Roma it seems - almost caused me to fall off my chair when I initially read about it, the most staggering thing being that The Big Issue itself was defending and facilitating this practice!


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