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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Brierfield Mills: Locals Petition against Islamic Girls’ School

It may not be time to crack open the champagne just yet, but organisers of a petition to block the conversion of Brierfield Mills into a 5000-place Islamic girls’ school must be pleased that they have managed to gather 1,000 signatories. As Gandalf of the Up Pompeii blog has noted, this is no mean achievement for a small town such as Brierfield.

The question is: how will local MP Gordon Prentice respond to this petition? According to the Burnley Express, Mr Prentice has stated:

There are concerns that Islamic Help may have been acting outside its charitable objectives in raising money for a boarding school in the UK. I shall be raising the issue with the chair and chief executive of the Charity Commission when I meet them on Thursday.
Evidently, even a Labour droid such as Prentice realises that many of his constituents have been pushed beyond endurance by this latest move towards the Islamisation of the town. As can be seen from the following link - - Brierfield is already blighted by the new Sultania Mosque; its turquoise domes and minaret make a bold symbolic claim to Muslim ownership of Brierfield’s public space, so it seems appropriate that the mosque’s website should feature a menacing soundtrack featuring the sounds of a heartbeat of someone seemingly on the verge of death.

This citizens’ initiative may not be on the same scale as the recent minaret ban in Switzerland, but it just goes to demonstrate that the efforts of publicly minded citizens such as the members of the Clitheroe Road Residents’ Association can still make a stand against Islamisation in the UK. I just hope that they are successful in blocking the school plans. However, there is still some way to go in preventing the Islamising agenda of the ‘charity’ behind the project, for the latter has stated that it is also examining purchasing Brierfield Mills with a view to converting it for a variety of Islamic uses. So, I wish good luck to the Clitheroe Road Residents’ Association, for you will need it.


Tuesday 1 December 2009

Mega School to complement Mega Mosque?

According to reports in the Daily Express and Pendle Today, Pendle could shortly be home to a girls’ school with a difference: a 5000-place Muslim boarding school. The plan to build this bloated symbol of Islamic imperialism in this Lancashire town is being spearheaded by Birmingham-based ‘charity’ Islamic Help. The organisation intends to house the school in Brierfield Mills, and if given the go-ahead, its designs would lead to the creation of the largest school in the country, or, more accurately, Islamist indoctrination centre.

How do the good people of Pendle feel about such a prospect? At a guess, they’d probably be less bothered by the resurrection of its infamous witches, who met their doom some four centuries ago. Evidently, despite his commitment to “celebrating the diversity” and the “enrichment” that such an institution would undoubtedly bring to his constituency, Labour MP Gordon Prentice is feeling a little discomfited. Given that indigenous voters have yet to be fully ethnically cleansed from his domain, even he is aware of the fact that this proposed development is (how can I put it delicately?) controversial amongst his non-Muslim constituents.

Why is such an institution necessary? If these people wished to integrate in any meaningful sense (i.e. assimilate to the host culture) they would send their daughters to local schools. This proposed project is ample demonstration that they are not here to integrate, but to remain separate, and eventually dominate. These girls will have their minds moulded and poisoned by the ideological mentors behind the scheme who subscribe to a system of savage seventh-century bigotry. The primary message rammed home every day will be that Islam is superior to kuffar culture, and that the justifiably (in their minds) despised kuffar should submit, for that is what lies at the dark heart of the Qur’an.

A junior minister by the name of Diana Johnson claims that the Government will look carefully at the scheme. Given that such institutions are nothing more than multiculturally sanctioned factories of hate, why don’t we simply ban them and the alleged charities from which they derive their financial wherewithal? This school would be as welcome in Pendle as a phalanx of minarets in Zurich.


Sunday 29 November 2009

No More Minarets in the UK!

Inspired by the example of the Swiss people today? The BNP were so taken with the striking design of the Swiss People's Party's minaret-ban campaign poster that they have produced their own version for the UK. This features a quote from the Turkish Prime Minister, as well as the policy positions of the UK's three largest Westminster parties on Turkey's EU membership. Does the imagery within the poster really look "sinister" compared to the quote from Tayyip Erdogan? Surely it is Mr Erdogan's statements that should cause us concern, not honest imagery about the imperialistic nature of Islam.

Swiss Minaret Ban Confirmed

Congratulations to the Swiss public for voting in favour of banning the construction of minarets in their country. Exit polls revealed the near certainty of a yes vote for the proposal, and a BBC report just released has confirmed that this is indeed the case: 57% voted in favour of the ban as did 22 out of the country's 26 cantons. Predictably however, the BBC's reporting of this story has highlighted so-called "Islamaphobia" and harped on about this decision blackening Switzerland's international reputation. For me, this decision simply underscores that the majority of the Swiss voting public are no fools when it comes to the matter of Islamisation.


Swiss Minaret Ban Imminent?

According to a number of reports, exit polls indicate that the Swiss have today voted in favour of banning the construction of minarets in Switzerland. If this does indeed turn out to be the case, I would like to express my admiration for the Swiss people's sound common sense. This initiative of the Swiss People's Party isn't xenophobia, but an example of the Swiss standing up for their own values and identity. Let's hope that it encourages Muslims to stay away from Switzerland, and for those already resident there to reconsider their position and hopefully leave. I can only but hope that in the years ahead more countries in Europe, including the UK, will pass such measures, but at present such a prospect seems miserably unlikely.

Below is an ITN report on the campaign to ban minarets which, alas, is dhimmi in sentiment. Note the fact that it only bothers to show interviews by voters who are "shocked by the initiative." Hardly an example of unbiased reporting:


Nevskii Express Bombing: Islamists or Combat 18-Nevograd?

An article appearing on the website suggests that a group calling itself Combat 18-Nevograd has claimed responsibility for the Nevskii Express bombing. The claim itself purports to be made on behalf of “an independent cell of Combat 18 in the city on the Neva” [i.e. St Petersburg] which has dissociated itself “from the official centre in Moscow (Blood and Honour/C18 Moscow)”. The anonymous author describes Combat 18 in Russia as “a terrorist group of white lads, which from the outset was involved in [acts of] street violence and terror against enemies of the white race.” [1]

Further excerpts from the declaration give a flavour of the febrile state of mind of its author:

We, the autonomous military group Combat 18, claim responsibility for the “Nevskii Express” explosion. Further – greater! The time has come. We declare that the war will touch every resident. In this war there will be no non-participants and no innocent victims. There will only be our supporters and our enemies.” [2]
That anyone or any group claiming to be of a Russian nationalist persuasion should choose to indiscriminately kill its own people seems bizarre, and would seem to call into question the credibility of the claim. Is it the product of a lone crank, or of the small dangerously deluded group of which he claims to be a member? Whoever this person is, he is no friend to the Russian people.

The idea that this act could have been carried out by anyone claiming to be a Russian nationalist has been roundly rejected by Aleksandr Belov, leader of Russia’s Movement Against Illegal Immigration. In an interview with Novyi Region Moskva, he argues that it is likely to have been carried out by Chechen terrorists, rather than by some shadowy group of violent ultranationalist cranks.

In support of his view Belov notes that: 1) articles have already appeared on a number of Chechen websites claiming responsibility for the bombing; 2) a trial of Chechen terrorists charged with an earlier bombing of this train service in 2007 is currently underway; 3) the attack coincided with the start of Eid al-Fitr [3]. As Belov notes, there thus appears to be ample circumstantial evidence to identify the likely suspects as Chechen Islamists. Alas, this is but the latest in a long sequence of Chechen terrorist atrocities endured by the Russian people, and I fear that it will not be the last.

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Saturday 28 November 2009

UKIP Targets Barking

The Times reports that UKIP is to stand a parliamentary candidate to contest the Barking constituency at the upcoming General Election. Paul Wiffen is said to be its favoured choice, and with Lord Pearson at the helm as UKIP's newly elected leader, it is hoped that it will exert a greater appeal by focusing upon attacking Islamism following Lord Pearson's recent comments on this issue. However, UKIP's decision to stand in Barking with the expressed intention of confronting Nick Griffin is in reality a myopic move, for it will only serve to split the nationalist vote and in all likelihood allow Margaret Hodge to cling to power.

UKIP should not stand in Barking. Its expressed intention of doing so is detrimental to the national interest, and indicates that UKIP is willing to place narrow party interests before those of the nation. If UKIP were truly  interested in confronting Islamism, it would step aside to allow Nick Griffin a clear run at this parliamentary seat, for he stands a real chance of winning and would certainly not be afraid to speak out on this issue at Westminster. A vote for UKIP in Barking will in effect be a vote for the treacherous millionairess Margaret Hodge.

If any of you are thinking of voting UKIP, I would urge you to cast your vote for the BNP instead if the latter are standing in your constituency. If there is a UKIP candidate but no representation from the BNP, then by all means vote for the former, but do bear in mind that only a vote for the BNP will guarantee that your ballot will be counted towards the election of a true nationalist candidate who will not sell out your interests as an indigenous Briton. Vote BNP in 2010.


Friday 27 November 2009

Anti-EU Demonstration: Parliament Square, 28 November

This is a call to all who oppose the annulment of our national sovereignty which is about to be brought into effect by the Lisbon Treaty as of 1 December this year.




Friday 20 November 2009

Rajinder Singh: Future Sikh Member of the BNP

Already, the implications of the forthcoming changes to the BNP constitution are generating headlines which could adumbrate a change in direction for the mainstream media’s reporting of the party. What, after all, will it do with the “racist” smear tag when people such as Rajinder Singh, who are sympathetic to the BNP’s platform, join and become fully paid-up members?

Mr Singh, a retired schoolteacher who is also a Sikh, is widely touted to become the first ethnic minority member of the BNP. He has been a supporter of the party for the past decade, and makes it clear that he is a strong advocate of the party’s anti-Islamisation stance, for he himself suffered familial tragedy with the death of his father (killed by Muslims) during the partition of India in 1947.

I very much welcome Mr Singh’s impending membership, and hope that other Sikhs sympathetic to the BNP’s central platform will lend the party their support and hopefully become members. In my opinion, the BNP would be wise to offer Rajinder Singh the opportunity of standing as their parliamentary candidate in Southall at the forthcoming General Election if he should be interested in the proposal. Admittedly, at the age of 78 he might understandably not wish to immerse himself in full-time political campaigning, but I do think that his candidature should be given full consideration. In the video below, Rajinder speaks for himself:

For reactions to Rajinder’s forthcoming membership see:

Monday 16 November 2009

Manchester Muslims arrested in Police Terror Swoop

Another day, another arrest of a group of suspected fifth columnists planning to commit acts of terror against British targets overseas. A story befitting lead billing on the BBC News website you might think? No. Instead we see “Officer ‘abused Iraqi prisoners”. So, where precisely do you think it might be located? Second billing? In the top stories section? Headlining the regional news portal? Well no actually. It’s not even featured on the BBC News frontpage. The story is instead relegated to the Manchester regional page under the heading of “Five arrested during terror raids” [1].

What does the BBC say about these five? Does it give us some clues as to their identities or backgrounds? Yes. Apparently they were men aged between 21 and 62. That’s it. No other details. Why?

Thankfully, other news outlets have been slightly less coy in their treatment of the story. The Times timorously edges towards the truth when it almost casually mentions that “properties in inner-city areas [of Manchester] with large Muslim populations have been sealed before a lengthy search.” Furthermore, “Neighbours spoke of front doors being knocked and shouting at around 4am. One described a man of Pakistani origin being led away.” [2] The Daily Telegraph homed in on the truth a little further when it reported on “a 62-year-old man arrested at his home on Willows Lane, Deane, Bolton, [who] taught the Koran at a number of mosques across the region. "I'm surprised. He carries out spiritual sessions twice-a-week. He is very spiritual," said one source within the Muslim community.” [3]

Surprised”? Why was the source “surprised”? The “source” stated clearly that the man “is very spiritual”, which is Muslim code for describing someone who is a rabid kufr hater. This elderly fellow is said to have preached at a number of mosques in the Northwest, so we can be rest assured that if indeed he proves to have been involved in a terror plot, he will have been spreading his ‘spiritual’ message widely and freely to all of those wonderfully ‘moderate’, ‘spiritual’ and ‘devout’ people in his congregations. How very reassuring. Over now, to a message from Greater Manchester Police:



Sunday 15 November 2009

BNP Membership Change

Yesterday, delegates at the BNP’s annual party conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of amending the party’s constitution to allow non-whites to become members. The wider party membership will also be balloted on the proposal, and Simon Darby anticipates that the final text of the amendment should be forwarded for approval at an EGM either in December or early in January.

This proposed change is hugely significant for the BNP, as it will allow members of ethnic minorities sympathetic to its aims to join. Through making this provision UAF, Searchlight, Antifa, the mainstream political parties and media will no longer be able to claim that the BNP is a racist party. In bringing a case against the BNP the EHRC has handed the party a huge opportunity. It will now be able to brush aside all of the usual accusations of being a racist organisation lying beyond the pale of civilised political life in the UK. Importantly, once the membership criteria are changed the BNP will be able to overturn bans on membership for those working in the police and prison services, and to forestall moves to proscribe membership for those working in other professions such as teaching. Nonetheless, it is likely that the globalists within the trade union movement will still attempt to find various pretexts for hounding party members and supporters out of their jobs wherever they work.

Despite the forthcoming change, it should not be expected that the vitriol and violence employed by opponents of the party will suddenly cease. This opening up of the party’s membership may lead to an initial period of confusion amongst its opponents as to how to tackle it, but it is probable that the stream of lies and smears will continue. Don’t be surprised if someone is commissioned to produce a tendentious television documentary entitled something along the lines of “The Ugly Face of the BNP” to be screened immediately prior to the next General Election, deliberately designed to undercut the party’s momentum.


Saturday 14 November 2009

One Law for All Press Release: Protest on 21 November

The following message was recently received from the "One Law for All" campaign which opposes Sharia law here in the UK and elsewhere in the world. If you are interested in protesting against Sharia, please read the following press release and consider attending this peaceful demonstration:

One Law for All campaign is organising a rally on Saturday 21 November 2009 at 1200pm in London’s Hyde Park. The rally aims to oppose religious laws in Britain and elsewhere, show solidarity with people living under and resisting Sharia, and to defend universal rights and secularism.

Simultaneous acts of solidarity and support for the rally and its aims will take place in countries across the world including Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Nigeria, Serbia and Montenegro and Sweden.

Moreover, winners of the campaign’s art competition exposing the discriminatory nature of religious law and promoting freedom and equal rights will be announced at the event.

One Law for All Spokesperson, Maryam Namazie, commented, ‘Sharia law is becoming a key battleground, particularly because it is an extension and representation of the rising threat of Islamism. Sharia matters to people everywhere because it adversely affects the rights, lives and freedoms of countless human beings across the world. Opposing Sharia law is a crucial step in defending universal and equal rights and secularism and showing real solidarity with people living under and resisting it everywhere. November 21 is yet another important day for further strengthening the mass movement needed that can and will put a stop to Sharia once and for all.’

For further information on the campaign, please visit

Friday 13 November 2009

Glasgow North East By-election Result: Labour see off SNP Challenge and Tories narrowly trump BNP

The Labour Party have held onto former Common’s Speaker Martin’s Glasgow North East Seat with Willie Bain increasing their share of the vote from 53.3% to 59.3%. The SNP failed to repeat the coup that they pulled off last year in capturing Glasgow East, coming in second slightly increasing their share of the vote from 17.7% to 20%. Turnout was a record low for Scotland, a mere 33.2% compared to 45.8% at the 2005 General Election, evidence perhaps of voter disillusion with politics following a turbulent year for Labour and the mainstream parties.

The BNP very nearly managed to grab the headlines, for it was for a time thought that they would take third place, but in the end it was a close call, and they came in fourth with 1,013 votes just behind the Conservatives with 1,075. A considerable amount of publicity, most of it negative, was devoted to the BNP during this campaign, with representatives of the mainstream parties all lining up to voice their “abhorrence” of the party and its candidate. Labour of course played up the BNP challenge in an effort to galvanise its weary and disillusioned supporters. Nothing succeeds for an old Labour hand like a rallying call to “smash fascism” [sic]. This was not natural BNP territory, but the party did manage to increase its absolute vote as well as its share, taking 4.9% on this occasion compared to 3.2% in 2005.

The Liberal Democrats did not stand for election when the seat was last up for grabs in 2005, and their terrible result tonight (they came sixth with 2.3% of the vote) suggests that they should have saved themselves the expense of fighting the campaign.

Although Gordon Brown will take cheer from this decisive victory, its message cannot be transposed to the UK scene more widely, for in this by-election campaign Labour focused on many issues specific to Scotland, and was to a certain extent able to play the part of an opposition party owing to the SNP administration in Holyrood which has recently made some unpopular decisions in Glasgow.

Thursday 12 November 2009

Gordon Brown Lies about Immigration (again)

Gordon Brown cynically attempted to pull the wool over voters’ eyes today by pretending that he was doing something to regulate mass immigration. However, he is fully aware of the fact that he and his party have deliberately engineered mass immigration and that they remain totally ideologically convinced of its merits. The measures that Brown announced today were, as  Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch noted, “trivial”. They will do nothing whatsoever to stem the rise in our skyrocketing population, and in reality they are not intended to do so.

Brown, and dishonest fellow Labour Party member Alan Johnson, are pretending to listen to ordinary Britons’ concerns about immigration and making soothing noises about this matter purely because they know that people utterly disagree with their policy and are considering voting for the BNP. This is the sole reason that Labour has even bothered to introduce meaningless and completely ineffective ‘controls’ on immigration. The Labour Party remains committed to the very core of its being to the destruction of our national fabric.

Nobody should be gulled into thinking that Labour is for one moment sounding a genuine note of contrition vis-à-vis the immigration scandal. It is a party of globalist internationalists. They lied about the Lisbon Treaty and they have presided over our national absorption into the emergent EU totalitarian super-state. Miliband and many others now wish to swiftly facilitate Turkey’s entry to the EU, which will hasten the Islamisation of Europe and our country. They prostrate themselves before Islam, and use the pretext of the “war on terror” to gag and monitor us all. They hate England and the English with a particular vehemence, and thus give it and its people no recognition either institutionally (in the form of an English parliament), or even on the census form. Frank Field should leave the Labour Party, for he does himself no favours by remaining part of this morally, intellectually and literally bankrupt entity.

Gordon Brown. We have heard what you said today and we know you for a liar. Your time is coming to a close, and someday I hope that you are brought to account for your deliberate destructive assault upon my nation.

Reference: "PM to 'tighten' migration rules', BBC, 12 November 2009,

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Militant Islam in Dewsbury Part 2: Demography, Ideology and Insularity

Deobandi Islam came to Dewsbury in the 1950s with an influx of immigrants from Pakistan and India who came to work in the town’s woollen mills. They settled predominantly in Savile Town and Ravensthorpe [1]. This is a tale familiar to many of Britain’s northern towns and cities, and, as elsewhere, these exotic seeds later bloomed into so many fleurs du mal.

Dewsbury’s own deathly blooms included 7/7 bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan, who worshipped at the town’s Markazi mosque [2]; Waris Ali, a Ravensthorpe resident convicted at the age of 18 for planning to bomb BNP members [3], and Adnan Hussain, who threatened a woman by saying “he knew people who would “slit her throat”” simply because she refused to sell him cigarettes [4]. All products of the oft-termed “austere” interpretation of Islam favoured by the Deobandis and their religio-political offshoot: Tablighi Jamaat. Deobandi Islam is not on the fringes of Muslim life in the UK. Far from it. According to a Times report published in 2007, some 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques were run by followers of this branch of the faith [5].

Dewsbury's Markazi Mosque

Once they had founded their colonies, Dewsbury’s Muslim newcomers kept to themselves. Turning inwards, they cleaved to their ancestral Islamic beliefs and practices rather than assimilating to the host culture and population. Why assimilate to the latter, when they clearly believed that their own beliefs and ways were, in their perceptions, so self-evidently ‘superior’? Endogamy and chain migration maintained their biological cohesion; the mosque and the madrassah enforced their ideological unity; assaults and intimidation cowed the non-Muslim population and maintained their enclaves’ nascent territorial integrity. The enclaves expanded as the local English population sought to vacate properties in their immediate vicinity, thereby facilitating Muslim expansion. In this way did they build demographic, cultural and spiritual outposts of Gujarat and Pakistan. One instance amongst many. Heaton was once a pleasant place (so I’ve been told).

Tablighi Jamaat, which runs Dewsbury’s Markazi mosque, is the force behind plans to construct the London ‘mega-mosque’ and has been attributed as the radicalising influence which led Kaheel Ahmed (a doctor of Indian origin) to die in his attempted car bombing of Glasgow Airport in August 2007. Tablighi Jamaat’s European headquarters is found in Dewsbury, and its core beliefs go a long way to explaining the motivations underpinning the repeated attacks upon Dewsbury’s non-Muslim population. A Times article published in September 2007 stated:

Tablighi Jamaat was founded in 1926, in India, by a Deobandi scholar, Muhammad Ilyas, who wanted to raise Islamic awareness among rural Muslims in south Asia. He promised them that by obeying Islamic laws and following the example of the Prophet Muhammad in their personal lives they would one day “dominate over non-believers” and become “masters of everything on this earth”.”

Ishaq Patel, Tablighi Jamaat’s first amir (leader) in Britain, is said to have been on pilgrimage in Mecca when Ilyas’s successor gave him a long-term mission to win “the whole of Britain to Islam”.” [6]

Members of Dewsbury’s Muslim colony thus take in such views with their mothers’ milk, and they are reinforced day after day, week after week, year after year in the local mosques and the Markazi adjunct known as the Institute of Islamic Education. Tightly bound by these ideological ties which cultivate an attitude of supremacy and hatred towards the non-Muslims who live around them, is it any wonder that we see them attack the innocent? Those who would have you believe that these Deobandis are victims of racist discrimination, poverty and relative deprivation are either deliberately lying or deeply ignorant and self-deceiving. The violence at the heart of Dewsbury is cultivated and legitimated by Deobandi Islam, and it cannot be stopped by ploughing money and resources into these so-called ‘communities’ (i.e. colonies). Take away Islam and you remove the source of the violence.

Dewsbury is of course the constituency of disgraced Labour ex-Minister Shahid Malik (who has called for a Muslim PM in the UK (see video below)) and home to his Conservative parliamentary rival in the 2005 General Election ‘Baroness’ [sic] Sayeeda “I would fail the cricket test” Warsi. Hopefully, the voters will punish Malik at next year’s General Election. For want of a better means of expressing dissatisfaction it would be satisfying if the BNP vote were to rise, and martyr Malik will lose his seat.

The BNP have polled well in Dewsbury where they have stood in a succession of elections, taking a new high of 5,066 votes - 13.1% of those cast - in 2005 [7]. How any non-Muslim voters could cast their ballot for Malik again, I do not know. Such voters would do well to voice their dissatisfaction with the unwillingness of the local authorities and West Yorkshire Police to recognise, let alone confront the town’s Islamist problem, by delivering, for want of a better choice, a strong vote to the BNP in 2010. The Deobandi bullies will not be beaten unless someone stands up for their victims: the non-Muslim people of Dewsbury.


Militant Islam in Dewsbury Part 1: The Violent Assertion of Islamic Territorialism

A recent spate of attacks against non-Muslim residents in Dewsbury highlights the existence of no-go areas within the town: de facto emergent secessionist Muslim enclaves, into which others enter at their peril. This unpleasant reality conflicts with the vacuous assertions to the contrary by the West Yorkshire Police, who have also dismissed claims by victims of this recent violence that these assaults were clearly “racially motivated”. These denials bring to mind the refusal of West Yorkshire Police to attribute a racial component to “Asian” (code for Muslim) gang assaults upon white English pensioners in Bradford earlier this year.

The worst of the incidents that has taken place over the past few weeks involved a 14-year-old boy – Joseph Haigh - who was attacked by a gang of 10-15 Muslim youths who left him unconscious after inflicting a deep head wound with a brick, stabbing him in the hand with a screwdriver, loosening two of his front teeth and stealing his bike. Although stabbed in the hand, he could be said to be ‘lucky’, for his assailant was aiming at his face. The boy was later found unconscious by a passer-by. His father Jonathan said:

It was a racist attack. They were calling him ‘white trash’ and white this, that and the other. This is why people are angry about what is happening in this country. If it had been an attack by whites on an Asian lad it would have been a definite race attack. When it’s the other way round they don’t want to know.” [1]

A 46-year old labourer - Robert Dyson - was set upon by a mob of Muslim men whilst returning home one Friday night in late October. In this unprovoked assault he was surrounded, punched in the face and then knocked to the ground where he suffered repeated kicks from his tormenters. A hospital visit was needed to repair the damage to his split lip and a gashed ear [2].

A week after the attack upon Mr Dyson, a young white man of 18 was set upon by a gang of about ten masked “Asian” (i.e. Muslim) youths who knocked him to the ground and began kicking him. They ran off when a middle-aged white couple interrupted the assault. The next afternoon (a Sunday) a number of white drivers had their cars stoned as they passed along Savile Road. Once again, the perpetrators were described as “Asian” (aka Muslim). One of those targeted – Andy Cutler aged 36 – stated:

They were just targeting white drivers . . . As far as I’m concerned it’s racist and it needs to be reported.” [3]

This latest outbreak of attacks follows a similar wave which occurred during August, when three white boys (one aged 12 and two aged 14) “were attacked by Asians [Muslims] who demanded to know why they were walking through Savile Town.” Two weeks later a bus was attacked with stones. Windows were smashed and one of the passengers was injured. The wounded man emerged from the bus and attempted to chase away the young assailants and “was asked why he was going about shouting in ‘their area.’” [4]

From the attacks outlined above there are clear common denominators that indicate that young male Muslims within Dewsbury are using violent intimidation to mark out territory that they see as a nascent jurisdiction unto itself. That the victims of this Muslim violence (invariably described as “Asian” in the mainstream media, which is a grievous slur upon people of non-Muslim Asian extraction) are all white could lead one to mistakenly label these attacks as being “racist”. Strictly speaking of course, one should more accurately describe these awful crimes as being Islamist rather than racist, for although the young Muslim thugs happened to target white Britons (whom they particularly detest) in each of these incidents, they would I am sure be just as happy to attack any other kufr who pitched up on ‘their’ turf.

Indeed, in February 2008 violence flared between Dewsbury’s resident Pakistani Muslims and more-recently arrived immigrant Gypsies (usually mislabelled as “Hungarians”). They even went so far as to clash with an all-male influx of co-religionist Iraqi Kurds in 2007, in a display of atavistic rivalry over access to Pakistani females [5]. As any impartial reader can gather from this depressing list of unprovoked violent attacks, there is one component of Dewsbury’s population that is endowed with a spirit of hatred towards all other residents, and appears to be growing bolder in asserting its presence: Deobandi Islam. In the second part of this piece, I shall outline how this particularly unpleasant and violent species of Qur’anic literalism came to take root in the town, and what this betokens for politics in Dewsbury.


Monday 9 November 2009

Revolution Muslim: Home of America’s Homegrown Jihadi Fruitcakes

As can be seen in the following CNN news report, the US possesses an outfit - Revolution Islam - full of homegrown jihadist loons who are quite happy to revere Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Two of the most outspoken of these objectionable loudmouths are converts to Islam. No-one who is not mentally unhinged and/or attracted to violence voluntarily converts to Islam. Watch for yourself and draw your own conclusions. How will the American people react?

An Earlier Windrush?

Hat tip to Sir Henry Morgan for this cartoon.

Sunday 8 November 2009

Boycott ASDA: Teach it a Lesson for its Halal-only Policy on the Isle of Dogs

Halal slaughter causes needless pain and suffering to animals, and that it is permitted to take place in the UK today is a scandal. I am unhappy to see that the management of ASDA’s Isle of Dogs store has decided that henceforth only halal meat will be available from its fresh meat counter.

The Sunday Express reports that

Asda insisted it was “responding to customer demand” and had done a deal with a local halal butcher to reflect the ethnic make up of the area’s population. Yet figures show that while the borough of Tower Hamlets is almost half Muslim, the Isle of Dogs is about 80 per cent non-Bangladeshi. Workers at the store said furious non-Muslim customers would not [buy] meat derived from cutting the throats of animals and letting them bleed to death.”

This is but the most recent example of the creeping Islamisation of the United Kingdom, one that in this instance is passed off as “responding to customer demand”. Consider this: if we have now reached a stage where the presence of a concentrated body of so-called mainstream Muslims can result in the imposition of shariah-compliant practices, it is only a matter of time before their demographic weight translates into the imposition of other aspects of shariah which will also be forced onto non-Muslims. Islam is incompatible with all other social systems and we must do all that we can to resist and turn back the encroachment of Islamic practices in our country.

ASDA’s bottom line is its bottom line. If the company wishes to respond to customer demand, then let us show it what we want by shopping elsewhere and demanding that it drops its halal policy. I pledge to boycott ASDA. Write to ASDA to express your dissatisfaction with its decision to promote inhumane treatment of animals and state that you’ll not shop at any of its stores until it is reversed. For information on the British Humanist Association’s campaign to end halal and kosher slaughter without pre-stunning visit

Reference: “Asda in Halal Storm”, Ted Jeory, The Sunday Express, 8 November 2009,

Saturday 7 November 2009

Kimberley Munley: Major Hasan’s Nemesis

Police Sergeant Kimberley Munley is an exceptionally brave woman. A true heroine who put her life at risk to successfully bring a halt to Nidal Malik Hasan’s murderous rampage at Fort Hood. In doing so, she was shot twice by the gunman, but somehow managed to shoot him four times and bring him down. Many people owe her a great debt of gratitude, and I hope that she receives the honours that she so richly deserves.

References: "Investigators try to understand reasons behind Major Hasan’s rampage", The Times, 7 November 2009:

"God is great: Last words of Fort Hood gunman before being shot by police heroine", David Gardner & Liz Hazelton, The Daily Mail, 7 November 2009:

Friday 6 November 2009

Nidal Malik Hasan urged US Muslims to “rise up”

The truth is out. Colleagues have revealed that the US Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan reacted gleefully to news of deaths of soldiers killed by suicide bombers and stated that his fellow US Muslims should “rise up” and attack the US for its foreign policy. In a Fox News interview Colonel Lee (one of Hasan’s colleagues) stated that Hasan had said "maybe people should strap bombs on themselves and go to Time Square."

Why was a man with such views permitted to remain in the US Army? We all know the answer: multiculturalism. Only a dyed-in-the-wool multiculturalist would not understand why Hasan – “a devout Muslim” according to a local imam – held such a deep animus towards his fellow non-Muslim American citizens. Faizul Khan, an imam who knew Hasan whilst he was resident in Washington, said of his conversations with Hasan “Mostly we were discussing religious matters, nothing too controversial, nothing like an extremist.” That’s right. Nothing like an extremist in a Quranic context of course.

Any Muslim who actively subscribes to and follows the tenets of their faith, believes that affiliation to the ummah – the global community of Muslims – trumps any affiliation to nation. To permit such a man to serve in the military, particularly at a time when the US is fighting a war against a number of Muslim majority states, highlights the folly of multiculturalism. Likewise, here in the UK, the armed forces and the police are encouraged to recruit more Muslims. Naturally, thankfully not all of them will be like Nidal Malik Hasan, but are we truly being wise when we encourage their recruitment to our military and security services? Are we not undermining their cohesion and effectiveness, as well as posing a risk to the physical safety of non-Muslim members of the armed forces?

For commentary on the Hasan case, please visit:

“Muslim army major kills 12 and injures 31 in shootout with troops at U.S. military base”, David Gardner, Daily Mail,

“Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan 'said Muslims should rise up'”, Philip Sherwell, Daily Telegraph,

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Fort Hood Shootings: Major Nidal Malik Hasan

What a surprise. It transpires that the main perpetrator of today's atrocity at Fort Hood - Major Nidal Malik Hasan - turns out to have been a Muslim convert. Now, I wonder why a man such as Major Malik who  converted to such a 'peace-loving' religion as Islam should have gone on to murder so many of his comrades? Any ideas? For further details see

It would seem that he may have been 'inspired' by Tuesday's shooting spree by an Afghan policeman in which five British soldiers were murdered and a number of others injured. Will these two incidents prove to be the precursors to a wave of such attacks?

Thursday 5 November 2009

The Lisbon Treaty: David Cameron and the Death of British Democracy

So, David Cameron will not hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. No surprise there. Did anyone really expect him to offer this to us? Come now, surely you weren’t fool enough to fall for Dave’s “finger of fudge”?

Admittedly, it would not technically make ‘sense’ to hold a referendum on a treaty that has already come into effect and reduced us to a de facto province of the EU, but there would be nothing preventing Cameron from offering us a referendum on continued EU membership following a Tory victory next year. This of course, is not strictly true, for there is something very powerful preventing him from offering us this option: his belief that our absorption into the EU fledgling superstate is a desirable end in itself. What does this betoken for the Conservative Party?

We are entering very interesting and uncharted territory in domestic politics, for the two main political parties have now adopted policies that have effectively alienated their traditional core supporters. Many Tories are naturally Eurosceptic, and Cameron’s willing acquiescence in the snuffing out of our national statehood will not endear him to them. This comes on top of his unwillingness to set a cap upon immigration; ethnic-minority favouritism, all-women shortlists and an embrace of political correctness and multiculturalism which has underpinned these shifts. The focus of contemporary Conservative economic policy, like that of the Labour and the Liberal Democratic parties, is upon unfettered globalism, with no regard for its corrosive impact upon our traditional social fabric and culture.

What therefore, can we say is truly conservative about the Conservative Party? Very little, I would suggest, for the leading lights within the parliamentary party seek to preserve little more than their own personal interests, and those of the rootless transnational capitalist elite which advocates the EU project and globalism more generally. Other than these interests, their policies favour only a tiny minority of the very wealthy within our country. It may pose as a libertarian party (which it is, compared to the Labour Party) and Cameron may employ some of the language of one-nation conservatism and state that multiculturalism is bankrupt, but all of these are but baseless soundbites designed to appeal to traditional Tories. The reality of the contemporary Conservative Party is that it is forwarding an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the objectives and interests of many of its core supporters.

The polls published on the UK Polling Report Blog ( show that the Conservatives have been enjoying a significant lead in the polls since Brown wavered over holding a snap General Election in the autumn of 2007, but dig a little deeper and this lead is more fragile than the headline figures would suggest. The Conservative lead is based more upon voters’ dislike of the Labour Party, rather than any positive regard for the Tories or their leadership. Now that Cameron has alienated the Eurosceptic voting public, what impact will this have upon voting patterns at next year’s General Election? Will significant numbers of Conservative voters desert Cameron for UKIP or the BNP? Could this deny the Conservatives the victory that seemed, until recently, they were almost certain to win? It is difficult to say, for the Labour Party seems to be on the same trajectory as Lloyd George’s Liberal Party: ever downwards.

Labour’s demise rests upon its loss of an animating purpose that chimes with the mood and interests of the native British people. The Labour Party has viciously turned upon the working class and the indigenous population of the British Isles (especially the English). It has vigorously pursued the privatisation agenda, and woven itself into the oligarchical nexus of globalist capitalism. It has nothing positive to offer the indigenous working and middle classes of the United Kingdom. It has pursued policies that have attacked the cultural, ethnic and economic fabric of our country. It is bankrupt, both literally and ideologically. Consequently, chunks of its traditional support have sheared off.

Many Labour supporters amongst the professional middle classes have been wooed by the Cameroons, the Liberal Democrats or the Greens, whilst significant numbers of the dejected English working class have turned to the BNP: “the Labour Party your grandparents used to vote for.” Very large numbers of traditional Labour voters have simply stayed at home and given up on voting. I see nothing in the direction of Labour policy that will cause people (other than of course its imported pool of voters from Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere) to actively support it at the polls in 2010. Those who have traditionally voted Labour but have in recent years given up on voting would be, in my opinion, open to voting for the BNP if only they knew what its policies were.

So, our two main political parties, used to taking turns in governing our country, find themselves in the peculiar position of having alienated their respective core constituencies. Both back the anti-democratic EU oligarchical project, so is it any wonder that people are switched off by mainstream politics, and think that their votes count for nothing? Which of the two main parties will lose most support: Labour or Conservative? One thing is for certain: the party that forms the government of the United Kingdom in 2010 will lack an effective democratic mandate, for it will not in any meaningful respect represent the will of the indigenous people of this country.

In the longer term, both Conservative and Labour parties are finished unless one or the other embraces nationalism. If they do not, another party will step out of the shadows to take its rightful place in Westminster.

Sunday 25 October 2009

ICM Poll on Immigration: News of the World puts the Cart before the Horse

In today’s News of the World, columnist Ian Kirby claims that the most recent ICM poll for the paper has issued “a shock wake-up call to politicians – with a majority declaring they share the BNP view that Britain has too many immigrants.” Does it really come as “a shock” to him that a majority of the British population know that there are “too many immigrants”? Where has this man been for the past twenty years?

Although only 54% of those sampled concurred with the reality of the UK possessing too many immigrants, we must of course remember that there are now so many immigrants or people of recent immigrant decent resident in the country, that this figure will almost certainly have underreported the proportion of indigenous Britons unhappy with the ever-growing size of the immigrant population.

Where Kirby inverts the natural order of things is in his interpretation of the poll’s findings on the attitude of the mainstream political parties towards the indigenous working class:

But it is clear the BNP message IS getting through, with 44 per cent saying the white working class has been abandoned by the mainstream parties.”

What he should have written is “But it is clear that the 44 per cent who say the white working class has been abandoned by the mainstream parties recognise that the BNP is responding to this situation.”

Strangely, Kirby makes no mention of Andrew Neather’s revelations in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, where he reveals that Labour under Blair deliberately planned to “open up the UK to mass immigration” with the express goal of undermining our national identity and cohesion. The report recommending this policy was written in 2000, of which the Telegraph reports him saying:

"Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural. I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn't its main purpose – to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date."

Why is Kirby mute about this scandalous revelation, yet shocked by ICM’s findings that 54% of those polled thought that our immigrant population is too high? After all, Labour continues in making the case for unrestricted and unlimited mass immigration, as do the Liberal Democrats. Nor do the Tories have any real plans to concretely address this issue. They may well be willing to raise the question of immigration, but they will not provide any actual policies to deal with it. Only the BNP has policies that sensibly address the question of mass immigration in a moderate and humane manner.

References: “Voters issue a wake-up call to politicians”, Ian Kirby, The News of the World 24 October 2009,

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser”, Tom Whitehead, The Daily Telegraph, 23 October 2009,

Wednesday 21 October 2009

BBC blithely contemplates a UK Population of 71.6 million

Following today’s release of ONS projections suggesting that current trends will lead to a total UK population of 71.6 million by 2033, the BBC has run one of its regular television news items emphasising how we “need” mass immigration to support an ageing population. The News at Ten predictably showed footage of East European immigrants, which it almost invariably does when any potentially “sensitive” facts emerge about this issue, rather than the more representative sample of Pakistanis, Somalis, Afghans and sundry other undesirables from Africa and the Middle East who somehow manage to make it to our shores.

Cue an appearance by Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, a man who had he been living in Troy during the Trojan War would not have inconvenienced the besieging Greeks by keeping the gates shut, but would instead have invited them in to sack the city. He told the usual lies about the new governmental policy of a “points-based immigration system”, which is, as we all know, completely toothless, for not only does it have no impact upon the right to asylum granted to charlatans from way beyond our shores (if Geert Wilders ever needed asylum he would be genuine as he’s from a neighbouring country, unlike all of those who claim asylum today), but it also does nothing to constrain the flow of illegal immigrants that is facilitated by our lax border regime. Furthermore, Woolas himself and most of our political and media class (with a few notable exceptions such as Frank Field) wish to increase our population, for they can see no further than a parliament or two into the future and guaranteeing their own incomes and positions. They therefore adopt the pyramid scheme logic of importing workers to increase the size of the economy so that the elderly can be supported.

Immigrants and their descendants in turn grow old and need care. Are we then supposed to import ever more people to support them in turn? How, when we have a chronic housing shortage, our power generation, transport and other infrastructures are overloaded, are we supposed to accommodate such an influx? We are supposed to be pursuing a reduction of 80% in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, whilst simultaneously greatly increasing the population. How? Do these powerful fools who sit in Whitehall and the editorial suites of the mass media not understand, or, more likely, do they simply not care, as it won’t be their problem?

Two years ago food inflation displayed a notable spike, as a number of poor harvests in different parts of the world conjoined with a burgeoning population to cause a bottleneck in supply. The world is overpopulated, and the UK (England in particular) more so than most countries. Despite using current energy-intensive agricultural technologies and systems, we are still unable to feed ourselves. Our economic productivity is declining, and our power on many levels is declining compared to that of many other more populous nations. What then will we use to purchase food in the future, as our relative decline continues and the populations of other states continue to spiral? From where will we obtain sufficient foodstuffs?

We urgently need to adopt a policy of zero net immigration, and to ensure that the immigration that does take place, is genuinely beneficial to the UK, and thus consists of individuals and families from peoples who share our traditional indigenous British values. Cultural compatibility must be paramount, which means that Muslim immigration should be choked off completely, and for good. I would sooner work until I dropped, than have my country concreted over and occupied by hostile foreign colonists.

For the BBC's online take on this story visit

Thursday 15 October 2009

Islam4UK March: Muslims Prove Yourselves!

So, the kufr-hating Anjem-Choudery and his acolytes wish to stage a march in London, a “Halloween spectacular” if you will, demanding that all we non-Muslims submit to Shariah within our shores? Not so much “trick or treat” as “submit or die”. Will he turn up with a tiny band of vocal fanatics, or backed by considerable numbers of Muslim youths with a “grievance”? Whether they are few in number or many, one would think that this offers a spectacularly golden opportunity for those who claim to be ‘moderate’ Muslims to turn up and counter-demonstrate.

I hereby issue a challenge to you self-declared ‘moderate’ Muslims: if you truly are ‘moderate’, I expect to see you turn up in your thousands with “not in our name” banners and clearly stating your opposition to Shariah as a barbarous dark-age law code. I want to see you denounce stoning, decapitation, amputation and crucifixion, and to speak out for the rights of apostates, atheists and homosexuals, and pledge your allegiance to secular English Common Law. I want to see and hear you state that your aim is to trash Shariah because it is a backward social evil that has no place in civilised 21st-century society.

Can’t you see what an incredible opportunity this presents to you?! If you turn out in your thousands condemning Choudery and Shariah, we will know that you are truly moderate, and not fifth columnists practising taqiyya and kitman. Prove to me that your intentions are good, and that like Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists you are peaceable people with love in your hearts for your fellow citizens of other faiths and none.

If, as seems likely, you do nothing but mouth a few platitudes about Islam being “a religion of peace” (sic) and condemn Choudery and his ilk as being “unrepresentative of Muslims in the UK”, I and everyone else will know you for what you are: liars. Liars biding your time until your demographic weight is sufficient enough to challenge us for political dominance in our own homeland. Choudery has presented you with a rare opportunity to prove that you harbour no ill will for we native Britons and those who abide amongst us peaceably. Will you rise to that challenge, or will you cleave to the message of hatred that the Qur’an demands you follow?

Friday 11 September 2009

Harrow Mosque: Violent Muslim Mob Whipped into Frenzy of Hate by UAF Thugs

According to media reports, more than 1,000 hyped-up Muslims and soi-disant anti-fascist protestors descended upon Harrow Central Mosque today to attack a Stop the Islamisation of Europe protest. The SIOE protest was being held to object to the Mosque’s planned extension and construction of 40-metre high minarets. Other groups such as the English Defence League planned to gather outside the Mosque at 5pm today, and had notified the police of their intentions in advance. However, at 6.33pm, the following three paragraphs were posted on the SIOE homepage (spelling mistakes and grammatical errors preserved from the original):

In this moment Stephen Gash is being told by a senior sergent of the police to call off the demonstration in Harrow. He has been arrested to prevent a breach of the peace…

More than 1000 mainly muslims are gathered infront of the SIOE demonstration and they stop people to attend the demonstration.

If you are on your way to the demo, don’t go, it’s being called off right now. The police can’t handle the muslim counter demonstraters. The senior sergent said that he doesn’t want any of his policemen killed
.” [1]

As you can see, the police were understandably concerned that a major breach of public order was underway, but the fact of the matter is that violence was neither planned nor initiated by the protesters. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) had teamed up with thugs within the Islamic population in an attempt to crush dissent and stigmatise the protestors as “far-right” and “fascist”, which are the standard labels that it employs to try and dehumanise anyone who disagrees with their Islamo-Marxist agenda. Naturally, the mainstream media organs have colluded in this misrepresentation, so one has to read current reports of this situation with caution. It is probable that as I write, unrest continues on the streets of Harrow.

Wherever the UAF turns up, it initiates and incites violence, as today’s events sadly attest. UAF still subscribes to the Marxist-Leninist doctrine of violent class struggle, and its membership labour under the misapprehension that by allying with hyper-reactionary Islamist elements and undermining our society through mass immigration, they can create a violent revolutionary situation via which they will usher in their Socialist/Communist Millennium. In reality, if pushed far enough this will lead to a miserable civil war which will benefit nobody, other than the violent sadists who cloak their hatred in the language of fraternal love, whether it be that of the Ummah, or of the Proletariat. Paradoxically, it is people such as these, possessed of a rigid Manichaean cast of mind who cannot cope with the complexities of reality and history, who 70 years ago would have been attracted to Nazism had they been born in Germany. They are votaries of violence masquerading as progressives.

The BBC has reported that 8 people have been arrested, none of them being anti-Islamist demonstrators: “Seven people were arrested for possession of offensive weapons including a hammer, a chisel and bottles of bleach. . . . Another person was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace.” [2] As well as attempting to attack the peaceful demonstrators, the Islamist/UAF mob vented its irrational hatred on the police, with the Guardian and BBC reporting that officers were hit by bricks and bottles. As in Luton where another Islamist mob recently attacked the police, a number of fireworks were also thrown.

Members of the mob had been drawn from far afield. One 17-year old Islamist youth by the name of Mahmood Abdullah who had travelled from Morden told the Independent: "We don't want to start a fight but we're willing to defend our brothers and sisters if we have to . . . We want to show them that for every protestor they bring, we'll bring ten." [3]

Abdullah’s comment is telling. It shows us that we are no longer able to criticize Islam in the UK without being threatened with violence. As Enoch Powell predicted, we have in effect become strangers in our own land. It is time to take our country back, and time for our European neighbours in Holland, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and elsewhere to take theirs back too. We need to tackle the Islamist menace that grows more aggressive and assertive by the year. This can only be done peacefully and via political means. And believe me, it can be done. All that it takes is an act of will. Millions of acts of individual will which together will provide the assertiveness necessary to reassert our sovereignty and sense of collective national identities.

Of course, absolutely every political party and individual in Europe that questions the madness of the demographic and cultural Islamic colonisation of our countries is branded as “far-right.” We have reached a peculiar tipping point in our history, where the indigenous peoples of Europe can choose either to commit collective suicide in the face of an implacable alien threat that calls itself the “religion of peace” (sic), or to reassert themselves through implementing moderate nationalist policies. The EU superstate and its multiculturalist elite stands in our way, and wishes to entrench Islamisation through expanding its borders to take in Turkey, and then to later admit states from the southern shores of the Mediterranean. This must never be allowed.

We now stand in a position of being pilloried as “far-right”, “fascist” and “racist” simply for opposing the deliberate dismantling and destruction not only of our indigenous cultures, but of our liberties too. There is no liberty under Islam, only slavery. If you think that standing up for traditional English liberties and free speech is “far-right”, then I stand guilty as charged. If you are a dogmatic Leftist, let me state clearly and emphatically that the Holocaust did take place and that it was a great evil, no more nor less so than the other terrible acts of mass murder of untold millions committed by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, all men of “the Left.” “Left” and “Right” have lost their meaning. They do not fit our contemporary political, social, economic or ecological realities. They belong to another era, as does the notion that the UAF, Searchlight, Antifa and the trade union movement are fighting a recrudescence of fascism in the UK. This is pure propagandist nonsense. If we truly wish to avoid bloodshed and the mistakes of history, let us not give in to the bloody ideologies of Islamic expansionism and Marxist class struggle.

Once again, I urge supporters of the EDL and kindred groups such as SIOE to back the formation of a moderate and assertive nationalist politics in the UK that rejects completely the claims of Islam within our shores. As in my initial posting of 5 September, I ask you to support the British National Party at the ballot box, and to join it if your livelihood is not currently threatened by doing so. There is no other political party in the UK that is guaranteed to take an assertive stand against Islamisation.

Protests such as those held today serve only to hinder our cause. The Labour Party has distorted your actions and will continue to do so, and is likely to use your protests as a pretext to push through draconian legislation further eroding our right not only to protest, but also to intellectual dissent. Witness for example this quote from John Denham in today’s Guardian: "I think that the English Defence League and other organisations are not actually large numbers of people. . . They clearly, though, have among them people who know what exactly they're doing. If you look at the types of demonstrations they've organised … it looks pretty clear that it's a tactic designed to provoke and to get a response and hopefully create violence." [4]

UAF’s paymasters are in power. Remember that, and act in a circumspect manner.

[1] SIOE website. Can be accessed from my Sites of Interest section.

[2] “Eight arrested in mosque protest”, BBC News, See also “Rightwing and anti-fascist protesters riot in London”, The Guardian, 11 September 2009

[3] “Right-wing protestors target Harrow mosque”, The Independent, 11 September 2009

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Sunday 6 September 2009

Jussi Halla-aho Interview

Tundra Tabloids recently posted this video in which the Finnish Councillor and eminent scholar of Slavonic languages Jussi Halla-aho provides an insight into his recent trial. This was essentially a show trial in which Halla-aho was charged for drawing public attention to the fact that it is officially sanctioned to make derogatory statements about Finns as an ethnic and national group, but not about Somalis. The verdict of the trial should be forthcoming within the next week or so. If this man is found guilty, it will be a sad indictment of the state of the Finnish judicial and political system.

Saturday 5 September 2009

Doncaster English Democrat Mayor in Ignorant Taliban Outburst

When Peter Davies stood as mayoral candidate for the English Democrats in Doncaster earlier this year, he presumably did so with the professed intent of promoting traditional English values and democracy. It is therefore astonishing to read that he has this week made favourable remarks concerning the Taliban, a movement of extremist thugs who in their treatment of women make your average Stalinist or Nazi appear to be exemplars of beneficent humanitarianism.

Yes, some elements of society in Doncaster suffer from woeful problems exacerbated by familial breakdown, but to drag in the example of the Taliban to make some kind of specious assertion about Islamic family values is way off the mark. He is quoted by the Telegraph as stating "The one thing to be said about the Taliban is that they do have an ordered society of some sort and that they don't have hundreds of cases of children under threat of abuse from violent parents, as we have in Doncaster." [1]

Well, if one adopts Mr Davies’s topsy-turvy logic, there is some sense to what he says. However, looking at it objectively, he omits to mention the fact that the lives of all women are seriously constrained and blighted by living under the Taliban. I do not see anything to admire in the barbarous manner in which they are treated as mere chattles; second-class citizens who may be beaten at will by their menfolk and denied the basic rights of free association, gaining an education, a job, and dressing as they please. The Taliban advocate throwing acid into the faces of women who do not cover them in public, and demand the murder (formally classed as execution) of women who have sexual relations outside of marriage, just as prescribed by the sharia law code which Rowan Williams is happy to see creep into the United Kingdom.

Not only women are repressed under Taliban rule of course: atheists, homosexuals and apostates can be killed with a sense of righteous moral fervour, and the creative impulse is snuffed out in the arts and sciences alike. Granted, you might not happen upon quite so many single-parent problem households under the Taliban, but then again, the whole of society is under the heel of murderous psychotic barbarism. Whereas in Doncaster the violence may be restricted to psychotic families, the whole of society is rendered violent and psychotic under the Taliban.

Our armed forces have been waging a thankless struggle for years in Afghanistan, with many a life and limb lost, and many many more individuals traumatised by the stress of operations. It is an unwinnable war which has ostensibly been waged, at least in part, to secure decent treatment for Afghan women (despite the Karzai regime’s incorporation of repressive elements of sharia into the current penal code). Is this something that Mr Davies has forgotten? What his comments do show is that if other members of his political party share his views, they should neither be considered English nor democratic. With views like this it can be said with certainty that they cannot be considered to be a nationalist party in any meaningful sense of the term. The English love and respect their women Mr Davies, and do not (with a few criminal exceptions) view them as slaves to be beaten and abused.

References: [1] cited in ‘Britain “could learn from Taliban values’, says Doncaster Mayor’, Stephen Adams, Daily Telegraph 4 September 2009

See also ‘New mayor tells town: “We could all learn something about family values from the Taliban”’, Luke Salkeld, The Daily Mail, 5 September 2009

Militant Islam, the English Defence League and the BNP

I am as against the Islamification of the United Kingdom and Europe as anyone, and thus understand the genuine frustrations that have given birth to the English Defence League. In a situation where our mainstream political parties are actively courting the Muslim bloc vote and aiding and abetting the process of Islamification, it is unsurprising that some people will turn to public protest as a means of expressing discontent. However, there is opposition and there is opposition. It is my opinion that there are better and more effective ways of tackling this problem than creating situations where protesters lay themselves open to accusations of inciting and perpetrating violence, no matter how ill founded these may be.

The few protests that the EDL have staged thus far have been relatively small scale and have generated a predictably violent response from hotheads within the Muslim population and their allies within Unite Against Fascism and the Socialist Workers’ Party. All three of these elements share a commitment to violence to achieve their respective goals of: entrenching Islamic territorialism within the UK; destroying free thought and subverting social order as a means of ushering in a mythical revolutionary millennium which will deliver designated victim groups from the chains of global capitalism. I shall leave discussion of the dynamics of this unholy alliance for a later occasion. Do not be goaded into responding with violence, for that is what they want.

The recent Muslim unrest in Luton’s Bury Park area in which police were attacked with fireworks attests to the fact that significant elements within our Islamic colonising population are so eager to unleash violence upon us (i.e. native Britons and our non-Muslim civic compatriots) that they will use any pretext to do so. Our response should be calm and measured. Your MP may well be an Islamic lickspittle, but write to him or her expressing your concern about the increasing concessions made to Islam in our country, underscoring that far from increasing social cohesion, their policies are sowing the seeds of civil strife and will ultimately lead to a protracted low-intensity civil conflict if not reversed.

Emphasise that you do not wish to see Britain become another Bosnia-Herzegovina, and that as a deeply concerned citizen you believe that the principle of one law for all must be applied, without opt-outs for Islam. Demand the abolition of halal slaughter; sharia-compliant finance and mortgages; Islamic faith schools and charitable status for Islamic foundations and projects. Demand an end to the cultural imperialist programme of mosque building which has become a visible sign of our de facto subjugation to Islam in so many or our urban areas. Baldly state that you are not “far right” and that if they choose to see you as expressing “far-right” sentiments, then point out that they have thus stigmatised majority opinion amongst the indigenous peoples of the UK. If your MP reacts negatively, or does not respond, you will know that they prefer to rule over an electorate comprised of Somalis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and mentally unbalanced converts to Islam (for there is no other kind of Islamic convert in a free society).

It is most likely that your MP will ignore you, accuse you of racism or simply give a half-hearted response addressing one or two of the issues. Anything less than a wholehearted backing of the above demands should be unacceptable for us. So, if and when you receive a negative response from your MP, whom should you vote for? The Labour, Liberal-Democrat and Conservative parties are all globalist multiculturalist parties which advocate appeasing Islam. Each will contain a handful of individuals who deviate from this diktat, but they are in no position and never will be in a position to influence policy. Your vote should therefore go elsewhere. Let us mobilise our families and friends against the appeasers of Islam.

UKIP are civic nationalists who take no position on Islam. Likewise, the English Democrats are in the same mould, and have no policy position on Islamisation. Both therefore, like Plaid Cymru and the SNP, are false nationalist parties. Islam has no roots amongst the indigenous peoples of our isles, and neither does it possess such roots in the lands of our continental neighbours. Our struggle against Islam can only succeed if we lend our support to a true nationalist party which has at its core a commitment to the right of self-determination for the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom (i.e. the English, the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish and the Cornish). Hitherto, many people have been debarred from nationalist political campaigning by legislation preventing members of the British National Party from working in certain fields owing to it having been dubbed a “racist” organisation. Similarly, expressions of open support for the BNP have been muted through fear of being stigmatised and victimised.

All is about to change. As the BNP is unable to afford the legal fees to fight the Commission for Equality and Human Rights allegation that its membership criteria are in contravention of the Race Relations Act, it is about to open up membership to sympathetic ethnic minority British citizens. When this occurs, its opponents will no longer be able to declare it a “racist” party, and the Government will have to remove its ban on public sector workers being members of the BNP, otherwise it would have to abolish the Black Police Association and other such bodies promoting ethnic/racial special interests.

Whereas the CEHR action was designed to blow the BNP out of the water, it has in fact provided it for the first time ever with the possibility of becoming a serious mass political party with prospects in Westminster. There is a huge amount of pent-up public frustration linked to enforced mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation, but people have previously felt inhibited about voting for the BNP because of the constant barrage of smears from the mainstream media, pressure groups and political rivals. Now, with the BNP’s changed membership criteria, the BBC and other broadcasters will have to give the BNP airtime, so the fabric of lies built up about the Party will eventually be torn apart. Moreover, the BNP will be able to attract professional people of talent who will be able to smooth out its rough edges and make it more electable.

There thus now exists for the first time in generations a real nationalist political option which will enable us to achieve our objectives in regaining our national autonomy and rights. Our goal must be to peacefully reverse the demographic, cultural and legal changes which together comprise the process of Islamisation/Islamification. We must steel ourselves for the tough political fight ahead, and remove any self-doubt with respect to the rightness of our cause. Our enemies possess no doubts, therefore we should be unwavering in our opposition to Islam within our shores. As for affairs elsewhere across the globe, we should keep out of them, for we are but a small country with declining power and influence. Our task should be first and foremost to secure our way of life and liberties within our own homeland, for ourselves, and those yet to be born.

Many of our fellow citizens who have been able to live lives insulated from contact with the burgeoning Islamic colonies across the UK lack direct experience of the latter’s negative social and economic impact, and currently often know no better than to swallow the lies fed to them by the mainstream media. They will for some time at least, continue to view us as in some ways less than fully human, owing to the standard repertoire of unjust insults deployed by the globalist multiculturalists in their battle to maintain cultural hegemony. Despite the heavy-handed attempts to indoctrinate the population through the introduction of compulsory “diversity training” and associated employment legislation, many can see through this fabric of wilful lies and discern the lineaments of an ugly truth.

I call upon the EDL to reconsider its tactics. Street protests are likely to discredit the anti-Islamist and nationalist causes in general. Don’t get angry, get even. We are now in a position where we can achieve our peaceful and moderate objectives through the electoral process. Please do not risk jeopardising the chances of a very real political breakthrough by giving vent to your frustrations on the street. This will only serve to give our opponents more ammunition to limit civil liberties and free expression. If you are truly against Islamisation, support the BNP.

Saturday 4 July 2009

English Defence League Protest

This afternoon the English Defence League, a new group whose formation was precipitated by the Islamist barracking of troops in Luton earlier this year, is planning two protests against the Islamisation of the UK. One is scheduled to take place at 3pm at the Bullring in Birmingham, the other in Wood Green, London.

The Lionheart blogger Paul Ray has provided an interesting insight into the experience of the small band of protesters who marched through Whitechapel on 27 June in the second outing of the English Defence League (the first being in Luton). The Metropolitan Police appear to have been well informed of plans and thus turned up in force. They behaved in an exceptionally intimidating manner, individually photographing and interviewing all participants before telling them that they had to leave London within the hour and not set foot within the M25 for the next 24 hours.

I hope that the protests planned for today pass off peacefully, and wish those brave enough to attend the best of luck in making a public stand against Islamisation. It takes a hardy and brave spirit to stand against the combined might of the state, the mainstream media and the race relations industry, for they will seek to paint you in the blackest and most dehumanising of terms.

The English Defence League has just created its own website which can be accessed from my “Sites of Interest” section. Below is the verbatim text of the League’s homepage:

We are the "English Defence League".

We've originated from the concern's of normal people about the growing threat to our country from militant islam and our aim is to protest and march against islamic militant's operating in our land and the islamification of Great Britain.

Following several protest's against our brave returning soldier's from combat zone's our group has set out to protest against these militant's wherever they appear as our government is too scared and gutless to do anything about it in the fear of being racist.

We have no political preferences and anyone can follow us but i think we can all agree Labour have totally destroyed our country favouring anyone but us, The English working class.

We have marched in Luton and have plan's to march again shortly and recently in london with more march's planned this is only the beginning.

As a new group everything is under construction but shortly there will be no place in Great Britain were islamic militant's and muslim's preaching hatred can go unopposed.

With the Welsh Defence League already up and running plan's for Scotland and Northern Ireland groups at an advanced stage the fightback has now began.

This is not about race or colour it's about having the piss taken out of us.

Check back for update's in the following week's.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Iranian Émigrés Demonstrate in Leeds

A crowd of Iranian émigrés some 100-150 strong gathered in front of Leeds City Art Gallery today to protest against President Ahmedinejad. Forming a vociferous circle, they chanted angry slogans in Farsi, with a large Iranian tricolour flag (lacking the central device of the Islamic Republic) draped against a neighbouring wall as a partial backdrop; a striking banner bearing an image of Ahmedinejad rather ‘dashingly’ attired in the uniform of a Waffen SS Officer arrested the eye. Quite what they were chanting I cannot say, for I do not speak Farsi; but it evidently was not complimentary to the recently re-elected Iranian President.

It was refreshing to see that the women amongst the group were not hiding their feminine charms beneath folds of impenetrable cloth, but were bareheaded and stood as equals amongst their male compatriots. The apparent secular orientation of these people suggests that they would welcome a somewhat more radical change of regime in Iran than that which would be brought about if Moussavi were to come to power. Many amongst them must have spent long years in enforced exile, longing for the day when they can return to their homeland which for so many years has been subjected to the vicious rule of an Islamofascist regime. Their hopes may be running higher than for many a year, but will they be realised? It is too early to say.

Monday 22 June 2009

Brutal Race Hate Crimes in Bradford

This month, Bradford has borne witness to two extremely ugly anti-white racist attacks, yet unlike the incidents in Belfast involving gypsies, they have received scant media attention. The most recent incident, which occurred on 17 June, involved an attack upon an 89-year-old pensioner in Lister Park Bradford by a group of four youths aged between 15 and 18. The victim is now suffering from several broken bones and had her handbag (which contained £30) stolen. Whereas the BBC’s Look North regional news programme made no mention of the ethnicity of the attackers, a teletext report claims that they were either “eastern European or Asian”. Anyone who knows Lister Park and Manningham will be aware that this most certainly is not an area frequented by migrants from Eastern Europe, but that it comprises part of Bradford’s Pakistani colony.

On 9 June an elderly couple in their mid sixties (once again, white English) were subjected to an horrific attack by four Asian males (code for Pakistanis again?) after they had accidentally clipped the wing mirror of their attackers’ car. They punched 66-year-old Mrs Bell in the face and left her lying on the ground in a pool of blood. According to the Daily Mail, Sean Duggan from West Yorkshire Police claimed that “nothing was said by them to suggest that the attack was racially motivated.” If Mr and Mrs Bell had been an elderly Pakistani couple beaten up by a gang of four young white men in the same circumstances, can you imagine a police spokesman saying that it wasn’t “racially motivated”?

Where is the media outrage about these attacks? Why the national political silence? Where are the so-called voices of “the community” expressing their revulsion at these crimes and calling upon their fellow Pakistanis in Bradford to seek out these violent scum and bring them to justice? Whereas we indigenous Britons and Irish are expected to feel and express intense collective guilt and remorse with respect to the anti-Roma actions of a few teenagers in South Belfast, nothing is expected of the Pakistani colonisers when it comes to condemning two brutal racist attacks against our elderly citizens.

So far, three suspects have been apprehended with respect to the Lister Park attack. These three, together with their accomplice and those who attacked the Bells, should be provided with harsh exemplary sentences and deported from the UK to their land(s) of familial ethnic origin as soon as they have served their time, with no right of readmission to the UK. Those Muslims of non-indigenous stock who likewise commit minor crimes should also be deported in such a fashion, with the same stipulation of non-return to the UK. Our people should no longer be left to feel defenceless in the face of such vicious unprovoked aggression by young colonisers.