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Friday 20 November 2009

Rajinder Singh: Future Sikh Member of the BNP

Already, the implications of the forthcoming changes to the BNP constitution are generating headlines which could adumbrate a change in direction for the mainstream media’s reporting of the party. What, after all, will it do with the “racist” smear tag when people such as Rajinder Singh, who are sympathetic to the BNP’s platform, join and become fully paid-up members?

Mr Singh, a retired schoolteacher who is also a Sikh, is widely touted to become the first ethnic minority member of the BNP. He has been a supporter of the party for the past decade, and makes it clear that he is a strong advocate of the party’s anti-Islamisation stance, for he himself suffered familial tragedy with the death of his father (killed by Muslims) during the partition of India in 1947.

I very much welcome Mr Singh’s impending membership, and hope that other Sikhs sympathetic to the BNP’s central platform will lend the party their support and hopefully become members. In my opinion, the BNP would be wise to offer Rajinder Singh the opportunity of standing as their parliamentary candidate in Southall at the forthcoming General Election if he should be interested in the proposal. Admittedly, at the age of 78 he might understandably not wish to immerse himself in full-time political campaigning, but I do think that his candidature should be given full consideration. In the video below, Rajinder speaks for himself:

For reactions to Rajinder’s forthcoming membership see:


  1. Mr Rajinder Singh
    I have been following you for quite a long time now and hope your people follow in your footsteps and become members of the BNP.As a BNP member,I would like to say,'Thank you', for your commitment to our party and hope your future generations see what is happening to our/their country.
    May your God keep you well and safe

    Mick BNP

  2. I hope many Muslims will support the BNP for our stance against the illegal wars in the Middle East. That is a more honourable reason to support us than out of a selfish desire to maintain the standard of living that only Europeans can offer - which I suspect would be the sole attraction to other ethnicities eying up BNP membership.
    The BNP must not be rabidly anti-Islamic. We simply want Britain to resist multiracialism and multiculturalism.


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