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Saturday 28 November 2009

UKIP Targets Barking

The Times reports that UKIP is to stand a parliamentary candidate to contest the Barking constituency at the upcoming General Election. Paul Wiffen is said to be its favoured choice, and with Lord Pearson at the helm as UKIP's newly elected leader, it is hoped that it will exert a greater appeal by focusing upon attacking Islamism following Lord Pearson's recent comments on this issue. However, UKIP's decision to stand in Barking with the expressed intention of confronting Nick Griffin is in reality a myopic move, for it will only serve to split the nationalist vote and in all likelihood allow Margaret Hodge to cling to power.

UKIP should not stand in Barking. Its expressed intention of doing so is detrimental to the national interest, and indicates that UKIP is willing to place narrow party interests before those of the nation. If UKIP were truly  interested in confronting Islamism, it would step aside to allow Nick Griffin a clear run at this parliamentary seat, for he stands a real chance of winning and would certainly not be afraid to speak out on this issue at Westminster. A vote for UKIP in Barking will in effect be a vote for the treacherous millionairess Margaret Hodge.

If any of you are thinking of voting UKIP, I would urge you to cast your vote for the BNP instead if the latter are standing in your constituency. If there is a UKIP candidate but no representation from the BNP, then by all means vote for the former, but do bear in mind that only a vote for the BNP will guarantee that your ballot will be counted towards the election of a true nationalist candidate who will not sell out your interests as an indigenous Briton. Vote BNP in 2010.


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