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Friday, 6 November 2009

Fort Hood Shootings: Major Nidal Malik Hasan

What a surprise. It transpires that the main perpetrator of today's atrocity at Fort Hood - Major Nidal Malik Hasan - turns out to have been a Muslim convert. Now, I wonder why a man such as Major Malik who  converted to such a 'peace-loving' religion as Islam should have gone on to murder so many of his comrades? Any ideas? For further details see

It would seem that he may have been 'inspired' by Tuesday's shooting spree by an Afghan policeman in which five British soldiers were murdered and a number of others injured. Will these two incidents prove to be the precursors to a wave of such attacks?


  1. I agree. Peaceful? Hardly.

  2. Well nobody would say that christianism is not a religion of peace because some moron proclaims his or her faith to justify their crimes.
    What your doing now is exactly what was done to the jews accusing them of stabbing Germany in back during the 1st WW not to mention the Dreyfus affair
    P.S. i'm a jew

  3. His cousin was just on the news and said he has always been a muslim. Born and raised in the United States. He's not a convert. Someone needs to check out his Mosque affiliations etc.

  4. Ember, I think you'll find that Dreyfus was innocent and was set up. Zola nobly defended his honour. This Hasan fellow was a killer pure and simple.

    What's it got to do with the ROP? Read its scripture, look at its history and the example of its Prophet. I'm afraid that you'll find plenty of exhortations to kill kufr such as myself (and you) there. I'm not saying that all Muslims are bad. Quite the contrary. Many are decent people. But Islam itself as an ideology most certainly is not anything to be respected. It is immoderate, imperialistic and murderous.


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