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Sunday 15 November 2009

BNP Membership Change

Yesterday, delegates at the BNP’s annual party conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of amending the party’s constitution to allow non-whites to become members. The wider party membership will also be balloted on the proposal, and Simon Darby anticipates that the final text of the amendment should be forwarded for approval at an EGM either in December or early in January.

This proposed change is hugely significant for the BNP, as it will allow members of ethnic minorities sympathetic to its aims to join. Through making this provision UAF, Searchlight, Antifa, the mainstream political parties and media will no longer be able to claim that the BNP is a racist party. In bringing a case against the BNP the EHRC has handed the party a huge opportunity. It will now be able to brush aside all of the usual accusations of being a racist organisation lying beyond the pale of civilised political life in the UK. Importantly, once the membership criteria are changed the BNP will be able to overturn bans on membership for those working in the police and prison services, and to forestall moves to proscribe membership for those working in other professions such as teaching. Nonetheless, it is likely that the globalists within the trade union movement will still attempt to find various pretexts for hounding party members and supporters out of their jobs wherever they work.

Despite the forthcoming change, it should not be expected that the vitriol and violence employed by opponents of the party will suddenly cease. This opening up of the party’s membership may lead to an initial period of confusion amongst its opponents as to how to tackle it, but it is probable that the stream of lies and smears will continue. Don’t be surprised if someone is commissioned to produce a tendentious television documentary entitled something along the lines of “The Ugly Face of the BNP” to be screened immediately prior to the next General Election, deliberately designed to undercut the party’s momentum.


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