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Monday 22 June 2009

Brutal Race Hate Crimes in Bradford

This month, Bradford has borne witness to two extremely ugly anti-white racist attacks, yet unlike the incidents in Belfast involving gypsies, they have received scant media attention. The most recent incident, which occurred on 17 June, involved an attack upon an 89-year-old pensioner in Lister Park Bradford by a group of four youths aged between 15 and 18. The victim is now suffering from several broken bones and had her handbag (which contained £30) stolen. Whereas the BBC’s Look North regional news programme made no mention of the ethnicity of the attackers, a teletext report claims that they were either “eastern European or Asian”. Anyone who knows Lister Park and Manningham will be aware that this most certainly is not an area frequented by migrants from Eastern Europe, but that it comprises part of Bradford’s Pakistani colony.

On 9 June an elderly couple in their mid sixties (once again, white English) were subjected to an horrific attack by four Asian males (code for Pakistanis again?) after they had accidentally clipped the wing mirror of their attackers’ car. They punched 66-year-old Mrs Bell in the face and left her lying on the ground in a pool of blood. According to the Daily Mail, Sean Duggan from West Yorkshire Police claimed that “nothing was said by them to suggest that the attack was racially motivated.” If Mr and Mrs Bell had been an elderly Pakistani couple beaten up by a gang of four young white men in the same circumstances, can you imagine a police spokesman saying that it wasn’t “racially motivated”?

Where is the media outrage about these attacks? Why the national political silence? Where are the so-called voices of “the community” expressing their revulsion at these crimes and calling upon their fellow Pakistanis in Bradford to seek out these violent scum and bring them to justice? Whereas we indigenous Britons and Irish are expected to feel and express intense collective guilt and remorse with respect to the anti-Roma actions of a few teenagers in South Belfast, nothing is expected of the Pakistani colonisers when it comes to condemning two brutal racist attacks against our elderly citizens.

So far, three suspects have been apprehended with respect to the Lister Park attack. These three, together with their accomplice and those who attacked the Bells, should be provided with harsh exemplary sentences and deported from the UK to their land(s) of familial ethnic origin as soon as they have served their time, with no right of readmission to the UK. Those Muslims of non-indigenous stock who likewise commit minor crimes should also be deported in such a fashion, with the same stipulation of non-return to the UK. Our people should no longer be left to feel defenceless in the face of such vicious unprovoked aggression by young colonisers.



  1. A White youth was beaten to a pulp in the same area on 20 April 2008. I have the incident marked on my map (search for "Lister Park").

  2. Yes, I remember reading of this sickening attack at the time. And to think that many educated people in the UK profess not to understand the reasons underpinning white flight!

  3. Hate crime is perpertrated by different sections of our society including members of the white, asia and black communities. Whoever the offender or victim it is unacceptable. The Police can't make assumptions without evidence and it's right that they only state facts.


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