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Sunday 7 June 2009

James Purnell: Another Dhimmi Traitor

Hats off to James Purnell for fully displaying his obsequious deference to Islam on his constituency blog, and thereby confirming how utterly unfit he is for public office. He has done so by calling for the honouring of the memory of Robert 'Reschid' Stanley, a Muslim convert and twice Mayor of Stalybridge in the 1870s. Apparently, Purnell posted the article following a campaign within his constituency to give "full recognition" to this nineteenth-century fool who "may have been the country's first Muslim mayor." Now, I wonder who would have been behind such a campaign?

As well as being a brazen attempt to bolster his Muslim bloc vote, this selection of a minor facet of local history for public commemoration is symbolic of a dangerous shift in political power within certain areas of the UK brought about by the demographic displacement of the indigenous population. We live in a country where the mainstream media constantly reiterate the message that "we are a multicultural, multifaith and multiracial society" and, increasingly, that "we always have been". This is an out-and-out piece of pernicious tendentious distortion, but many people, particularly in the younger generation, are increasingly accepting it as truth. So, we can but hope that thanks to this piece of dhimmi posturing Purnell's constituents will be able to see him for the traitor he is: a man willing to sell out the interests of the indigenous population to hostile colonisers for the sake of his own political interests.

Electors of Stalybridge and Hyde remember: it is in your power to eject this English-hating traitor at the next General Election, and to ensure that views such as his do not destroy the future well-being and security of your children and grandchildren. Teach this man a lesson in humility, and ensure that office remains forever beyond his grasp.

To view Purnell's nauseating encomium in honour of the shameful former Mayor of Stalybridge, please visit

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