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Thursday 15 October 2009

Islam4UK March: Muslims Prove Yourselves!

So, the kufr-hating Anjem-Choudery and his acolytes wish to stage a march in London, a “Halloween spectacular” if you will, demanding that all we non-Muslims submit to Shariah within our shores? Not so much “trick or treat” as “submit or die”. Will he turn up with a tiny band of vocal fanatics, or backed by considerable numbers of Muslim youths with a “grievance”? Whether they are few in number or many, one would think that this offers a spectacularly golden opportunity for those who claim to be ‘moderate’ Muslims to turn up and counter-demonstrate.

I hereby issue a challenge to you self-declared ‘moderate’ Muslims: if you truly are ‘moderate’, I expect to see you turn up in your thousands with “not in our name” banners and clearly stating your opposition to Shariah as a barbarous dark-age law code. I want to see you denounce stoning, decapitation, amputation and crucifixion, and to speak out for the rights of apostates, atheists and homosexuals, and pledge your allegiance to secular English Common Law. I want to see and hear you state that your aim is to trash Shariah because it is a backward social evil that has no place in civilised 21st-century society.

Can’t you see what an incredible opportunity this presents to you?! If you turn out in your thousands condemning Choudery and Shariah, we will know that you are truly moderate, and not fifth columnists practising taqiyya and kitman. Prove to me that your intentions are good, and that like Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists you are peaceable people with love in your hearts for your fellow citizens of other faiths and none.

If, as seems likely, you do nothing but mouth a few platitudes about Islam being “a religion of peace” (sic) and condemn Choudery and his ilk as being “unrepresentative of Muslims in the UK”, I and everyone else will know you for what you are: liars. Liars biding your time until your demographic weight is sufficient enough to challenge us for political dominance in our own homeland. Choudery has presented you with a rare opportunity to prove that you harbour no ill will for we native Britons and those who abide amongst us peaceably. Will you rise to that challenge, or will you cleave to the message of hatred that the Qur’an demands you follow?

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