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Friday, 11 March 2011

Muslim Paedophile Swoop in Brierfield, Nelson

Yet again, as in Blackburn, Derby, Keighley, Rochdale and Rotherham, Muslim paedophiles have been targeting underage girls for sexual exploitation. Three residents of Brierfield in Nelson - Shiraz Arzal aged 24, Mohammed Imran Amjad aged 24 and Omar Mazafer aged 20 – were arrested during a police swoop on addresses across the town. Although the ethnicity of the abused girls has not been specified, it is almost certain that they would have been indigenous English, for these are the girls – ‘kuffar’ – that Muslim paedophiles actively seek out for abuse.

The Lancashire Telegraph details the charges as follows:
Shiraz Arzal ‘is charged with causing or inciting a girl aged between 13 and 15 to engage in sexual activity.’

Mohammed Imran Amjad ‘is charged with arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and child abduction.’

Omar Mazafer ‘is charged with two counts of Section 39 common assault.’
Two of the three undoubtedly took a perverse delight in ‘emulating’ the example of their paedophile prophet Mohammed. Just when will it be publicly permissible to speak the truth, and point to the roots of this systematic Muslim paedophilia as lying at the heart of Islam itself in the ‘perfect’ example of the life of the Prophet Mohammed and his sexual usage of his child bride Aisha at the age of nine? Until Islamic doctrine is dismantled and the ugly life of its perverted prophet publicly held in contempt, this abusive pattern of Muslim paedophilia will not be broken.

Will Lord Ahmed of Rotherham leap to the defence of these perverse sexual predators? Is it time for the EDL to come to Nelson and protest against the phenomenon of Muslim paedophilia?


  1. Lord Ahmed is a gay mozlem. I wonder how he was introduced to the delights of "gaydom"??

  2. The only way to get full attention for this problem is do a "vigilante": castrate one of these chimps, and the world will know about it.

    Keep up the good work, mate !!

  3. Is he? I never knew that. I know that he's a very careless driver and once ran a Rotherham fish-and-chip shop and is a general whining Muslim pain in the posterior.

  4. Well Kafir Harby, I can understand why some people might feel that way. I am wondering however, whether the spate of recent cases indicates that the police are finally beginning to acknowledge the reality of the phenomenon of Muslim paedophile abuse, whilst not of course being willing to publicly acknowledge it for PC (please excuse the pun) reasons.

  5. I thought Lord Ahmed was a mate of the Greatest Living Irishman etc, Bob Geldof and that they had created a business together, that made money from Live Aid and various satellite channels.

    Must be a different one then, maybe Lord Kazi??

  6. Juniper you're thinking of Waheed Alli, he started a media company with Saint Bob. He's also been vocal in his criticism of islam. 'Lord' Ahmed is a completely different kind of morally bankrupt bottom feeder.

  7. I live in Brierfield, just around the corner from where these offences took place. As a woman (white, non muslim), I know most Muslim women hate that this has happened although there is a tendency still for the 'she was asking for it' attitude (despite being 12 or 13!!!!!)and a tendency to deny the problem. Males on the other hand, seem to think it mildly amusing, when a girl is apparently 'willing'to engage in sexual activity. What is needed is a re education on respecting people, including the vulnerable or those of a different culture. If men are taught to respect females, they won't be so eager to act like animals towards them. One thing slightly wrong about your view is that solely white non muslim girls are targeted, what started as a rascist form of abuse is happening to muslim girls who are caught between cultures and are almost living double lives to try and fit in. These are vulnerable, when keeping small secrets from parents as they try to assimilate, leaves a potential 'shame' open to exploitation. Abuse is abuse across the board and needs to be stopped across the board.

  8. fucking pedos imran pussy amjad

  9. Personally, I think it is disgusting ANIMALS like this should be locked away and to throw away the key where as the AMJAD brothers of brierfield should be fucking killed im assuming they have got sisters of they own? HOW WOULD THEY LIKE IT IF IT HAPPEND TO THEIR SISTER FUCKING UGLY PRICKS. AND YEAH nnutyttyt they are PUSSYS.

  10. all the amjad brothers are dirty dogs!!!!!!

  11. bring the edl to nelson!

    1. listen the prophet muhammad pbuh is not a pedo so listen up he married aisha at the age of nine because she was about to be sold to a brothel so da the prophet did save her by maarrying her but treated her as a daughter not a wife. next time you say anything do a bit if reasearch then say it it is also a sin in christianaity to speak the false truth

  12. I now these lads personalli they awl messed in the head all brierfielders are messed they shud b taught a lesson hard giving muslims a bad name I cn believe they'd do that there perverts in brier its gt nuffin to do wid bein muslim its got a lot to do wid bein brierfielders Edl shud go there and that's coming from a pakistani british muslim xxx

  13. I am astonished that such an extract as this can be published and taken seriously.

    I believe it highly uneducated and offensive that the religion of these men is even mentioned, let alone blamed for their (horrific) actions. There are thousands of paedophiles across the world 'of all faiths', why do we need to specify their religion? how many 'christian' paedophiles are there? how many 'jewish' paedophiles are there? the 'faith' of the individual is irrelevant. in my opnion anyone capable of such acts has long strayed from the path of any faith. NO religion supports sexual abuse.

    the example used is profoundly offensive to suggest the prophet (pbuh) was involved in any act comparable to those committed by these men is atrocious and can only derive from a, put bluntly, highly unintelligent source. One and a half thousand years ago, marrying at such young age was a very common and widespread practice across the entire population (of all faiths and people) and it was not considered a social taboo nor was it frowned upon. We cannot inflict our modern day opinions of society and sex and views of what is acceptable on a society one and a half thousand years in the past! Nowhere in Islam is paedophilia accepted and if you disagree with this please use appropriate references supporting this claim. As a serious student of this faith, it offends me greatly to have to read misguiding information.

    You are most free to express your opinions but this is only advisable if you are knowledgeable about the topic you wish to preach about.

    my sincerest sympathies are with the victims of this horrific act and I can only pray nobody of any race or religion has to suffer as they have.

    thank you for reading


  14. Well i dnt understand why islam gets targetted for any bull dat is caused by an individual... why attack the the ph. Mohammed pbup... we neva attack jesus. Oh any1 s religion wen rolf harris has done his shit... so plz keep it between da people that it involves.. were not all da same...


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