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Saturday 5 March 2011

EDL and MDL Rochdale Videos

Brought to you before the BBC, ITV or Sky, are three pieces of video footage from today’s EDL demonstration in Rochdale. The first of the pieces is the most interesting, featuring as it does a very vociferous group of what were ostensibly UAF counter-demonstrators, but as can be heard from repeated references to the MDL (Muslim Defence League) as well as chants of ‘Allahu-akbar!’, their Islamic affiliation clearly trumped any other political position. This follows the pattern set by a UAF contingent that morphed into supporters of Muslims Against Crusades at a London demo last summer (once again with chants of ‘Allahu-akbar!’).

The second and third pieces of footage focus upon the much more peaceful EDL demonstration, with plenty of mounted police and dog handlers in evidence. However, why were the MDL (hiding beneath the UAF banner) permitted to get so close to the EDL?

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  1. "However, why were the MDL (hiding beneath the UAF banner) permitted to get so close to the EDL? "

    My sentiments exactly, when I watched these elsewhere a couple of hours ago


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