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Sunday 6 March 2011

Video footage of MDL and UAF Dupes in Rochdale

The first two pieces of footage showing the MDL turning out to confront the EDL in Rochdale yesterday illustrate that the so-called UAF counter-demonstration was predominantly a Muslim affair, with a few miserable Trotskyist indigenes being visible in the first piece as they make their way to the town centre. The second video features MDL supporters yelling a considerable amount of abuse at the EDL. Taking this into account, and their repeated aggressive chants of “Allahu akbar!” (as shown in a video posted yesterday) why did the police deploy a considerable number of dog handlers in front of the comparatively peaceful EDL static demonstration? These would have been put to better use keeping the MDL in order.

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  1. Maybe this policeman should be reported to the RSPCA at 0.20 on the last video


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