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Sunday 20 March 2011

"You can never stop Islam. You can never, ever stop it."

So says Ibrahim Sadiq-Conlon, an Australian Muslim convert in an excerpt from the Australian show 60 Minutes. He heads a group named Sharia4Australia, evidently modelled on Anjem Choudhary’s Sharia4UK. They are like peas in a pod, both despising the nature of the societies in which they reside.

The reporter speaks not only to individuals involved in the Islamist movement in Australia and the UK, but also to Tommy Robinson and other supporters of the EDL. Once again, as in other recent television appearances, Robinson acquits himself well in the interview. It would seem that he is becoming quite a seasoned performer, and this in itself is encouraging, as he has now emerged as a confident and articulate representative of the anti-Islamisation movement in the UK today.

Encouragingly, the well-known journalist Leo McKinstry was also interviewed, voicing his support for the EDL and highlighting that something had to be done to counter Islamisation in the UK. Although the 60 Minutes report makes for interesting viewing, and generally shies away from demonising the EDL, it does unfortunately refer to the pressure group as ‘far right’ and the piece ends with the reporter delivering a paean to Australian multiculturalism. The whole piece is soured by his unfortunate injection of moral equivalence into the concluding remarks that refer to "extremism on both sides" in Britain. If he means that the EDL are being extremely reasonable, then I agree, but I really don’t think that that was his implied meaning.

Of course, the reporter couldn’t resist setting up an interview with Anjem Choudhary, who delivered just what we’d expect of him by stating that “Multiculturalism is anathema to Muslims and Islam.” What he really should have said, is that anything that is not Islamic is anathema to Muslims and Islam.

The Australian Defence League is still in its infancy, and has yet to acquire the momentum and popular support of the EDL. Hopefully, for the sake of all Australians, the ADL will put a stop to Islamisation of Australia before the rot proceeds as far as in the UK.


  1. To Durotrigan, There is an organization called the Q Society head by Vickie Janson and it bears watching and they are clear-headed about the problems caused by Islam and not some extremists who have hijacked the religion. Their blog site is here:

  2. Cheers for the link Gary. I'll take a look.


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