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Saturday, 5 March 2011

EDL Rochdale Demo Promo Video

This video, released to explain the EDL's reason for holding a protest in Rochdale today, is illuminating. Once again, it details cases of systematic abuse of underage English girls by groups (often families) of Pakistani Muslim males. Quite why people continue to believe that this sickening problem is not specifically associated with doctrinaire Islamic ideology, I do not know. This problem must be removed, and our children protected.

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  1. If you think about it, the white population of areas like this have been hit by a poisonous double whammy of globalist forces. First, economic globalisation devastated their employment base rendering many of them (especially the men) "surplus to requirements" in economic terms - hence breaking up the strongest bulwark against this type of thing: the family unit. Secondly mass global migration has unfortunately deposited a population of predatory muslims next door to them. They protect the 'honour' of their own women and then look the other way while the results of this bizarre hypocritical puritanism proceed to pick off the most vulnerable whites with seeming ease.


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