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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nothing British about the BBC’s Midsomer Madness

The BBC is in uproar. Its indignant fury has been crackling through the airwaves of Radio 4, creating a new figure of hate for the baying multiculturalist mob: Brian True-May. What did True-May do to incite the ire of the broadcaster? What was he guilty of? Mugging? Murder? Assault? Slander? Being a bit off with somebody? Travelling without a valid rail ticket? Telling someone that her bum looked big in a particular outfit? No. The producer of ITV’s popular Midsomer Murders drama dared to deviate from the dominant ideology that may not be questioned without the culprit being professionally destroyed by stating:
"We just don't have ethnic minorities involved, because it wouldn't be the English village with them," he said. "It just wouldn't work."

Asked why "Englishness" could not include other races who are well represented in modern society, he said: "Well, it should do, and maybe I'm not politically correct.

"I'm trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don't want to change it."
Who could object to what True-May said, other than someone specifically intent upon the ethnocide of the English? For in truth, this is precisely what the BBC is engaging in: ethnocide. It is abusing its power to deliberately destroy the national cohesion of Britain, and the ethnic distinctiveness of the English. This is why it has singled out True-May for destruction. The English are the indigenous population of England and the BBC is attempting to destroy them as a coherent self-conscious entity. As Wikipedia states with respect to the concept of ethnocide:
Article 7 of a 1994 draft of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples uses the phrase "cultural genocide" but does not define what it means.[4] The complete article reads as follows:

Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:

(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;

(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;

(c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;

(d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;

(e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.
Unfortunately, this was not adopted, and for some inexplicable and bizarre reason, the native peoples of Europe, with the sole exception of the Sami, are not classed as ‘indigenous’. However, I would maintain that the BBC is guilty of all five practices defined in the UN draft on ethnocide, for it actively works to undermine our culture as well as our political and biological integrity through its advocacy of globalism, mass immigration, the UK’s absorption into the EU and Islamisation. These themes are drip-fed in a continual propaganda effort, both explicit and implicit, designed to destroy the historical reality of the English as a distinctive and united people.

If the BBC wishes to have ethnic minorities intrude their way into every facet of English life, and wants them to be accurately depicted in Midsomer Murders, how would it feel about a plotline featuring a murdering paedophile network in an extended family of Pakistani Muslims in Midsomer? Would that make them happy? There’s no pleasing some people! There's nothing British about the BBC.


  1. I love that idea: a Pakistani/West Indian/Turkish/ Sudanese/ whatever Mozlem family move in to Midsomer Norton and turn their upstairs into a mosque, which gradually spreads across the village green, as they don't require planning permission to build on green field sites.This attracts outlying mozlems from other programmes/countries/mosques. Before you know it, they are saying the local shop is "islamophobic" because they are not selling halal food, there is nowhere for mozzies to pray at the local supermarket, they don't like the girls and boys sitting next to each other at school and they don't want to live next door to dirty kuffars!
    Midsomer Norton, twinned with Mecca!!

  2. Please let us start a petition to re-instate Brian, he has been dismissed. I LOVE Midsomer Murders. It is a balm to my soul, up against the paedophilic horrors of Skins and the general animalistic sex obsessions on all programmes.
    TV is like a series of horrific experiments on viewers to see how much abuse they can take. NO MORE!! Bring back Brian!!

  3. Some more suggested plotlines;

    Albanian pimps, Chinese people traffickers, gun-toting Caribbean drug dealers, African black magic practitioners cutting up children to rid them of evil spirits, Muslim dolescum, Gypsey scammers, Romanian beggars.....Welcome to England!

  4. Do not fear Juniper and Lee, I am certain that ITV will now be hell-bent upon introducing such characters into Midsomer Murders. Unfortunately however, I think that you'll find that the Muslims or whatever that intrude their way into the programme will be portrayed as victims, with some 'nasty' English person murdering at least one of them, thereby underscoring the 'innate racism' of the entire English population of the village. Prepare for Midsomer Murders to become another televised exercise in compulsory 'diversity training'.

    I've never watched 'Skins' Juniper, as the trailers told me enough about the content of the programme to avoid it. As for a petition to get Brian reinstated, any guesses as to its chances of success? Signatories might find to their horror that they'd get a visit from Sarah Montague to harangue them about their 'deviant' social and political beliefs. How would you fancy that? Me neither.

  5. Of course, the media is almost exclusively comprised of ethnophile cultists ( it is a condition of employment) and how could one 'luvvie' one's way up the media career ladder unless one conformed to the ethnophile orthodoxy. Obviously, Mr True-May has deviated a little and is going to made to pay the price. However, let's not forget that broadcasters have obligations placed upon them to 'promote diversity' and in the case of the BBC to 'bring communities closer together' - not that they've been unwilling to do this! - by anti-British politicians.


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