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Saturday 26 March 2011

The Flames of Anarchy illuminate Trafalgar Square

Bonfires have been lit in Trafalgar Square as anarchists battle with the police following an afternoon of violent attacks upon businesses in London’s West End that began whilst the TUC’s march against public spending cuts was taking place. Hundreds of police officers are currently engaged in tackling an anarchist flashmob. The BBC reports that a number of the violent agitators (my words, not theirs) in the Square were amongst those who carried out acts of vandalism against businesses earlier in the day.

Whereas the BBC is very willing to employ words such as ‘extremist’ and ‘far-right’ when referring to peaceful EDL protests, as well as highlighting the cost of EDL demonstrations (almost entirely engendered by UAF and Muslim counter protests), it is not describing today’s violent demonstrators as extremist or far-left, and neither is it complaining about the cost. I somehow suspect that the BBC will be eagerly seeking out anarchist ‘victims’ in the days ahead, in line with its irrational credo. Below is some footage from Trafalgar Square taken earlier this evening before things turned really ugly:

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