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Monday, 28 March 2011

Lampedusa’s Muslim Immigrant Nightmare Worsens

The Muslim demographic invasion of Europe is now well underway, with thousands more immigrants heading for the Italian island of Lampedusa and ruining the lives of the locals. Several successive waves have now brought circa 19,000 immigrants to Lampedusa in recent weeks, with 3,460 having arrived in the last three days alone. From Tunisia, Libya and even further afield they come (even some from sub-Saharan Africa).This must be stopped. We must make it known to our politicians that these people are completely unwelcome in Italy, France, the UK or any other European nation.

Almost all of the arrivals are Muslim male economic migrants. They must all be returned immediately, and not permitted to set foot upon the soil of any European state beyond the Lampedusan holding facility. Their intent is hostile: they come for our land, our jobs, our homes and our benefits. Somalis are amongst their number. If you live in Sheffield, how do you feel about the burgeoning Somali population being augmented still further? The prospect turns my stomach.

European nations have not been under such threat from hostile outsiders since the last gasp of Ottoman expansionism in 1683, although the current human wave more closely resembles the movement of peoples which helped to precipitate the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The Associated Press reports that exasperated Lampedusan fisherman have taken a number of the migrants’ boats, and symbolically blocked the entrance to their harbour, although sadly, this is not likely to stop the ingress of the Muslim hordes. Local townspeople nonetheless cheered this action. I feel sorry for them. It is the Lampedusans who are suffering, not the hostile colonists from the southern shores of the Mediterranean. Hostile arrivals should be treated with hostility, and not given a beneficent welcome. We really can take no more. The only way to stop more coming is not to take a single one of these people. Send them back. If their states won’t take them, then they’ll have to seek 'asylum' in Neptune’s realm.

The BBC of course takes a sickeningly biased line as usual, describing these colonists as ‘refugees’ and demanding that European nations accept them. What’s British about the BBC other than the money extracted from licence-fee payers? Nothing! It would be more honest to entitle it the Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation. If you would like a sneak preview of your new neighbours, take a look at the following video of the latest North African colonists to arrive in Lampedusa.


  1. And the italian government is not holding them back to travel to switzerland and france :-(

  2. That's a shame Lotti. Which of those countries do you live in? What is the situation like in your area with respect to Islamisation?

  3. I live in Switzerland.
    I still try to find out, how many people do know about islam, and I inform as much as possible. But I am afraid, too many are only interested in their job, family, shopping and party.
    I wish we had an EDL here!
    In the town where I live now, this spring an islamic cemetary will be opened. So I am pixxed that I have to pay with my taxes for muslims (who mostly are freeloading off welfare) who think I am worth shit.
    But we have the law what forbids to build minarets :-) . It's not a lot, but it was a clear sign in the right direction.

  4. Keep up the good work Lotti, so that some day we can all get back to the untroubled business of everyday life like your happily unaware compatriots whom you describe. I get the feeling that political correctness isn't so bad in Switzerland as it is here in England. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Most of us can only dream of living in a country in which the citizenry can bypass the elite and pass an initiative banning minarets. I think it's called demo-something or other. I forget.

  6. To Durotrigan: Oh, we are plagued with Socialists (who have long forgotten the working people) and some various radical Lefties (ridicoulos dumbnuts who every 1. of May destroy what ever they can reach). These traitors try to gag us with shixxy political correctness...oh...and the greenies too.
    And the official Swiss TV and Radio are completely in the dirty hands of brainwashers. But we Swiss are a bit stubborn, and if we smell the fish...we don't give in.
    That's why we are not in the EU, even if the traitors still now try to push us on that sinking ship.
    The political correct tried this 13. of February to disarm us (every person who was in the army has his sig 550 at home) with the lame excuse that some people killed themself with the gun. But they took home the shitload :-) after counting the votes.

  7. Democracy Thomas? No, we're not permitted to have that in the UK for some reason. Far too dangerous you know, as it might upset our beloved incomers.

    Thanks for the insight into the situation in Switzerland Lotti. I think that you're right in noting that virtually all Socialists across Europe have embraced globalist internationalism and therefore have consciously abandoned their peoples (whom they no longer really view as being their own) and instead act agains their interests.

  8. Here in germany the government is becoming more and more socialist and the Green party even says they are welcoming these people!

    Please help us before they come to invade our country, it is really a nightmare thought of them coming and the EU politicians are doing nothing to help Italy with this BIG PROBLEM !
    The Politicians seem to want to destroy the European nations and their cultures to make space for islamist analphabets. Other countries don't want them, but in Europe we are taking every drifter.

  9. @ Lotti, but you Swiss are still a bit better off then we are in the EU, at least you have the SVP.


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