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Thursday 10 March 2011

“The Muslim community provides a huge vibrancy and richness to British life”. Ed Miliband

Thus said the leader of the Labour Party in a recent interview. Like his brother, the Islamophiliac David, Ed believes in promoting multiculturalism red in tooth and claw and is probably tattooed with a halal kitemark: 100% dhimmi. In response to a question from the editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J. Versi, as to what his “relationship with the Muslim community” will look like, Miliband replied:
I want to make a new start with the Muslim community. The Muslim community provides a huge vibrancy and richness to British life. It is very important that we acknowledge that and it is something that I am seeking to do that as a Leader of the Labour Party. I want to do and will do, in terms of my outreach conversations with the Muslim community. I had very interesting experiences when I was Minister for Voluntary Sector in talking to various groups that were involved in the Muslim community.
Of course, I’ve never trusted either of the Miliband brothers, or for that there political home – the Labour Party – for many years. Nonetheless, it is worth repeatedly drawing our people’s attention to the fact that Miliband the younger, just as Cameron, Clegg and Simon Hughes, is very actively courting the Muslim bloc vote. All are willing to maintain and extend Muslim special privileges in doing so, irrespective of Cameron’s cynically calculated public condemnation of state-promoted multiculturalism.

What is Miliband referring to when he refers to “a huge vibrancy and richness”? Any suggestions? A few curry houses and mosques sprouting like toxic toadstools? The abuse of language by the advocates of multiculturalism in recent years has come to stigmatise previously innocuous terms such as ‘diversity’, ‘vibrancy’ and ‘enrichment’, for they have been employed as euphemisms for ‘Balkanisation’, ‘aggressive and shrill minority assertiveness’ and ‘erosion of indigenous culture and confidence’. And what does Miliband imply when he says that Labour must “acknowledge” these putatively positive contributions? Additional legal concessions to Islam and targeted investment in ‘deprived’ Muslim colonies (‘communities’ in newspeak)?

It was sad to see the return of a Labour candidate to Barnsley Central recently, with 63% of the 37% of voters who bothered to turn out putting their cross in the Labour box. People in places such as Barnsley need to wake up to the fact that this inherited tribal party loyalty is long since past its sell-by date. Their Labour Party of old died decades ago, and embraced the principles of the New Left with its obsessive focus upon ethnic minority special privileges, jettisoning its previous concern with the bread and butter issues of the daily welfare of the working people and the protection of their jobs and standard of living.

The mainstream Labour Party view today is that Barnsley fully deserves its pariah label as a ‘racist town’, simply because it still contains an overwhelming majority of English people. They would much prefer Barnsley if it were to have a large ‘vibrant’ Pakistani ‘community’. How about some Somalis with an admixture of Kosovans for good measure? Who knows what the future could bring: a sprinkle of Libyans and Tunisians perhaps? Barnsley folk however, are I daresay all too aware of the ‘vibrancy’ of nearby towns and cities such as Dewsbury, Bradford and Sheffield, and would rather cleave to the pleasantly non-vibrant social milieu of England in its pre-‘enrichment’ years. The Milibands of this world however, will never deviate from the view that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and that the English are essentially a vile bunch of ‘racists’. Don’t vote Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat. Look elsewhere for parties to support, which care about our country and our people, and do not seek to provide privileges to aggressive minority interlopers.


  1. Even if mozzies comprise 5% of the UK population, there are 3.25 million mozzies against 61.75 million of US!!

    There is no earthly reason this small and unproductive group should be kiss-arsed by the toffs. Unless the mozzies in the oil-producing countries are blackmailing the politicians!

  2. You could be onto something with that suggestion Juniper. The fact is, the Islamic problem in the UK could be easily dealt with if our political class possessed the will to tackle it. It really is quite straightforward.

  3. Those Pesky irritating Danes have just fired the last intergration ministe and got a new one called Soren Pind. He is certainly cut from different cloth. You might like to enjoy this video which has just been released it is in Danish but has English subtitles

    Anything else you want translating from the blogg just copy and paste into the comment here and I will translate

    Deep Regards

    Yorkshire Miner

  4. Thanks for the link Yorkshireminer. What an excellent video! If I have time, I'll post it here in the near future with some commentary. Thank you for your generous offer with respect to translation too.

  5. I am glad you liked it, I speak several languages and read several more so I follow what is going on here in Europe. Things are just as bad if not worse. The Danes got there wake up call over the cartoons. The proportional representational voting systems means that the parties against islamisation have a chance to get into parliament and influence policy. We have seen this with the Danish peoples party and in Holland where I live with the freedom party under Geert Wilders, where there support for the coalition Government is essential if that Government is to rule it means that they can force through legislation to limit the influence of Islam. The Danish Folkparty under Pia Kiagaard has been able to force through legislation making it illegal to import brides under 24. The interesting point is that Soren Pind is a member of the ruling coalition a member of the Venstre party. Venstre means left but don't be mislead Venstre in Danish means right wing liberal. What this means is that the ruling parties can see votes in opposing Islam, in many ways Denmark has turned the corner. Snaphanen who I know very well is one of many blogs that have sprung up in Denmark to fight islamisation. Even the Danish Hells Angles have been having a say I don't know if you know about the Jackal manifesto which the Danish Hells Angels issued you might find it interesting I cannot find a copy on the Danish Hells Angels site but you can read it here. I am certain you will enjoy it.

    We are all in need of a little light relief

    Deep Regards

    yorkshire Miner

  6. If ever the topic of Islamic vibrancy comes up when speaking with a left-leaning person the best tack to take is to associate it with some kind of negative image they have of Britain in the past... how everyone (especially the women) seems to be wearing the same clothes, how the women don't work, the general air of social conservatism that pervades the place. Then cap it off by saying something like 'it makes 1950s Britain look vibrant'. They are then thrown instantly on the defensive, either having to deny the reality in front of their eyes, defend 1950s Britain (unthinkable!), or accept their defeat. Not that I have anything in particular against 1950s Britain, but in the leftist mind it's the symbol of everything that's wrong with the world. Ever. Hopefully by using this device you can induce in their mind a clash of traditional liberalism and postmodern relativism in their mind and render them speechless.

  7. It would seem Mr Milliband is after the Muslim vote.


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