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Saturday 19 March 2011

Danish Integration Minister Soren Pind speaks Sense

Unlike David Cameron’s mealy-mouthed posturing over the redundancy of multiculturalism and the need for immigrant ‘integration’, the recently appointed Danish Integration Minister Soren Pind has spelled out quite clearly what he expects of immigrants: assimilate or you’re not welcome. Immigrants should adopt and identify with Danish values. Those who come to Denmark should become culturally Danish, and not seek to impose their values and norms upon Danish society.

The report below notes that, unsurprisingly, Pind’s rational views have not been shared by a number of Danish citizens. For some bizarre reason (echoes of the BBC here), the reporters visited a school near Aarhus named Langkaer Gymnasium to solicit the opinions of some of the pupils, and yet chose only to interview Muslims. The attitudes of these young people is thus unsurprisingly anti-Danish, and it becomes abundantly clear that when they enter adult society they will form a resentful fraction within Danish society that will make life worse for the native population because of their open hostility towards the Danish way of life. One of the boys says “but of course we should integrate in Denmark so we can work in Denmark and take an education in Denmark”. That remark is very telling: they are only in Denmark to take advantage of the benefits that the country offers, and to settle the Danish homeland and make it their own. They do not see themselves as obliged to offer anything in return, or to respect the values and culture of their host society. They are the offspring of hostile colonists who should be ejected. Muslims integrate into the body politic of a host society like shrapnel integrates itself into the body of an unfortunate veteran: they constitute an unwelcome, painful and debilitating presence.

Despite opposition to Pind in the Danish parliament from, amongst others, the Social Democrats, he has the backing of colleagues in the government. It would seem that at long last a European government is beginning to pursue the right kind of policies with respect to preserving the interests of its indigenous people. Don’t expect to see David Cameron or any other mainstream UK politician calling for, let alone implementing, such a policy.

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  1. In the context of the demographic tide that is post 1945 immigration to Europe - and in the collective mind of those on the political spectrum who have engineered and faciltated this - there can be no integrity or sincerity in calls for this immigant tidal wave to now 'integrate'. The liberals and marxists who champion mass immigration under the guise of 'cultural enrichment', after all, have spent decades using various coercive means to entrench the view among native Europeans that there is nothing innately or inherently precious or 'worth saving' about Western European nations. Therefore, how can we take this apparent - and quite unconvincing - u-turn that our way of life is now not only preferable but that it should, without exception, be adopted and, thus, it should always prevail. How can liberals, who deride national identity, be anything other than cultural relativists?! Surely, they have no moral authority - let alone any credibilty- to say that the British, French , German, Danish or Dutch way is the 'right one'. The fact is, when immigration reaches the levels it has, then the identity of the "host" nation inexorably loses its ethnic and cultural integrity by sheer force of numbers. Thus you cannot halt this process unless you halt and act to reverse the tide. Equally, this process of subverting ancestral and cultural native identity is further enforced by the 'there is no such thing as British' ideology which, at the same time, these same "integrationists" costantly and sanctimoniously preach ( see any edition of Question Time!). Something doesn't quite add up here with this integrationist talk, or maybe it does!


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