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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ugly Violence Taints EDL Leicester Demo

The following video clip looks damning and very ugly indeed (hat tip Goodnight Vienna). There is absolutely no excuse for violence such as this by people claiming membership of or support for the EDL or any other group. If anyone knows who these men are, they need to have the book thrown at them. They tarnish the reputation of anyone who speaks out against Islamism in our country. By all means protest against Islamisation, but never ever behave in a fashion such as this. Target the ideology, not people. There is a world of difference between advocating a particular political position and this repellent behaviour.

What on earth did these idiots hope to achieve? They are not fit to be considered fellow Englishmen. I'm just glad that nobody in the restaurant came to any physical harm. Good luck to the police in finding them.


  1. Its called pent up rage. And I've been expecting it to explode.

    Arselifters have been abusing Brits for a long time - the koranimals have committed terrorist acts, rape gangs, assaults, murders and now they're slashing people's faces, etc.

    Sooner or later this would happen. It will put the koranimals in their place and make then think twice about how they act. If not, it will only get worse.

  2. Durotrigan, You have to see this incident in context. In the days leading up to English Defence League demo against Islamic extremists there had been many threats of violence by Muslim Defence League and Unite against Fascism including ‘smash the EDL off the streets’ and ‘kick edl out of Leicester’. The Home Secretary also denied EDL the right to march and allowed the police a freehand to cordon, kettle, harass, bully and beat its supporters at will. Its clear from similar police operations and behaviour at previous demo’s that activists had had enough and found a way on Saturday of exercising their right to freedom of movement and defiance to British state repression. Violence and intimidation works both ways. No one is going to stand by and be attacked simply for going to the right to demonstrate. If the police were not going to protect me then I was fully prepared to defend myself from their violence and from gangs of Jihadi thugs rampaging around the city. The EDL cause is just and until the state allow its democratic right to march and protest freely, until the state stop allowing supporters to be physically at risk then you will continue to have the situation seen at Leicester of do-it-yourself street marches and do-it-yourself self-defence.

  3. Are you sure it was the EDL in the vid?
    In any case, what is coming is going to be far worse.
    do you think we can solve the Islam curse without bloodshed?

  4. Oh dear, you've let the propaganda machine fool you. I'll be back tomorrow to give you the full story, background and other videos.

    Did you not notice how the video was edited by cutting out at the vital moment?

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  6. Road Hog, if there's more I'd love to see it!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. As you'll note (hopefully) from the range of postings on this blog, I am always willing to consider other perspectives and evidence. Road Hog, if you can provide something that sheds light on this incident please do so and I'll post it.

  8. Durotrigan, I put the same video up on my blog and drew different reactions. But then, my reading audience has slightly different attitudes.

  9. Hmmm man from brum popping up again,who were you visiting this time?The vid was probably cut because the attack was so vicious that showing any more would cause serious problems or maybe the taker just took flight to save him/herself from impending injury,seeing that they ended up locked in a back room with other terrified patrons as the vid shows.
    Of course this is "defence",its more like the terror you profess to abhor,attacking women and children in an area where the vast majority of asians arent even muslims.
    Gangs of jihadis roaming the streets?The only people roaming were the EDL,hell bent on violence attacking any non-white they came across,as demonstrated on youtube,its easy to find,the images speak for themselves.Cowardly mobs picking off small groups or individuals,attacking businesses and seeking to terrorise a minority group through intimidation and violence.
    I know thats what you want Gary and Hog,pogroms to drive out the non whites,first the muslims,then the rest,make it uncomfortable for them so those who can afford to go will,reducing numbers is your goal.However,thankfully most people see the EDL for what they are,mindless yobs angry at their impotence and inability to progress in the 21st century,instead blaming others for their shortcomings and inadequacies,creating an excuse for the authourities to further clamp down on civil liberties.Well done.
    The main body of non whites stayed in their own areas,thus preventing the confrontation the EDL desired,to start a race war is their aim,not defence but offence and conflict.Chillingly reminiscent of the Balkans,where the serbian football hooligans of Belgrade began attacking muslims and non serbs,and the rest is history.
    Thankfully the true english spirit of fairness,equality and justice will hopefully shine through and prevent such a nightmarish scenario developing into reality.The ultra nationalists have jumped on the anti islamic bandwagon colluding with of all people right wing zionists!Much to the disgust of other white nationalists and of course the neo-nazis.The BNP are finished so the new BFP is I see saying they are against ethnic cleansing for now,but as you know a leopard never changes its spots,ever.
    Its all so confusing and as a poster implies things will get worse,and these kind of attacks will become more widespread and frequent,basically a threat against any non whites,of violence or death.
    Remember before you embark on your defence that you are doing exactly what it says on the tin,and you dont even know it,that others are benefiting from your obvious folly,and laughing at you.


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