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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Campaign Islam Update: Daw'ah in the Park

Logan’s Warning is doing us all a good service in keeping a keen eye on Campaign Islam, so a hat tip to him for posting the next two videos that I link to below. Both feature sinister burqa-clad agents of evil, the first entitled Dawah in the Park, where a female misanthrope baldly states that it is necessary to establish an Islamic state in the UK and elsewhere as “that is the only way that the attacks [on Muslims] will stop.” The threat to impose Shariah in the UK is to me a declaration of war. We need to deal with the people who make this declaration in an appropriate manner. Currently, we can afford to be humane and deport them, but if their numbers continue to grow and our politicians and media continue to defer to them, then mass bloodletting will become a near inevitability, and it will not be the non-Muslims who initiate this.

Witness what happened recently when a Muslim UAF contingent joined up with Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) in Whitehall. For a time it looked as if the number of police might be insufficient to contain their exuberant presence. In future, this may well be the case. As the Bolsheviks and Nazis have shown, totalitarian governments can be imposed on a large population by a small number of violent ideological fanatics should the incumbent civil power respond to their challenge in an ineffective manner. The people of Campaign Islam and MAC may look like ineffectual idiots, but such idiots can impose their will if they choose to use unrestricted violence and we underestimate their threat.

We non-Muslims would only with great reluctance turn to violence, but once that line had been crossed, such a conflict would assume a total character in which an exterminist logic would reign supreme: kill or be killed. You might think that you would have a choice, but if you are not a Muslim your two primary options would be to fight against Islam or submit to slavery or conversion. I now understand how the Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo felt (and indeed feel). Our Government and NATO did a great wrong to the Serbian people.

The second video features another burqa-clad agent of evil criticising UK Muslims who have either joined the armed forces or commemorated the deaths of service personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq. Personally, I think that our armed services are being abused by our Government (as they were by its predecessor) for they have been set open-ended missions with no discernible goal. Why should they die and be maimed or suffer from psychological trauma for the sake of saving face? In Afghanistan they prop up a corrupt regime that possesses the death penalty for apostasy from Islam, and there is much talk of negotiating a settlement with the "moderate Taliban". To what end have our men and women had their lives destroyed and blighted? How many orphans and widows have been created for such a pointless objective? We need our servicemen and women back here in the UK. Here, ready to deal with the real emergent threat: the Islamist fifth column.

Campaign Islam and MAC are only two small groups which speak with an Islamist voice in the UK, but there is a significant constituency amongst the Muslim population here (several hundred thousand people at a minimum) that welcomes their message. As I have written many times before, I do not tar all nominal Muslims with the same brush, for as you know, those who are unfortunate enough to be born into a Muslim family are not permitted to openly leave the faith. If they do so, they risk at a minimum social ostracism, but more usually physical violence and threats of death. It is therefore the case that there will be many tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of Muslims in the UK who are really no more Muslim than you or I, but are Muslim in name only. They remain trapped and enslaved by a combination of religious convention and strict social control. I feel truly sorry for such people. Their lives must be miserable.

Still, anyone who actively subscribes to Islamic doctrine; anyone who believes in the content of the Qur’an; anyone who knows Mohammed’s life and thinks that he was a positive human being; anyone who calls for Shariah and anyone who proselytises for Islam, wilfully advances the cause of evil. Islam is a doctrine of implacable hatred. Those who advocate its spread must be stopped. They must be removed, and removed soon for everyone’s sake. What happened on 7 July 2005 was a tragedy that we will never forget, but let us make sure that it is never repeated, and that there is not worse to come.


  1. "...willfully advances the cause of evil."

    Thank you for stating that so plainly. I used to think that the god of Islam was the same as the one worshiped by Jews and Christians, on the naive grounds that those who believe in one creator god must be believing in the same one.

    Many terrorist attacks and suicide bombings later, with little criticism and much approbation from the majority of Muslims, has clarified my views. Yes, I have several good friends and many acquaintances who are secular Muslims, but the religion as a whole seems to be as evil as the Nazi ideology, another would-be conqueror and enslaver of democracy.

    I don't know if it was widely reported in Britain when, in the U.S., the Rev. Franklin Graham was recently 'uninvited' from the annual Pentagon ecumenical Day of Prayer or somesuch because someone complained that he had once referred to Islam as 'evil'. Graham surprised and delighted me by refusing to apologise or back down. Such defiance of dhimmitude by a public figure is heartening, although it would be even better if exhibited by politicians.

  2. Good evening Pattyjean. Although I’m of a thoroughly irreligious disposition, I think that the word “evil” is wholly appropriate when applied to Islam as a doctrine, for it seems to me to be a system of belief purposely fashioned to harm people (particularly women of course). I can easily understand why throughout history Christians have thought of Mohammed as Antichrist, for his character and deeds certainly seem to chime with this creature from the realms of eschatology. Would Mohammed cast the first stone? Would Mohammed defend a prostitute? We know the answers, and they are the opposite of those that Christ would have given. Although my outlook is at one with the non-spiritual pagan philosophers such as Epicurus, I can clearly discern that the Christian morality of the New Testament is far superior to and far more humane than that of the Mohammedan creed. Mohammedanism is anti-human. It is anti-life and seems to possess an unquenchable thirst for death.

    Your comparison between Nazism and Islam is apposite. When I see a woman in my country freely choosing to dress in a burqa, I see someone who may as well be clothing herself in a garment swathed in swastikas. It elicits within me a sense of visceral disgust because I know that the person in question has chosen to display her ideological affiliation through her dress, and this affiliation is to an inhumane cult of death.

    It’s interesting to learn that the Reverend Graham was barred from a day of prayer for his remark about Islam. Despite the fact that I am an atheist I hope that the said reverend would look rather more kindly upon me than a certain well-known evangelical of the Seventeenth Century named Oliver Cromwell would have done. Cromwell also once said ‘I had rather that Mahometanism were permitted amongst us than that one of our God’s children should be persecuted.’ Still, perhaps Cromwell can be forgiven for this comment, for he was certainly ignorant of first-hand experience of the Mohammedan religion, as mercifully it had no adherents in England at the time. Had he encountered it within these shores, I think that perhaps his utterances upon the subject would have been rather different.


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