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Friday, 9 July 2010

Airline Plotters sentenced and UK Courts emasculated by European Court of Human Rights

Yesterday’s conviction of three Muslim men - Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Khan and Waheed Zaman - for conspiracy to murder at Woolwich Crown Court demonstrates the reality of the Islamist terror threat in the UK. They had been part of the team that was being prepared for a simultaneous mass suicide bombing of transatlantic airliners which could have killed more than the 9/11 attacks, but thankfully it was disrupted before it could become a bloody reality.

'Martyrdom' (sic) Videos of two of the Plotters

There are many people who would have you believe that this threat is exaggerated and can somehow be attributed to ‘mistakes’ in the UK’s foreign policy, ‘institutional racism’ and other forms of ‘racism’ and Islamophobia. “If only”, such people think, “we could withdraw our troops from Muslim countries, punish the wicked Israelis for their vicious oppression of the Palestinians and create a Palestinian state, and stop being vile racists, then these innocent confused young men would return to being loving Muslims.” Such a perspective is of course warped and completely wrong.

Muslim zealots in the UK first felt bold enough to make their fundamental antipathy to our way of life manifest in their action of burning Rushdie’s Satanic Verses in Bradford on 14 January 1989. Thereafter, Muslims began to mobilise and organise politically in our country, forming the Muslim Parliament in 1992 and the Muslim Council of Britain in 1997. Many smaller Islamist groups have come and gone over the years, but since that moment of crystallisation of hostile intent to our way of life, they have been a permanent fixture of the political scene. Thereafter, our politicians have quailed and miserably failed to stand up to Islamist forces and social processes. In recent years a marked pusillanimous deference to Islam has found its way into the public utterances of all but a handful of our MPs.

If all of our troops were to leave Muslim states, Israel were to be destroyed and replaced by a Muslim Palestinian state, and Muslims to be shown preference over non-Muslims in all walks of life in the UK, we would not see an end to Islamist violence. Until the ideology of Islamism is completely rooted out and eliminated we will live under permanent mortal threat from its exponents. Its advocates are only encouraged in their violence and aggression by concessions, which they rightly interpret as evidence of weakness and political cowardice.

Still, returning to yesterday’s conviction of three aspirant suicide bombers, this also illustrates that to date our security agencies have been doing a good job of intercepting Islamist plots and preventing their bloody implementation. Whilst there is thus cause to celebrate due to the fact that lives have been saved through this good work, there is also cause for concern owing to the fact that on the same day the European Court of Human Rights put a block on the extradition of Abu Hamza to the United States to be charged with terrorism-related offences. It is quite clear that our approach to ‘human rights’ needs to be reformed so that it elevates the ‘human rights’ of those who have not committed and do not intend to commit crimes over those of those who have. As matters stand, this legislation is used as an enabler of Islamisation and mass colonisation of Western societies by hostile cultural elements.

Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is a matter that transcends race, and that the words of the woman interviewed in the following video (hat tip to Derby Patriot) amply testify to the fact that there are those amongst us of indigenous birth whom one can unreservedly identify as traitors. Whoever she is, she deserves to be stripped of her citizenship and expelled from the UK to make a new life for herself in a Muslim country. Such people are morally far worse than doctrinaire Muslims who were born into Muslim families, for whereas Muslims by birth have often known no other way of thinking, she has actively chosen to embrace and promote evil, and has turned upon her own people.

Deranged Englishwoman calls for Shariah

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