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Sunday 16 May 2010

BNP Policy: an Election Winning Formula

The most recent BNP General Election Manifesto outshone those of all its competitors by far. It was full of excellent policies, and having reread it today, I am somewhat taken aback by how much of it I agree with. The manifesto contains 125 key pledges, out of which I agree with all but six (and a half). What a pity that the public did not get to learn of its contents! As I have mentioned previously, the BNP has basically got it right in terms not only of values and objectives, but also of policy. The key task is getting this message out to the electorate. One reason that the BNP’s opponents must be so hysterical about the party is that they realise just how electorally successful it would be if the electorate knew the truth about its platform.

As for my quibbles, they are few, but they are still worth drawing out into the open for discussion. Two I mentioned in my last piece but one: gun ownership and the South Georgia penal colony. In headline terms, these can be (and were) spun in a negative fashion so should have been avoided. Personally, I would therefore recommend that these two policy pledges should be dropped. The reinstatement of the ‘right to bear arms’ would worry me, as surely this would make it easier for the criminal fraternity to acquire and publicly carry firearms? The situation is bad enough as it is, and our focus should be upon removing those weapons that are already in circulation rather than legally adding to their number.

Many party members and supporters would also be unhappy about the reintroduction of capital and corporal punishment. In principle, should guilt for the most serious crimes as outlined in the manifesto be demonstrated ‘beyond all doubt’, I would support the limited use of capital punishment. However, miscarriages of justice can always occur, so I, and many others, would feel uneasy if this were to be something that was to be included as a definite ‘pledge’ rather than an issue to be subject to debate should the party be in a position to legislate. This is certainly a position that others and I could support. I would also need some clarification with respect to the proposed use of ‘corporal punishment’ and what precisely this would entail, as I suspect that juries would be less willing to convict if such punishments were to be meted out. Personally, I am not in favour of this form of punishment.

In the section entitled ‘Environmental Protection and the “Climate Change” Theory’ the manifesto states:

The BNP rejects the “climate change” theory which holds that all western nations need to be stripped of their manufacturing base and pay untold billions to the Third World to build up their industries.
As I have written previously, I do not think that this stance will resonate with the public. The party should certainly highlight where this issue is being abused by political parties and the government to further objectives which are against our national interest (as it has done in the manifesto), but the BNP should not therefore draw the erroneous conclusion that the science is basically a ‘sham’ or a ‘hoax’ designed to ‘swindle’ the British people. By all means, take a measured and sceptical attitude towards claims made about ‘climate change’, but do not dismiss the science out of hand.

Likewise, it seems that the party may have made a similar mistake with respect to science and agribusiness. There can be no doubt that certain corporations have sought to dangerously abuse GM technologies by attempting to patent seeds and livestock, but this is a separate issue entirely from the science itself. Yes, by all means make it illegal for companies to take out such patents, but keep an open mind as to the prospective benefits of some aspects of GM. However, we should be cautious and ensure that there are strict safeguards surrounding GM research and any subsequent introduction of resultant products into the food chain. I therefore beg to differ with the party’s pledge to ban the ‘development and importation of genetically modified produce.’

With respect to the section entitled ‘Pensions: Looking After Our Old People’, one pledge is that ‘the BNP will enact legislation to ensure that pensions are eligible only to Britons and those who have fully paid into the system.’ Generally speaking, I am in agreement. However, what does ‘fully paid into the system’ mean? What if, for example, a spouse has married a native Briton and has integrated fully into British society but has not lived the whole of her or his adult life in the UK: what entitlement would they have to a pension? It would strike me as fundamentally unjust were they to be disqualified. This would, I am sure, be a matter of concern for many people. I am not of course referring to those who have come here through chain migration to marry spouses who possess no deep historic roots in our country.

Other comparatively minor points with which I disagree are raising the motorway speed limit to 90mph, as many older and smaller cars are not capable of being driven safely at this kind of speed for a protracted length of time, and increasing the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million which should not be a priority given the current parlous state of the nation’s finances.

Besides the points outlined above, I am happy with the manifesto as it stands, although some of its language would benefit from a slight rephrasing dropping terms such as ‘old gang parties’, ‘swindle’ and ‘scroungers’ and replacing them with rather less tabloid-inflected terms.

As all of the major parties are wedded to the woeful policy of PFI, it would be well worth the BNP concentrating upon the wastefulness of this approach to financing public works and the lack of accountability associated with such schemes. It could emerge as a champion of transparency and public accountability through doing so. Overall though, the policies are just what the country needs. It’s now simply a question of alerting people to their existence and winning elections.


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  3. Thats a fake surely? Nobody actually speaks like that do they? Good response durotrigan, i'm sure his cutting wit and powerful reasoning made it hard for you to come back but you managed it. Cygnus.

  4. Cygnus, I wish it were a fake, but I fear that it is all too real. This is the second time that I've had a very nasty threat left on this blog from some random Muslim surfer looking for information about halal KFC. The other who 'commented' used racially/religiously specific threats of rape and decapitation in language only slightly more literate than that employed by 'friendly message'.

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  5. Oh I live in west yorkshire, and as i've posted before i've lost a good job due to my nationalist views. I've also suffered threatening phone calls and letters, which were at the time fairly alarming, but nothing ever came of it. The important thing is to not to let it get under your skin, and posts like that only illustrate why blogs like yours are incredibly important. Its almost the last type of free speech that we have. Cygnus.

  6. You really have had a dreadful experience at their hands. Thank you for your encouragement. Thankfully, I have not received any threatening phone calls or letters, and hope that I never do so. However, I am personally acquainted with a number of people who've been attacked by Muslim gangs, had excrement pushed through their letterboxes, bricks thrown through windows, suffered from arson attacks, received death threats and experienced regular verbal abuse. Strangely, these people still refuse to vote BNP because they regurgitate the refrain of the SWP that "the BNP is a Nazi party". I have always adhered to your principle of "silent running" as I work in what could be termed sensitive surroundings.

    The people who have experienced this sort of violence and intimidation seem to fatalistically accept that there is nothing that can be done about Islamisation (some of them even refuse to acknowledge that there is such a phenomenon!), but I know that we can ultimately defeat it and roll it back. Your sacrifice and endurance will not have been in vain.

  7. I did compose a lengthy response that seems to have vanished, so rather than risk all that work vanishing again i'll keep it brief. I also know several people who've suffered racist abuse and even appalling racist physical attacks from members of the muslim community yet still wouldn't vote bnp. I've had long discussions with people who've got well reasoned concerns about mass immigration and the islamification of this island and again wont vote bnp. All this is due to an ingrained belief that if you scratch the surface of the bnp, its supposed 'true colours' will be exposed. Of course, all this is reflected in the mainstream media and so is self perpetuating. Its incredibly frustrating and needs tackling head on, in a reasonable measured way. Cygnus.

  8. I had trouble posting a reply too. There must have been a glitch yesterday evening. When composing a long reply, it's best to write it in a Word document and then copy and paste into the comments form. If the post doesn't work, you haven't then lost all of your work.

    We really do need to try and get past this 'scratch the surface of the BNP' mentality that is so pervasive amongst the public. It's the only hope that we have if we are to effectively tackle and reverse mass immigration and Islamisation.

  9. Surely the way to start that process is to halt the in-fighting and make inroads towards a single united nationalist party? Also to not give credence to the lunatic fringe that taint us every time they open their mouth in public. I realise this is easier said than done but if we can agree that this is the direction we need to go in, we can move forward? Only my opinion you understand. Cygnus.

  10. Yes, the infighting has to stop and the party has to focus its message as suggested in previous postings. Personalities shouldn't take priority over the objective of getting British nationalist MPs and councillors elected, but the 'lunatic fringe' as you term them, should be kept well away from the media and disowned if they make ridiculous comments. They certainly shouldn't be dictating the formulation of policy. For example, there is someone who appears to believe in some far-fetched mystical doomsday scenario centring on the year 2012 (give me strength!). He might be better off joining David Icke and his lizard conspiracy enthusiasts. Then again, hopefully he’ll sober up when there is no eschatological deliverance in 2012, just as the World didn’t end in 2000, 1666, 1000 or a host of other dates that humans have chosen at random to mark the end of time.

  11. I wasn't aware of that! Maybe he's part Mayan? Thats a perfect illustration of exactly the kind of belief that gets jumped on by the press and opens us up to ridicule. I'm sure there are 'characters' in every party but the bnp, more than any of the others, needs to be conscious of their public image. Cygnus.

  12. I'll give you a clue as to his identity: he has a wonderful William Blake illustration on his home page.

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  14. Spot on anonymous. Cygnus.

  15. Anonymous from the Pendle area, thanks for your contribution. It made me smile (in sardonic fashion, naturally). Sorry to hear that you have to put up with the sight of these 'types' in your area. I've seen enough of them around, and they're not pleasant to behold. I'm with you all the way on your recommended destinations for "Friendly message".


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